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on 11 November 2015
There seems a lot of scences at be begining of this film where the "heroes" sit in their helicopter & perv on naked women or couples having sex in private. To me this is not the behaviour of a hero or something funny that police officers should be up to. That being said this was the early/mid 1980s I suppose sensibilities were different back then. I used to like this movie, but hadn't seen it very often & when I saw it before I was either a kid or very immature. This has a typical 80s feel to it and plays
off like a pilot r rated version of Airwolf. In other words it feels very televisual. The film is purports to be about the titular helicopter. But is really infact about corruption & murder. Blue Thunder it's self is just the vegetables to meat of this story. However an over heard conversation with the villians is made only possible thanks to technologies & gadgets of the helicopter & from then it becomes more of an action chase film. As the taped conversation is raced to a tv station. During this chase our "hero" sits his chopper inftont of a chinese bbq shop to take the heat from a heat seeking missile with no apparent concern for the people within the shop. Also put at risk are people in a tower/office block that gets four floors or more blown out dropping debris down on many innocent civilians & causing a pile up. There is also the typical seventies/eighties American movie cliché of the main character being a Vietnam vet with psychological problems & flashbacks to overcome.I'm not completely dissing the film as it is kind of enjoyable, but I have to say it doesn't work as well as when I was in my youth put it that way.
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on 23 August 2016
Its from the early eighties so it was filmed the good old fashioned way with real stunts, real explosions and none of these rubbishy CGI cheats.
Roy Scheider plays a hotdog helicopter pilot for the police department who has been tasked with testing out a new super helicopter.
He uncovers a secret plot and is framed for murdering his partner to keep him quiet.
It doesn't work as you might expect.
Great action and a very decent cast.
Bluray is excellent picture and sound quality and some of the documentary extras are very good too.
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Be careful which version of Blue Thunder you buy. I believed all versions included the featurettes, documentary & commentary. Apparently all except the disc from bargain bucket label Mill Creek - the one I mistakenly ordered. So bargain bucket, the only menu option being "Play Movie". I wish Amazon would show disc specific details, rather than a generic one they often seem to use. Not very helpful. Anyway, be careful.
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on 15 June 2012
This is a really decent action thriller. The chopper's the star of course and the arial sequences are a absolute treat. The helicopter advancing with the sun behind it is an image that will stay with me. Roy Schider is excellent as the distant, haunted Vietnam veteran at odds with authority. Malcolm McDowell is suitably menacing as his creepy nemisis.
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on 26 August 2011
Spectacularly dated as of this writing and all the more fun for it, Blue Thunder is not a film for cynics but a love letter to the Atari generation. Look no further for breathtaking pre-CGI cinematography and stunt flying the likes of which moviegoers will probably never see again.
The vastly-underrated-his-entire-career 'everyman' star that is Roy Scheider plays the whole picture like he has a migraine which compliments the tortured 'Nam war vet routine before it became a cliche nicely. Scheider's Officer Murphy, in a similar fashion to Chief Brody, is simply the guy we want on our side against the beast, which is in this instance, the helicopter of the title. Anybody reading this review that has interest in the picture should already be familiar with the story so allow me to pander to the die-hard fans a little and tell you why you should upgrade to BD.
Firstly, it's never looked better. Even as a satisfied owner of the DVD Special Edition, the BD does it's job and takes it to another level. Secondly, all the Special Features from that disc have been neatly carried over including the fantastic 'Ride With The Angels' 'making of' special that is a lovingly put together retrospective.
It's not all good news though- the BD inexplicably features what could only be described as an alternative sound mix. The casual listener would fail to notice these intrusive music cues in formerly dialogue-only scenes, but to the fanboy it had my head cocking dog-like to one side more than once. This, plus the dropping of smarmy pantomime villain Malcolm McDowell's line 'Thank you' as he nicks his own chopper is fairly sacrilegious.
Minor quibbles you might say, but we've had thirty years of loving it the way it was- a superb piece of boys own nostalgia...
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on 21 April 2012
I recieved the dvd quickly and it in near new condition. My only complaint, not aimed at the seller, is that in this particular version part of a scene is missing. I have had the video for years and eagerly anticipate the scene. Imagine my shock. I have noticed this strange phenomena on other dvds I have purchased in the last few years from various places.
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