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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 1 March 2012

When Amber(Tulisa Contostavlos) apparently takes her own life, her friends aren't exactly suprised. They have all decided to end their lives as they feel the world has nothing to offer them, and they all have inner turmoils that blight their lives.
However, the deaths continue and it soon becomes apparent that someone has decided to assist them in their suicides. Can the police duo of Bates(Asley Walters) and Mason(Reggie Yates) find the murderer before he strikes again...
I really wanted to like this film. It's got a pretty cool premise, a young, talented cast and a great soundtrack. However, after a very promising opening half, it disintergrates into a series of bland, repetive kills and culminates in a baffling, nonsensical ending.
The characters of the students suffer as their potentially interesting background stories are related through a couple of soundbites and the occasional quip. Archie(Robert Sheehan) and Jasmine(Jennie Jacques) probably come out of it best, as their characters are at least given some depth. The comedy psycho Kenny grated as well, as he seemed to belong in another film. I would also question why most of the 'Suicide Club' suddenly decide halfway through the film that they love life after all and decide to renague on their pact. Surely inner demons are more difficult to overcome than that.
There are some compensations. Sheehan delivers a pretty good performance, the cinematography is excellent and although the ideas the film brings forward don't gel, at least it's trying to take the tired slasher genre to new places. I must metion the soundtrack again, as it's great with the highlight being a barnstorming theme tune by Dionne Bromfield.
Some Demons may never die, but they can disappoint. In the end, 'Demons Never Die' feels more like a 'why on Earth did they do it?' rather than a 'Whodunnit'. 3 out of 5, plenty of extras on the disc.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 31 March 2012
A group of `virtual' friends, have one of their friends commit suicide, she is depressed after having an abortion. This was Amber played by `singer' Tulisa Contostavalos - only on screen a couple of minutes though. The others link up in a web cam chat and quite quickly come to the conclusion that they should all commit suicide as life is a load of cack and ergo not worth living. The not so charismatic Kenny (played by Jason Maza, who I really like, but seriously we can see your bald spot so playing a teenager was one your agent should have turned down) says it all has to be at the same time. This is a date of a party they are all to attend. In order to gain world wide notoriety, he enlists the aid of a hapless journo wannabe to film, mostly him, in the run up to the big show.

Enter two of London's seemingly most inept cops, who warn of copy cat suicides and that they are there for them. Despite a healthy mistrust of `the feds' they still get invited to the party- yeah right.

Then we get to find out why they are all so keen on meeting God early, one has mother murder issues, one is fat, one bulimic, one father issues, one an hereditary mental mum and one is not only black but also! So death it is then, but plucky Archie (Robert Sheehan of `Killing Bono' fame where he sadly, failed to live up to the promise in the title) has a soft spot for head case potential candidate Jasmine (Jennie Jacques). As the big day gets closer they all start to find reasons to live, but just as they change their minds, someone has already decided to give them a hand.

So is it any good? Well I actually really liked it as a casual entertainer, I did not find it very `horrific', except some of the musical score put my teeth on edge, all urban stuff that I am sure the homies would like, but not scary. We are left to keep guessing what the motive of the killer is let alone who they might be. There is also a singular lack of anyone being able to turn on a light switch the moment it gets even slightly dark, which is always a bit tedious, horror can be well lit you know.

The acting is all well above board, the locations aint bad and the music is ok (begrudgingly) but the script is a bit questionable, but if you want a Brit London teen horroresque then this is quite good to while away an hour and a half, but you will definitely not want to see again. The ending may not be to everyones liking, but all films have to end somewhere, even if it is Badscriptsville,despite that this is nearly 4 stars for effort alone. Butif this floats your boat then check out `Tormented' Tormented [DVD]which also has a couple of gags, I mean laughs.
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on 4 March 2016
Hopeless youth-oriented horror. I'm far from the target age group but if I were in my teens I'd feel thoroughly patronised and insulted by this film. The horror scenes are random, pointless and badly done.
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Amber Johnson (Tulisa Contostavlos) kills herself because she is pregnant. This inspires some of her classmates to form a suicide pact. Kenny (Jason Maza) is the lead in the group. He just doesn't want to die by taking pills, but wants a glorious death people will remember. He brings on a photographer to record the events. Meanwhile Arch (Robert Sheehan) falls in love with Jasmine (Jennie Jacques) and they become lovers. Both of these individuals have major issues. They are a few more in the gang, but they are minor players.

