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on 16 January 2018
years later the internet radio stopped working.
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on 22 September 2014
I bought this system several months ago and it is excellent. However, the internet radio vtuner no longer works. Sony are in dispute with the provider. I bought the system for this service and with no prospect of it's reinstatement I would look elsewhere if you require internet radio.
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on 8 October 2017
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on 20 May 2012
This is an outstanding HiFi system with many features and, above all, an excellent sound. I am listening mainly to classical music and the sound is crystal clear, very rich and spacious. A true pleasure to listen to. The DAB radio is brilliant and the playback of CDs (burned as well) and of MP3 on a memory stick very satisfactory as well, depending obviously on the level of the original recording. Being very compact it fits in small places as well.

At £185 it's a real bargain and delivery was very fast too. Very much recommended for as long as it stays at this price !!! It is sold for £399 at Sony: [...]
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on 22 August 2012
This micro hi-fi unit really does punch above its weight and small size.
Others have extolled its virtues, so I am just going to add some advice about setting up the unit, which could save future purchasers a lot of time.
I live in an area where DAB reception is poor and limited to just a few BBC stations. I would have needed to buy and install a good external aerial such as the Triax DAB 5 element one from Amazon.
Since I do have a good broadband speed, the obvious solution was internet radio with thousands of stations available worldwide. There are 1042 in the UK alone.
For lovers of Delta blues, R & B etc, try Radio Nesebar (Bulgaria) and Lemonos Radio (Russia). I have not yet found anything half as good in the States which I find quite bizarre.

The Sony Quick Start guide is good but you will also need to refer to the manual/operating instructions.
To set up internet radio, first turn on your wi-fi router. Then enter your wi-fi key using the keypad on the remote control (see pages 14 & 15 of manual).
Once you reach "Complete!", remember to press ENTER. I forgot the first time round, since I thought that "Complete!" meant complete, but it didn't.

For internet radio you need to select Music Services and then vTuner.
HOWEVER, if a very tiny "update" message appears on the screen, as it probably will, you first need to go to page 48 of the manual and follow the instructions.
I wasted loads of time wondering why I could not reach vTuner. The update (Ver. dated 27-6-2012 is a firmware network update.
Without this update it is impossible to connect to the internet!!

Whilst awaiting delivery you can download and peruse copies of the Quick Start guide and Operating Instructions from the Sony website for product CMT-G2BNIP:

For some reason the actual web address is not shown above, despite several attempts to edit it. I suggest starting with sony.co.uk and then search for CMT-G2BNIP.

Everything now works perfectly and I strongly recommend this Sony micro hi-fi unit to one and all.
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on 24 June 2013
Me and Mrs M were looking for a unit to replace the ancient analogue radio that has served in our kitchen for decades. Our wish list was simple: a radio that ideally would work with DAB, an embedded CD player and the ability to stream music from a PC. Surprisingly, the Sony CMT-G2BNIP seemed to be the only product on the market that did all of these things - nobody else seems to offer an embedded CD player with this combination of features.

We actually purchased the CMT-G2BNIP from Sony's online store because it was 10% cheaper than Amazon and it was delivered by courier without any trouble. Our initial impressions were good: the unit is heavy and robust and yet small enough to be concealed in the corner of our kitchen. You don't so much as turn this unit on, but rather boot it up. It takes a few seconds to connect to the home Wi-Fi and find the services, which we took some getting use to, given that we expect a radio to "just work" immediately after being switched on.

The first negative point was the supplied FM aerial (a wire) which would have looked at home on an alarm clock radio from the 1980's. Very cheap. Unfortunately the DAB aerial was worse: there isn't one supplied, and without it the unit can't receive a DAB signal whatsoever inside the house. Shame Sony, you missed an opportunity there.

However, the discovery of Internet Radio (which Sony call Music Services) was a bonus - potentially hundreds of channels sorted by genre or location. Our Internet connection is excellent (Infinity) and adding another device to the home network is no problem.

Comparing the sound quality of an Internet radio station to a native FM one is amazing - the Internet sounds much better. But here comes one of the biggest problems with the unit: when it loses a stream for whatever reason, rather than reconnecting to it, it stops playing altogether. This is incredibly frustrating. Imagine listening to the radio and it suddenly stops - and the only way to start it again is to go back up one level in the menu and select the station again. What is perhaps most annoying is that this is a random occurrence which may happen at any time. Why Sony decided not to have the unit automatically reconnect to a station, we don't know. It seems a very poor way to implement Internet Radio.

