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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 22 December 2012
With all the talk about counterfeit PS3 controllers, I have been wondering if I would fall victim to the false selling of official controller.

I've been scouring the internet looking into why my "new" and "official" pad takes such a long time to sync with my ps3 and I thought oh maybe its to do with the first time connection via usb but sadly this isn't the case.

To anyone purchasing a PS3 controller, counterfeit pads look nearly identical and since Sony like to mess with pad model numbers across the globe its increasingly difficult to just base your investigation on that alone since some people may source abroad and sell here for a profit.

Major flaw with the fake controller is firstly it does not sync instantly with the PS3 (I use PS3 slim) I've got four pads inclusive of this counterfeit pad, ran a test on all four my old 3 pads all sync with one or two blinks pad 1 synced but with the final "new official black controller" it blinks once twice then it goes solid for a second or two which is very different behaviour from the other 3 pads.

Lastly from the box to the serial they differ with pad serial stating A1 and the box doesn't state A1 which I have odd and alignment issue with the printing of START on the pad the S is over the button where as the other 3 pads the T is aligned over the button. One last thing is the manual is printed on a A4 piece of paper folded by hand it seems as its all jagged which didn't match up to any of my sony manuals which are machine folded nice and neat.

Here are countries serials, also Sony have been releasing newer pads with A1/B1 lately

E Europe
H Hong Kong
HK Hong Kong
J Japan
K Korea
R Russia
T Taiwan
U United States

Hope this helps anyone who gets a new pad

EDIT: 24th December

I have made a further purchase but paying additional £2 from Amazon instead of the 3rd party seller.

If anyone is interested in one more tip to discovering a counterfeit pad, then look no further to the pad L1, L2, R1, R2 buttons, I have taken a look at my four official pads which includes the latest purchase the indentation of the L1, L2, R1, R2 is very clean and deep but on the counterfeit pad its not deep and as clean as the official pads.

Please take a look at the photos I've posted where you can see the counterfeit and genuine packages along with the difference in manuals

Hope this helps further, I've raised a complaint with Amazon regarding the counterfeit controllers so hopefully they will be able to help us on this matter.

EDIT: 4th Jan 2013
Last extra piece of information for those looking for instant verification regarding fake pads! Look at the sony computer entertainment logo, always in a golden colour! but the fake packaging is in this barcode black and white.

Happy New Year all! Lets hope Amazon remove these fake pads if they are shipping for the 3rd party (marketplace) armed with the information.
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on 10 May 2014
I recently received a Dualshock 3 as a birthday present, the controller I received turned out to be a counterfeit and was bought from Purchase Direct. The counterfeit is extremely convincing and I had to open the controller to confirm that it is definitely fake, make sure you look at the photos on the Amazon page of this product, there is one of the rear of the controller that identifies the fake controller. If yours is like that, then yours is fake!

Amazon have been great at dealing with it and are going to provide a full refund and, upon investigation, stop Purchase Direct from selling on Amazon
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on 29 March 2012
Firstly, I'm not saying all sold on Amazon are fake. If you buy DIRECT FROM AMAZON chances are your item will be genuine, otherwise, I wouldn't trust any other seller.
I, like many others in the reviews on here have been hood-winked into buying an Official Sony product that turns out to be a cheap fake replica from Asia (I'm aware the genuine items are also made there).

When you receive your product, check the packaging- Sony now use a black cardboard angular box with a clear from window, or a blue cardboard box.

I think the US design may now be in what's sometimes called a 'blister pack' style, plastic formed over the pads shape, with card surrounding it.

Check the model number/serial number and the barcode to the Official controller you got with the system.
As far as I'm aware I've had numerous official pads that use either the serial number (CECHZC2U) which has a very smooth surface to the plastic, or the newest version I bought in the cardboard pack I photographed (CECHZC2E) which has a noticeable rougher 'matte' surface.

ALSO compare the printed silver 'SONY' stamped logo on the centre of the controller, and the Dualshock 3 blue logo on the top-right side of the controller, next to the USB connector.

Finally, some people have had problems with the fakes not charging, or only working when plugged in via USB.
If you think your product is fake, return it and REPORT the seller!!

People buy these fakes in bulk, to sell on at a profit, on sites such as Amazon and Especially eBay!!
The Official items come in various colours, I've seen the fakes sold in White (which mine was) Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow.

I've not seen a fake pad in the Jungle Green colour (I had an official pad with a Killzone 3 Boxset)
or in the transparent Cosmic Blue & Red colours which came with Infamous 2. Sony also recently released a transparent 'Slate Grey' colour.

