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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 5 December 2011
After looking at all the reviews, I bought this item. I am so glad I did, wish I had bought it sooner.I had looked at all the others on the market, but decided this was for me.
I have only used the blue roller at moment which is the roughest of the two, as I did have some hard skin on my feet. I have only had the item for 3 days and have used it 3 times, feet felt much softer from the 1st time of using it. It really works.Some of the reviews say the roller stops while using it. I found it only does that if you press on too much, you just have to hold it lightly and it does the job fine.After use you can use a small brush to clean the roller ie: (old tooth brush) or take it off and run it under the tap and dry it well. You can buy either colour of roller replacements from Amazon, which I have found the cheapest. I highly recommend this product.
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on 10 October 2014
It's fantastic. I've had it a week, used it three times to get off the dead skin (there was quite a lot to deal with...). It's easy to use - just move it slowly and lightly over your heels, the sides of your feet, toes, wherever, and watch the dead skin fall away like sawdust. (Euch!!!)

It works a lot better than a pumice stone or a manual file, and is a lot easier and quicker than either of them to use. Also, because it's there in the bathroom cabinet I can use it whenever I want to. No more phoning to make appointments with the chiropodist.

You use it on clean, dry feet. If you've not dried your feet properly, or if you stray onto soft skin, the device does a little sort of hiccup so you don't hurt yourself.

It's easy enough to clean - use the brush that comes with it, or a soft toothbrush. I've not yet washed the roller, although a lot of people say that's easy enough to do.

Buy powerful rechargeable batteries. Like I said, I've done my feet three times and the batteries are still good. As is the roller, that feels like it'll last for ages. When I bought the device, there was a note on the instructions to claim a free roller by logging on to their website. At £13.00 for two, you can bet I did...

My feet were horrid, I'm of a certain age and spend a great time of my working day on my feet. Then I go for long walks on my days off. Now, they're not quite like a baby's, but I don't rip my tights on my hard heels every time I take them off...Wish I'd bought one years ago... Superb and highly recommended.
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on 10 August 2012
This is the first review I have ever written on Amazon. And I have bought a lot of stuff! That's how inspired I am ;-)

I think when you read a review, you are thinking, does this apply to me?

So, here you go. My experience with the product will come, but first a bit of background so you can relate or otherwise.

I have BIG feet. Well, actually tiny feet. Size four(UK)/37(EUR). But really wide. Like flippers.

I have two kids, 9 and 12, boys, and I trek around after them and have done for 10 years since they were 'off'.

The only time I get to think about my feet is in bed. I look at the ugly things sticking out from the duvet. There they are, covered in hard skin, with raggy nails from beach patrol, walking-boot confinement, work-shoe horror, barefoot gardening/rescuing/telling off in the road outside (in a good way :-)), etc., etc.

And then I'd get to the pitch of thinking, "I need a pedicure."

So I'd trot along to a salon, shell out £X for a 17 year old to rub cream into my feet and paint my nails. Pleasant, but...

Having paid for my pedicure, I think, "I can do better." So armed with a pumice stone, a cheese-grater-style hard-skin remover, and (yes really) a bladed corn remover thing, cos things are looking that bad, I go for it in the bathroom and end up crying. And covered in plasters.

With that experience in the back of my mind I look at them poking out at the end of the bed and think, "Right. I need a chiropodist." I wiggle my piggies at this foot professional and say, "I have hideous hard skin. Take it away. I promise to look after them once you're done."

They are not going to help. All they do is look at you, clock that you are not an old lady and say, "You do realise we don't do nail polish?" I just want to say, "JUST CUT OFF THE HARD SKIN STUFF." But since they look at the most hideous feet, day in day out, anyone under 40 in their eyes has the feet of an angel. You'll get your feet washed, rubbed a bit and your funky nail polish will be removed so they can ID non-existent fungal infection.

Yet, after years of this going on, in cycles of hope and despair, after 10 mins with this product, I have reduced the size of my big toe by about 1/5. My heal is not looking like some stratified rock formation. My heart is soaring.

