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on 16 January 2016
I am so sorry to write a bad review for these, as I was very excited about the order, but I feel I need to do it, as I bought them using the reviews to guide me in the first place.

I ordered 3 boxes of 2 glasses. The delivery was very fast, which is great, and the box was carefully packaged with bubble wrap and marked "Fragile". But after opening the first box inside, I noticed that one of the handles was cracked. The glass quality isn't as I was expecting from reading the other reviews. They look very cheap.

Also, a horrible smell was coming from the boxes. Don't know what the smell is but my husband touched one the glasses for a few seconds when I showed him the crack and he had to go and wash his hands immediately. I had to wash mine a couple of times to get rid of the smell!

On top of that, the spoons are really bad quality too, and those were poorly packed, just thrown in the box with no packaging. The spoons are very thin and the edges are rough, I would be worried about cutting a lip. They have a tacky design of some sort of bird on them, that wasn't shown in the photos either. They have that "school cantine" feel to them.

I am very sorry to review this badly, but the purchase was so disappointing that I had to inform others.

On a descriptive note, they do measure 14.5 cm and they fit my Nespresso Latissima. Not perfectly, as I's needed to tilt the glass just a bit to make it fit but that wouldn't put me off the purchase. The very poor quality would though. I have now asked for a full refund and didn't even bothered opening the 2 other boxes.
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on 4 August 2014
Yet another great online find...and also such a bargain buy that it really went and made my day too ;o>

We urgently needed some plain, reasonably priced, good quality mugs and so I went looking for ones that would not only hold a more than generous amount (as some mugs can turn out to hold little more than just a teacup's worth) but would also look attractive enough for either tea or coffee lovers to enjoy. Ideally I wanted mugs that would prove sturdy, durable and hard-wearing with a large decent handle to them too. And on searching suddenly these large chunky beauties popped up?!

I've never really liked Latte glass mugs before? - but that is because they usually have those incredibly annoying and awkward little circular handles near the bottom of the glass? - but the lovely handles on these instantly caught my eye, then the great price, plus the inclusive offering of a set of spoons too which was a very nice touch indeed and saved me from having to go and source some myself.

The reviews looked really good, and so as they were on offer at the time, I ordered two sets of two which meant including free delivery my total order of 4 mugs + the 4 spoons came to just a mere £7.80! The seller, AMETHYST C E LTD, also clearly spared no expense whatsoever in using plenty of bubble wrap to ensure their very safe arrival as well which was within just a few days of ordering.

Being made of such thick glass they hold their heat well and wash beautifully every time - plus they don't suffer from the typical build-up of coffee and tea stains that china ones attract either, stains that inevitably end up needing a pan scrub and a lot of elbow grease to shift. The spoons are also of a very decent quality too - yes, they are slightly roughish around their edges rather than being polished smooth, but still, they are not at all sharp in any way and they are certainly sturdy enough to resist from any potential bending when attempting to pummell a teabag into a state of complete brewing submission. I've used mine daily for over two months now and they also haven't tarnished either.

It's a real pleasure to use these mugs - I am just delighted with them ;o>

(EDIT ADDITION: I have come back to this review to emphasise that the seller that I bought these glasses from was 'AMETHYST C E LTD' because I have just purchased some more intending them to be as a gift, but rather foolishly, I went with another seller who was slightly cheaper as I naturally assumed that these glasses would all be the same brand and quality? However, all six of the second order that I received even though very well bubble-wrapped and carefully boxed up were all quite badly marked in some way - some with distinct scuffs and one even with really long and deep scratches all over it as well?!

Held up to the light, they had little flaws in the finish of each one and lots of little air bubbles too (I could live with the odd one or two but not 10+ per glass) which led me to the very obvious conclusion that they were either a very inferior brand or were actually not first quality batches but seconds. The seller to their credit did not try to refute this but apologised that there was an issue with the product and for any inconvenience caused as they may well "have been a bad production set" and thankfully agreed to a full refund without the usual insistence that I would have to pay the considerable expense it would have taken in returning them. I thought about donating them to the nearest charity shop but was so concerned after reading reviews about inferior glasses shattering that in the end I chose to bin them as glass waste instead.

I still need my gift however, and so with some trepidation I have just re-ordered but made absolutely sure that it was with the seller AMETHYST C E LTD again in the hope that this time I will receive the same excellent and top quality glasses with the immaculate finish that I got in my first order from them?...Fingers crossed!)

(FURTHER ADDITION (15th Oct): The 4 Latte Glasses from AMETHYST C E Ltd arrived today (if you buy 2x the two glass set the p&p becomes free by the way!) - Whew! - wrapped in about 15 feet of continuous bubblewrap (I'm not kidding?!) and then securely boxed, upon opening, I was relieved to find that there is just a couple of very small and barely negligible scuffs on just one of them. Again the free spoons are not exactly the best around but are still very acceptable and more than good enough for me. I think my friend is going to be very happy with these indeed! And it is very 'clear' (sorry, I couldn't resist at least one pun!) that this excellent seller is definitely NOT selling seconds ;o>)
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on 18 October 2016
Really nice glasses for the price, well worth it, especially as I've seen just one of these glasses at double this price. I use these with my Bosch Tassimo machine and they are the perfect size for the cappuccino, latte and mocha drinks. The long handled spoons are a bonus. My friends always ask for their coffee in one of these instead of a normal mug as they just look fab!
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on 5 October 2014
Be warned. These are dangerous. I now notice that there is no description of these coffee glasses as 'heat proof' as there is with others. One of mine developed a large crack once the hot liquid was in it. Very disappointed as they had seemed perfect, but had I not heard the little tinkling noises of the cracks forming once my machine finished, I may have picked it up as normal and ended up burned as the glass broke.. Extremely poor quality.
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on 15 July 2015
Very good service from this seller ,these are a lovely size .glass ,cup or what ever you prefer to use it for ,I fill mine with baileys ,I have both the small ones and the large ones ,I also use them for coffee or tea ,Packed up well and delivery fast ,,thank you very much ,,,,
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on 5 June 2017
nice thick mug and look great
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on 4 March 2017
Very pleased with them.
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on 2 March 2016
Quickly delivered in perfect condition. Beautiful size, large but not too big
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on 25 June 2015
Mugs OK, spoons are very cheaply made.
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on 4 January 2015
love them
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