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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 17 December 2011
Let's get this out of the way first. Sonic has been somewhat on the decline as of late, the last possible good Sonic game was Sonic Heros in 2004. In 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog was released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and it was a car crash, no it was an oil refinery spill of a game. Subsequently the games that followed were to a degree very poor and not memorable at all With Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Black Knight out i really felt the series was dieing and aged just like my childhood was playing the classic sonic games. Finally Sonic Colours was released in 2010 and the system seemed to be still a bit edgy but was in long last a sonic game i enjoyed.

Now they released Sonic Generations, a forced marriage of classic sonic and the new-age sonic to celebrate 20 years of Sonic goodness. At first my mind though how, and will it work?. In short, yes it worked, it's one of the best sonic games since Sonic CD and the classics. It spans over a large library of his past games picking some of the best levels in his history and the most popular. 9 zones in total with all 2 acts, so that's 18 levels all together + 7 boss fights that's 25 levels in total. This is not taking into consideration all the replay value the side-missions give you, if you want to do them of course.

Okay, so the player takes control of two sonic's per act of each level. The first act is always taken by Classic sonic and the second act is always taken by new-age sonic. You basically do classic sonic stuff such as collect rings, defeat enemies and battle bosses (albeit sadly not at the end of every level) but you do face of again a number of great bosses in the form of gate that require you to collect all the keys. To get these keys you must do side-missions. Some are really and honestly boring as hell but others such as racing your doppelgänger are amazingly fun but sometimes i wished they would be more of a challenge. You face of against bosses in there familiar places such as Metal Sonic from Sonic CD in the Stardust Speedway (Bad Future) level and the amazingly bad-ass as well as pretty tough Egg Dragoon from Sonic Unleashed. You can also purchase upgrades for sonic to use but they are not needed at all as i've completed the game with almost a clean sheet of S ranks without using one of them. That brings me onto the rating system, you get rated on speed and rings collected at the end of the run that is totalled into a ranking at the end.

Story: -Minor Spoilers-
A time eater intrudes on sonic's birthday part (his 20th im assuming) breaks up the parts and create worm holes taking them all away and leaving sonic in a form of limbo. Sonic meets up with classic sonic and together they must restore time and colour to his memories and returns his friends and fixes space and time. To save spoilers this is as far as i will go. A cheesy yet satisfying story.

Well this is going to be unexpected. Sonic generations has some amazingly eye pleasing graphics, this is coming from a bonafide admitted graphics whore as well. Each level has pain painstakingly been recreated to look just like the classic level with just the right amount of artistic flare and change to make it new and original as well as fresh. The levels are amazingly well detailed as you look in the background you see land and mountains, realistic waterfalls and by far the best look level was Sky sanctuary. If you have the computer to put the game on maximum settings and run smoothly whist travelling at the sound of blue you will appreciate the graphics. Don't expect Battlefield 3 but for a Sonic game, i was blown away.

Please watch this video i created my self suing my computer and FRAPS, watch in 1080P of course as this will show the game games graphics in great detail: (In the comment section)

The game is pleasing and a nostalgia overload of epicness. Hard to fault classic levels and even the remake of levels from some of my not so liked sonic games were amazing to play. Of course for me the 2D sonic levels were the best of course though but im grew up with that sonic so it is natural.

Negative aspects and/or nitpicking?
- Side-missions are 50% of the time boring and unwanted.
The only side missions i really liked were the time-trail missions and the Doppelgänger missions.

- I believe they could have done more levels in truths honesty (!Nitpicking alert!)
Yes yes, it's nitpicking but there are 9 epic zones overall and i enjoyed them all a lot but i was left wanting more. More remade levels in the new graphics engine epicness. I'd have them remake the first two sonic games, Sonic CD and Sonic Adventures all.

