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VINE VOICEon 11 March 2012
I am somebody who has been through a fair amount of laptops, and until 2008, I was totally a Windows person. I had lots of Windows based laptops, largely Sony ones, and these tended to fail very regularly and cost a lot to repair.

This laptop is worth every extra penny it costs.

It is stylish to look at, very well built, easy to use, fast, silky, it does everything you could want your laptop to do.

The graphics are great, it does not crash when you are doing multiple things at once, and the fact if anything goes wrong you can just pop into your local apple store makes it truely invaluable.

I use it both for work and home use, and it takes a lot of wear without any trouble.

Absolute must buy.
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on 31 December 2011
Was concerned 13" might be small, but because MacBook is quite heavy very happy with this size. Size is perfect since will be travelling around with MacBook. Fantastic speed, screen / graphics excellent. Can comfortably watch films on 13" screen, which I was concerned about. Not at all difficult getting used to differences vs previous laptop. Have to watch out when buying accessories that they are compatible with EU version of keyboard.
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on 4 January 2012
The product itself needs no selling! Excellent entry level macbook pro! But be warned: some unscrupulous 3rd party traders on amazon are using the wrong RRP so you think you are getting a saving but check on for the latest upto date RRP. And remember, if you qualify for educational discount, you can get 3 years waranty FREE by buying directly from Apple. Don't be conned
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on 23 June 2012
Purchased this mac book pro because I was tired of the microsoft issues. After 35 days, laptop will not start up. Took it to apple and they reinstalled the OS. The laptop started working again but after a week the same problem re occurred. I contacted seller but refused a refund or a replacement as the item was over 30 days from date of purchase deffective anyway. I was suprised when even amazon could not offer any form of protection to their customers from such seller, only because the item worked for more than 30 days. Buying on amazon is like throwing away your money as the will not be there when you need them, amazon protection is rubbish. They will tell you they only cover an item that did not work from purchase or different from what you purchased.
Watchout for seller like this if you like yourself. Don't be deceived by his slightly less offer, you will spend more on the product trying to resolve the problem with manufacturer. Nasty experience but it has made me realise that even amazon can not be trusted.
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on 17 July 2015
This was meant to be a refurbished macbook so I expected signs of previous use. However, on arrival, the charger which could have done with some cleaning, was damaged / frayed and wrapped with tape. The macbook screen and the keypad were covered with dust and particles. Though initially disappointed, I felt this was cosmetic only and easily cleaned.

Within less than an hour of use the battery had almost run out of charge while trying to change the administrator details that were registered on the macbook when received. Noticed the same issue with the battery quickly discharging itself from full over the following two days so decided to return item for a refund.
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on 18 April 2012
Absolutely fabulous. Worked straigt out of the box. Found its way onto the internet. Downloaded a couple of updates. Installed them without any problems but thats what you get with ALL APPLE products.
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on 25 April 2012
Like many others I have been a lifelong Windows user who had never used a mac before. Although I always liked the design, all these years something just told me "no, they're far to different, i won't be able to run the programs I do and nothing will be the same" ... I was wrong, yes they are different but in a brilliant way. I can still use everything I did before, it had no trouble locating drivers for external devices such as my printer.

I didn't buy this product directly from Amazon due to the fact I got money off through my University, and I must say it was one of the best things I ever did. I haven't owned it long, but long enough to explore its capabilities. It really is so simple to use, I was up and running within 10mins and found it really easy to navigate my way round the apps. Changing from Internet explorer to Safari was quite a huge difference, but again it didn't take long to get used to it. I transfered to a mac due to their good reviews, but also because I felt even if I waited for Windows 8, it would yet again be another bore. Don't get me wrong theres nothing wrong with windows 7 but its hardly spectacular. If I was going to spend the money on a new laptop, I wanted something worth the money, and belive me this is it. You will not be disappointed. The build quality of this laptop is excellent, its that good I'm afraid of damaging it, as with it being silver it does show dirt up rather easily. The graphics on this little machine are also amazing, when looking which model to purchase I was told that the 15" had a better graphics card, however I really cannot tell a difference, photo editing programs run smoothly and pictures look fantastic. I was slightly bothered about it only being a 13" as my previous laptops have all been 15.4" but in all honesty its plenty big enough, and tbh I can't tell the difference.

