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on 18 October 2005
The first five years of this particularly horrible decade have been marked by a rise in the popularity of political writing. Accordingly, I have for a number of years assumed the role of left-leaning book-buying enthusiast and before coming across the information in Crossing the Rubicon, considered myself a pretty well-informed member of society.
Soon after 9/11 I had encountered websites which proposed alternative theories about the culprits of those attacks and didn't give them very much thought. Then earlier this year I attended a public meeting in Manchester which had been organised by survivors and witnesses of the New York attacks and my opinion was forever changed about the likely culprits. A fellow-attendee recommended Crossing the Rubicon.
Having been familiar with From the Wilderness for many years, I had also come across material about Peak Oil but admittedly, I'd ignored it. One day at work, I took the time to read about it in detail and like so many others, my world was altered forever.
Making sense of an era which seems to be dominated by hallucinatory levels of delusion, violence and quite obvious campaigns of disinformation isn't easy. In my opinion, by far the most plausible backdrop to the events we have seen is not esoteric conspiracies or secret societies, but an energy crisis.
Crossing the Rubicon's implications are profound and terrifying and before buying the book, you need to be aware that it will challenge not just your beliefs and assumptions but also your aspirations and ambitions to.
The world is full of ideologues who want to tell us what is right and what is wrong. Ruppert seems only to want to tell us what is; and he let's us decide what to do with this information.
Pragmatic and not paranoid; level-headed and not sensationalist, I have never come across a reason to doubt the author's credibility or his intentions and for this reason, the book has to be recommended.
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on 19 December 2004
This book is a masterwork. Its a pity it isn't in hardback as it deserves to last and to be read for generations. The author is an ex-detective turned journalist and he combines the methodology and thoroughness of a criminal investigation with the readability of a seasoned journalist. He actually invites us the readers to examine his sources for ourselves and challenge his conclusions.
His conclusions are overwhelmingly significant for this century, this millenium that will see the end of the 'Age of Oil' and the beginning of what...? to replace it. And he makes a tight and evidence-rich case for pointing the finger at the present US administration as being criminally involved in 9/11 and the subsequent military adventurism to secure the oil. He shows how the oft used quote 'The American way of life is not negotiable' is used as justification for invasions and covert operations abroad and similar illegal activities within the US, by its government and its agencies, to try to put off the day when the end of oil will signal the end of 'the American Empire' and 'the American Dream'.
He has done a superb job and whether you agree with all his conclusions or not, at the end of the day this work will stand as a masterwork for this time in the history of humanity in general and of 'Petroleum Man' in particular.
Thank you Michael C.Ruppert for your efforts.
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on 23 October 2004
For some reason, US has removed all reader reviews for this book - over 26 at last count. Does anyone know why this would happen?
It's a frightening amazing look at US and world politics, the dwindling of oil supplies (at least those feasible to access) and the impact it's having on us all.
The current administration in the US was in charge on that fateful day back in September 2001 (9/11) and this book points the finger directly at Dick Cheney for "pulling the lever" and being at the helm.
Did you know that on 9/11 there were war games and other internal government training exercises being conducted? They included crashing planes into the WTC and Pentagon.
The frightening thing is, Dick Cheney was given complete oversight over these war games and exercises in May 2001. WHY? Why would the vice president be given control of these exercises?? This is a military issue, not an executive branch issue.
There is so much uncovering in this book's 600 + pages yet fortunately the author writes in language that nearly everyone at any age or education level could understand.
He uses nearly 1000 footnotes to substantiate the conclusions and all his data is gleened from media reports, government employee interviews and press releases, congressional and senatorial hearings, investigations and other sources deemed 100% reliable.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 27 November 2005
In this book, Michael C. Ruppert attempts to find the masterminds behind the 9/11 attacks. For him, the prime suspects are a group of people operating within certain government agencies, including the White House, for the benefit of major financial US and foreign interests. The only possible thread is the intelligence community.