Closing comments:
Wow this got a bit long, if you are here thanks for sticking with me on this one haha. Anyway for £20 (Now £13 on PC o.O) this game is bargain if i even saw one. Id happily pay the price that Modern warfare 3 is going for and still be happy. But why 5 stars? It came out for PC, and for that Team Sonic (The devs of the game) i thank you so much. By the way, use a controller. Don't be a douch and down-rate a game (like another guy who reviewed the game) because you are too much stuck up and pompous PC gamer to use a controller :/ im as hardcore as PC gamers get and i don't mind using one for games like this.

For your Referance my computer specs: - The game as said was full maxed, it ran as smooth as a baby:

Screen: Panasonic 42" 1080p Plasma + Sony 32" 1080i LCD - Note: I only used the Plasma whilst in this game
CPU: AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition 3.4Ghz QuadCore
RAM: 4Gb of DDR3 RAM
OS: Windows 7
PSU: XFX 850w Black Edition
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on 1 May 2013
I purchased this game for my son who absolutely adores Sonic. The game graphics really shows up the quality of my Panasonic plasma screen. You can never get bored of it. Although not 3D, it certainly feels like it is the way it takes you around the circuit. There are quite a few challenges and levels to complete. I would certainly recommend you buy this!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 2 December 2011
During the Console Wars of the 90's Sonic was SEGA's answer to NINTEDO's Mario: it was the blue hedgehog that sped through its acrobatic levels to showcase Sega Mega Drive's processing speed. Judging by the fact that there are no more SEGA consoles, the outcome of that war is pretty obvious. However, just like the losers of WWII, one should never turn its back to Sonic.
It is fast. And it has spines.

This game borrows heavily from most Sonic games of the past. You will be reminded of favorite levels of old Sonic games, meet old friends again, relive old adventures and fight old bosses. And all this with just the right measure of nostalgia, a game redesigned to keep fresh and interesting without falling into the trap of simply recreating the old levels.
This Sonic game will appeal to old and young players alike.

The game is a platformer, with an equal mix of rings to collect, enemies to survive and puzzles to solve in a flash. This is where it gets interesting: you can choose to play each level as either a classic 2D side-scroller or a modern pseudo-3D Third-person action racer. Both are fun so this will bring you back to replay the game again and again. But you better come equipped.

I tried playing the game using the keyboard and although it can be done it is not how one enjoys the game. I am a purist PC gamer so I refuse to use a controller to play a PC game. Whenever a publisher releases a game for the PC, it better be PC-optimized. This is where SONIC GENERATIONS looses its 5th star: it really needs a controller such as the MS 360 Controller for Windows. Otherwise, instead of controlling Sonic, you simply try to follow him around the screen.

A nostalgia trip that goes by in a blur.
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on 2 October 2013
I bought the Sonic Generations PC DVD for my two sons, aged 6 and 9. Installation took longer than I expected - largely because of the need to install Steam. Having to wait for Steam to update every time the PC is now switched on is also a bit of a nuisance, but not a major problem. As for the game itself, my boys absolutely love it! I thought it was a bit expensive for a PC game but, from my boys response, it seems to be worth it. They have a number of PC DVDs, including a few other Sonic titles, and this one is by far their favourite. In fact, I'm pretty certain it's the only one they've played since I gave it to them several weeks ago!
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on 14 December 2011

Growing up in the 1990s, I was hooked on Sonic the Hedgehog as a kid, and after 20 years of average to well developed games, this one's got everything, unfortunately, I missed out on the many games going on from the Dreamcast Adventure to the Secret Rings and Black Knight eras, but that was when I wasn't really that into Sonic.

There were many flops such as Sonic 06, Riders, Shadow and even Sonic Unleashed, but when I heard and read about this game, I was at first unsure of the fact that I'll ever get a chance to play it, until it was confirmed for PC.

Playing it since I got my copy, I can't believe what a game this is, it's by far one of the greatest of Sonic games in a long time, there's just so much to say about it, it's incredible, the graphics are superb, but some of the cutscenes do play out of sync sadly, ah well, we got game play.

The only disappointment was the lack of boss fights, not that they were too easy, there just wasn't enough and even the final boss wasn't the greatest, I did however love how they made the Classic era Sonic speechless and only communicated in body language or just simple nods, I think it's much better than those cheesy voice-overs in the past, they never satisfied me one bit.