I read a review on here that said that it hadn't 'touched' their hard skin. I think this is because they just followed the vid. While I admire that the company chose a model who had less than dainty feet, she had obviously been paid to not care for her feet for a few days. So while her feet where real looking, the reality of her experience is not thus. Well, it's not my reality.

If you have feet like mine, mangled by years of neglect and lack of anyone out there to understand what you want when it comes to 'treatments' for your feet, get this product. Buy a few refills of the blue ones. Then go for it. You need refills if you are starting from scratch. I reckon once you have it all under control, it's true what they say that the roller things will last for months ... rather than minutes.

I've taken a pic of my 'done' big toe and 'not-done' big toe to show my equally foot-beauty challenged friends. I am amazed. I am happy. And all for the price of a couple of pedicures (even if you count in the refill purchases.) And you get to have your feet back.

PS. I can actually bend my big toe properly again with no hard skin in the way. How cool is that?

PPS If you don't have kids, don't have ugly feet and think having feet that do work is a bit weird, then maybe this product will disappoint... and can I have your life please? :-)
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on 1 December 2011
I have been waiting for this for years, it does what it says on the box, effortlessly. Buy rechargable batteries as you wont stop using it !
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on 9 March 2016
I have had this item for a while now. So I thought I would leave a review. I didn't purchase off Amazon, actually bought it in Argos at the time. But sharing is caring!

My initial thoughts were that this item was going to be fantastic. A quick run of it and hey presto, goodbye hard skin.

Depending on your foot condition will depend on the results. First time use you will see a difference, they skin will feel smoother, but as I said before depending on the condition will depend on how many more times you will have to do it to get the perfect results.

The device itself is well made. Sturdy and sits comfortably in your hand. It isn't a heavy item either. Inserting a removing the heads is simply done by pushing a button. The button itself is smooth to operate.

The on off button of the device needs slightly pressed in and then pushed up to turn on. This again is simple enough to do.

In relation to the heads themselves, I feel they don't last too long. So be prepared to pay for more replacements after a handful of uses. (personal experience, may be different depending on foot condition) The roller seems to cling onto the skin dust easily. So have a towel handy below your foot when using it as the dust will also cling to the back of the unit head which can often fall off onto the floor.

When using the item you shouldn't press it too much against the skin or it will cause it to stop the roller. Light movements against the skin are recommended.

Overall I think it is good. I am glad there are 3rd party replacement heads available as I wouldn't want to be spending the official amount every time as that would be quite costly.

The batteries seem to last a while also. So you won't have to worry about changing them frequently either.

There are a quite few of these about, different brands, different styles, mens version available also. I haven't had experience with any other brands. So it may be worth comparing all first before buying.

But this one I would recommend.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 7 August 2015
Emjoi Micro Pedi

It has been nearly two years since I purchased this Micro Pedi, and even though I didn't get it from Amazon it's really due to my success with this product that I felt I wanted to give a review of it.

* If you haven't heard of the Micro Pedi before this is a battery operated hard skin remover (2 AA Batteries)
* It has different strengths of the rollers which are what actually work to remove your hard skin.

Roller Types: You can select from coarse, extra course, normal for the level you require.

You simply push the on button and apply the roller with light/medium pressure over the areas of concern. Not too long in each area as you can make your feet sore.

* My method is due to having hard skin on my feet all the time.
* Is to soak my feet in a warm bowl of water with some bubble bath added and let my feet soak for about 20 mins, then pat dry. this just helps
to soften the skin and make the task a lot easier, as your skin will be soft, which means the hard skin/roughness will be removed easier.
* And also it's like I am having a 20mins relaxation time which is lovely and soothing.

* I start with the extra coarse and then once the harder areas have gone, I change the roller as move onto the coarse. ) I do the heel, the bridge and my big toes with this.)
* Once you have used it a few times you will just know when to move into the next area.

* The only thing you must remember to do during use, is every now and then is to switch if off and just tap the head of the roller into a towel to remove the fine bits of hard skin and also the little white brush that comes in you're box, use this to brush the roller, as this will increase the amount of times the rollers can be used. As your hard skin you remove stays on the roller.

