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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Price:£171.86+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 12 January 2017
I have been a proud, albeit infrequent user of these for just under three years. They are heavy, solid Earphones that provide excellent base and good sound quality.
Unfortunately the right earphone case just split apart, the seal glue appears to have simply worn down and failed exposing the wiring inside which had been pulled out by the heavy casing splitting.
Now when you spend upwards of £150 I would expect these to last. Be warned if you are a more frequent user that this will probably happen sooner for you!
Shame because they really were quite nice
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on 3 June 2017
Excellent quality earbuds. Very underrated and should have a better following
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on 2 May 2013
Brought two of these and they both stopped working within a year. Sound is mediocre and there customer service is terrible.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have tried a multitude of headphones over the years everything from JVC, Sennheiser, Philips, WeSC to Grado and everything in-between. For my money, Grado make the very best over ear headphones I have ever bought and they also have exemplary after sales service. I received these buds via the Vine programme to review. I did not quite know what to expect, but after playing them all I can say is WOW!

The big problem in rating headphones, is that the sound they produce and how they sound is very subjective to review, as two people can listen to a piece of music but they can hear that piece of music differently. In light of this, I am going to try and be as objective about these headphones as I can.

They appear to be extremly well made. Everything from the box to the connecting wire appears to be top quality. The ear buds themselves are made of metal but they are still light in weight. They also look great and Atomic Floyd have obviously spent a great deal of time designing them.

They come in a sturdy box well made box and include an "exclusive" bag to hold them in, with an airline 2 pin convertor.

The cord has a remote control unit attached to it for use with an IPhone.

They are very comfortable to wear and I did not have any issues getting the right fit from the rubber ear pieces.

The sound they produce is as perfect as you could wish from a pair of ear buds. The reproduction is rich and superb, the bass is fantasic, the middle range is clear and defined and the treble is delightful. The only downside to these buds is their sound leakage, it is quite high and to get the true sound from these you need to pump up the volume, which everyone can hear.

I was not expecting out of this world sound from a pair of buds, yet found in this set something that could rival full on ear/around ear headphones. The major advantages to these headphones is in the fact that they seem to be superbly made and look & feel top quality and the sound is fantastic. To summarise, these headphones are very well made and produce a sound that is hard to beat at this price range.

Highly recommend.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 October 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Whether it's a case of taking time to allow your hearing to adjust to a new set of headphones or whether they need to be "run-in", I usually like to give headphones a period of time before I make my mind up on them. Not so these Atomic Floyd headphones which sound terrific straight out of the box. If they "wear-in" any better I'll be delighted, but I can't imagine how they could be much improved.

I'm sure it's got a lot to do with the construction and high quality design of the headphones. The cable is tangle-free and vibration-protected cloth covered up to the divider, with rubber up to the ear pieces. All connections are solid metal, as are the weighty actual ear pieces themselves. They are also designed to separate the sound through a division of the speaker to the part that plugs directly into the ear, with another part on the outer rim presumably designed to work with the outer shape of the ear to acoustically amplify the sound and create a better and more natural bass. I was a bit sceptical about how this can be achieved since your ear is 'plugged' by the in-ear part isolating it from the outside part of the speaker (and outside noise), but the proof is in the actual performance.

From experience, I tend to also be a bit wary of labels like HiDefDrum, which usually suggests some artificial boosting of the equalization, but there's nothing artificial about the sound here. Audio playback sounds as pure and clean as it can be, the bass sounding full and natural with no distortion or over-emphasis, drums indeed being pinpoint sharp. There is a remote to play/pause and control volume but this only works with iPod and iPhone devices, but I found that the pause button worked and was convenient when listening to music through a Blackberry. The other advantage of the remote is that it functions as an in-line microphone when attached to a phone, allowing you to break the music and take a call by pressing on the 'pause' button. This worked on a Blackberry and I imagine that it will work with any phone, not just an iPhone.

Small, medium and large ear plugs are included, there's an in-flight adaptor and an extension to plug these into a home hi-fi device - although the cable would be too short for anything but a portable device - and there's a handy carry case. The Atomic Floyd HiDefDrum headset is a little pricey for in-ear headphones, but you get what you pay for, and what you're paying for here is solid construction that will last (I don't know how many models of Sennheisers I've gone though over the past couple of years), and truly outstanding, pure, natural sound quality. Highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 24 September 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm going to set this review for Atomic Floyd HiDefDrum+Remote Headphones in two parts:

1. Comparing them to other headphones generally and;
2. Comparing them to the Atomic Floyd SuperDarts +Remote Headphones

1. These knock the socks off most other phones that I've owned. They give superb sound reproduction. They are certainly Hi-Definition phones, the sounds are so precise, but the bass is less pronounced than I expected. However, this can easily be changed by setting the bass level of your player to a slightly higher level.