As I said, I did miss out on playing games such as Secret Rings, 06, Black Knight, Rush and so forward so I wasn't used to those levels where they were originally modelled from, making it more challenging for me, but it does take some time getting used to.

If you are ordering this for PC just be warned that you may need lots of free space to install this game, requires Steam, which took me 2-3 days to get together, so after a long file clean up, bobs your uncle, this game finally worked, I suggest getting an X Box 360 game controller though, much easier to play than a rattly old keyboard.

If you are a great big massive Sonic fan looking for any game, then go buy this, any console will do, I recommend it, also being part of the game myself has been a real experience (spoiler, those who get my drift, will know what I mean, that's if you were at the Summer of Sonic convention back in June).

So, Sonic Riders was a big flop to me, fifteen years could've done better but waiting five more years for this beauty really was worth it, once you know the routes and everything you'll be having hell of a lot of fun playing this, you'll get goosebumps, nostalgia and lots of fond memories flooding your mind, it really is something for every Sonic fan,

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on 23 May 2012
I almost bought this at launch but decided to wait until it was affordable.. I'm a huge sonic fan but didn't know how well it'd translate into 3D.

Firstly, let's get the gripes out of the way - no way will it run on anything like the minimum requirements - on my laptop - which happily runs SWTOR at full resolution (which is fairly demanding) - I had to drop it to 800x600 to get an acceptable framerate. It's not even that detailed 3D, so no idea what Sega have done there. If you don't have a recent gaming laptop look elsewhere for your sonic fun.

Also, it's a straight xbox port - and it shows.. the key mapping is the whackiest I have ever seen. On screen it says press 'B', and you have to press 'S' for example. It's fairly frustrating stabbing keys until you bend your mind around it - fortunately, being Sonic, it aint a complex game, and as long as you have left/right/fire/spin you're pretty much sorted.

On to the review. The game proceeds much as you'd expect, with sonic being his usual bouncy self (no Tails in his version, as far as I can tell). Contrary to my expectations the 3D is actually quite well done.. It's a mixture of movie-style sections where there's no real interaction (eg. jumping through a waterfall), and complete changes of perspective.. going forward instead of left/right for example. The 3D doesn't really change the gameplay just changes your view of it.. when you first see it you do go 'wow'. OTOH as an Sonic purist I still prefer 2D.. the novelty wears off fairly quickly.

Also hovering around at times is a helper blob/alien who pops up and offers 'hints', like 'if you lose all your rings you can get them back' etc. I found him pretty annoying, to be honest, like Jar Jar Binks.. however he's probably useful for new players.

At some points in the game I found myself stabbing keys trying to work out what to do next.. eg. you're dumped in a white world at the end of the first level with no hints what to do next. It's not particularly hard, but I found myself wishing they'd spent a bit of time polishing it - I thought it had crashed again when it first happened.

I also noticed a number of bugs (other than the whacky keys) that hopefully are fixed, so won't mention them here - apparently a patch is available from Steam that fixes lots of things.. I've not had the time to find & apply it yet.

I find myself conflicted.. It took 3 hours of fighting with upgrades and drivers to get this installed, and the whole thing feels like Sega rushed it out to a deadline. OTOH it's Sonic, and it's fun. For 10 quid it's worth a few hours.. personally I wouldn't pay more... not really enough there. So, worth a punt, but don't expect miracles for the money.
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on 3 January 2013
If you are running this game on a laptop with an NVidia graphics card, the NVidia cards aren't detected, and the configuration utility defaults to integrated Intel graphics which runs extremely slowly. To get game to work, see the Steam support forums on how to manually edit the config file so graphics card is detected and game then runs OK.

I dont think Amazon allows URL's so I'll copy what worked for me:

"...---- -OR USE THIS METHOD:- ----

TESTED WITH A GeForce GT 555M chip.

1) Open the NVIDIA Control Panel, go to "Manage 3D Settings" then "Program Settings". Add the sonicgenerations.exe executable and set the preferred graphics processor to be the NVIDIA one.

