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on 10 September 2015
I understand this book has a target audience of 5th grade upwards, and I know it is free, but the story and overall plot are NOT original and in no way should it be compared with Lord of the Rings. It does move along, but the author(s) seem to get confused between reportage and 3rd person styles of writing which jars. Another dislike is the incorrect use of words which are scattered throughout. If you are even remotely unsure of the meaning of a word, look it up, e.g. 'he is fighting rampant now.' Look up rampant. Given the age of the target audience who are impressionable, please, please use the correct words.
English has an impressive collection of words as well, so again, repetition can be avoided which further enriches the story: for example, the use of atop when the use of astride would much better describe the scene and break up the repetition.
My final comment is that the author(s) mange to get their tenses mixed up. They correctly use past tense, but from time to time they slip in a present tense which is not correct.
However, it is still an enjoyable read, and hopefully the author(s) will take this review in the manner it is intended and hopefully use some of these points to help improve future works.
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on 27 July 2016
I always look for something different to read every months to keep my mind exercised and to learn something new and different, on a wide range of subjects, every time I read a book. This is why I decided to read this book. First of all, I was intrigued by the title, I then read the plot to see if the title was matching my expectations. As a reader you, sometimes, have to judge the book from its cover and be able to read plots and feedback left from other people is very useful to make your choice. (Of course I try to avoid the risk of leave a book I started to read halfway through because is badly written or it is definitely not my cup of tea.) With regards to this particular book, I found it, overall, well written. The storyline is well explained and the characters are well developed. There are some unexpected twists here and there which make this book more involving. I particularly enjoyed the narrative part and the simplicity that the author has used to describe the environment that was surrounding the characters. I had such a nice time reading this book that, when I reached the words “the end”, I felt a bit sad to the thought that the story was finished and I had to “say goodbye” to those characters (I feel that when reading a book like this you ended up creating a particular bond with your favourite characters). To sum up, yes, I will definitely recommend this book to everyone who would like to secede from our reality and jump in this alternative one proposed by the author. Really enjoyed and I am now looking to read other books like this one. For all the above reasons I rated this book with 5 stars.
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on 19 November 2013
Enjoyed the adventure romance and action would recommend for children and adults could not put down a real page turner
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on 5 March 2016
I've just finished reading this epic story to my 8 and 9 year old sons and only wish it wasn't over. We LOVED every part of it. The character development and the way the story played out was so well done. My 8 yr old says he loved "that our hero defeated the enemy" and my 9yr old says "it was a very entertaining, long (a good thing for us) descriptive and really good book" Just bought the 4 linked in at the end and we look forward to learning the story of the Pooglie-Wooglies.
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on 25 January 2016
Taylor James is a dispossed heir to the throne, the story tells of his life, his friends znd his loved ones. It has all the elements it should monsters, knights, beautiful maidens and handsome men, an evil dark lord and a war to defend the righteous.

I found the first two chapters a little pompous and patronising, but once I was used to the writing style enjoyed it well enough. It surprised me that it was aimed at middle school children as the graphic violence and description of childbirth seemed fairly shocking.
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on 5 April 2015
This book is an engaging tale about love,hatred and greed . Two people who love each other and have to be separated. An evil duke wanting a kingdom. Duke and hero keep battling. This book encourages you to have perseverance and never to give up. There is a mixture of feelings during this story. Sometimes you feel worried or sometimes you start crying tears of joy. In fact you'll be crying tears of laughter to! I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy and adventurous story's.
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on 16 March 2014
To be honest, I thought this was a bit hit and miss. It is written in a very conversational way, but it would have benefitted from an intense editing process. Sometimes the narrative just doesn't flow very well and your eyes kind of stumble through the pages while your brain attempts to auto-correct it as you read.

Not that my opinion is really all that counts.

My son absolutely loved it. He's nine and this was right up his street. It had everything he wants from a story and that's why I gave it four stars. He would have given it five, whereas I thought it was more in three territory... so four seems fair.

If you have kids who like fantasy adventure stories then buy this book for them to enjoy!
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on 6 April 2015
I enjoyed this book immensely and think u will to !!! Ross has written an intriguing tale on fantasy , romance, friendship and action . It is a tale about fighting for something which is rightfully yours ( i won't mention what it was as it will spoil it for you ) and about how you can get what you want if you have perseverance . This book has lots of humour in it and sometimes made me laugh out loud . There is a lot of mentioning on pickled herring and makes me think that Ross enjoys eating it . I also liked the characters ( heroes and villains alike) , their feelings and who they were . My sister got book first and i wanted it seeing she was reading it . My family said we could share the book but my sister said she wouldn't so I got it and now i know why she said she wouldn't share . I recommend this book to people of all ages as i knew they will enjoy it.
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on 28 January 2014
I am often looking for good books to suggest to my children in the YA category and initially downloaded this book as the cover caught my eye rather than the storyline. However. The book had me riveted from the second page and I had to keep going, foregoing much needed sleep, until I had finished. Needless to say I have now passed it to the children to read but it is equally great for adults. Mr Rosenfeld truly has a gift for storytelling.
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on 26 February 2015
Despite the garish cover, this is a much better book that much of this genre. The style is fun and easy to read,the plot has some nice twists and there's a good balance between grimness and humour. Oh and it's free!
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