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on 27 May 2015
I've been gardening for 20 years and this is very good stuff, if you can use it in the right way. Let me list the pros and cons:

* Extremely lightweight - even when fully hydrated. This makes carrying pots easier and easy to carry the compost bags around.
* Excellent for free draining plants. If you're looking for a free draining compost then this is perfect.
* Has excellent moisture retention to weight ratio. It holds a fair amount of water without getting waterlogged
* Hard to compact. It's hard to overfill or compress soil when potting although you can 'press' this soil a bit to make it denser if required.
* Attractive - the reddish colour looks great on many plants.
* Indicative - The compost drying is easy to see - and whether this is surface or deeper. This is quite handy for me and really helps.
* Can't overwater - it's impossible to over water with this stuff.
* It really does inflate - it's so light to handle and easy to take to where I'm working.
* Stuff grows well - growth is impressive so far!
* Takes watering - it doesn't move around when spraying or watering - which is a nice side benefit - it's sticks together well when wetted so doesn't run or move to one side of the pot easily.

* Whilst it's good and has decent moisture retention, it can dry out faster than say a John Innes, Garden Soil or Multi-Purpose that has soil content. If you're used to fibre composts or you mix this kind of stuff with soil or John Innes - it's a great tool.
* You need to make sure it's properly hydrated and mixed - no chucking it in a bucket and spraying it with water. If you don't mix it well, you get dry bits and lumps in the mix.
* If you've got a thirsty plant or require a soil that's not as free draining - mix this with soil, John Innes or other compost. You just need to match this compost (or your mix) correctly for the plant. I can see some people getting hacked off this dries out too quickly and if so, change the soil type to better match the plant.
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on 11 January 2017
Every single pot has mould on the surface! Some pics below (note that there was no growth, the bulbs were as big when potted). I have many other plants in the house that don't have this issue but I bought those from a nursery and they probably use better soil. If I am being a complete idiot and this isn't in fact mould someone please let me know. I use a plant mist to spray them but the mould comes back (only on these plants)...
review imagereview image
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on 9 July 2016
I've purchased this product previously - from another seller - and it was great. So I ordered it again to grow my sweet peas in this year and they utterly failed. Would not grow at all. After 6 weeks threw them out and brought cheap potting mix and the second lot of seedlings thrived almost immediately. Emailed the manufacturers - not the seller that I purchased it from but the actual makers of the product - and have never heard back from them. Might have been a dud batch of the product but a 50% fail (one bag of the two I've brought was useless) and no response to my email enquiry after the product failure makes me reluctant to purchase again. Bit sad as the first time it was great.
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on 24 May 2016
I bought this because I wanted to put it in some of my pots in the conservatory that have been drying out. I mixed it with some other compost and did about 5 pots. My advice is to not overfill the pots with soil because it does expand and lift when watered so leave a good inch from the rim for a small pot.
After a week all the plants looked like they were dying and I put this down to the shock of being re-potted. It is now more than 6 months and the plants have slightly recovered but still look in a poor way. I am going to tip out the compost and replace it for couple of them as one is nearly dead. I know it isn’t the compost that was mixed with it because that has been successfully used for other plants. The jury is out on this product but I doubt I would recommend it or buy it again.
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on 2 May 2014
I bought a few bags of this as I am unable physically to carry really large bags of compost from the car, so as it was delivered and at no cost, I thought I'd give it a try. I have used MG compost many times over the years and have always been pleased with the results I have got. I had not tried this concentrated one before and it's certainly a bit different to use. I put a fair amount in a flexi bucket/trug that I have and watered it with the watering can (rose attached). I then had to mix it with a wooden spoon, it was like making a (big) cake! It takes a while to soak up and expand and gets to about twice the original size, don't think it came to much more than that. One point to note is that if you suffer chest problems (as I do), it is very dusty when emptied from the bag as its bone dry. I held my breath as otherwise it would have set me off wheezing I think! It is very light coloured, lightweight and open but seems ok for the plug plants I have recently used it for. I also planted a shrub in the garden and used some to backfill the planting hole. I didn't mix much water with it at the time of planting, watering it afterwards. When I came back later the compost had expanded quite a lot and was 'overflowing' at soil level, but firming it down soon sorted that. I like the fact that it is lightweight because it will be better for my easyfill hanging baskets this year. Last year they weighed a ton when wet, to the point that I could hardly lift them onto the hook! Hopefully this year that will be easier with this lighter compost! Overall, I am not disappointed. The price for it was cheaper than my local garden centre, it was delivered free and its of a size that I can carry it to the bottom of my garden without straining, so they are all positives. It's just a bit different to 'normal' compost that's all. Not sure if I will buy more, I will wait to see what results I get this year and if they are good then yes I probably would buy it all the time for convenience.
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on 20 May 2015
Well I like it expanding however I don't know what its made of but it doesn't remain thick like mud when wet it feels like wet wood. I don't think I will buy again I don't like it. I used to plant seeds in the garden but doesn't feel at all like soil I'm hoping it doesn't wreck my seeds. I replanted indoor trees with it and wet it remains bitty. Won't buy again even though I love miracle grow I'll buy normal soil. I boiughy this to not lug around but its royal pain to keep hydrating and feels bitty even when made up. Others said don't use for plants if mine die off miracle grow can replace the cost of loss.
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on 29 June 2014
Contrary to other reviews, I found this expanded vary well when watered. To the degree that my pots overflowed, and I had to put the excess in a spare bucket. I should had read the instructions, and wet/mixed it first IN the bucket rather than filling pots with it dry, and watering afterwards.
The pots I have used it in do not dry out as fast as my other pots, and the plants in them are doing well.
Being dry it is also light-weight, a bonus for me as I live in flat and have to carry everything up the stars before planting out on my balcony.
I hope that the dwarf budleia seedlings I have on order like it, as they will be potted in it.

Addendum. The plants I potted in this stuff grew well in the year after I planted them in, but died the following summer. I bought new plants, and and they died over the following winter. I bought new plants, and they died in a matter of weeks. It seems this stuff is ok for 12 months but then becomes toxic to plants. I shall have to throw it all away, and look elsewhere.
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on 31 March 2017
Had bought this in th past as it ideal being so light. Never again found these two pieces of waste mixed in with the bag.. disgusted. One was plastic of some sort the other is paper/some metal together.
review imagereview image
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on 26 March 2014
Great for gardeners who have lots of potting up to do but haven't the space to store a large bag or don't want to move or carry a heavy bag of compost. The re-sealable bag means you can use as much or as little as you need at any time and the instructions are easy to follow, although I've found that the number of minutes it takes to fully expand varies on how much you are making up. I've also found it easier to make up the compost in a flexi tub or bucket and just measure out the concentrated compost into it then add the appropriate measure of water slowly rather than use a pot as suggested in the instructions on the packaging as the water started to come out of the bottom of my pots before all the compost had fully expanded. It does mean having to transfer the expanded compost into the final pot(s) but it also enables me to fork over the compost and ensure there are no unexpanded bits.

Perfect for baskets and pots, making them lighter to carry or move when filled with this compost, and the slow release feed lasting up to 6 months means a little less time ensuring newly potted plants have enough food.
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on 1 March 2015
This is a very easy to use, clean compost. Contrary to others, I had very little problems getting it wet and it does expand quite quickly to at least double size and then continues to expand slowly afterwards over the next couple of hours (something to watch in a plant pot). The compost appears to have food granules in it and time will tell how the plants grow.
The bag is resealable, easy and light to carry around. It also takes up a lot less room than conventional compost bags. As the bag arrives totally sealed I am assuming it will not go off like other compost does.
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