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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 12 November 2011
I thought the Scorpions were retiring! it was a sad day for me when I heard that announcement, but if they had to have a last ever album they should have left it at the appropriately titled and brilliant 'Sting in the tail' which would have left me a fantastic memory of one of my favorite bands.

What are they telling us with the title Comeblack? have they decided not to retire?

If you are a fan of the Scopions, like me, then you have to add this album to your collection, but dont expect too much, its not bad, it is a bit of a surprise that they have re released some of their earlier stuff, yes it is totally re recorded but how do you improve on already class material? and I always find it a bit dissapointing when a great band like the Scorpions cover someone elses material.

If there is going to be a 'last' album I hope they now release a real good live album of their farewell tour and really leave lasting memories, better still, I hope they dont retire, I wonder if some of todays young musicians will still be pulling in the audiences and belting out fantastic music when they are in their 60's, dont think so!
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on 20 October 2012
The Scorpions were one of my first rock bands. At 13, it was their 'Unbreakable' album that I first bought and devoured, then two different 'greatest hits' collections, following by 'Humanity Hour 1', and the majority of their back catalogue. As I moved onto other forms of music (mostly rock and metal, mind you) in the interceding years, I found myself returning once in a while to the Scorpions - the riffs would hit me hard, like they first did when I first heard them. 'Alien Nation', 'Rock You Like a Hurricane', 'No-one Like You', 'Tease Me, Please Me, and 'The Zoo' are still as fresh as I can only imagine how they sounded when they were first released, with only the production grounding these classics in the decades that they were released in.

This is what I speculate was partially the thought process of the Scorpions when they came up with the idea to do 'Comeblack' (The less said about that album name, the better - although it comes from a long tradition of dodgy sounding album names such as 'Virgin Killers' and 'Love at First Sting'). An album of covers and updated versions of their hits sounds like a strange concept, and in many ways, it is. The original recordings of their originals were already great, and surely could be remastered in a 'Queen/Greatest Hits [2011]' way. You can't really hear the same amount of 'drive' in the band as well: they definitely sound 'hungrier' in the original recordings, as would be expected. It is easy to forget while listening to 'Comeblack' that the band are all 50 and over, with Klaus Meine pushing 65, standard retirement age in many countries! Meine's voice is ridiculously fresh sounding for a 65 year old. Not only can he still hit the notes, he still has virtually the same amount of breath control and tone! I found myself questioning how this was even possible while listening to the album. This is especially shown in the ballads 'Wind of Change' and 'Still Loving You' showcase Meine's incredible voice.

Despite any misgivings fans or casual listeners might have about this album, I would still recommend it for one simple reason. 'Comeblack' is the sound of a retiring band having a great time while playing their greatest hits from a career of over 40 years. The production is great: Jabs and Schenker sound just as a two guitar-onslaught should, and the thundering drums of James Kottak are mixed and compressed perfectly. Paweł Mąciwoda's bass is mixed louder and is substantial throughout, adding huge weight to songs like 'The Zoo', 'Tainted Love' and 'Children of the Revolution'. Eventually, this final offering from The Scorpions is as fun and rocking as it gets: Cinderella's Tom Kiefer once stated that 'as long as I got rock n' roll, I'm forever young'. While this prophetic statement may not have applied to him, it most certainly does in case of the Scorpions. Turn the volume up, and relive the power of their hits on a modern soundscape!

Edit (20th of October, 2013): Tom Kiefer recently released a solo album which is very good, called 'The Way Life Goes'. It's definitely worth checking out.
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on 14 January 2013
Well done, Scorps! Got a little bit of everything here all wrapped up in a neat little package : old songs recorded so they are new again - especially the "Frenglish" rendition of STILL LOVING YOU (JE T'AIME ENCORE), featuring Amandine Bourgeois on lead vocals with Klaus - and some rock & roll classics covered as only the Scorps can do it.

Just to note, I used to hate Soft Cell's TAINTED LOVE, that is, until I heard it Scorps style! Now I have grown to like it - including the Soft Cell version!

My ONLY *complaint* would be that this should have been a double-album, with one full disc of Scorpions classic remakes, and the other disc full of all cover songs.
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on 13 November 2011
An album of covers as a retirement gift? Why not. Although re-recording tracks that they still play Live is a bit of a non sense (would have been interesting to go dig old stuff from the early albums), but this said the versions are quite good!
As for the other covers, they are okay, nothing special either and except for Tainted Love and Children of the revolution, the choices are pretty obvious (Beatles, Stones, Kinks, small faces). As a bonus (on certain editions) you have a french version of still loving you in duet with singer Amandine Bourgeois (whoever that is!).
I guess it's x-mas time soon, and this is better than another Best-of!
Overall a decent release. 3.5 stars.
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on 6 February 2013
Highly delighted with this purchase. Have meant to buy a cd by these guys for a long time and am pleased that I now have one. Must be the best I have heard for a very long time.
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on 23 January 2013
A simply epic album by Scorpions, featuring great covers and epic re-recordings of original songs.Any fans of Scorpions and of proper Rock music will love this album!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 May 2013
Unlike some of the previous reviewers on Amazon, I do actually like the re-recordings of some of the Scorpions' songs on the band's 2011 'Comeblack' album, in particular: 'Rhythm Of Love' and 'No One Like You'. Although the originals are far superior (I didn't think that the new 'Wind Of Change' added anything new to the original), this record updates the songs as to how the Scorpions play them in their concerts today.

However, the highlights of the CD, for me at least, are the new cover versions, their take on 'Tainted Love' and 'Children Of The Revolution' are the best I've ever heard. I also really like their heartfelt rendition of 'Across The Universe', a song that's always been a favourite of mine and was happy to see that the Scorpions have covered it, and done a good job. 'Ruby Tuesday' has been covered to death in the past, but their version is exceptionally good.

'Comeblack' isn't what I'd call an essential Scorpions album, but it's great fun nevertheless. A good mix of their own classic hits and covers of some of the most well known songs, all performed for the present day.

Well worth purchasing!
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on 12 August 2012
Long long time ago there were too wonderful giys who became legends throughout the world in their field bit at the end of their long career after making over one hundred very funny movies they came back once too often and made a dreadful movie called Atol k. Their names were laurel and hardy. wot am I trying to say? Well wot those two were to comedy the scorps were to hard rock and this is solid proof that the end is nigh. This my friends and fellow fanatics will go down in history as the scorps atoll k. Avoid like a plague. Nuff said
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on 24 April 2014
what a mix of different types of music some from their back catalogue and favourites ,must admit tainted love sounds great
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on 16 January 2012
I've been a huge Scorps fan from the very early days. So it hurts me to give such a low score, but after their "retirement" CD and tour, this seems to be just some cash-in operation. Cover of a Soft Cell song ... what's next?? really time to stop and leave on a good impression (which was for me already "tainted" - no pun - by their less than outstanding "sting in the tail"). I am again going to get some "nasty" remarks in the comments, but it's my opinion, sorry guys: I am not swallowing "anything" from them, even if they were one of the defining bands in rock.
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