* Not time consuming at all and you will just know after a few uses, when to tap the head and when to brush the roller and inside the
little vents on the back of the micro pedi.

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this Emjoi Micro Pedi to anyone, really simple to use and is still going strong two years later.
it actually came with a 2 year guarantee in the box, so mine has just about a month ago ran out. And also 2 rollers to get you started.
Give me a shout if you need help with how to use etc..
review image review image review image review image
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on 20 January 2012
I have always used the ped egg (the egg shaped foot buffer thing!) but it always takes ages to get the perfect result. When I saw and advert for this, I decided to give it a go. I am thrilled with the results. It takes a quarter of the time as doing it with a non-battery operated foot buffer and the results are brilliant, smooth feet in no time. It really did get rid of some hard skin (built up from all that summer sandal wearing!), much more efficiently than I expected. Such a good product, saves so much time and effort and gets better results.

There are lots of positive reviews so I am only doing a short one - just to add that this product comes with the blue roller (as shown in the picture) which is the extra coarse one but you also get a free pink one that is just coarse. Both work brilliantly and have lasted quite a while with me so there's no need to buy extra ones for a while. Also, it DOESN'T come with the required batteries (2 x AA) so just make sure you have them so you can use it straight away! Also I wouldn't recommend using a well-used battery (from the remote!) as it works so much more powerfully with fresh ones.

One final thing, you'll find you won't need to replace the rollers as often if you clean them often - just in water. I've found they look ready for replacement but they just needed a quick clean! (Like another reviewer suggested which helped me - use an old toothbrush, works brilliantly!)

Chuffed to bits with the results and as you can see from the reviews, it's a general consensus so treat your feet today! Cheap price on and great service as always.
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on 22 December 2011
this does exactly what it says, my heels are a lot better since i have used it, its a gr8 product
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on 1 September 2014
In the three years I have been using Amazon, I have only written two product reviews. This is my third, which is an indication of how highly I rate this product. Over the last couple of years, I have had a lot of hard dry skin on the soles of my feet, especially hard ridges around the heels.I have used umpteen different foot files, moisturising creams, pumice stones and Ped Eggs. I saw this product and thought it wouod be worth a bash as it seemed to have a lot of great reviews. I am so happy that I did. I have had this Pedi Portable for just under a week and the difference it has made is unbelievable. It has done more in a few days than all the rest of the products and devices put together have done in two years. It is so easy to use and doesn't involve the physical rubbing back and forth that files, Ped Eggs etc involve.It is just a case of popping in the batteries and pressing a button and you are good to go. The micro rollers revolve at 30 times per second and you will be amazed at just how much hard skin comes off your feet. I have been using mine for a few days and the difference is incredible. My ridges of hard skin on my ankles have practically gone and the skin on my big toe and the balls of my feet has cleared up nicely. This product along with a good foot moisturising cream, will do wonders and at such a great price, you cannot go wrong.
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on 30 April 2012
Saw advert on TV for this Micro-pedi and found Amazon the cheapest place to buy. Arrived in a couple of days. I have suffered from cracked heels for many years, sometimes in so much pain that I couldn't walk. Have spent a fortune on files, scrappers, creams, lotions etc over the years without much help. Hate to think of how much I also spent on chiropodist appointments. Therefore I was expecting great things from this device after reading all the great reviews. Really easy to use, within minutes my heels were looking and feeling much smoother. I have used the device everyday and after a week, my heels look and feel visibly smoother. After each 'sanding' session, I rub some foot lotion in also. Really recommend this for people who have real problem feet. What is so great that it takes no effort. You can watch the TV while you are 'sanding' your feet.

My only gripes are:

I wish it was mains operated. Have gone through a couple of sets of batteries already.

For those of us who have real hard skinned soled feet, an extra-course roller would have been great. Comes with a course and fine roller in the pack.

Also it sands so much dead/dried skin you have to keep blowing out the dust from the roller! At least you can see that it works.

So, go on give it a try - you won't be disappointed.
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