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on 3 September 2012
setup was easy. The Genie software it downloaded during installation makes set-up even simpler.
the unit is quite large as the clear plastic stand cannot be removed to allow horizontal use (got the 6 screws out but found this actually removes the base of the unit so replaced quickly!)it must be used in the vertical position on its stand.

Purchased this to replace our BT HomeHub3 which is connected to BT Infinity (FTTC). With the standard BT Hub, Ethernet connections always reached around 74-75Mbps and this remains true with the new Netgear N900. However it was the wifi that always disappointed on the BThomehub3 with periodic drop-outs and reduced speeds.
Within 30mins of unpacking the Netgear we were running several connections at full 74-75Mbps on both Ethernet and 5.0Ghz wifi (this speed must be the limit of our connection, but great to finally get same maximum speed over wifi as Ethernet). so, very happy with the speed boost. Only time will tell if it is a stable connection, but first impressions are very impressive.
Even older devices using its parallel 2.4ghz wifi are running much faster than they used to on the BThomehub.
A recommended upgrade.
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on 29 November 2012
I bought this product for my family's use as it appeared to cater for heavy-use homes, and promoted itself as easy to install. Also, other reviewers (not necessarily just here on Amazon) rated it for having a long effective range, especially at 2.4G. So far I've found all of these things to be completely true. There's been a noticeable improvement in wireless speeds around the house, even in a room that's several meters and a couple of walls away. Regarding the set up, well none of us are tech experts so we simply followed the instructions that came out of the box without customising the settings in any way. It was up and running no problem. Now it routes all our wired and wireless gadgets (ranging from printers to games consoles, computers, phones... you name it) with ease. We haven't used the 5G band yet so can't comment on that but it's definitely done all that we wanted it to.
Some people have given this item a low rating because it doesn't have a modem in it. Well we already had a cable modem from our internet providers so this was just what we wanted. Well worth the money.
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on 14 May 2012
Absolutely fantastic product. I use this with BT infinity (now 80/20!) instead of the home hub and speeds have increased across the network to all computers. Transferring data wirelessly to the network hard drive has also doubled in speed. Rock solid stability and a good user interface - although not 100% compatible with ios devices, but good enough for most functionality.
Would definitely recommend if you hate the home hub!
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on 3 July 2012
I bought this router after upgrading to BT Infinity service.

This router is easy to setup and tick all the boxes but one (no VPN support).

Please do ignore negative reviews of people who did not understand this is not a ADSL router but this requires an Ethernet cable connection to the Internet.
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on 2 May 2012
It was pretty to set up (note: I am a techie) and seems to be pretty reliable so far. I can't say how fast it is compared to the previous router as I upgrade router and broadband connection at the same time. *Note* This router works with fibre (FTTC) or cable broadband (*not* ASDL). It requires a separate modem box, which should be provided by your ISP.
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on 31 July 2012
As a replacement for the standard BT Home Hub 3 it is a massive improvement. I've have mine hooked up to the BT Infinity 2 modem and it works like a charm. No down time yet, and provides a stready internet connection to all my cabled and wireless devices. Recommended.
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on 15 November 2011
for me the combination of the DLNA service and the USB to power my SSD hard disk make this a must have router, a its very easy to setup; I had the thing setup within 20 minutes from getting the box delivered and I'm disabled
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on 2 September 2012
First thing I noticed about the router was how big it was, it's more than twice as big as my DG834GT Router/Modem, yet it was light in weight. The next thing I notice was the non detachable clear plastic stand which appears to be grafted the underside of the unit, forcing you to position it in an upright state. However if you are able to place it on the edge of a table or shelf it could be positioned horizontally.

Set up was a sinch, the GUI was very straight forward and setting up multiple wireless networks was very easy. I bought this to be used with BT Infinity which should be installed in a few weeks, so in the meantime I have this connected to my DG834GT which is set as modem only. Setting that up was more troublesome, however after about 30min I was able to get it working. My online speed seems to have improved by about 7%, not sure how because the sync speed of the modem hasn't changed.

Wireless range is a bit hit and miss, the modem is in the bedroom directly above the PC and I only have 2 bars on the wireless network strength meter however if I go next door I get 3 bars on the laptop, only when I'm in the same room do it get a full 5 bars and that is on 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz has less penetrative power so is weaker and is non existent in next door's rear kitchen (5m at most) where the DG834GT Router/Modem has 3 bars. There is no option to add an external hi-gain antenna so the range can't be improved.

The LED's are quite bright at night which are amplified by the clear plastic stand and there is no way to dim them through the setup screen.

Pro's Great GUI an easy setup, great features like guest network which I use for my friend next door.
Cons: Big, build quality seems flimsy and light. Wireless range not as good as my older router. Non dimmable LED's if router is used in a bedroom. No option to add an external hi-gain antenna.