2) Open "Control Panel" and look for the "Device Manager". Open it and expand the "Display Adapters" item. Make a note of the exact name given to your NVIDIA adapter (including the use of capitalisation.

3) Use the Sonic Generations configuration tool to configure the game to your liking and save.

4) Go to the Sonic Generations directory (in most cases "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\sonic generations") and open GraphicsConfig.cfg in notepad or your preferred text editing software.

5) You should notice that the second line will be the name of your Intel adapter. Replace this with the name of your NVIDIA adapter exactly as it appeared in Device Manager.

6) You should see a line that says something like "MONITOR\LGD0292\{4d36e96e-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\ 0000" (this will vary depending on your exact setup, just look for line of this format), it should be the second to last line. Delete the contents of this line completely so you are left with a blank line. Here is my configuration file as an example:

Do not manually edit this file, use the configuration tool.
NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M


7) You should now be able to play the game

One thing that should be noted is that the line "\\.\DISPLAY1" may need changing as well. In my case, DISPLAY1 is fine when only my laptop display is enabled. However when the display was extended onto the "fake" Intel VGA display, I needed to change it to DISPLAY2. Therefore if DISPLAY1 does not work, I recommend trying DISPLAYi where i is the number of displays you currently have enabled.

NOTES: make sure you go to device manager and copy it exactly as it says(i had 5 spaces after GTX 580M for my card)

This second method was suggested by: ezodagrom. Thank you!"
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on 19 March 2012
My very first console was a Dreamcast, and to this day I still enjoy playing Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. Modern sonic gameplay is fast paced, looks great and is brilliant fun. I can't help but feel that the 2d gameplay lets the game down though, for 2d gameplay it's the best I've ever played don't get me wrong, but why does Sonic even have this kind of 2d gameplay anymore, I thought we moved on from that?
You zip through the stage as modern sonic, blasting through everything and having a great time, then as soon as a 2d section arrives, you find yourself stopped, waiting for a physics defying hovering platform to rise high enough for you to jump to the next physics defying platform... then you get back into 3d gameplay and off you rocket! I can understand the appeal of 2d sonic games, but I really wish they would separate the 2 types of games and not try to merge them, as it ruins it for both the fans of 3d and 2d, because each far prefer their own favourite :P

That mini rant at 2d aside, the game is brilliant if a little short (only 9 main levels with bosses after each 3), the graphics are incredible and it's lovely see old levels from the past all re-imagined and HD, Speed Highway and City Escape are my personal favourites of course, Rooftop Run is also great fun :)

If you're a sonic fan I highly recommend this game, it's a great tribute to Sonics history, and I very much look forward to Sonics next game!
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on 24 January 2012
I owned all of the original great 2D Sonic games, playing them to death and loving every minute of them. I loved everything, from the insanely catchy music to the great visuals and the near-perfect gameplay.

Then, as I never owned a Dreamcast, I lost touch with Sonic, never playing any of the 'new' breed of games such as Sonic Adventure. Honestly from the reviews of many of those games I don't think I missed much.

I was a little dubious at first about the fact that 'new' Sonic was featured in this game - I wondered why they couldn't just let him die and stick to what they know best - fantastic side-scrolling, fast-paced platforming. But it is a celebration of Sonic's life so far, and that wouldn't be complete without the 3D games.

I knew beforehand that you could play as both new Sonic and classic Sonic, but I didn't know how that would pan out. Basically the game is split right down the middle - Act 1 of each stage is played by classic Sonic and Act 2 by new Sonic. They explain early on that Act 1 (classic Sonic) levels are easier than their Act 2 counterparts, and they certainly weren't wrong. Act 2 doesn't conclude with a boss, though. Those only appear after a stretch of about 4 stages.

Having never played Sonic Adventure or similar games I really had no idea what to expect and at first it was kind of jarring - switching from a side-on view to a rear view really does make the game entirely different. You get used to it eventually, and new Sonic's levels have their own kind of fun.

