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on 14 September 2013
2 Headed Shark Attack is everything we've come to love/loathe/expect from the Asylum. Quite easily their best!

It falls very comfortably into 'its so bad its good' territory, for a number of reasons;

1. The gormless acting is aplenty in this titular tale of mutant shark dining habits. Carmen Electra was obviously solely employed for her assets and not her acting talent. I honestly can't even remember her character's name or occupation in this movie, a fact that doesn't surprise me due to her lack of credible dialogue to the 'storyline'.

2. Charlie O'Connell's character's lust for scrap metal on the atoll was more than enough fuel for our belly laughs when watching this movie, not to mention the life threatening graze he sustains to his leg later on. Hilarious!!! Why was he even looking for his precious scrap metal in the first place? I honestly don't remember or even care!

3. Special mention to Brooke Hogan also, proving to be the only half decent actor in this movie and not just good eye candy.

Expendable extras aplenty, trashy CGI, even trashier reaction acting, guiltless nudity and a mechanical 2 headed shark thrown in for good measure. All ingredients for a movie so stupid it begs to be dissected by even the most amateurish critic in the most humorous way possible!

Lastly another special mention goes to Corinne Nobili, whose character (spoiler*) was so stupidly killed off during the final scene. One of the few characters to genuinely hold my interest throughout the movie.
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on 3 February 2012
On a sea faring trip, a bunch of college students are marooned on an atoll which begins to sink. That's bad enough but unfortunately for them a killer shark is on the prowl. The Captain of the ship and his wife try to lead the students to safety but one by one they are picked of by the shark. Having two heads is dead handy (pun intended) for the killer fish and takes great pride with the slaughter including water skiers and topless co-eds.

The acting at far times is woeful but the main leads (Carmen Electra and Brooke Hogan) aren't bad and it's terrific to see another O'Connell brother (Charlie) getting killed by another creature from the sea like his brother Jerry in Piranha 3D. Thankfully for Charlie he doesn't lose his 'John Thomas' like Jerry did.

The CGI shark is effective and the close up rubber version isn't too bad. The blood runs in rivers and there are plenty of detached limbs as well so if you like your creature pics gruesome this one should satisfy you.
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on 21 March 2012
What could be more terrifying than a a great white shark? I'll tell you what, a great white shark with two heads, that's what! As one character points out that's twice as many teeth.
This is the Asylum on top form with a fantastically daffy concept, better than their usual CGI and even the innovative use of a big rubber shark head.
This is not a normal 4 star movie. It has 4 The Asylum stars, which only apply to things made for TV on ultra low budgets.
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on 3 August 2014
Well where should we start? I had gone into this film with such high hopes. (obvious sarcasm, you may continue)

Leaving aside the pitiful acting and the awful CGI, this film is still beyond dreadful just in the way of common sense and the dialogue throughout the film.


The boat has stopped in the sea due to a breach in the hull, but is not sinking, yet has no mechanical failure - so why not sail away? When Brooke Hogan falls down and is injured, he has a cut the size of a penny on his knee, yet has to be returned to the boat? whata wimp. The girl gets angry when the others leave her in the other boat, yet she follows them 2 seconds later. The main ship is parked less than a mile from the shoreline, yet it takes a 10 minute race in boats to reach there, and then they still end up back at the island? After one boat has been hit from the shark, the people on the ship out at sea decide its best to travel by speedboat to the shore, to tell the students not to go out onto the water......

There is a tonne more but quite frankly I can't be arsed to write much more. I shall leave you to watch it and realise it all yourself. This movie could have actually been a good 'bad' movie, but was turned out to be beyond crap.

To give them credit though, the CGI is still better than that of Jaws 3 :)
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on 24 November 2012
Nothing new in this film except extremely poor acting, poor plastic shark, nothing frightening and the usual predictable shark story. This time a group of thick College students go off on a boat which a shark follows and the rest is predictable. Makes Jaws look amazing by comparison and thats a very old film.
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on 7 August 2013
It appears Asylum is into the mega/super shark movie business, apparently having invested in a prop or graphic that still hasn't paid for itself. What is the size of this thing? Initially (see front cover) this thing attacks and swallows two skiers whole. Then the next thing you know a far smaller version has a hold of a guy's leg while he attempts to punch it in its nose. In one scene it has a hold of an underwater diver's leg then in the next frame the diver is swimming away with no visible damage to the leg. And how does something this big do shallow water attacks?

