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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 14 January 2015
Extremely well presented insight into the band. I had the honour to meet Brian May and Roger Taylor and family at Manchester Piccadilly in the 1980's, something I will always treasure. All my grandchildren aged 10, 11, 16 are great fans and in them their music lives on.
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on 3 June 2013
I'd seen the documentaries on TV, but the huge amount of extras on the Blu-Ray make this a must have.

Some stuff I'd seen before on various releases over the years, but mostly new material.

Just a real shame they couldn't even tempt John Deacon out of hiding for an interview. It was great to see footage of him chatting in the early days but Queen was never just Brian & Roger, anything they've done since Freddie's death just isn't Queen for me and John's absence is a huge part of that.

On the subject of Freddie, the way his death is handled in the documentary is so moving and the story of those final recordings is so sad.
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on 5 January 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed this DVD. I had seen the documentary in the Biography channel a few months ago and I could not wait to see what was cut for the commercial breaks. I love the additional features. The only disappointment (and a big one) is that the Blue Ray has over 1 hour of extra content that is not in the DVD. I wished there was a way to get a DVD for the additional features.
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on 27 May 2014
I saw this over the late May bank holiday in 2011, and it was a highlight in what was a very dark 10 months for me. I would say it was almost better than The Queen Phenomenon from 1995. Very poignant, especially with an extreme sad confession from Roger at the end. I do think that Harvey bloke is a bit stupid mind, so ignore his comments. And my hatred of the British press has grown when they talked about a certain period... I would happily recommend this and the Queen Phenomenon to anyone just getting into the band. So what are you waiting on?
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on 11 April 2016
Great insight into one of the (if not the) best bands to have ever recorded. Even if you are a massive Queen fan (as I would class my self as) this is worth a watch. New interviews with Brain and Roger as well as archive interviews with Freddie and John, give one of the most detailed accounts of Queen.
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on 15 December 2011
I've been a huge Queen fan for some twenty years now, and as a fan I have watched umpteen documentaries on the band. 'Champions Of The World' was the best of the bunch, but that was some fifteen years ago now, and God knows we needed something fresh.
Over time the image of the band became stale; sanitised, overly-commercial and far too cuddly. Brian & Roger are heroes of mine, but I saw them being reduced to a back-up band for others with far less talent. Kudos to John for keeping clear of the whole bloody shambles. In trying to keep the flame alight the boys had ended up setting fire to the whole thing. I should know. I mourned over the ashes. Haunched on my knees and in tears I watched as they smouldered. I got up, turned around. I'm ashamed to say I walked away.
And now it's been over twenty years since the wonderful Freddie Mercury walked away from it all too. Not of his choice of course, but all the same...
I was just a kid at the time and was only just beginning my exploration of the band. Now I'm over thirty, and the exploration begins again. It begins here...

I dig deep into the film. How far does it go though?

Not deep enough for me, of course, but I'm fastidious on all things Queen.
'So, why the five stars?'
Patience, I'm coming to it.

The film clocks in at a tidy 220 minutes, and really, given its running time, and taking into consideration that it is covering a twenty year career it really does a splendid job. Brand-new interviews with the band, and a few well-worn anecdotes from the usual suspects, the two-part documentary covers a lot of ground. From the band's humble beginnings all the way through to the sorry end- all the major details are covered.
Deacon John. Ahem, John Deacon is worryingly absent from a lot of it, though. I imagine that this would have been his decision. Famously guarded we all know- John's the real bad boy of the band I reckon, but his story barely gets a telling. A shame indeed, but it's good to see his wishes respected by the film-makers.

Lots of rare footage of the band, and a few other bits and pieces that were unfamiliar to an old warhorse like me. The quality of the Blu-Ray is fantastic. The music videos in particular look great. Newly reassembled with old cut footage the seven new videos for songs like Radio Ga Ga and We Are The Champions look fantastic in HD. The sound is terrific, as you'd imagine, and the new interviews look as clear as crystal... in places. Roger Taylor nods in and out of focus in his footage, but again I'm sure that is a filmmakers decision.

As a true fan of the music I am pleased that albums like Hot Space and Mr. Bad Guy get touched on. Even the great Roger Taylor solo stuff gets an airing. And then there's Starfleet... No Biggles though.

The true achievement of this two-part documentary though is that it races through all the boring stuff. The lads' formative years may be fascinating to some, but I've heard those stories a million times. Thankfully the film speeds through them. If there's nothing new, then what's the point?
Also, the film is full of great quotes. The way it builds in the second part really is fantastic. Music is used accordingly and sentiment is spared us pretty much. Seeing Freddie on the set of his last music video in HD is quite terrifying initially. Before long though you see through his gaunt features and his character shines through. He may have been near the end here, but he knew exactly what he wanted given any circumstance it seems. True to the way he lived his life, he went out with great spirit.
There is a scene towards the end where Freddie is obviously tiring. He's on the set of the 'These Are The Days Of Our Lives' music video. His last of course. In black and white and bathed in an eery glow Freddie mimes along to the song. He throws his head back at one point though- he looks like he's about to burst into a sprint, and he has the most incredible smile on his face. That's my lasting image of him now.
That video would have been made around the time I first started to get into the band, and though seriously ill he was brave, and full of life until there was no life no more. I guess I must have seen this in him, even then. Whenever I question my teenage years, and just how stupid I maybe was I always remind myself that I was a Queen fan then, so I can't have been too dumb. Back when being eleven in an all-boys school and loving a band that has just lost its frontman to AIDS was not cool. Not cool at all. But now it seems the flame is rising again. I warm my hands by it. This film went some way to making that happen.

So, it's fantastic. But it isn't perfect. The ending was obviously rushed- perhaps to meet a release date, and falls flat somewhat. The ending seems to come out of nowhere. The editing gets clumsy and the message gets lost. Here's hoping that there is a redux one day for us true fans. Until then I say well done all involved.
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on 17 January 2012
The story of Queen from the beginning, told by themselves and the people around them, excellent documentary. The part when Roger knew about Freddie's death brought tears to my eyes, also when Brian tells his experience at the Madison Square Garden. . If you love Queen you must have this DVD
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on 3 January 2012
You don't have to be a fan of Queen but a fan of rock and roll to have to have the in your collection. The Bluray with all the bonus interviews and music video makes this a prefect gift for yourself or someone else. If you are a Queen fan and you don't already own this, then how can you call yourself a Queen fan without it. it is a wonderful and rich look deep into the band. It is brave and bold, with a refreshing openness that you normally wouldn't find in most videos made by the band themselves. you owe it to yourself to watch this and own it.
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on 8 June 2014
Very complete documentary. So many rare and unseen stuff. Touching features by Brian and Roger. This is when you lay back and just watch. I hardly care about regions and formats. I heard people had some problems with watching the ntsc format or region 1 - my player eats everything, so I hardly ever cared, it plays perfectly. In our century, for those who really want, I don't think it's a problem to find a way to play a DVD even if it's not for "all" regions and not "pal/secam" system. And this documentary is truly a thing that you would want to find a way of watching.
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on 4 January 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to every minute of this DVD and I am delighted to have added it to my growing collection of Queen memorabillia
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