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on 2 July 2017
I bought this to replace a previous Tassimo which I have had and used every day for over 3 years . Thought it was time for a wee upgrade and this one doesn't need a water filter (so cheaper to run ) and it has bigger tank so needs less re filling looks good on my woorkstop alongside a new pod holder which I decided to buy along with new machine (see photo)
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on 17 June 2014
I had very serious doubts that any drinks machine could ever produce beverages matching the quality of those made "properly", either at home or in a coffee bar. How wrong you can be sometimes.
Whilst the pods do cost you around 40-50 pence each (when not on offer at the supermarkets), there's no denying that it is difficult to tell the difference between an in-house Costa Americano and an in-home Tassimo Costa Americano. Yes, really!
Although I haven't tried the whole range of Tassimo-compatible drinks, I can vouch that the Cadburys hot chocolate, Costa Latte, Americano and Cappucino all make the grade.
The machine itself is easy to operate and less of a chore to clean than any percolator. Just ensure you run some descaling tablets through on a regular basis and it shouldn't give you any bother.
If you are serious about your coffee (and hot choc), then this is a tasty investment.
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on 12 June 2016
This is a great coffee maker. It is used probably 20 times a day and makes perfect Americano.

I purchased this machine on 20th December 2015 and have had it now for six months and it has made perfect coffee for all that time. However today it stopped working with an internal grinding noise like cogs were not connecting properly. I phoned Bosch and got through to their service department really quickly. The guy on the phone was amazing - he told me that there was a two year warranty on the machine and that it needed to be returned to their base in Milton Keynes for repair at zero cost to me, he added if they cannot repair it then they will replace it. He guided me through their website to a page with a free return label.to be printed and gave me a return number.

I was expecting to have to throw it away as we hadn't registered our purchase with them and when I told him this he was horrified. I asked how long should they last and he replied 'indefinitely' they rarely have any problems with this machine.

What exceptional service Bosch offers! so unlike many manufacturers.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 April 2016
I bought this as a present for a friend who always got very keen about having coffee from my machine when visiting. Interesting to see how the styling has moved on during the two years but it is as easy to use and produces just as great drinks as my old machine. She was very excited to receive this present and says it has made getting up in the morning that much more pleasurable as she has an excellent coffee to look forward to within moments of coming downstairs.
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on 23 October 2016
Fabulous little coffee maker, my second from Tassimo. Pods easy to obtain. Great coffee. Easy to use. *****
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on 23 October 2016
 I purchased this Bosch Tassimo TAS2002GB machine just a few days ago, and I am extremely happy with my purchase. Clean up is easy, it's easy and simple to use and the water tank sits neatly at the back and is also easy to refill.
I give this machine 5 stars just because of how satisfied with it I am. However, if you are extremely impatient then do watch out, as it takes about 1.5-2 minutes to fill up a glass. But that doesn't bother me.
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on 14 May 2016
Excellent product, well designed, worth the money! Try, however, to get it on an offer (which happens quite regularly)! Good range of T-pods available too! Buy de-scaling pods with the machine, as I needed mine within 6 months! Strips down very easy for cleaning! If you want to make your own tea (not pods), you need to buy a special pod! To fit this pod, you need to view YouTube to discover how to do it!
The user instruction that accompany the machine, is not particularly helpful and, in particular, is useless when coming to de-scale, it keeps referring you to 'de-scaling' and there are no instructions in the guide for that!
I love my machine and rate it highly!
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on 17 February 2016
this coffee machine isn't really much of a coffee machine.
it is convenient, yes, but expensive at on average £1 a drink (two capsules are needed) especially considering that the drinks are a mere 200ml.

the hot capsules burn your hand when you take them out of the machine, and the coffee smells as if it is burning.

there is not enough product for a good drink, and i had bought it intending to use it to take on the way to work in a flask, but to get enough to fill a flask, I would have to use approx. £6 worth of capsules.

the technology is clever and it is an aesthetically pleasing machine, but it is far more convenient and not much more expensive to get your daily morning coffee from a Starbucks or a Costa. It also tastes far nicer!

To top it off, the machine was broken when it arrived as the top of the water holder was snapped and cracked. This is likely to have happened in transit and so probably is not the fault of the company
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on 12 May 2014
Price was good, delivery time better than i was told (it arrived two days before date i was given), the product, smart does all it says, but there is but.

My wife and i use proper coffee cups, we have raised the cup stand and all worked well, but after about 8 cups it does not fill them up as much as i would like. The first few cups just to put a wee drop of milk in (not much i prefer coffee dark or black) i used to have to sip a couple of spoonfuls out, but now we have had around 80 cups out of it, and i can just put milk straight in.

I clean it after every use, with a damp cloth, wipe it with kitchen roll, including the bar code reader, and nozzle, so i don't know why its not filling cups a bit more. The heat, its not that hot you cant drink it, you can drink it straight away, so on that score I'm a bit disappointed, i like my drink HOT. I was told the reason cups do not fill is because it probably want descaling, manufacture says to do that when you have had 400 cups, will not be happy if this is the reason after about only 80 cups. We have one cup each a day, after our evening meal so its not over used, and always cleaned and washed after use. But overall it delivers a nice coffee, (we only have Americano) and it tastes nice, but would like my cup to be full and not have to top up the cup with milk or a splash of hot water. but we can live with it as i say it gives a nice drink.
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on 3 May 2015
Had this item a couple of years now, took me a good read of the instructions to 'get it' but really Its so easy, I hate gadgets that are fiddly to wash, but this is no trouble at all, fits our big mugs on the plate.
The only thing I will point out it to make sure you've got the top part open properly when you put the 'pod' in and theres a knack to closing it properly too, be gentle and you'll get it.
We like the Costa Americano best and for good value, but the Caramel latte is a lovely treat.
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