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on 2 September 2017
Works well and is a cinch to put on even our nervous pooch but when the dogs are let loose to run free the leg cushions pick up pieces of grass which are very difficult to remove and some of which are needle sharp. The cushioned leg straps would have best been fitted with some sort of vinyl covering so that these grass shards wouldn't stick. The other issue is that the variable length leg straps hang down quite loosely once the harness is tightened and the metal ring bounces all over the dog when off lead. We use a carabiner to minimise the discomfort but some sort of fastening at production level would be nice to see.
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on 21 September 2017
I bought this for my Jackapoo and it fits nicely. Thought I might have trouble with putting it on but he was quite happy to wear it and he walked lovely in it, no pulling. So all in all very pleased. It is nice and soft round the top of his front legs so no chafing and it seems to keep him under control with any effort on my part. Having 2 dogs to walk at the same time it keeps him in line with the other one, who has never pulled, so they walk together now very nicely. Hope it stays this way. early doors as they say.
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on 14 March 2018
It works on my Wheaten Terrier! She is one year old and has pulled on her collar until she’s choked and been sick. I’ve tried other harnesses but they have been poor quality and one very popular brand with a 9 in the title was returned 2 times as too big around the chest despite reducing the size and frankly a bit cumbersome. This is light washable and immediately stopped her pulling. I’m still sceptical but remain amazed.
Time will tell if it’s a long term solution. At the cheap price I’ve nothing to lose. I also got the Halti lead as recommended and the duo works a treat. Don’t use a flexi lead on a pulling dog. It’s painful for everyone.
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on 20 June 2016
This harness is very good for dogs that pull.We have had them for several years with our 2 older lab/collie crosses and it transformed the walking experience from a mad drag through the fields to something resembling a controlled walk.The harness is soft with extra fleece padding to stop rubbing under the legs and is easy to get on and off.However I wouldn't recommend these for puppies/young dogs who chew.The harness connects to the lead via a cord above the dogs shoulders so once he gets fed up with being controlled he whips his head around ,grabs the cord and chews.As it is only soft material it doesn't withstand sharp teeth! Our latest addition (mad labradoodle 4mths) has got through 2 of them in the last 3 weeks so we'll have to wait a bit before we get another.
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on 30 June 2017
I was very sceptical about any harness stopping my determined bundle of energy from pulling me along. This has changed our walks from a battle to a pleasure. I did reinforce with stop go training and now she gets excited when the harness comes out as that means walks and I no longer have my shoulder pulled out of its socket. I bought small for my cocker spaniel cross and it fits lovey
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on 18 April 2015
I had a Border Collie for nearly 11 years and had him since he was about 6 weeks old. On our walks, I was used to him pulling me and regardless what I tried, he always did it.
Sadly, he died last June through complications but I got my latest collie 3 weeks later. He was a wee bit older when we got him and has not long turned a year old.
He was the same, pulling as if he was possessed like her in the exorcist with the head spinning if I tried to tell him to stop it.
Someone told me about what I got today and I thought it was all rubbish and wouldn't work.
It is a non- pull harness and fits under his legs and over back of his neck and is all padded. Took me a few mins of working where it all went, but off we went anyway.
As soon as we reached the gate he looked at me as if to say, what is this on me and started his usual 3 min mile run with me hanging on!
Wrong! Within about 20 seconds, he was walking like a different dog! No pulling, no nothing, behaving as if he was at crufts!
I tried him first with a 6 foot lead I have and then the 5 metres extendable one. Never pulled on either, in fact, I was the one that was usually in front and not him!
It was a joy to walk him for miles and makes a difference from get my shoulder sorted every month by the local doctor!..only kidding 😀
Best money I have ever spent. So all you dog lovers out there that are going through the same as I was, get one of these and you can actually hold onto the lead handle with just one finger instead of two hands! 😀
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on 29 December 2015
My boarder collie tried his very best to rip my arm off every time we left the house
Making the pleasure of the daily stroll a very unpleasant task
With his head down and got to get where we are going at any cost made outings a nightmare
So when I read the reviews on the none pull harness I thought it's worth a try
With some misgivings we set off for the daily try and brake my arm
But wait is this the same dog no pulling no head down for the first time in 4 years I can honestly say it was a pleasure to walk my dog down the street
I would heartily recommend this harness to anyone who will Liston
Thank you a very greatful dog owner
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on 20 September 2015
I ordered 2 on these on Saturday and paid for next day delivery expecting them to arrive on the Monday imagine my surprise when the courier was knocking on my door at 9.30am Sunday morning! Excellent service. We have 2 dogs, a Staffie and a Bitza ( bitza this and bitza that) both pull like mad, sometimes it's so bad it's embarrassing. lovely well behaved and obedient dogs at home, walk to heel nicely in the garden, outside it's a different story. Anyway we thought we would give these harnesses a go. Took them for their first outing wearing these harnesses and it's like 2 different dogs! They still won't walk to heel outside of the garden, and they both still like to be at the extent of their leads so there is a very slight pull but it was a pleasure instead of a fight. Good for us and it must surely be better for the dogs too. Can highly recommend this product.
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on 14 January 2016
I decided to purchase this item after reading the reviews and especially one from a cocker spaniel owner as I have a 5 month old cocker and he pulls like a steam train, the bigger he gets the harder it is to walk him. The harness arrived very quickly and in turn was very quickly put on my dog. What a difference, no more heavy pulling whereby your arm doesn't feel like it's leaving it's socket. No more jumping up and biting the lead, he is a delight to walk and I think he is getting a better walk from this too. I am one very, very happy harness (and dog) owner. I did buy the small harness as he is only a puppy and it does fit well, but I will purchase the medium once he has outgrown the small, well maybe before he outgrows it. Cannot recommend enough.
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on 7 April 2018
3 month cocker spaniel which pulled on the lead to the extent that it was nearly choking itself. Walks no fun for dog or owner. He’s been out for 3 days now with the harness and a complete transformation. Pulling minimal (and with less force), happily walks by my side. Will definitely get a larger version when he grows out of the small one (although plenty of growing room in the small version). Took one star off because it’s a bit of a faff getting the harness over an excited pup’s head and getting the correct loops over his legs, but worth it for the results.
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