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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It's not very often I get something that totally changes my perception of how a product should work and the Halo 2 Alarm Clock is one of them. Gear 4 have made an alarm clock that holds up the Apple Principle of "It just works." Without reading the manual the alarm clock rang at the right time from the first morning and kept track of my random alarm programming for a week; and so far it hasn't gone off at the wrong times.

For the last couple of years I have been using the innovative Philips HF3485 Wake-up Light with Radio Alarm and USB Playback which connected to my iPhone woke me up by slowly brightening the room and playing music. It is a good alarm clock; but suffers from a terrible user interface controlled by levers and rollers - and setting the music alarm basically consisted of pressing pause on the iPhone and hoping it works.

The Gear 4 replaces all the clunkiness of alarm clocks of old with a simple to use iPhone / iPod Touch Application that lets you program the alarm straight from your phone. Docking your phone and running the app synchronises the time and the alarms for the current day of the week. This means you can program it to let you have that lie in you deserve at the weekends without having to remember to set the alarm back on Sunday Night. If you are a multi iPhone household you can program it via another phone when one is docked (not sure how useful that is but its there if you need it.) You can choose to be woken by some relaxing (or not so) sounds (20 minutes of rain followed by an electronic beep if that is how you like to wake up) or you can use a playlist from your music collection.

When docked and running Gear 4 APP the default screen shows the current time in a subdued manner (there are two themes to choose from but both are nice and subdued - no bright lights) along with the weather and some visual confirmation of the alarms that are set ( i have uploaded an image so you can see this.) If you go with listening to your music the inbuilt speakers do a fair job of playing music and there is an infrared bluetooth remote for you to loose in the sheets if you are too lazy to reach over. The sound from the gear 4 is far better than the Logitech AV Stand for iPad I reviewed last month and capable of going louder. The Halo 2 will dock iPod's, iPhone; iPad 2's don't quite fit. Using a classic iPod or nanon you don't get the benefit of the fancy software but you can use the devices in built buttons to program it.

Finally in the morning; your iPhone is fully charged and ready for the day ahead; 5*.
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on 1 April 2015
Love it!
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on 2 July 2012
Excellent, what more is there to say? For me the best things about this radio-alarm dock are: the iPhone sits in the front, not sticking out the top; the LED light can be dimmed so it's not too bright at night, but by far the best feature is the alarm setting. You can set the alarm for just Monday to Friday, just weekends or all seven days. I like not having to switch the alarm off every weekend only to forget ot switch it back on for Monday.
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on 10 October 2013
I got this for the radio alarm clock functionality a few weeks ago so ive been using it for a while.

As a docking station to play your ipod - Its ok, not the loudest but serves a purpose in a small room.
As a radio/radio alarm - Not the best, its not DAB and as such some mornings you wake up to static on the preset station or sometimes its so quiet because of the signal which can make you wake not as happy as you would hope. It has its days.
Functionality - Its fairly simple to use - the instructions are not big but you will need to play with the functionality a bit to get it working the way you want.
Alarm - you can set up to two alarms which is fine although it would be nice to have more options to set weekday alarms vs weekend alarms.
Remote - It has a convenient remote control which works well.

All in all, it wasnt the cheapest so i had hoped for a little more, but not bad enough to send back. Serves its purpose but beware of FM signal drop out.
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on 23 May 2012
This is a great clock radio/alarm. I love it - so much easier to set the alarm through the iphone and sync (but can be done from the base unit). I thought it needed the phone to function but that's not so - the iphone just makes the set up easier - the sync through the gear4 app saves setting up the time and date as it takes it from the phone. I don't think you'd be dissappointed.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 March 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As soon as I plugged in the iPhone it prompted me to download and install the free app that goes with it.

It next let me scan for radio stations although it didn't know the names of many of them (it recognised Radio 2 but did not know my local radio station name - both are identified using RDS just fine in my car). However, it was child's play to edit the default name.

The quality of the radio was excellent; it certainly surpassed my expectations of a "clock radio". The same can be said for the music that was already in my iPhone and which was displayed using the Menu button.

Once a radio station was playing I could disconnect the iPhone that was charging and the radio kept going.

The small remote controller was quite nifty in being able to change music sources (Aux [3.5mm jack at rear], iPhone music and Radio) and I could navigate to the next/previous track or radio station.

I didn't understand why the DONE button on the radio list wouldn't do anything but pressing MENU got me back to the start just fine.

Certainly using the iPhone as the interface to this unit is a good idea but is not essential just to listen to the radio (or use the radio as an alarm). The unit has obviously been built for the iPod/iPhone and looks great when docked. It even shows the current weather on the iPhone screen!

The manual says you can use a second (!) iPhone as a remote control device for the first using Wi-Fi but I think that's going a step too far when they supply a perfectly good remote.

