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Good story kept you guessing who the bad guy was one of the more classy video nasties
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on 13 December 2011
I've always been a fan of "Night School"(AKA Terror Eyes)although it does have its critics. I admit it does have some slower parts and it's obvious who the killer is,but in general, for me, this is another enjoyable and very decent slasher with some amusing bits too. The story is of a killer dressed in biker leather and helmet who is killing all the coeds and then decapitating them. Those who have seen the likes of "Strip Nude For Your Killer","What Have They Done To Your Daughters" and "Welcome To Spring Break" will know exactly what the killers disguise looks like. For a slasher the film boasts fairy high production values so the film is well made and contains some good nicely atmospheric sequences. There are some suspenseful scenes during the murders but the gore is quite low and none of the actual decapitations are shown, however, although mostly bloodless they're nicely nasty in tone. But to think that at one time this was a banned video nasty is just unbelievable. Hats off to the great censors for saving us from such disturbing images!

As for the DVD this is released as part of the Warners Archive Collection. This means they are made on demand on DVD R and seem to be quite pricey. I can honestly say the picture quality is fine and the art work same as any other DVD. It's the fact that apart from a trailer there are no extras which is a let down. But in conclusion I'm just happy to finally have this on DVD. 4.5 Stars.
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on 7 December 2011
Someone in bike leathers is cutting young ladies heads off.
Night School is a 1981 thriller from the director and Screenwriter Ken Hughes of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang fame. There's a genuine sense of menace to the giallo influenced stalking scenes. Interestingly a couple of the film's set pieces, one involving Rachel Ward being followed by a weirdo and an attack in a locker room seem to have influenced a pair of similar scenes in Argento's Tenebrae.
It's a much maligned film, often criticized for some wooden acting and lapses in logic. Personally, I think it's a stylish movie, best seen along with Eyes of Laura Mars. Dressed to Kill and Lipstick as an example of American giallo influnced mainstream thrillers rather than as an outright slasher. Night School is very violent, but not horror film graphic and it is also extremely mean spirited. I think the mean streak is the thing that put it on the Video Nasties list,
I've given Night School 5 stars, because I like it and because I was begining to suspect it would never be released in any form. The DVD picture quality is very good.
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on 19 June 2017
The filming technique is breathtaking. The plot of the film feels very close to reality. My brother and I watched it together. I like actor in supporting role. This film is a good one I've seen in recent years. The ending was unexpected.
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on 14 April 2014
Night School is an oddity. In one sense it is a slasher but in another the movie feels like a crime cop movie. Don't let the title misiniform you. This isn't a movie about a serial killer stalking a night school full of students. This is about a killer stalking students outside of school time, and the killer isn't just content with killing students.

British born Ken Hughes, yes he of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang fame is behind the lens, and Night School would prove to be his final movie. The movie feels like it's been directed by a vet. Ruth Avergon has wriiten a really good script and the production is super tight. Indeed it is odd again that this movie was actually part of the video nasties list- because this feels a little too intelligent to be hurled onto that list.

Gorehounds will feel disappointed- despite several decapitations there is little blood to be found- though leaving some scenes to the imagination is the oldest trick in the book, and on some occasions this does work well. We also get some nice on location footage of Boston in the 80s.

Brad Fiedel scores the music, and the soundtrack is terrific!! No wonder he would go on to legendary status with his music for The Terminator movies.

Leonard Mann and Rachel Ward lead the acting stakes and all is well. Though why Mann's onscreen wife is introduced to us only to disappear for the remainder of the film is strange.

To conclude I'll finish with my title, this movie is too good to be left on the archive system, which means that Warners now only produce these when they are asked for and on DVD R's. Don't worry too much, you get the box and original great covers and the picture quality is great. But it does feel bizarre to have a certain quality of film relegated to this status. However kudos to Warners, at least with this system we do get to own these movies.
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on 10 April 2015
Police begin investigating when several young women, who are studying at the same college, disappear and turn up dead.

Night School aka- Terror Eyes is a pretty standard stalk'n'slash from the 80's although it is surprisingly well made. Seasoned director Ken Hughes does his very best at getting a decent film from an average script, unlike some similar movies from the period he at least tries to build some suspense and create interesting characters, he actually is successful in the former but alas the script does defeat him with the latter. Despite its reputation as a video nasty the film isn't really all that gory, the playground roundabout scene is typical where you see threats and knife waving but no actual penetration of the weapon. Acting is OK, Leonard Mann as the lead cop is decent enough, Rachel Ward shows little of the promise she would soon deliver but is fine for this kind of picture and the rest of the cast do just about enough. The weakest points are what really hurt the film, the mystery is poor from fairly early on its obvious who the killer is (although the stuntman/extra they put in the leather outfit looks nothing like the actual killer) & the pace is very slow at times, possibly even too slow for some tastes, but things do improve towards the end and the climax is fun.

