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VINE VOICEon 28 August 2012
There are loads of tech reviews on this drive, mine is quick and simple.

My late 2008 Core2 Duo 15 inch MacBook Pro was becoming a little tired so I thought I'd freshen it up with an SSD now they are getting a bit better value. I don't need more than than the 256GB already in my machine, so that's what I purchased.

The result - blistering performance! Booting is now 50% quicker and apps like Firefox now appear before even one bounce of the icon on the task bar. Brilliant! Normally slower-to-launch apps are faster too - Photoshop is at 3x faster or more. Faster than my i7 iMac which is 3 years newer and has twice the RAM in fact.

If you are interested in the tech stuff with regard to the swap - I used SuperDuper (free to use for this job) to clone my old hard drive to an external USB drive, popped the drive bay, unscrewed the retaining screw and swapped the retaining pins from the old drive to the new one with a small Torx bit. I used SuperDuper to clone it back the other way and set it to be my boot drive. I also installed the TRIM enabler so that writes are managed properly to an SSD - important for the long term life of the drive. Easy!

If you've an older MacBook* that's getting tired this is a great way to get it feeling spritely again. Totally recommended.

*Just check compatibility on the Crucial website first - if your MacBook is older than mine it's certainly worth making sure; newer ones fitted with a traditional hard drive should be fine.
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VINE VOICEon 26 May 2012
Crucial havent skimped in the production of the M4 and it has been well reviewed for excellent performance and consistency between drives; and more importantly has good support from a solid company. I can't remember the last time I bought a mechanical hard disk and it came in a box. That is partly because the M4 comes with some accessories to help you on your way; first up a USB cable that turns your new / old drives into a USB (2) external disks and a CD that will help you migrate to the new drive. Instructions to install a new hard disk into your notebook are likely a quick google/bing search away. If you can use a screwdriver with a little bit of care you will be able to fit this to your computer. Though you may need some Torx screwdrivers if they aren't already in your toolkit if your manufacturer (as Apple do) use them somewhere.

I elected to do a completely fresh install; as I had the disks I required and generally you get a quicker machine from a fresh install. If that is too much Crucial do provide a transfer disk and others have reported it works just fine. The proof of the pudding is once its installed the SSD reduces application loading times on my mac to blinks of your eye and you can run more applications at once as you don't notice the time your computer used to spend writing memory to disk. The USB cable also powers my original hard drive so I still have access to the data thats on it when i need it; though i wouldn't use an unprotected disk outside of a 2.5 SATA TO USB CADDY. (Others are available.)
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on 4 August 2012
I ordered this product express delivery, arrived next day before noon. The usual excellent amazon service.
Th product itself, well packaged and simple instructions.
I installed into a mac mini (2011 i5 2.3 with 2GB ram).
The mac mini performance was really disappointing across the boar using a 5400rpm disk. Shut down and restart took around 2 minutes, when you click a menu, there would always be a slight delay, items like safari would bounce 4-5 times in the dock before loading, photoshop was around 10 bounces, using aperture would take 5-10 seconds to refresh when scrolling through the library (160gb library on local drive).
It took 8 minutes from start to finish to remove the old drive and replace with the SSD (going at a steady pace).
When I went to turn on and Install mountain lion from USB I was amazed, it took just over 6 minutes to complete a full install of the operating system from scratch! That blew my mind, it usually takes 30 minutes +.
Next, I went to install my files from time machine drive. It took 1 hour 5 mins (it took almost 4 hours with the 5400rpm drive). I am certain it would be faster if the drive dishing up the files was faster and not running over USB.

I have run the black magic disk tests a couple of times to check the speeds of the drives.
5400 rpm drive
Write speed 25MB/s
Read speed 35MB/s

Crucial M4
Write speed 256MB/s
Read speed 487MB/s

As you can see, the speeds are well in excess of 10 times faster, when you take into account the fact that "seek" times are almost non existent, it is nothing short of stunning.

I am very, very pleased with this, I would recommend to anyone to get an SSD drive as your main system disk. Even if you install a 64gb to run your OS and programs and put all your files on a second or external disk, you will still see amazing performance increases.

Extra ram will allow you to do more things and run more programs on your computer, but an SSD will make things just seem much snappier.

P.S. My mac mini now runs at around 10w power consumption (according to home power meter) as a result of installing this. It runs dead silent and is cool to the touch, not slightly warm making me think that the longevity of the system has been increased somewhat.

I will be getting another for my laptop very soon.
review image
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on 14 May 2012
This is a great product and has revitalised my increasingly sluggish computer. I'm running this on a SATA-II socket, so I'm not even using it to its full potential but it is still an evolutionary leap over my old HDDs. I can't comment yet on longevity or read/write failures as I've only had the product a short time, but the ease of install (windows 7 install disc detected it without issue), the speed with which the installation completed (I'm used to spending half a day installing windows, but this completed in ten or twenty minutes) and the subsequent boot times and read times are phenomenal. The transfer kit is a useful addition though I didn't need it in the end. I am thinking of using it to create an image of my clean install to save time in the future. Very good product from crucial, as is always the case in my experience.

UPDATE: This hard drive finally failed on December 2016... not quite five years lifetime, which is a little short. However, I can't go back to using a non SSD drive for my boot drive as the speed is simply incomporable. It's definitely worth taking an image of your drive when you first install it however, just to save pain later!
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on 14 April 2014
Having used Solid State (SSD) based laptops at work and home now could not go back to using a (noticeably slower) magnetic traditional drive based machine!

This Crucial drive was bought some time ago now- so I can vouch that it's been in regular use without any issues (running Windows 8 and 8.1) I would now opt to go for a 240 or 256 GB drive as these have come down in price, but at the time a 128 was both affordable and still large enough to have a reasonable amount of space.

Combine these drives with Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage service and you have a great way to have a high performance boot drive for key files + many GB's of additional online capacity (and have access to your files from any machine)
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on 19 July 2013
This was a replacement for Samsung i had to send back. The Samsung failed to be recognized on my top notch, best components gaming.

I took a chance on te Samsung because of one of Amazon great offers. Unfortunately it did not work for me,

Having already got the Crucial 256GB M4. I decided to go with what i know. Perfect it is awesome. Incredible OS loading times. And fabulous with Adobe Photoshop / Elements and a host of image editing software.

The 256GB M4 Crucial is working area for all my thousands of images. Flawless super fast image processing.
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on 21 August 2017
Died after 3.5 years. The original disk from my MBP is still going strong, 7 years later...
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on 9 May 2012
Bought this for OS and programs - I'm not disappointed so far.

Used Sean's SSD guide - [...] to optimise my OS - boot times and program loading is very quick, with Skyrim load screens flashing by.

I would heartily recommend this SSD and with prices dropping, it may be worth waiting a few weeks before purchasing (stock levels permitting!)
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on 24 August 2017
Crucial quality, solid reliability and fast.
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on 19 February 2016
Brilliant, easy to fit, but now too small for the present days Windows Operating System plus updates... buy at least a 128Gb model...
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