The time display is average sized, blue and can be dimmed to 3 or so levels of brightness. I haven't yet mastered the swipe-to-dim feature that syncs the iPhone to the AlarmDock but it's early days yet.

Frankly, all I need is the ability to charge up my iPhone, have a couple of alarms (eg weekends and weekdays), play the radio (or downloaded music) as an alarm and show me the time during the night.

This unit does all this and much more, with a sound quality that is great. Can't say fairer than that. I'm now going to actually read the manual to master it properly but it was very intuitive from the outset.

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on 12 January 2013
I needed a new alarm clock radio, and liked the specifications of this one, especially the fact that you can pre-tune radio stations, and that you can set the alarm for every day or only for weekdays. The fact that it can act as a charging dock for the iPhone was a bonus.

When I received the unit and began to set it up, it seemed very easy at first. However, pre-tuning the radio stations was difficult. Although it scanned and found stations, they were very difficult to set - until I connected my iPhone, downloaded the app and used that for all the functions. Then it was easy, and worked really well. I like to wake up to the radio, but the first couple of mornings, with the iPhone in the dock, the radio didn't come on. What the instructions don't tell you is that the app has to be open and running for the radio to function. It works without the phone, but if you want to charge that overnight just leave the app open. This is not explained in any of the instructions, either in the manual or online. In short, it is really designed to be a docking station with a clock-radio, rather than a clock-radio which is also a docking station. There is a subtle difference. Be warned!

In summary, my verdict is as follows:

Pros: Good sound, pre-set radio stations, dual alarm (every day or weekdays only), looks good, small footprint on bedside table.

Cons: Instructions not very clear, many functions only possible when iPhone or iPod connected and app running. Clock display not too easy to read, especially if the unit is rather higher than your head (unless you have the app running and can see the clock on the phone itself)

However, I do like it, and now that I understand it a bit better I am pleased that I bought it.
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on 11 December 2012
Short Review:
Overall this product is great, very easy to set up and does exactly what it says on the tin. However the features don't seem to live up to the heavy price tag.

Detailed Review:
The speakers in this product are great for both the radio and the iDevice music. The volume settings go right from low to very high, so it's very simple to find an appropriate volume for you personally. The display is readable and has 4 settings so you can choose how bright to have it. The clock is very easy to set up and can also be automatically synced when your iDevice is docked. The alarms are good, simple to set up. You can have up to 2 alarms; can use either the radio, alarm buzzer or your iDevice music. You can even set up a playlist to use rather than all your music. Each alarm can be set to either come on during the weekdays, weekends or both, which is a nice feature meaning you don't have to remember to turn it off for weekend mornings. It's very handy that the product includes a remote. The buttons are clear and do everything you need. The app for this product is very powerful and does everything the dock can do plus more. You are automatically prompted to download the app when you first dock the iDevice and I advise you to do so.

However there are a few downsides to the product. Even though the display seemed to be great at first sight, when I tried to view it from my bed, I couldn't read the display at all! For some reason you can't see the display when you are looking at it from below eye level. Big issue here! I had to move the product to a lower position so I could see it from my bed. Also, the first time I docked my iDevice, it was very wobbly. So wobbly that I thought it was going to snap of. It looks as though the iDevice connecter on the product moves to allow an iDevice to have a case, but as I didn't it was just wobbly. It is slightly more stable now from pushing it back as far as I could. The buttons are all great apart from the snooze button which can only be pressed from the back, could be just an issue for me though.

Although there are some issues, they are easily fixed and the benefits clearly outweigh the drawbacks. However, the price tag is very heavy and I personally don't think it is worth it. Saying this, I have no regrets from buying this product.
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on 16 November 2013
This is possibly the best iPhone alarm dock available. Unlike most iPhone alarm docks it is very user friendly and very easy to set the alarms on the device. I have purchased others in the past that were very complicated to set the alarm times on and was just frustrating to use. But not with this device. It actually works with a smart app available for free on the iOS store, which synchs the phones time and music to the app. You have the choice of walking up to your standard alarm tones, a FM radio station (which is tuned from the dock station itself) or an existing playlist from your music library.

The only thing it could do with, is possibly a snooze and LDC dim button on the main dock station. You can still use these functions on the remote supplied with the dock. But its not a huge big deal and is still a very high quality product. I totally recommend it.
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on 15 July 2012
Great dock, Looks really good when the iPhone is docked and the App is running.
Have had recent updates on the App also which is good to know there is continued support.

My iPhone 4S fits well with my thin 3mm case that runs round the edge of the phone and the sound quality is good, not too loud though but great for a bedroom. Even managed to put my iPad on it though this blocks out the front clock and could damage the connecter if not careful.

The brightness control is very good and does not keep Me awake even though I am a light sleeper

My only gripe is it's a bit of a dust magnet and hard to clean due to the fabric material that surrounds the front of the dock.

Overall would recommend, another good product from Gear 4.
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