Well made little horror film that will keep most horror fans interested for the runtime, just don't expect Halloween and you won't be disappointed.
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on 30 March 2014
Arrived really prompt.Well before expected.Havent seen a nice print of this since its British cinema outing over 30yrs ago.The video I already own is a bit dark and murky.Good picture quality and Region free which was nice.Underated on its release, over the years it has become a bit of a cult slasher .Its suspenseful without having to rely on gore or excessive bloodshed.Rachel Ward is simply stunning in it even though her acting isn't brilliant but not as bad as made out.Looking at it now its fairly obvious who the killer is but back at the cinema I never had a clue until the final reveal! If you like retro slashers from the golden days you shouldn't be disappointed with "NIGHTSCHOOL"/"TERROR EYES".Enjoy and unpleasant dreams!
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on 15 May 2016
Someone is killing off the female students who are taking night classes at a local college.

Each victim is decapitated and has her head thrown into the nearest body of water for some unknown reason.

The detectives working the case discover a connection between the victims and a certain professor at the college, which makes him their prime suspect in the killings.

Is the professor really responsible for the murders or is someone else to blame.........

Regarded as one of the notorious video nasties here in the U.K. for a number of years, Night School isn't just your average run of the mill stalk n' slasher set in a school, it's actually quite a compelling whodunnit.

It's only weak link is the fact that the red herring may as well be wearing a jacket saying 'hey audience!! it's not me!!'.

Anyone with a knowledge of horror, especially the wonderful eighties horror movement will know that the prime suspect in this is certainly not the antagonist, even more so when he appears to be less than bothered when his students are literally losing their heads.

But then there's no one else whom really appears suspect, until one of the characters starts to act just that little bit too strange. And the makers must have thought we would have been duped with the Professer hook, line, and sinker at this time.

Most of the characters have some sort of ulterior motive against someone else, and for some reason, the Dean decides to take a huge offence to the professor just when she becomes more amorous toward another student.

There are moments of great tension though. The opening kill where the killer teases their victim is pretty sadistic, and another scene, set in a kitchen with just the owner looking for something, is really nerve wracking, and it's obvious that the Final Destination franchise borrowed this particular scene on many occasion.

The final act lets the film down a little, as it's pretty clear during one scene earlier who the killer is, and what their motivation is.

So all in all, if your a fan of the eighties slasher movement, it's a must, there are some pretty tense moments in the film, and it's very well acted, especially from Ward and that bloke who gets shot at the beginning of Commando putting his bins out.

But it's the final scene, where the detectives partner dresses up as the killer and hides in the back of his car, that just gives the film the cult following it has today.

It's hilarious, and just mocks the previous ninety minutes.

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on 7 June 2015
This is not really a slasher film. It is more like a 1970's/early 1980's police procedural/cop show pilot. I think the writer or whoever came up with the idea ripped off Massimo Dallamano's "What Have They Done to Your Daughters", but it is nowhere near as good. Also, why is it called "Night School"?? It is based around an all girls college where the teachers all seem to be having sexual relations with the students. There is even a lesbian scene. If i raised your interest, forget it, as with this film there is no real exploitation, its all very tame and you see very little. There is zero nudity. The problem is the style of the film, which is more like a TV cop show pilot rather than theatrical feature film. Its all very basic and cheap. There is no gore. The killing scenes are effective but you see very little. Its easy to predict the killer miles in advance. All the actors are wooden. It sounds like there is very little going for it, but I wouldn't go that far, its just very very formulaic, cheap, and TV-ish. Why oh why this was ever considered a "video nasty" is a question for the ages.
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on 7 June 2015
Night School a.k.a Terror Eyes(?). Region free
DVD, U.S R-rated. 1980. The picture quality's excellent,
1.85:1 no black bars. Horror with a killer decapitating students.
Slow paced but well made, some gore but could easily get
released uncut in the U.K. Look out for the oddball shower
scene, pretty funny. Ward kept reminding me of the guy
from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Apparently the U.K version
was cut & this U.S print is meant to be uncut. Extras: trailer.
Run time: 1hr 28min 26secs. LAMPLIGHT RESTAURANT/HOCKEY MASK
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