After a week goes by, the suicide club decides to disband as they have gotten over their teen problems and opt to live instead to the dismay of Kenny. The movie turns into a slasher who-dun-it, with everyone in the story carrying a knife.

I love Jennie Jacques. She was become the new "it" girl for me. I love any movie she is in. I enjoyed the film, but my main problem is that if you are going to have a who-dun-it, you really need to drop a clue from time to time about who the real killer is, as well as the head fake. This movie failed in one area. It also only developed two characters, Arch and Jasmine, which they did well, but I would have liked to of gotten to known some of the other characters with subsequent clues and head fakes. I guess you can only do so much in 90 minutes, which means they needed to cut characters (pun intended).

F-bombs, c-word, sex, near nudity- Jennie you tease.
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on 1 February 2014
When a young girl takes her own life, Archie and the other Suicide Kids decide to follow her lead and form a pact.

But as the group begin to die one by one, Archie realises that they have all become the target of a masked killer and that his commitment to death has become a terrifying fight for survival A battle to protect the girl he loves, and himself begins...

First off, if you really lower your expectations before seeing this, it's not as bad as what many have said. Yes it's silly, and the ending and reveal of the killer make no sense at all, but there is something about the two leads that makes it very watchable.

There is no real reason to have Tulisa in it's opening scene other to put bums on seats, as X-factor was well under way when this was released. Her role is just a rip off from Casey Becker in Scream, which was a huge mistake.

Once we meet the central characters, the film picks up. They all have their own problems, but once a couple get killed off, they soon decide that they would rather live.

There is a little sub plot regarding one of the group being famous and killing the rest of the group, but the character is really annoying and it just detracts from the rest of the film. And at times, you feel that the writers don't really bother about the rest of the cast and just focus on the two leads.

Other minor criticisms are little ones like the extras at the party are terrible, Reggie Yates does not convince, and the soundtrack is just basically popular music of the year that has no connotation with the film or plot.

Other than that, it's completely watchable stuff, referencing urban legend and Scream. and except for the silly last reveal, its not bad at a all.

And the cover is very deceptive....
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on 30 April 2012
I don't understand the good reviews for this movie at all. It's slick and well-acted but the script is ridiculous. A group of college students create a suicide pact online but one by one someone kills them first. Demons Never Die works reasonably well in some of its dramatic scenes but runs into fatal problems whenever it switches to thriller mode. It doesn't help that this movie features two of the seemingly stupidest police officers on the face of the earth. They find people stabbed repeatedly in the chest and abdomen and immediately assume suicide even though that would seem to be a pretty unusual way to kill yourself. Then when one of the intended victims survives they write it off as her imagination (her mum is mentally ill) even though her experience would shed a different light on the two previous so-called suicides. Things only get dumber as the movie progresses and the twist when the identity of the killer is finally revealed is almost mind boggling in its complete idiocy. Demons Never Die reminded me a lot of bad Scream wannabes from the 90's like Valentine and Urban Legend. I would ignore the good reviews and rent this thing first if you really want to see it.
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on 24 October 2013
a very good movie about teenagers and their many problems they endore. a group of teenagers have a suicide pact .but now they want to live . but a killer has other ideas. ending wasnt as good as rest of the movie .but rest was very good.

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on 8 May 2013
This was a pleasant surprise,it kind of looks cheap via the cover,but it works very well.
The story goes that this teenage girl has killed herself (seemingly) and the police are a little concerned that copycat suicides will follow. Sure enough,a group of teens decide together to commit suicide together in a way that will get noticed by many,go out in style as it were.
These teens all have thier demons,their reasons for ending it all. However,one of them is killed by a masked killer and some of the others from the group start to wonder what's going on,then when they have second thoughts about this mass suicide plan,things get complicated.

I loved this idea of a killer that is killing those that planned on killing themselves,nice twist on an old formula. The acting is fine and there's some good soundtrack material to help out. Considering this could have looked cheap and nasty,it surprised me by how inventive it was. I have every intention of watching this interesting little killer thriller again one day.
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on 17 January 2014
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on 19 May 2014
The film itself is ok, not the best but I did manage to sit through it and be suprised at the ending.

Tulisa is only in it at the beginning so for all the Tulisa fans, dont bother.
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