This book is more or less a compilation of the author's contributions to the internet site 'From the Wilderness'. It lacks the solid structure of the works of N.M. Ahmed and M. Chossudovsky, on which it heavily draws. The style is rather egocentric (a lot of 'I's).
Nevertheless, it throws a shrill light on some major aspects of the framework wherein the 9/11 attacks took place.
Clearly exposed are the links between the CIA, Wall Street and 9/11, through the heavy buying of put options on airline shares before the attacks (2.5 M$ profits on one bet were not claimed!).
He shows also clearly that there was sabotage within the US intelligence services and that those services had infiltrated Al-Qaeda. More, US government services shielded the hijackers from being arrested. Still more baffling is the fact that a third tower in New York collapsed without being hit!
A very murky affair is the organization of 'wargames' on 9/11 apparently in order to paralyse information channels. There is also the Cleveland mystery: the landing of two unidentified planes. Still more outlandish are the claims that some of the alleged hijackers are still alive or that the planes flew under remote ground control.
The paramount question is: cui bono? After the 9/11 attacks the US defense budget was raised by 48.1 billion $. Indeed, war is the most profitable business.
For the author, the US government crossed the Rubicon after 9/11. From a republic, the US became an empire, a hegemon.
In order to defend its national security, the empire now can make preemptive strikes (war is peace) and create artificial terrorist activities in order to stimulate reactions which could serve as a pretext to invade other countries.
The Total Information Awareness asks the whole population to become spies (Big Brother in the nth degree), while the Patriot Act undermines general civil liberties.
On the economic front, the author stresses the importance of oil and 1.3 billion Chinese consumers.
However, he sometimes formulates extremely important issues without developping them. One example: the policy that 'the world population must be reduced by as much as 4 billion people is secretly accepted and is being acted upon by world leaders.'
Nevertheless, this book is a goldmine for those who want to understand the 9/11 massacre. Michael C. Ruppert poses at the end the right questions: who are we really? And why are we here?
A must read.
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on 30 June 2017
I have glanced through this book and soon discover that many fundamental mysteries about 911 are not revealed. Just a few; No mention of Silverstein therefore no mention of the billions he made in insurance claims. No mention of WTC7 falling by "itself". No mention that the site in Shanksville where flight 93 was supposed to have crashed looked more like it had been produced by a missile. No mention that flight 93 was pulverised. No mention that there was no plane debris at the Pentagon site. No mention that the planes pretty much vanished into WTC 1 and 2. No mention that witnesses experienced explosions within the buildings before the planes struck. No mention that firms had been "working" in the buildings before the planes struck. No mention that buildings don't come down in freefall speed after catching fire or being hit by planes. No mention that some of the hijackers are still alive.
No mention of all the connections between the establishment and security firms.
It seems to have plenty of information about the CIA and drugs and fraud and prior knowledge in the financial markets but no mention of rockefeller or rothschilds. No mention of satanic secret societies such as CFR, the round table, skull and bones, 33rd degree masons, Bilderbergers. You cannot expose fraud in banking without talking about these firms. See Texe Marrs and Eustace Mullins.

It does mention that Odigo, an Israeli in messaging firm, had prior knowledge though.

I recommend Edward Hendrie and Christopher Bollyn for genuine account of the suppressed mysteries and coincidences surrounding 911.

As far as the oil reserves. See Walt Brown re endless reserves on the flat earth.
This books starts with a forward claiming that the author is a great and brave advocate for truth but there are many more revealing accounts of the deception in the establishment.
Further more I suggest he learns some flat earth evidence and reveals the deception by the scientific community because it seems to be a real hot potato for one reason or another! He should expose the fact that Darwin's theories of evolution have been hijacked and embraced by the establishment as false evidence of evolution. There is no fossil evidence proving progression of species and the geological evidence is that the was a great flood across the earth. (Walt Brown). In addition true science affirms that life and specifically DNA are far too complex to be the result of random inorganic events.