For the above reasons I'm returning the unit and ordered a ASUS RT-N66U - 900Mbps Dual Band Wireless N Router, Gigabit LAN/WAN, 2x USB, Print FTP UPnP VPN Server, IPv6, 8x SSID, Wireless 3D HD content streaming, 3 Year Warranty which according to many reviews will give me what I'm looking for.
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on 10 May 2014
Let me first put in to context the type of purchaser I am, I never ever write a comment about anything I buy good or bad. However this product has just frustrated and annoyed me so much that I feel everyone must be warned.

I have been a purchaser of Netgear products for well over 10 years I bought this item with confidence as I needed more powerful Wi-Fi around the house and as I have a lot of tech the dual band suited me as I could move some of my tech away from the congested 2.4Ghz band. Plus as where I live we are getting Fibre Broadband and it would be compatible with this as and when it reached me, future proofing I thought.

I connected this to my existing modem and used it as a Wi-Fi access point these can be daisy chained together using Wi fi if you need to extend them further (I have a large house with thick walls) and this suited me. At first it worked great I was very happy, however after about nine months if started to play up but I was able to reboot and all was fine. Finally after 15 months I have just had the blinking light of death. I cannot gain access to the router complete failure.

I have read other peoples issues with this router and calls they have made to premium rate numbers and large bills to be told it has failed. I have therefore decided to save the money on the calls and put it to another manufactures product. Netgear you have lost my confidence and another customer!

My recommendation to avoid as it is too expensive to be going wrong after 15 months.
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on 19 February 2013
I bought the Netgear N900 WNDR4500 to upgrade my struggling wireless G ADSL Router. I wanted simultaneous dual band wireless and 1000 Mb LAN connections to improve media streaming for a number of devices I have around the house and from my Netgear ReadyNAS Duo. I could not find a device with a built-in ADSL modem that ticked all the boxes so I opted to pair the Netgear N900 with a TP-Link TD8817 ADSL modem/router.

This combination is working well. I have dramatically improved network performance around the house, although the range is less than my old wireless G router.

Setup was a little tortuous as the Netgear could not detect the internet connection through the modem when I first setup the latter so I had to manually make the necessary changes before it worked. I later discovered a very simple method whereby the built in Netgear connection wizard detected the connection and all I had to do was enter my ISP user name and password. I was then directed to register the device and download a Netgear Genie which sits on my OSX taskbar and monitors the Router. Netgear are to be congratulated for making the setup task (potentially) so painless, clearly this is something they take very seriously and ask for feedback about the whole experience as part of registration. I have set up other Netgear routers recently and their user-friendliness philosophy appears across the range, which is why I tend to prefer Netgear products.

I was struck at just how straightforward this process could be. The Netgear has a strikingly clear interface in the event that setup changes are necessary. They have an icon based basic setup with advanced tabs for more elaborate settings. The TP-Link modem looked far more complicated in comparison.

Wireless range in the 5GHz spectrum is a lot less than my old modem so I cannot connect in parts of my house where I previously had no problems. In range (7m through a wall) connection speeds are very good with no problems streaming video from one wireless device to another

Wireless range in the 2.4GHz spectrum is a little less, around 90% of the range of my old wireless G router which could manage 12-15m through three walls and a floor. I have found that other wireless N devices, including things like the Fritzbox generally do not reach as far as my old wireless G devices so I do not think the Netgear is below par in this respect.

I can thoroughly recommend the Netgear N900 WNDR4500.

I found two different ways to set up the TP-Link/Netgear combination so if you are interested read on:

Method 1 - the hard way:
I disabled DHCP and changed the subnet of the TP-Link to with the Netgear left at The Netgear automatic genie could not find the internet connection so I had to do a manual setup. In the Netgear router I left DHCP on, set the "no login required" button and set the internet static IP address to (the 100 could be any free number in the range that you like), IP subnet mask, Gateway IP Address (that of the modem's) and Primary DNS Server

This worked but I had two hardware firewalls between me and the Web. I have a number of devices which I access from outside my network but I could not work out the two sets of port forwarding settings in order to reach these. I could get out from the Router, but not back through the modem. I'm sure it's possible but I could not work it out.

On the other hand, I could login to the TP-Link using in a browser to see what was happening and make any changes.

Method 2 - the easy way.

Set up the modem as instructed by TP-Link to ensure it can connect to the internet. Then undo all the good work by setting the modem to Bridge Mode: leaving the Netgear Router to do all the clever stuff. Forget all about PPPoA and PPPoE - don't worry that the router only has PPPoE and you want PPPoA, really just pretend it isn't an issue. I connected the Netgear (which does not have PPPoA), the setup genie instantly detected my internet connection, asked for my login credentials and then connected me to my PPPoA ISP. It was that easy. It took me over two days to find out that I could have done this in two minutes.

Having done this, I cannot login to the TP-Link via a web browser, I would have to hard-wire it and change my computer's subnet to the 192.169.0.xxx range.
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