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on 19 December 2016
I was looking to replace our in house wireless phone - and this model came top in a few of the Internet polls. The Gigaset is not a fully fledged smartphone, and I understood that when I purchased it. My main problem with it is the implementation of the touch screen. To operate the on screen menus a very precise amount of pressure has to be applied to the screen, and to the solid buttons underneath. It is easy to begin a scrolling action with the display, when the intention is to select an option. My father isn't very technical, but can operate most straightforward interfaces when he has repeated the procedure a number of times. He's a little scared of the phone, as he's afraid of accidentally launching the wrong option - and I would have a tendency to agree. Also, there were a couple of occasions where the handset locked on the screen saver and wouldn't respond to incoming calls (the external experience was the phone was ringing and then went to answer machine). Even with the new voice message, the handset didn't respond. The only solution was to pull the battery out and replace it. I contacted support and their recommendation was to rollback the firmware to factory settings. This is not ideal as the new firmware would include fixes applied after the product launch.
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on 16 February 2017
Had a lot of 'phones in the last fifteen years since my old Panasonic died and all including Panasonic, Doro and Gigaset have been lacking , that is to now. This 'phone is easy to set up and touch screen works well unless fingers greasy, don't need a second phone as take this one up at night and it doubles as an alarm clock which is easy to turn off without specs on in the morning. Battery amazing, sound both ways crystal clear as is the writing on the screen, black type face on white, not the usual dim orange with digital type face. Yes it's a lot of cash but worth every penny and reassuringly heavy with real chromed metal making up forty percent of the base and handset and the big bonus is it says it's made in Germany on the back, not China.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 April 2015
Bought this to replace an Alessi phone that died. In short, the reviews already on here that summarise that it's "a nice looking home phone with a 'smartphone-styled' but ultimately 'clunky' interface" are pretty accurate as that's exactly what it is. It looks 'current modern' but performs like it's at least five years out of date... not helped by the fact that the touch screen isn't the most responsive and the results can look sluggish.

Positives however, are that it's feels very solid and is fairly durable as our kids drop it regularly (albeit the white paint chips off revealing the standard 'chrome' model it's based on), it has a pretty good range (in our three storey house at least), has a very clear sounding earpiece, a reasonably loud ringtone (if you go for something 'ringy' rather than 'tooney'), the display is clear (although a bit 'low res' by today's standards), its 'answering machine' functions as well as you'd expect and the handset lasts a decent amount of time off charge on standby.

Is it worth it? No, not really... unless a 'gloss white finished touch display home phone that looks like a smartphone' is important to you. Otherwise, there are better value home phones.
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on 20 March 2018
It must be the best home phone available. In appearance and touch screen functions it’s much like a mobile. A doddle to set up and unlike some reviewers mine has a very responsive touch screen. Great for adding to and using the phone book and other functions.
It has a calendar and alarms, baby monitoring and SMS capabilities - all via the touch screen.
It seems expensive but for me worth more for ease of use, battery life, touch screen. Seems very solidly built and sits firmly in the charging cradle.
I won’t go on any more, but I just love this phone.
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on 15 December 2017
I bought it a week a go , it’s a really good phone,but the big problem is the phone goes off by itself and you have to pull out the battery and put it back and I didn’t like it so I had to return it back , I hope the company collects all this models and send it back to company and fixing this problem .I think amazon need to send them back to seller for fixing the issue.atherewis everything was perfect.
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on 3 April 2014
I chose this SL910A instead of the newer SL930A mainly because it has a simpler interface. The newer phone has an Android ice-cream operating system, and as I also have a mobile, I don't need my office phone to do be able to do all the fancy stuff my mobile can.

Also the newer SL930A is at least £180!

I have replaced my existing office phones with this. It is smaller, neater and much easier to use than all my old desk phones. It has a decent range, at least as far as advertised: 50m in a building.

Overall I love it, so easy to use as a telephone!
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on 11 September 2016
Have always used the Gigaset phones for years and year now as I have always thought they were really stylish DECT phones for the home. This latest one tries to be like a smartphone but sadly, for the first time, Siemens have sacrificed function for form... The touchscreen is really poor quality, often very unresponsive, and this really affects usability. Also I find my cheekbone when lifting the handset to my face often causes buttons to be pressed - apparently the screen is supposed to know when you lift it to your head and stop this - it doesn't work though. As I said, phone looks lovely and features are very good and complete, but the touchscreen really lets this product down.
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on 15 February 2013
Bought this to replace the BT cordless phone that had given up the ghost.
Read some of the reviews and they seemed favourable to buying the product.
Will say that it is a good quality and solidly constructed.
However this phone has started to turn itself off when trying to make a call. I am unable to access the menu of the phone and it seems to have a mind of its own.
I will be contacting Amazon shortly to see what can be done to rectify this problem.
I hope from reading previous reviews that I don't have to contact Seimens as their Customer Service Dept. are a dead loss.
I am a bit of a gadget man and was hoping that this was going to be reliable phone as it is German made. But I'm very disappointed that having it only a short time it has gone wrong. Unsure if they decide to replace it that I would want another one. I would be wary that it would break down again. After all its not a cheap phone.
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on 27 March 2017
Good size and works more like a mobile phone, but seems to need a lot of charging.
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on 28 February 2013
I bought an SL910A and a pair of SL910H extra handsets. First impressions are of a very well built piece of kit - it feels reassuringly solid, well engineered and robust and appears to be of very good quality. Setup was very easy and I was up and running in a few minutes. Sound quality appears to be good in calls, but the recorded message on the answer machine, when I listen to it from another phone, is not so hot - sounds a bit muffled and indistinct. I find that the responsiveness of the touch screen is perfectly adequate. The phone also looks very good.

Some minor niggles.
1) When you're making a call and you need to use one those blessed option menus, you need to press an icon on the screen to get back to the numeric keypad - would be nice if the keypad were there by default. That said, once that's done I find the responsiveness of the keypad to be quite good enough.
2) I uploaded my contacts by Bluetooth from my Android mobile. I tried to upload them all in one go, but the 910 didn't interpret the vCard file correctly and most of the contacts were missing - I had to upload the vCards one at a time. It may well have worked from my iMac, I don't know.
3) Wouldn't it be nice if contacts were automatically propagated to all handsets registered to the same base station? You actually have to do it manually, although in this case I was able to do them all in one go.
4) Can't help feeling that an opportunity has been missed to provide more Internet functonality on this phone - email, web browsing etc.

All that said, I'm very pleased with my purchase and would certainly recommend this phone.
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