Once we get past the typical Asylum bad production stuff, we have a decent "B-" grade shark movie. The sound track was fairly decent. I like the metal to give the film a grindhouse feel. A crew of hard body college students get stranded on what could be "Gilligan's Island" in the South Pacific, one that had former residents. They talk about shark feeding frenzies and cannibals. Girls in bikinis and guys with developed pecks. The island shows signs of fairly recent habitation and is manicured. There are boats that need repair at a dock. Once fixed they can be used for rescue or for boat races to litter the sea with shark food. To add to their woes, the tropical paradise is subject to tremors. The shark special effects ranged from laughable (head on 2 headed shark swimming) to pretty decent (stock footage of a real shark). Ample cleavage shots of Kate (Brooke Hogan) throughout the entire film (Hulk's daughter who also can't act).

Island tremor special effects consisted of rumbling noises, camera shaking, and people falling down. The funny part was the scenes of people being eaten. The second head added the needed camp cheese for the film that was missing in "Super Shark".

F-bomb, girls kissing/groping, nudity (Anna Jackson, Amber English)
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on 25 October 2012
Absolute hokum pooly acted and dire special effects but what do you expect from a film called Two headed shark attack. Entertaining and what plot there was is fast moving and the girls are pretty all in all it made an old man (reasonably) happy But great cinema it ain't.
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on 11 June 2014
Asylum are guilty of self-consciously aiming at cult status, but of their 3 movies I've seen on 4Music, this one is easily the best, and the only one for which I bought the DVD. You think "Scuttle! Scuttle!" is bad dialogue? It's no worse than Jurassic Park, where Laura Dern has to "Giggle! Giggle!", and Jeff Goldblum keeps idiotically mumbling, "Numbers, Numbers!" (or am I confusing it with Pi?). The FX on 2HSA are Asylum's best, too.

OK, Sandsharks is technically good, but it's only a variant on Tremors.
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on 24 April 2012
I've never written a review on Amazon but feel compelled to do so for this DVD. I guess my review contains spoilers so if your put off by that kind of review and want to suffer the film's plot for yourself then stop reading now.

This is quite possibly one of, if not the worst film I've ever sat through. People may wonder why I actually sat through the entire film but I'll come to that soon. "Two headed Shark Attack" follows a group of students on a little tropical island doing some sort of summer study thing - It's not really explained in great detail why they are there. The Island begins to sink, yep you read it right the Island starts sinking. There was a reason conjured up for the sinking but honestly you'd get a more believable reason from a mentally disabled ape. The story then introduces the shark, now it may have just been me but it seemed the editors used the same cartoon clip of the shark moving through water over and over again. The CGI in this film is actually cringe worthy at one point there is a large bang and a crack appears on the ground. This crack was so stupid and irrelevant looking that it actually became frustrating to look at. The acting is melodramatic and down right horrendous, it's almost as if the director has pulled a group of teenagers off the street and thrown them into a film, at one very strange point two characters randomly jump into the water next to the shark it leaves you confused and annoyed. Carmen Electra stars in Two headed Shark Attack and if I was her, I'd sack my manager. There really is no substance to the plot or film in general for that matter. The plot totally eliminates common sense and seems to drag the film out.

When the film did eventually end and the credits started rolling the tears were streaming down my face, despite this film being truly, truly awful it is by far one of the funniest films I've watched. It is so bad that it's hilarious. The awful acting the bizarre storyline and the CGI all contribute to one excellent comedy. This being the reason I watched the film from start to finish. It's also the reason I have given the DVD two stars because the comedy factor is worth it. If your looking for a scary suspense driven horror film then look elsewhere. But if your looking for a film to watch with a group of friends to make you all laugh then I can guarantee you Two Headed Shark Attack will do the job.
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on 13 July 2013
I love cheesy shark films but this is weak. the plot is notably poor even for the genre and the camera work and editing looks like a gcse media studies project.

Skip this one and go for a better bad shark film like sharktopus or shark attack 3!
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