2. I also have the Atomic Floyd SuperDarts, which are pricier than the HiDefDrum set, and I must say that it shows. Whilst the HiDefDrum phones are as described in the above paragraph and will be a great addition to anyone wanting a good sound, the SuperDarts are superior in that one can hear a superb sound without needing any changes to your player.

So, it boils down to one thing - price. If you can afford the SuperDarts I would recommend getting them, but DO NOT BE PUT OFF by that statement, these are a terrific buy. It's all down to personal preferrences. The HiDefDrum give superb , crisp, well defined high frequency reproduction, but they need a little help from your players settings for the bass.

If you are not fortunate enough to have the SuperDarts, you will not be disappointed with these phones

One other point. Some users of the SuperDarts found that they slipped out of the ears. I never found that happening to me, and these phones are the same, once in place, they stayed there.

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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Atomic Floyd HiDefDrum Stereo Headset with Remote is a fairly new product which is beautifully packaged in one of the strongest and most substantial means possible considering its contents weigh a relative few grams. The immediate impression is one of quality and the box flap uses a magnetic catch to close; unnecessary and superfluous but a nice touch, Opening the package requires slitting or removing three pieces of adhesive tape to remove the top enclosing layer beneath which are the 'phones in their own plastic nest. Below is another layer in which is the case and spare buds sealed within a pouch. A user guide printed on unnecessarily heavy paper is also enclosed. All the packaging is well printed, again not essential but a very nice touch and intended to impress a potential buyer.

The individual earpieces have a certain weight to them but they are are stable once in the ear. The L & R markings are rather tiny and on the inside just above the tiny vent holes which help even out the internal air pressure. The thin leads from the earpieces are quite long enough and the remote/microphone assembly is in-line with the left-side earpiece. The junction of the two leads is protected by a steel casing which closely matches the design of the casing for the 3.5mm jack. All metal parts have the same air of quality and good design.

The product labelling suggests that these are suitable for iPods, iPads and iPhones but they can be used just as easily with almost any other product that uses a 3.5mm jack. The only exclusions are those that use a lesser size or a proprietory fitting.

From the name, it suggests that these 'phones have enhanced bass capabilities and that is reaffirmed on the inside of the front flap which bears the phrase, "Gut-Grabbing Deep Bass" should you be in any doubt. On the inside of the side flap is another bold claim, "Built For Life" which suggests it has a longevity which many other products at this price level often fail to deliver for more than a few months of regular use. There are earphones (and also headphones) whose bass is so enhanced as to overwhelm almost everything else. These are not in that category and the bass is pronounced but not unduly excessive or overwhelming and does not provide that one-note impression on the user that some bass-enhanced 'phones seem to produce. Its mid-range is quite solidly in evidence and the treble is balanced and subtle. Overall the listening experience over a few initial minutes was very impressive and continued through several tracks of jazz and a variety of traditional music with mixed instrumentals including piano, double-bass, electric and acoustic guitars, drums and a variety of saxophones and brass instruments including some with vocals. All sounded natural. Moving to several pop tracks, the same impression was maintained. These certainly impress and provided a similar quality of audio as a set of slightly more expensive Sennheisser over-ear headphones. I had previously tried a pair of Bose in-ear 'phones and found them extremely lacking in level and presence and with a muddy bass despite all the claims to excellence. I have also tried other in-ear models that retailed at around £80-100 and found them less good than this.

There are other models in the range which are more modestly priced and featured at the one end of the scale and rather more expensive and decidely more high-end models at the other. They all share the same general appearance with a steel body and the red leads, and a similar design approach although each is slightly different in some way from any other although some are more in-line than these which are angled between the main body and the bud.

From a design viewpoint, these are a little different than most other brands, showing fine attention to detail. The main casing is bright stainless steel especially treated to harden the metal. The leads are bright red which certainly makes them stand out and the major portion (furthest from the phones) is fabric-covered. The earpieces uses dual-layer silicon buds in three sizes to ensure the best possible fit, although many others usually provide a minimum of either four or five. As with all other in-ear phones which sit within the ear canal rather than just outside it (as with Apple's buds supplied with iPods etc), they need to be pressed in rather firmly to obtain the best bass response and to exclude extraneous sounds. However, they are not noise cancelling, which can affect audio performance. You may need to experiment with all three sizes of bud to obtain the best fit and greatest comfort without excessive pain. With most phones of this type, 2-3 hours is about the maximum time you can use them without some discomfort.

A soft rubberised case (probably neoprene) is provided to firmly hold the ear-pieces when not in use and the non-snag cable can be wound around it for storage. Adapters for a 6.3 mm jack and airplane use are provided and all (including its standard 3.5mm jack) are gold plated for the best possible connections. One obvious omission from the kit is a matching extension cable should one be needed. The remote control is not quite that remote as it is of the in-line format and allows volume adjustment and muting, forward, rewind and pause and also houses the microphone. The overall cable length is approximately 1.5m which is more than adequate for use on the move but probably inadequate for home audio use. Should you need an extension cable for use with a home hi-fi etc, you will need a quality product also with gold plated connectors for the best results.