Of course everyone will have difference views and some may find it easier than others to adapt but it really isn't hard. A macbook does everything the usual laptop would and more! The app store is also an amazing feature (not for my bank balance mind you) with many great, yet cheap apps that windows just doesn't provide for you, with windows you either buy expensive software or go without. I have got close to the expected battery life of 7 hours, usually 6-6.5 with my everyday browsing, facebooking, listening to music etc, although if you sit playing games for great lengths of time this will decrease the battery, but this is expected with any device. I have also downloaded office for mac, I've never used pages so I cannot comment on how good it is but being used to Microsoft office and having assignments to do I felt this would be best. And I can assure you it was definately worth it, it does pretty much everything you'd get off the standard windows version, making the transformation from working on a windows to a mac even easier. The touchpad is a great feature to use, using gestures to scroll, flick through programs and pages and use featues such as mission control. At first I just thought it was all just abit of a fancy feature, but it really does make multitasking so much easier! ... It really didn't take long to adapt to this, so much infact that when reverting back to my windows laptop to finish off some work I sat there trying to scroll the page using the two finger gesture... making myself look abit of an idiot, but never mind.

Of course no product is for everyone and personally I find afew very minor things that could be improved but definately nothing that would affect my choice to buy.
1) The ability to maxmise windows could be made easier as they do not fill the whole screen like they do on a windows laptop, unless obviously you maxmise to full screen view, another great feature to OS Lion.
2) Their version of msn messenger isn't the greatest.
3) The finder could have afew added features such as the ability to locate folders within folders from the left hand side. Making it easier to drag a file into a subfolder inside another folder without having to open another finder window. You may know what I'm on about if your a windows user but its hard to explain.
However this is all probably just down to personal preference.

I know there are alot of people that critise the ease of use with these, but if you look the majority of those are people who expect for it all to come at once, without taking the time and patience to try. But what I can say is Apple make your experience with a mac as easy as possible, it may look complex when you first start it up and see how different is it, but it really isn't. Id definately recommend this product to others, they will not regret it.
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on 10 February 2013
I previously had an ACER Timeline Aspire 4820T which I passed onto my wife and bought a macbook pro 13" last year on the advice of colleagues and family. I had to return it because, although the battery was fully charged, it wouldn't stop charging and overheated. The replacement doesn't get so hot while running OSX.
The screen is clear and crisp though reflective. Much better than the Acer
Build is solid, though the lid is thin and would easily dent if knocked. The Apple Logo is made of cheap plastic. Although not as sleek, the Acer is just as robust.
The Macbook trackpad is brilliant, better than any Windows laptop.
Startup time is also very good,
Battery is good though not as good as the Acer
The backlit keyboard is also solid but the keyboard commands are more complex than with Windows and you have to use 2 hands to delete the next letter in a line!
However after using various versions of Windows for 20 years I can't get used to OSX, itunes or iphoto. Finder is a nightmare compared to Windows Explorer. Safari is dull and Firefox doesnt work vey well. It is difficult to download photos from my Nokia phone. I never needed a handbook to use Windows but it seems Apple's software is so unintuitive to use that you have to go out and buy "Apple for Dummies" or "The Missing Handbook". Everyone who advised me to buy an Apple computer also advised buying Apple Care for another £200. Madness.
There is so little you can tweak or customise. You've got to do everything Apple's way, The drab grey of the boxes and toolbars is depressing
So ultimately I installed Windows 7 on my Mac using Bootcamp. What a relief after Apple's uniform grey. However, although Apple supply drivers to use Windows these are very inferior. The trackpad doesnt work as well and the battery life is poor. Worst of all the base of the machine gets uncomfortably hot even when only running a couple of applications. This is obviously a common problem and can only be partly helped by doing complicated tweaks. I called Apple and they suggested they may be able to help but I'd have to pay about £40 for their service as the computer is out of the 3 month support period. So I'm going to sell it on ebay and will happily put up with inferior hardware in order to get decent software.
So it's a star off for the operating system, a star off for running so hot and another star off for all the hype and the Apple fans who become apoplectic when anyone criticises their fetish.
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on 10 February 2012
I dont really do reviews but when it comes to being part of the Apple experience I dont mind taking a couple minutes.
I have the Macbook Pro 13, i7 8 GB Ram Mac OS X. It is the best computer I have ever bought. Everything about it is fantastic. Design, simplicity in operation, speed, customer care. I could go on and on for hours.
If you have the money and the excuse to treat yourself get one. I did not understand the anti-Pc attitude until I took the leap. Never will I go back to Microsoft junk or the relentless updates and speed issues that are the inherent grinds of the Pc.
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on 17 January 2013
I had been saving for a new laptop for a while and i thought i would just go for it, bight the bullet and get a mac. Im so glad. It looks amazing, its super fast and i was really surprised how fast i picked up the new operating system being a complete mac noob! The battery life is excellent and the screen is one of the best ive ever seen, the tackpad is really cool and the keyboard is really nice to use! people complain abouts its not outstanding resolution but in all honesty i can even tell, it just look so nice! The only draw back to this macbook is no HMDI port but you can get adaptors and to be honest i would barely ever use it... Also if your a stundent get it from apple for the discount!!!! I got mine for £850! which is an amazing saving! Overall i love this laptop and although it is very expesive for most people id say it was well worst its money!
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