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TOP 50 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 26 February 2016
I watched this when it was released and it is easily one of my favourite children's films but my son had always been too young until now to watch it and he loves it. The film has been on a near constant loop on our DVD player for at least a week and thankfully with the release of Hotel Transylvania 2 my son is now happily obsessively watching that for a change!

The film run time is approximately 1 hour 30 mins and this DVD is one disc. There are also special features on the disc:-
Goodnight Mr Foot Mini Movie
Problem (Monster Remix) music video and behind the scenes
Deleted Scenes
Filmmakers' commentary
DVD-ROM link to fun games - Please note this does not work at all and takes you to a discontinued page on the Sony website and so it appears this feature link has been stopped by Sony

I'm sure most people know the premise of the movie by now but it's basically about a hotel run for monsters only with no access to those terrible humans who hunt and persecute monsters. Dracula built Hotel Transylvania as a sanctuary for monsters after he lost his wife to a pitchfork wielding mob. Dracula's daughter Mavis is soon to turn 118 and so he has invited all of the monsters including his friends Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Invisible Man and The Werewolf to a special party for her. Unfortunately a human backpacker stumbles upon the hotel with hilarious consequences when Dracula has to hide his real identity from the other monsters to prevent an all out panic that there is a scary human in their sanctuary!

The film is really funny and the storyline is brilliant and well thought out. Thankfully there aren't really any scary parts in the film and so this should be suitable for most children and my son and younger daughter both love watching this film.
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on 17 January 2017
Hotel Transylvania is one of those films that are meant to be enjoyed by the whole family as there is something in there for all ages.

A hotel created by Dracula as a safe haven for his daughter Mavis, so that she can get to know other monsters but be safe from humans.

Dracula always reminds all the monsters about humans due to his wife being killed by them.

He put much in place that would scare every human from coming near but he did not bank on Johnny. He is the only human to make it to the hotel and so not to upset the guests they pass him off as a monster.

This causes some very funny problems.

The story has a little romance and some icky things that the children would love.

Fantastic computer animation, bluray sharp and clear picture.
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VINE VOICEon 8 February 2013
Okay, so the idea of monsters being frightened of humans has been done in 'Monsters Inc' but there's plenty of room at the table for another kid friendly monster movie. One newspaper review I read for this when it first came out was that it was for kids that were scared by 'Paranorman' and 'Frankenweenie' and that pretty much nails it. My three year old grandaughter absolutely loves Jack Skellington from 'Nightmare before Christmas' so this will be right up her street.
If you have a 3D tv then this is the disc to get. The animation is superb and the 3D is just natural, no stupid effects jumping down your throat, just great use of a much maligned medium.
Whilst we're talking about quality the sounds is also very good with a lot of good use of the surround sound field.
Overall this a great animated feature for kids of all ages up to at least 54.
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on 9 November 2015
I purchased this for our DVD collection before we saw the sequel at the cinema and we're all delighted with it.

The film tells the story of Dracula (Adam Sandler) and his daughter Mavis. He tries to protect her from the world of people but a party gatecrasher comes along, sweeps Mavis off her feet and their world gets turned upside down.

It is beautifully animated and a pleasure to watch. The story is engaging and leaves you with a warm and happy feeling inside. Highly recommended.
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on 24 March 2014
An enjoyable cartoon about Dracula, who sets up a holiday resort in his castle for other monsters, e.g. Frankenstein's monster, werewolf, invisible man etc., Dracula also has a teenage daughter (118), so he throws a birthday party for her, into which arrives a human (male) hitchhiker, as the monsters are terrified of humans, he has to keep him hidden to stop his guests from leaving. Of course the daughter is attracted to the boy, and the rest of the film revolves around Dracula's attempts to keep his guests, and his daughter happy. As I said before an enjoyable film, with enough funny characters to amuse the children, and references to the horror film genre to keep the adults amused.
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on 15 November 2015
Was surprised to find out that it was Adam Sandler as Dracula as not a fan of him.
The star characters are definitely his daughter and the somewhat clueless human who manages to wander into hotel refuge for monsters right in their peak season. Bit of a Disney-esque romance between them but at least they're likable enough characters and there are enough amusements along the way that it holds together well.

Unfortunately the 2nd film is a disappointing sequel. :(
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on 26 December 2013
I absolutely love this scarily good film! This was the first time I had watched it on DVD, I hadn't been to the cinema in 2012 to see it. It's brilliant, Adam Sandler is incredibly good at playing the voice of Dracula, he was the perfect guy to do it, I must say that Selena Gomez was impressive as Mavis too. It was funny, it was different, every character makes you laugh, my favourite has to be Dracula! I simply can't describe in this review, how brilliant this film is, you have to take your hats off to it. Most impressive, but please if you haven't already done so, please purchase a copy of this, experience the awesomeness for yourself.
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on 16 February 2013
More often than not, if you ask someone to name a vampire movie, they will throw anything at you from Dracula (take your pick of which version) to the Underworld series. My point being: Its very rare to find a tale crafted for a family audience. As a fan of the vampire genre, and someone who will still occasionally indulge my childish side, I just couldn't help but order this film. I was so far from disappointed. After having watched the film some 2 hours ago, I am still laughing at remembered lines and genuinely have a warm feeling inside. I'm sure this is a film I'll watch many times over. Buy it and enjoy it with the whole family. I'm certain you will be glad that you did!
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on 11 March 2014
This film failed to ignite my interest to the extent that I wanted. I'd seen the trailer a few times and as this was in the early year sale I decided to go for it. Overall it's quite a fun film, but it feels rushed and doesn't offer the fun and plot that I really wanted. Some of the vocal acting, particularly that of Adam Sandler's Dracula and Andy Samberg as the young hiker/suitor, is good and gives a hint of what could have been with a stronger script. The animation is fun and good to watch, but for me this just missed its targets more than it hit them.
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on 10 August 2016
Great movie " we got Dracula / frankinstein's monster / the mummy / the invisible man / werewolfs ~ the lot. At Dracula's daughters party at his hotel a human sneaks in.
The young boy falls in love with Dracula's daughter and she falls in love with him (how romantic)
This really is a good film with good music.!
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