With an RRP of about £125, these are not cheap and are designed to compete with other mid-range in-ear phones such as those from Sennheiser, Shure, Grado etc which will typically sell at prices of +/-£25 of its price level. Although these appear to be well-made, it is impossible to comment on their long-term viability. Cables on certain brands have a reputation of breaking just as they enter the earphone and sometimes this is more likely with one side of the pair than the other. The cabling here does appear to be slightly thicker and hopefully breakage will not be an issue. It also claims to be non-snag and only relatively careless use and storage will demonstrate just how well they perform from that standpoint.

Since the initial experience, I have used them to listen to a broader range of music, although mostly jazz instrumentals and vocals with a broad mix of guitar music in a variety of styles. On one album, where there is a mix of 6- and 12-string acoustic guitars, the occasional electric guitar or two and at least one gitaro (acoustic bass guitar), it was possible to discern each instrument. On my previous set of in-ear phones, these instruments mostly blur into one. Brass instruments, drums and especially cymbals all sounded very real and clean. The listening experience appears to improve with time and it is commonly accepted that there is a settling-in time for most phones of several hours which I am probably still to reach. Vocals are just brilliant and it is clear that the bass performance has been tweaked just enough and without losing anything elsewhere in the audio spectrum.

These are intended for the music aficionado and may best suit fans of jazz, pop and other modern music more so than classical. Although the steel body suggests a degree of ruggedness, they should still be carefully handled and not unduly subjected to rough handling which may damage the delicate internal components. The case should therefore be used where posible for its added protection and to keep out extraneous dust. One tool that may have been a worthwhile addition would be one to clean the sound channels although, as these exist primarily within the silicon buds, they can be removed and cleaned with a lightly moistened cotton-bud.

Impressive performance for the price with an excellent listening experience, nicely designed and presented, they would make a wonderful birthday or Xmas gift for a loved one. For anyone who spends a fair amount of time listening to music when mobile, they are unlikely to be bettered unless paying considerably more. The steel body provides an impression of quality which is borne out in use. Consequently very highly recommended.
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on 2 October 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As some of the other reviews state it is very hard to write an objective review of a pair of headphones as sound is such a subjective thing, however I'll give it a try.

Firstly first impressions were excellent. Packaging in a nice box, it looks like they should be a high quality item. Upon getting them out of the box I was pleased to see a small round wallet/holder to keep the head phones in as well as a 1/4 inch jack converter and an aeroplane two plug type convertor. There are small/medium/large soft plastic ear fittings and the prefitted medium size fitted my ears perfectly well. As the buds are stainless steel they do feel heavy in the hand, but once they are fitted in the ears this was not noticable.

Sound quality appears to be first rate, I've listed to various forms of rock and folk music through them and sound response is quick and tone is good. I've also used them whilst playing games on my PC and again sound quality has been excellent.

The remote side is something that I haven't really been able to explore. There is a switch that allows you to change volume and track and take calls is you have an appropriate iDevice. It didn't work with my old Gen 5 iPod (but I didn't expect it to ) and it also didn't work as expected with my HTC Desire (although I could get it to recall the last inbound call on my phone).

All in all these are a quality item (if somewhat at the higher end of the price bracket than I would normally go) and build quality looks pretty good. I've been travelling around the country for the last two weeks whilst working and these are still working for me.
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on 7 April 2015
The most disappointed I have ever been with an Amazon purchase, read all the reviews and wanted a pair, when the arrived and I tried them on the other people on the room could hear that horrible background noise, not a great fit on any of the ear plug sizes, does not do what it says. poor and sent back, despite trying to get along with then.
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on 3 May 2013
Well, bought these after many years of trying (and rejecting...) new 'phones for my iPhone and iPad, and then (finally) leaving my trusty Apple 'phones on the plane after a flight into the UK from DC.

I checked all the reviews, so decided to try the Atomic Floyd, and so far (after a few days of use) very pleased with these HiDef Drums. Fit is comfortable (I use the largest silicone tips), and the quality of construction perhaps the best I've seen (cables covered in Kevlar - who'd have thought?). And the SOUND - well, trebles are great without being sibilant (the nemesis of all in-ear 'phones), mids a little flat, but the BASS astonishing - balanced, articulate, but without killing the rest of the range. Those Lil' Wayne punches deep down in the mix are actually audible with these 'phones... Other genres sound fine too, and my only complaint so far is the mid-range - a little distant for my taste, but then in-ears always have limitations somewhere (having to compromise with only 1 driver), and overall I'm very happy with the sound quality.

They're pricey, but I do feel I got value for money, and would recommend if these fall in your price range.
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