But, what I loved about this game is the fact that it's an absolute minefield of in-jokes, classic music, and throwbacks to both types of game. There's so much of the original music in here that it literally made me smile for about the first hour of play non-stop. Act 1 of levels based on 2D classics feature remixed versions of the music that are close to their originals, but with higher production values. I wouldn't say they were necessarily better, but different and awesome in their own right. The music for Act 2 levels is based on the same song, but with a much bigger emphasis on the remix and making it more 'modern', which goes well with new Sonic's persona. I won't spoil which music is present, but if you're a fan of Mega Drive era Sonic games, you really won't be disappointed.

The story is a little forgettable, but honestly the fact there even is one is new to me, so that's a nice surprise. It goes some way to explaining how the two Sonics come to meet, which I won't spoil, but it's not going to win best story at any awards ceremony.

Controlling Sonic was as easy as it's always been, but then I do own an Xbox controller. You really can't play this game with a keyboard - it's far too fast and your movements need to be far too precise. Xbox controllers are very cheap now, and if it has a USB cable it plugs straight into a PC without any troubles, no software to install, it's just recognised by Windows. It's actually a really beneficial thing to have, as there are a surprising number of games built to use a controller that would be much more difficult with a mouse and keyboard - games such as GTA and racing games really make the PC the best platform out there for gaming.

There's a new 'item' system in the game. You earn items by completing levels or earning achievements (which the game also includes). You buy the items with points you earn by completing the acts, based on your ranking at the end of each. I found myself with so many more points than I needed that I could buy every item under the sun, but there's a second points system that dictates what you can and cannot equip. Each item has a number of points awarded to it, and you can only carry a total number of points at any one time. It's kind of like a weight system found in some RPGs. You can create sets of items, and switch them out at will. Some items only affect classic Sonic, some only new Sonic, and some both, so it adds a little strategy element in choosing the best set of items for a particular stage.

The game also includes many challenges and achievements. Once you've cleared a stage in both acts, the challenges open up and include things such as races with other characters through the levels, playing a modified version of the level with a large number of badniks blocking your path, or a challenge set by a rival of Sonic, such as Metal Sonic. These are pretty varied, some of them quite challenging, especially the time attack ones, and add an extra depth and re-playability to the game. Each Sonic gets his own set of challenges, so there are at least a dozen for each stage.

There are also 'red star coins' to collect in each act. 5 red coins located on different routes or in hard to reach places, usually requiring multiple play-throughs to collect all. The idea is basically the same as the big coins in Super Mario World and again adds some extra length to the game.

My major gripe is with the camera in classic Sonic acts. It's far too close. You can barely see anything coming in front of you, which means a lot of the time you need to know what's coming up to enable you to make the right jumps to get up to the fastest route. The camera does zoom out from time to time, so it's something they at least thought about, but for the vast majority of the time it's much, much closer than it was in classic Sonic games.

But that aside, combining the aim to get all the red star coins, the best rank on each stage, and completing all of the challenges, there really is a lot of content in this game - more so than any Sonic game previously. Robotnik is back, there's a ton of stuff for the retro gamer and it just brings back the joy of playing a truly great Sonic game again.

If you're a Sonic fan from the classic era, don't let the new Sonic portions put you off - this game is an absolute riot and if you have even half as much fun as I did it's well worth a purchase.

For new Sonic fans that might never have played the MegaDrive era games, you'll experience what kind of game Sonic is at its core.
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on 3 January 2012
This game is very good for what you would expect it has old sonic and the newer sonic the newer sonic has good audio and so does his friends however if you have it has the old maps remade to be great it has newer maps for the bigger sonic and goes from 2d to 3d in a nice way.One problem though if you have a geforce graphics card in your laptop or if its a good one it probably has optimus the thing is that this game has a problem with cards with optimus and you wont be able to play the game.But if you go on steam forums you can easily set your laptop to play this game with your integrated graphics it plays but maybe not as well as it could.As far as i know desktops at the right specifications wont have a problem playing this game.One more thing to consider is if you are a big PC gamer you should have a gamepad for you PC because otherwise this game is weird to play but you can rebind your keys to make it easier
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