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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

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Escape into my Reads Book Blog

Lady Luck was a different read to KA’s normal romance books because she covered race issues with Ty as her leading alpha male. At the beginning of the story Ty is all action and no speak as soon as he leaves the prison gates behind, he keeps you guessing as to what his plans are and how Lexi will adapt to her situation as she finds herself dragged into his life. Imprisoned for a crime Ty didn’t commit his goal is to find those who set him up and extract revenge. Lexi and Ty together were sexy and there are some serious hot scenes in this book. I loved how Ty was broody, intense and possessive but at the same time he was sweet and attentive to Lexi. They were perfect together and the secondary characters were hilarious, I loved the epilogue it was beautiful. The story was a rollercoaster of emotions, suspense, crime, love, passion and showed the colour of your skin had no place when it came to loving someone.
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on 8 January 2017
I loved Lexie, however, I didn't love Ty, he wasn't my favourite alpha male. Ty is a man of few words but some of the phrases he uses I didn't love and I'm not a prude by no means. All the mountain men have pet names for their women but I hated it when Ty referred to Lexie as 'mama', she is his girl not his mum, found this unappealing. I loved Lexie though and the love she has for Ty, just didn't love it as much as The Gamble (my favourite) or Sweet Dreams.
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on 30 September 2014
Another classic KA. Lots of twists and turns, some I saw coming a mile off and some that took me by surprise, but everything I hope for to get me engrossed in a story.
One of my favourite plots is a marriage of convenience that grows into more so this was a great read for me. The smut between alpha, 'Mr Humongous' Ty and sweet, slightly goofy but loyal and lovely Lexie was sizzling hot, but there were so many things they did and said that gave me that happy, squidgy KA feeling. I also loved the reappearance of other characters from this series.
Can't fault this, perfect.
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on 22 February 2014
Damn but I love these books. Each series by Kristen snuggles into the next with crossing over of characters and lives. They are well written, humerous, serious, sad and smutty where they need to be. Keep them coming!
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on 21 November 2013
One of my favourite Kristen Ashley books and that's saying something cuz I love them ALL! This one had it all, a hot, swoony alpha badass H and a totally kickass h. Kristen Ashley AT HER BEST
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on 5 May 2013
Great read the series really good can't wait to read the next book series. From Kirsten Ashley don't want to read any other authors
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on 19 June 2015
Grate book
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on 13 August 2012
I have read the first two books in the Colorado Mountain series The Gamble and Sweet Dreams and found them to be great books. In fact I gave both of them 5 stars. They feature slightly more mature characters and very manly men. However I was hesitant to read Lady Luck, the blurb just didn't excite me like the other two books did. But friends who love Kristen Ashley really liked it so I pushed it up the tbr pile. Lady Luck follows Ty and Lexie's story. Ty has just been released from prison where he was incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. Lexie is a stranger to Ty but she is asked a drug dealing pimp friend of her dead boyfriends to pick him up and take him wherever he wants to go and Lexie agrees. This is the start to Ty and Lexie's life. At times it is wonderful and at times it is heartbreaking.

I have mentioned before that to really enjoy a Kristen Ashley book you really need to like the characters and I loved Lexie, she is light hearted and fun. Ty is a different story though. As one would assume if you have been wrongly imprisoned he is serious and intense and a man of few words. It was this lack of communication from him which turned me off Ty. Ms Ashley's alpha heroes do talk usually issuing their manly commands to their women and Ty just didn't do that and I missed it and didn't like it. I also found this book to be too long. Not a lot happened in the majority of the book, there appears to be a big ending brewing with Ty trying to clear his name but I found it to be anti-climactic. This is not my favourite Kristen Ashley book and I am going to give Lady Luck 3 stars.
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on 9 November 2013
Nobody writes hot alpha males like this author. She but manages to combine them with fun, feisty heroines, a great cast of supporting characters, woven in from other novels in the series, interesting plots and lots of emotion. This one had me laughing out loud & bawling my eyes out.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 October 2012
I seem to have a love/hate relationship with Kristen Ashley's book. I love the alpha male, the break-ups and make-ups the sex scenes. What I hate are the pet name the hero has for his 'woman'. In this book Ty referred to Lexie as 'Mamma' (before she was a Mamma!) and I found it off putting.
I love how long KA's books are and how the story spans a good year of so. I love the arguments the H&H have and I love the breakups yet in this book I absolutely hated how they made up after a big argument. Another character in the book did something to reunite them that I found quite harsh and if someone had done that to me in real life, I would find it hard to forgive them no matter if they reunited me with the love of my life!
Ty is not my favourite KA Hero. I didn't like the way he spoke at the beginning and I hated the way he referred to women using some crude words.
I found myself skipping a few pages concerning Ty trying to clear his name. It seemed to go on for quite a bit. I can't decide whether to read the next book about Chace. It doesn't get very good reviews.
I will continue to read KA's books although it appears she has delayed quite a few of her new books.
This is definitely worth a read, just not as good as Sweet Dreams (one of my favourites!).
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