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on 30 September 2016
Ordered from Amazon, via a third party seller: obviously not delivered as quickly as with Prime, but still within a couple of days which is more than acceptable.

Great quality batteries: the old saying of 'buy cheap and buy twice' id very true for batteries! There's a reason why you can get a dozen 'no-brand' for the same price as just 2 Duracells - the Duracells will probably out last all 12 of the 'no brand' batteries too!

If you want good quality, long-lasting batteries, make sure you buy a well-known brand, such as Duracell.
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on 22 September 2017
I've bought these loads of times. Always been happy: long lasting, good value. But this time... the blister pack will give you blisters, just trying to liberate the batteries. Not just plastic onto cardboard, oh no. Fully encased in tough plastic, ruining two pairs of scissors trying to open. Not to mention the warning stickers. They might not have bothered... The likelihood of getting anywhere near them is slim, so a warning sticker is really optomistic. I'm reasonably confident, I could have gotten them out quicker if they put them in a sealed metal container. I could have used a tin opener, or some arc welding gear perhaps. No wonder you don't see the Duracell bunnies anymore...They're all busy trying to raise an army of freedom fighters so they can smash their way into the packet, all the while being teased by the little warning stickers.. the chance would be a fine thing.
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on 11 March 2018
2025 size Duracell lithium coin cells, two in a blister pack, each extremely well protected by its own protective peel-off label and hermetic enclosure within two layers of plastic welded to each other and the backing card. The packet I received from Nanaki arrived almost next day and contained genuine Duracells with a use-by date of 2026, ie eight years of shelf life. So far, so good...

These replace the Panasonic originals that usually last for about eighteen months of daily use in the car key fob. I'll report back to compare how long a Duracell lasts in service when the cell needs to be replaced again, hopefully longer.

However, be warned, ordinary strong adult fingers are inadequate for safely opening the packaging; good strong sharp scissors are essential to be able to gain access to either cell, just be careful not to short it out with the blades - the results could be spectacularly unsafe.
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VINE VOICEon 13 February 2017
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have tried cheaper batteries, cheap Chinese knockoffs, soon learned that they will do not store very well at all. It is worth paying a few pennies extra to get genuine Duracell batteries, trust me!

These Duracell batteries have a shelf life of at least 5 years, I have some even older that still work very well. I also know that once installed, they would keep on working for many years to come.

I was very lucky that these came up for review just when I needed a pair for my precision electronic micrometer. This is not used very often but I know that the Duracell cells were last for about 10 years! The pair I took out were over that I am sure.
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on 15 December 2016
One of the batteries was slightly corroded so I threw that but I put the other in my doorbell and it only lasted about 3 weeks.
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on 24 April 2018
My favourite battery brand delivers again, this time with batteries for many house appliances.
Batteries come packed very well, handling shipping with no issues. They last long enough to buy twice more than I need & store them with no worries they will loose capacity.
Manufacturing quality leaves no doubt: there's no risk of leak or any case damage during use. Everything is made with pinpoint accuracy, meaning no hassle with inserting in the device, no matter if it's a kitchen scale, weather station's receiver or PC motherboard.

Summary: Duracell reminds he's the top battery league, delivering batteries to last years and provide energy to any device you need. Top notch quality, every time.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 7 May 2018
Great buy. I needed these for my Casio watch. They are difficult to get out of the packaging but that is because they are child resistant packets. These 'coin' batteries are highly dangerous if swallowed so in all fairness to Duracell, they made it very hard indeed for a child to get into these and swallow one. Once you rip them out of the cardboard sleeve, there is plastic covering both sides of the battery. Once you get this off, there is a sticker covering one side. Genius really. Makes it a challenge but for a good reason!

Anyway, I broke my watch while trying to change the battery so I now have another watch which takes different batteries so I'll have to buy those now FML :(
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on 25 November 2017
The product arrived in two single battery blister packs rather than the double pack as the photo shows but that is no problem for me. They are dated as best before 2026 (I may need to use them before then). Short of opening the blister packs and testing the batteries I have no idea if they are fully charged, genuine or fake, or how long they will last in use but they look pretty genuine on the outside. Not a lot more I can say as I won't need to use them just yet.
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on 20 March 2017
Lasted less then a week. Guess the old adage of if it's good to be true, I was seduced by the cheap price, in the end I went to boots and bought another battery for 3 times the price charged here. Literally a case of buyer beware.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 1 February 2018
When I searched Amazon for “lithium 3V CR2025” I got 20 pages of results, but I quickly chose Duracell for the brand name. I have heard too many horror stories of dodgy cheap batteries to go purely on price. The batteries arrived within the promised time and of the four batteries delivered, the one I have used worked OK. Be careful if you have to pay post and packing charges as this can add significantly to the cost of a single purchase. I was surprised, and reassured, by the large sticker on the back of the package saying “Caution! Lithium Metal Battery. Do not load or transport package if damaged”
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