It can all get a little confusing as there are so many versions now, but B=be sure to check yours carefully when you receive it & before you use it, don't get ripped off while filling some con-artist's pocket!
Thanks for reading.
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on 14 November 2011
Unfortunately there is no other choice... spend the money.
After trying other cheaper controllers, I have realised that I was just wasting more time and money.
The official controller may cost more than it should do but at least you don't become frustrated with inferior quality equipment.
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on 27 August 2013
A salutatory lesson for anyone, read the reviews. It was immediately obvious that this item was counterfeit. The packaging was convincing, as was the controller, before you actually held and used the thing. Do not buy this item, go to your local high street games shop and buy one over the counter...
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on 19 November 2013
Everything on the controlled looked as it should and at least to touch felt good but once you actually use the remote it just didnt function at all. The sticks were stiff and inconstant making play CoD rather difficult when you spend the majority of the time slowly panning to doing 360's.

The start, select and ps buttons felt functional but once pressed a whole load of nothing happens, unless of course you have tiny fingers and can dig that into the rubber into the remote to push the button. Similar things can be said about the main 4 keys though you didn't have dig so hard to get a response but rather smash your thumb into it.

All in all I would have rather received a controlled that didn't work. It would have saved me the trouble of smashing my thumb, rage quitting and jamming my pinky finger into the start button. If by any chance you master the art of killing while spinning, playing with stump of a finger and your once attached pinky now severed the remote has another trick up its sleeve. It will just switch off, which then means you have to sacrifice another pinky pushing the ps button. So yeah, I actually hate the remote I got in the post.
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on 30 January 2013
Just opened mine this evening and sadly found that it was a fake. Will be returning the pad tomorrow.

How can you spot it's fake? If you compare it with your genuine pads it should be easy to tell that it's a copy, even if it appears to function.

Some obvious signs include:
1. Lower quality printing of text (e.g. the "SONY" on the face of the controller, or the "DUAL AXIS" on the front/top)
2. Analogue sticks are stiff, and do not move smoothly
3. Roughness along the seam where the top and bottom halves of the controller shell join (It has the same look as something that's been pried open with a screwdriver)
4. Home button is set too deep and pushes in too far
5. The main buttons (Circle, Square..etc) are duller in colour and the plastic is matte, not shiny.
6. The sticker on the rear of the pad is completely different to a genuine device. Side by side the difference is glaring but if you don't have anything to compare it to, the fake label will be larger than the gap it's meant to sit in, it will be papery; not shiny and strongly adhered. When compared with a real pad, you can see differences in the barcode, the lettering and the layout of the label as well as the model number being wrong in the top right.
7. The pad will not function properly, or even at all (although this would warrant a return even if it was the real thing!)

Hope that helps anyone who has doubts about their controller. There are other signs too that I did not have such as a much blacker looking Home button or having "P3" or some other lettering on the home button instead of the PS3 logo. A quick web search will help if you're still not sure.

For the record, I think I had a very good copy. The packaging was almost perfect (the top edge was slightly wonkey), and to the untrained eye the controller looked like the genuine article. Very easy to spot the fakes when you know how though.
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on 7 June 2014
I made sure that it stated, ' Dispatched from and sold by Amazon' when i ordered this to ensure that i didn't receive a fake. At first i thought it was real because of how closely the packaging and controller match the official one, but after stiff, unresponsive buttons i opened up the controller to find the insides were cheaply made and nothing like the official sony dual shock 3, main difference being the battery was blue and unmarked. On returning the item i discovered it had actually been sold by a seller other than amazon despite the dispatched and SOLD BY amazon being stated. The differences are so hard to spot and the packaging so well done that most people will be fooled as it is opening up the controller that is the biggest tell.
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on 14 August 2012
Ps3 controllers are almost unbelievably shoddy. Today was the last straw, I was happily playing God of War, I came to a tricky bit and in mild frustration I kind of tapped, and it really was no more than a tap, the controller off my leg... now, the shoddy piece of junk has developed a rattle so loud that it would register on the Richter Scale. And this isn't all, in the past I have dropped my controller, maybe 2 feet from the ground, and bits of plastic have actually broken off inside and you can hear then tapping around inside, it is so so so annoying. Now, I could let Sony off if this had only happened once but no, since I got my PS3 this has happened many many times, sadly Sony decided to make it flat out impossible to open the controller up (or rather, to put it back together again) so once these rattles develop you pretty much need a new controller (unless you can put up with the awful noise). Again I could let Sony off if these pieces of tat were reasonably priced but they are at least £30! The 360 controllers can be bought for almost half that and are much sturdier to boot.

But as I say, this is the last straw for me, I will not give Sony another £30, my PS3 is on Ebay, i'm going to buy a 360, at least I won't have to wrap my control's in cotton wool from now on.
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on 4 November 2011
would rather spend more on the proper thing rather than less on an item which would inevitably need returning, came in 2 days, exactly as described and cheapest i could find, very pleased
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