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on 8 February 2005
This is not another book out to bash Bush. Neither is it a conspiracy yarn about secret societies. Rather it is a comprehensive expose of the reasons behind the tragedy of 911 and the "war on terror", by a seasoned ex-LAPD investigator.
Michael Ruppert gathers a well-balanced set of intelligence data from a variety of resources and sets out in a clear and considered manner, the case agains the American Government: namely that they had prior knowledge of 911. He also engages the reader in interpreting the "war on terror" against the backdrop of diminishing oil reserves.
A truely blistering book, free from party-political motivations, that seeks to empower you and I - the public - with information and an overall perspective of the world we live in.
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on 18 July 2017
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on 26 January 2005
This book appeared in my Amazon recommendations and to be honest the 9/11 part of the story put me off. I thought "crank, money spinner coming up with wacky stories to get published". How very very wrong I was! What made me buy this book was the Economic story (I had just finished Globalization and its discontents by Joseph Stiglitz).
I've never wished to accept that 9/11 & Iraq was all down to oil. Mr. Ruppert touches on the American Public and their reluctance to believe that their country would do such things as detailed in this book. Being English I don't think a Labour Gov' would take UK soldiers to war over oil, surely WMD would be found in due time... well we know what happened their so I think all nationalities suffer from the "we don't do things like that" syndrome.
Please read this book, judge for yourselves and then pass it to your friends asking them to do the same. I tried to buy this from 2 of the national book retailers in the UK. One who's name begins with the letter B and the other with the letter W. Neither of them could get me it, in fact store B laughed when they noticed it was no longer available and suggested someone didn't like the content. Too right this is powerful stuff.
I finished the book this evening and nearly missed the last part tucked away at the back. Without spoiling the end I nearly screamed on the train when I read a certain set of memos regarding a particular incident that in the Caribbean in 1962. Mr Ruppert God bless you. I will be saving my money to afford a subscription to your website. You are not a crank and believe you to be an honest and trustworthy source, you will be receiving my congratulations on one of the best books I have ever read via your website.
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on 6 July 2005
As an American who has lived through some of the most trying times of the past century, I found Michael C. Ruppert's Crossing The Rubicon an amazing find.
Whether it is the Gulf of Tonkin "incident", the assination of JFK or the rigging of the 2000 American election, many Americans who disbelieve in official explanations, are called conspiracy therorists. Those who run this evil empire count on the relative ignorance of the American public and their narrow self-interest to buy their rubbish.
Michael Ruppert has the willingness, integrity and staff to look long and hard at the real facts. Peak Oil, and the geopolitics that flow from its increasing scarcity fan the flames of many decisions made in Washington. Ruppert has the resources to dissect facts and timelines in the areas surrounding the 9-11 attacks and expose the Cheny-Bush-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz cabal for what they are - The true terrorists.
It was also clear that Mr. Ruppert is not an idealogue. I don't even recall the mention of his political party affilitation, as it is unimportant. He is writing as an American. Ruppert is an investigator of the highest calaber who stops at nothing to uncover the truth. Please read this book!
A California resident
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on 15 March 2005
First off let me say this to the previous reviewer: The removal of the reader reviews from Amazon's US website was not some kind of conspiracy theory because it happened and I saw it first hand. The person who asked why the reviews had been removed did not state there was a conspiracy, they simply wanted to know why. This and problems getting the book published were all addressed in an article on the authors website. I suggest you have a look.
On to the book it's self.. Well if you have read the majority of the reviews you will see that most people think this book is groundbreaking and I couldn't agree more. I have finished the book now but frequently pick it back up and use it as a reference guide to remind me of names places and events. If only there were more awareness and availability of this publication. Unfortunately this doesn't happen by staying silent so I have made an effort to inform my friends of the books contents as I knew most of them would turn away at the thought of reading the full 600 pages themselves. However many were surprisingly interested and I am pleased to say one of them has now purchased his own copy.
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