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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 6 August 2012
After finally moving up to a 51 reg vehicle it was quite disappointing to discover that it has no standard clock (other than when the radio is switched off), and no exterior temperature with ice warning.

This product solve that problem .... Looks great on the dash and proves both inside and outside temperatures, clock and alarm and a constant check of your battery's condition.

As with a lot of imported products, the multi-lingual, pidgeon English instructions are appalling! but anyone with a basic knowledge of digital clock setting can get it up and running in minutes. Biggest complaint is that it does not tell you how or where to place the outside temperature sensor.

After a bit of Googling (on images) the easiest way is run the cables as far out of sight as possible (I ran them down the radio edge with double-sided tape and under the back of the glove box) then out the front of the passenger door and stuck the sensor on a moulding just in front of the door where it becomes quite inconspicuous).

So far it is all running perfectly. On the previous reviewer's comments about the blue background light becoming a distraction if sited too high:- I can see the point but, in all honesty it's no more distracting than a satnav and, worse case scenario, you can spin the display to point to the passenger if it becomes a problem.
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I have to admit to being quite impressed with this little alarm clock/voltmeter/temp gauge.
I expected it to feel quite cheap, although it does look & feel solid and good quality. My only real initial disappointment was the (appallingly written) English instructions!!! Although it is clear that they are written by someone having only a limited knowledge of English, they are eventually understood if read 2 or 3 times. At least the reviewer stating that there are no English instructions is no longer right (maybe they only added English later).
A greater disappointment was that the blueish night light stays on ALL of the time. This wouldn't have been a problem if I intended it for my car, but I actually needed it to hard-wire into my caravan for use as a bedtime clock that would also monitor the leisure battery power.
I certainly didnt want the night light blazing away all night whilst trying to sleep (and also didn't want the extra battery drain)... With this in mind, I took the item apart (very easy), located the bulb & wired a switch to it.
I basically did this by cutting the positive cable to the bulb & soldering each core of a small speaker cable to the respective cut wire terminals. I then fed the cable through an extra hole drilled in the back of the clock case (again, very easy). Following clock reassembly, I then connected this to a momentary push switch fitted flush beneath the cupboard over my caravan bed... I then permanently wired it into the caravan 12v circuitry (remembering to fit a 2 amp fuse/fuseholder), and located the temperature probe underneath the caravan (via an existing wiring hole).
It is worth bearing in mind that you may have to cut then resolder the temperature wire in order to locate the probe where you want it.
I now have everything I need (and more) from a very tidy looking integrated 12v caravan clock:

The buttons feel quality & very assured in operation (much better than I expected).
The inside & outside temperature gauges are pretty darned accurate, as is the voltmeter (tested against a purpose hand held voltmeter).
The alarm is very easy to set & seems very reliable. Having said that, the alarm is not all that loud (although it is adequate, I would say).
It is also worth bearing in mind that it is really pretty small at 11x4x6 cms (smaller than I expected).
Another review does mention that the display fades in hotter EU countries (it may well do so & so is a very valid comment, but a lot of electronics do not like heat)... As long as it continues to work when I take the caravan to such places (and the display doesn't fade completely), then I feel that this may be forgiveable... I'll report back here if it is a big problem.

The only reason I give this item 4 stars (not 5) is due to the permanent backlight, although I do understand that this is probably a bonus for most car drivers not too worried about the permanent, if minimal, power drain (that's what alternators were built for, I hear you say)...
Had they fitted a button allowing for either permanent or single press light (illuminating the dias for just a few seconds), they would have vastly increased the market for this excellent little clock (to include the leisure industry as well as automotive)...
As it stands, I can't see that many caravanners wanting a bedside clock that is permanently lit... Having said that, the above mod is pretty simple...
I hope this might be helpful to someone out there...
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on 20 December 2012
Based on other reviews, this seemed one of the least-worst Car thermometers. All I really wanted was an illuminated temperature display and external sensor, but that seems impossible to buy on its own , so you have to have other extraneous indicarors as well.

The advantages of this particular one are:
(a) it is not too big
(b) it has a little stand upon which it will tilt and swivel, so there is a wider choice of places for it on the dash etc
(c) it is powered from the car so it's not totally dependent on the battery (whch is only for its clock)
(d) it is illuminated
(e) it is accurate when compared with my other temperature sensors outside the house

The blue illumination is just about enough to see it at night, and it is not too distracting, although there can be a reflection in the windscreen depending on where it's placed.

My vehicle (Freelander) has umpteen impenetrable bulkheads so I put the sensor underneath the driver's mirror with self-adhesive velcro (many Peugeots use that location) and it works fine.

The device is not supplied with double-sided tape or what-have-you to fix it on the dash. In due course I may fix it with self-adhesive velcro once I'm happy with a position for it.

I already have a 4-way cigarette lighter extension - you may need something similar if you run other devices as well.
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on 17 February 2013
i love this item it is far better than i expected it to be and i had no problems fitting it,its so easy to fit, the clock keeps good time and the thermometer and voltage meter are good too i would recommend this item
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on 16 March 2012
A good gadget for your car if only you could rely on temp readings. Intructions not very good to where you place the outside attachment which measures outside temp. Good points is that it is illuminated all the time and is easy to read the screen. Battery condition is a good idea to ensure that you can monitor your battery. Base is good and big and allows you to secure it without it wobbling and falling over.
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on 22 February 2012
Received last week , fitted within minutes , was given a partial refund for a small glitch in the mounting bracket , which is now fixed !
Readings are very accurate when compared to other OEM units , and my home weather station !
The guys were quick and helpfull with email , delivery was pretty good aswell .
For the price you pay its awsome , given that a replacement sensor for some cars costs 10 times as much !
5 stars all round !
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on 10 February 2015
Great item. Very accurate temperature reading if you install the sensor near the front of the vehicle. The reviews stating its not accurate are expecting a good reading if the sensor is not located as close to the outside as possible and away from heat sources from the vehicle.
I bought a second one as so pleased with it
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on 2 January 2014
I don't have an external temperature gauge in my car and I do find them useful as I travel to work early in the mornings. So this gives me some idea if there might be the chance of black ice.
This monitor also comes with a voltage indicator, which is a great way to keep an eye on the condition of your battery and alternator.
When you first turn the ignition on it is reading your battery & once your engine is started you are then seeing the alternator output.
It also has time and internal temp so its a great all round little unit. I have checked both the voltage readings & temperature and found them to be reasonably accurate.
So all round good item if you have an older vehicle without these monitors.

Good buy.
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on 6 May 2016
Pretty decent clock. The time wanders a little but no more than I'd expect from a clock of this kind of price. The ability to choose between blue and orange illumination is nice and means I could set it to something that suited my car. The internal temperature seems accurate enough but the external one seems to rise when the internal one does too. The sensor has been placed in a nice cool position well away from the engine or other sources of heat so it shouldn't be picking up much/any car generated temperature changes. Voltmeter seems about right.

Personally, I would rather have a clock that can be hard-wired into the car permanently like a original-equipment clock rather than keeping time via a battery. I did hard-wire the switched power input rather than having a trailing wire going into the car power socket though. All in all, a reasonable little clock for the money.
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on 10 August 2014
For the money it's OK. I've not been able to find another one which promises better quality at perhaps a higher price. After nine months use, the outside temperature reading read very high, then recovered after a couple of weeks. The place to put the outside temperature sensor is behind the front bumper - and away from radiator heat. It can be a problem find a cable route from inside the car. I cut the sensor cable and re-soldered it, because the sensor was too big to thread through grommets. Likewise the power cable was too long for my installation. Also cut and re-soldered.
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