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on 10 January 2012
Well....that's something a bit different! Much has been made of the Parisian duo's switch to more rock inspired songs - you can almost picture them sat in their bedroom growing their hair longer, thrashing and headbanging to Led Zeppelin - but I don't think they deserve the negative reviews that some people have written. No it is not like Cross. No it does not have bass heavy, manic electronica music. Yes it is more radio friendly.......but it's not an entirely unexpected change styles nor a bad one. If you listen to the previous offering before AVD...the amazing Planisphere EP (done for a Dior Homme advert - 17 minutes of crazy beats and a 5 minute solo at the end) then all the signs are pointing toward a more rocky style.
I for one applaud them for it. This is a brave, bold step and I think their efforts on this album of creating a dance/rock prog fusion are stellar. I am very excited for the future of this band!
They were never going to make another Cross, and I think anyone who was expecting that is sorely naive! How can you recreate the manic, vibrant energy of the debut? :) If you look at their peers, notably daft punk, they have also experimented with more rocky affairs (Human after all) and did not create anywhere near as an accomplished album as this one.
The songs - While their are one or two songs that are not as memorable there are definitely no tracks I would skip. This album is a varied mix of electronic and rock so if you like your dance with a bit more edge to it or your rock with bit more beats then this is definitely for you.
Overall opinion - Cross is a superior album depending on your tastes. Most people who buy this album will do so because of Cross and I imagine there will be a lot of people disappointed in the new direction. But new fans who crave a mix of the genres will eat this up and the future can only get better for the Duo if they keep melding genres as seamlessly as this.
(Please check out Planisphere the EP - it's EPIC)
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on 11 March 2012
I bought this after listening to it a couple of times on Spotify and thought it sounded quite good. Now I've bought it, it's on constant repeat. I enjoyed their first album "Cross" though it's sometimes hard to listen to all the way through as it's not what I'd call a 'constant' listen - some of the songs are heavy dance and some more chilled, whereas this is a 'complete' listen. The songs are exquitsitely crafted and flow effortelssly into each other and build up and up, to create an album of hypnotising beauty. Yes, it's much more chilled than "Cross" - there are no saw toothed dance anthems here - but the emotional impact of it is just as great, if not greater. When the melancholic synths finally cut in at the end of the "Audio, Video, Disco" it feels sad, like you've just been on some monumental journey and finally have to come back down to earth - genius!
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on 28 October 2011
The negative reviews dragging this album down are silly. You can not compare Justice to anyone. No longer do they present as the angry high pitched mates of Daft Punk. They are their own. Just listen to the album right the way through. There are many surprises. Try listening to it through good speakers. The loop at the end of Ohio is sexual. If you liked Cross and it wasn't just an annoying list of tracks you bought on a whim only to skip when encountered in shuffle mode, THEN BUY THIS.

Or just don't listen to me....As you know a great album is something you cant review right after its release. You buy it ..you play it..a few songs you love and overplay and others you discover later because you skipped it due a sketchy start.

P.s An easy going sound to appeal to more...Really? They sat down in a committee and designed a camel of an album. No. They just didn't regurgitate. This was not made for joggers.Audio, Video, Disco.
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on 11 February 2012
After the adrenaline-filled house antics of "Cross", "Audio, Video, Disco" understandably ruffled a few feathers, because it's a great shift in focus. But it's a great shift. AVD (as I shall call it henceforth) has a lot more to do with 70s synth pop than French house music. If Daft Punk had gone in a different direction, I could see them making something in this genre. The title means "I Hear, I See, I Learn" and it's so fitting. This album is not in-your-face like its (awesome) forerunner, but a cracking listen that stands on its own merits.

I'll be honest, I have never been a fan of the first two tracks, "Horsepower" and "Civilization", both of whom sound anthemic and big but rarely grab me. It's first with the low-key "Ohio" that magic really begins to reveal itself. The song is simpler than even the simplest on "Cross", and is light and breezy, yet oh so captivating. Why "Canon" had to be split in two tracks is anyone's guess, but both parts are very catchy.

It's from track 6 onwards, however, when AVD really becomes a winner. "On'N'On" is one of my favourites, with a steady beat and a gripping melody that's interestingly centered on the singer. Racing from "Brianvision" all the way through the supersonic closing track is a gamut of winners. "New Lands" has a very catchy chorus and "Helix" ought to delight even the most jaded "Cross" fans.

AVD is a very brave, successful shift in tone. It doesn't try to be a "Cross: Part 2", but rather a stand-alone work that does the synth pop genre (fused with some rock tones) proud.
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on 5 March 2017
Shockingly bad, given the sound you'd expect after THE CROSS. What where they thinking or smoking? Ive seen this behaviour sometimes in artists, they think they've done that been there and progress sideways not upwards. well.. I guess its over then. I doubt any kind of comeback at all. You had it, you could have gone to the top, you had an audience .. and somehow you F***** it up like Trump has reduced the USA to a laughing stock. EMBARRASSING.
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on 18 January 2013
Now sometimes, rock music can become a little stagnant & predicable, take Steve Harris's & The Darkness 2012 albums as a prime example
But with Justice you get a great Dance/Rock fusion, which defiantly brings a bit of freshness, to a sometimes jaded musical genre.
So what does sound like? To me (a rock music fan) I hear a bit of Air, circa their "10 000Hz Legend" album, 1980's sci-fi/action film soundtrack & a little bit of Brain May style guitar.
So if your bored with latest offering from Ozzy, but want something that's not too alien for your music tastes, you certainly could do a lot worse that Justice.
Oh, the Dance/Prog Rock analogy doesn't really work, I don't recognise any Camel or King Crimson stylings in there, maybe on their next record. \../
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on 12 December 2013
Of course, my favourite track is "On'n'On", and I started out playing it on repeat, and I admit that on the first listen "Audio, Video, Disco" felt a bit underwhelming and repetitive. BUT. Once you put it on the full volume and imagine yourself out on the dance floor, you truly start to feel the album, it's like the tracks are made for the electronic party, with a hint of rock. My conclusion - are you ready to [intelligently] shake the dance floor? Are you in the right mood?

Plus, it's easy to appreciate that Justice is, ultimately, just two guys producing their tracks, recording and sampling their "live" instruments in a up-to-the-minute digital way. Perhaps not a "wow", but GOOD!
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on 12 March 2013
If your considering this because you liked Cross proceed with caution. I didn't so was initially disapointed as it doesnt have the heavy bass and typical french electo sound. I've heard it described as more of an electronic Prog rock which isn't far off. Second listen is better. I think this will be more of a grower, maybe trying a bit too hard to be obscure and arty, musical equivilent of remaking favorite childhood programmes without the cheese.
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on 22 January 2016
While developing the sound Justice established in their debut album, Audio, Video, Disco is a great second album with plenty of memorable synth-sounds, catchy hooks and more of a rock influence. Still very fresh and well worth checking out!

Track highlights: New Lands, Civilisation, On'N'On, Canon
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on 6 December 2011
I have anticipated this follow up album for a few years and feel very pleased with the acoustic experience it offers. It is often cinematic, electric, eclectic and a good let-play cd. It has some good music references to hard rock, 70s guitar rock and has that Justice feel to it.
I am overall very pleased
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