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on 9 April 2011
Wow, so good to see the good get even better!

I really enjoyed reading the previous two books in this series and would recommend that you read them first to fully appreciate the evolution of their storytelling and the life and loves of Mark, the central character, although this book stands up as a gripping tale (& more!) in its own right. To use the term 'character' for Mark is really too flat because Nick Alexander has brought his 'characters' to life as real people you care about, are interested in and confused by like those in our own lives.

There is so much humour, poignancy and depth here. It's so well written that the depth isn't clumsily worthy and, if that really isn't your thing, the adventure will engage and grip you anyway. For me it's a delight (I always end up overusing that word with Nick's books) to get it all, woven like rich music that touches, saddens and gladdens the heart without being pious or pretentious pomp. For me and, I hope, for others, the meaning(s) of quality strike at the heart of lives today, way beyond the outer notion of self sufficiency and (unfortunately, for me, banal) TV 'The Good Life'. It's to do with our relationship with ourselves, others, the world - challenging, nourishing food for thought. That's there if you want it - a subtle, rare gem within the rich tapestry of the story.

There is some detail that isn't revealed in the story which frustrated me a little yet, paradoxically, also seemed right given that what was more important, something of what had been hidden within Tom, Mark's partner is. As in real life, some of the pieces in the jigsaw that make him who he is fall into place but, again, like real life, that doesn't mean a definitive conclusion...

Nick Alexander has broadened the genre that was pretty much exclusively Armistead Maupin's. He brings his own unique talents to his books. They have touching humanity and humour, like those of Maupin, mystery, coincidences too yet more closely recognisable, perhaps truer to our own (British/European?) lives with the willingness for things to be less neat. Anyhow - no need for the books to compete - I enjoy the writing of both authors.

Some dark events in the book are more extreme than in the previous ones but, paradoxically, not necessarily less true to life as I experienced something scary, not totally dissimilar in France back in 1978.

There are descriptions of gay sex that might not be to the taste of some, just as such descriptions of straight sex might be to me but it isn't gratuitous and, yet again, I hope this book will reach an wide audience that includes gay men but also extends far beyond - it certainly deserves it.

PS Yet again, scandalously inexpensive - I enjoyed this book so much that I feel as if I want to buy another copy!
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on 22 May 2011
This is the third book in the "50 Reasons" series where we continue with the loves and life of the main character Mark. Again, an amazing read which I couldn't put down. I've read all 5 of the book in this series now and Mark is like a real person to me, such is the vivid characterisation of Nick Alexander's writing. Throughly enjoyable and recommended.
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on 25 January 2011
having read the first two books in the series i couldnt wait to read this, and i wasnt disapointed. It was an excellent read, and kept me hooked all the way through! I am definately going to purchase all nick alexander books!
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on 8 January 2014
Book three in Nick Alexander's 50 Reasons series starts on a high.. with Mark finally having got it together with Tom and them setting off for a long summer holiday together in a VW camper van, to Italy.

Having trouble finding space on a campsite one night, they are directed to an off the beaten track farm by an Italian policeman. Tom falls quickly under the spell of its 'off the beaten track' owner Dante, and the alternative 'opt out' lifestyle that he and the farm represent.

As Tom becomes ever more seduced by Dante's idea that to live off the land is the true benchmark of quality of life, Mark begins to have doubts and worries about their relationship, and more sinister misgivings about Dante's seeming control of Tom.

As always in this series, it is Mark's internal worries, insecurities and feelings that add real depth to the, at times, gripping action of the plot here. We can all relate to these in our own lives and our own relationships with others. Thrown in for good measure is a philosphical debate about what makes us happy in the modern day 'rat race' world.

This all leads then to a very well balanced novel, which tends to be a very rare thing indeed in the genre of modern gay literature. Having become totally enthralled by the charcters of Mark and now Tom, I am already beginning to worry about only having two more books to go in the series. What will I do when I have finished them!?
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on 2 June 2011
This book did get me more involved with Mark and Tom's relationship, just willing them to get out of the situation they got it, and it had me on the edge of my seat with every page turn. Even when I read the 5th book I was still expecting the guy from the farm to just appear. Such a brilliant book, have got the last 2 ready to read in my kindle app.
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on 5 January 2013
This series was a bit of an eye opener for me, and I would recommend that people read the whole series. Although patronage series, each book is complete, making the reading journey even more beautiful.

This series opened up my eyes as to how difficult it might be for gay men to have loving monogamous relationships. Before these books, based on other M/M romances I had read, I thought all it took was ' one look'. Book 1 is a bit disjointed in that it took me a while to realise I was reading about the same person still, but this scene setting is important and necessary for the complete appreciation of the overall story. Loved these!
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on 30 December 2012
After reading and thoroughly enjoying the first two books in this series I was really looking forward to starting to read Good Thing, Bad Thing and I wasn't disappointed!
This book continues the story of Mark and Tom and we follow them on holiday to Italy. Once again Nick Alexander's use of language and his style of writing creates a book that draws you in and makes it impossible to put down until it's read! The story is a clever mix of every-day living, emotions, relationships and intrigue.
I have loved Nick Alexanders' books so far and am sure I will continue to do so- and you will too!!
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on 8 September 2012
You HAVE to read ALL of the 50 Reasons series of books.

The adventures, twists and turns in Mark's life will have you laughing, crying, shouting don't do it, shouting do it! lol & sighing with a warm feeling inside.

I've now read them all twice (yes they are that good!) and each time I get to the end it is so bitter sweet because I want them to go on and on. I'm sure I'll be venturing into them for a third time when I get bored with what I'm reading.

I promise you will enjoy these books immensely.
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on 2 November 2011
Let me declare up front that I am now a Nick Alexander fan. I've only recently discovered his books and I'm hooked.

I actually read this a few weeks ago and didn't realise I'd not done a review. And it's so good, I just had to add my opinion. I certainly can't add anything meaningful to the excellent reviews already on here other than to echo their 5-star rating. I can heartily recommend you to get the book - and the whole series.
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on 17 December 2013
I loved the first two books. A lot of Mark's life I can identify with and there's a lot I don't have but would like. This one gets off to quite a scary start. Mark on holiday in Italy with Tom. A crazy farmer and policeman. Lots of complications! Has Mark finally found his life's partner in Tom? You'll have to buy and read to find out.

Excellent continuation of the story. The story and the style keeps me hooked.
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