The remote control looks cluttered, there are plenty of buttons but most of them don't seem to be used. Most buttons are of the same size, so buttons that are used almost constantly are as difficult to distinguish from those that you might never touch at all. The text search option for Internet Radio is similar to texting on a phone, i.e. frustrating, and wildcards don't work.

The CD player is acceptable but has difficulty playing discs that appear to have only minor blemishes on their surface. Information provided via the LCD display is minimal, again circa 1980's i.e. track numbers and duration only. Given that this unit is online, we would have expected it to have downloaded artist names and track titles, which is not rocket science.

The sound quality is good if perhaps a little flat, but for BBC radio (when it works) it is more than good enough.

One nice feature is the ability to play music from a USB stick, which was a feature we hadn't thought we'd use but it has already proven itself to be the most reliable form of music playback supported by the product. We haven't yet tried to stream music from a PC but given that it found the Wi-Fi network without any trouble, we're certain that this would not be a problem.

So in summary: as an Internet radio, this unit fails miserably because it doesn't reconnect to a station after a stream has dropped. As a DAB radio, it fails because of the lack of an external aerial. As a CD player, it is OK (just). The remote control is a muddle and hasn't been thought through. Playing music from a USB stick is great, and streaming music has yet to be tested in our house.
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on 5 August 2012
Sony couldn't have found much else to add to this audio system, it plays radio stations, cds, mp3 players and flash drives, and plays them well.
A really good piece of kit for the price I bought it at. I wish I'd bought it 3 months ago when I would have saved another £60.(could've bought more cds)
I've been using it for a month now and although it's always difficult to quantify audio quality because it's so subjective I'm going to try.
Clear and weighty would be my one sentence summation. There's scale to the sound, the top end is clear but slightly soft and the bass is tight. Instruments sound as they're meant to and the soundstage is good. The speakers are very good but probably are the weak link. I've wired them up with 2x10m length of 322 strand 2.5mm professional speaker cable as I need a long run, I believe this sounds better than the supplied cable.(I may try some other speakers and report back later. Using headphones shows even more the quality of the electronic part of the system.
I suppose this system will be compared to the Denon DENON DM38DAB MICRO SYSTEM (BLACK) My own tastes find the Denon sound to be a bit on the hard side and since I use headphones a lot, the issues with it's headphone socket also make it a non starter for me.
Other reviewers have mentioned DAB & FM reception, I live in a strong signal area so have had no problems with the supplied arials. That didn't stop me attaching a telescopic rod arial for DAB and my outside one for FM (I still believe FM on Radio 3 is superior to DAB) Once again the sound is very good.
Haven't used my mp3 player through it so can't comment on that.
CDs, it's played everything I've put in the tray, including some 10 year old discs I burnt myself (glad I spent the extra on TAIYO YUDEN discs) and the cd layer of my SACD discs. Excellent sound quality again. There is no CD player noise, (it sits about 2 feet away from my head so I would notice this) Loads and reads the discs quickly.
USB port, Load speeds depend on the size of the drive and the contents, it doesn't support wave or flac formats only MP3, WMA and AAC also you have to scroll through folders sequentially. A 16 gig drive with 97 root folders can take some time, but it does allow resume play. It also displays the folder name,(not all do) has the usual ID3 tag details when playing, accessed by display button on remote. Obviously the sound depends on the compression used, but once again I would say it bring out the best in it's source material.
(For us oldies, remember many of us started listening to our music on Dansettes so MP3s ain't that bad when using 320kps)
Soundwise I would say this is a lovely sounding machine for the money and I don't mean to damn with faint praise.
The build quality is superb, a really hefty feeling to both speakers and the main unit. Speaker posts are full size and solid as are the other sockets. The knobs feel,again I use the word, solid and are a pleasure to use, The remote is small not very intuitive but usable. The display is clear.
The speakers look beautiful with their piano black gloss finish, the covers come off showing a bright yellow Kevlar mid speaker. This means that the lady off the house insists the covers stay on.
As you can see from my 5 stars I'm delighted with the Sony CMTG1BIP Hi-Fi Sound System with DAB Radio
Happy Listening.

I'm adding to the review, due to my son bringing me a pair of Mission 751 speakers to test on the Sony. I must say they show that the Sony speakers are the weak link in this system. The Sony did not disgrace itself, the new speakers opened out the sound giving a far better soundstage and showing the quality of the Sony electronics off to good effect. I had already put the Sony speakers on stands and the Missions have their own.
This system really does punch above its weight.
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on 16 November 2012
Surprisingly good by the standards of a Sony micro. There is an emphasis on sound quality and styling. I too was going to be swayed by a glowing review of Denon's counterpart but given this was priced at £189.00 and the Denon at over £300 (incl. speakers) it was a no-brainer really. I live several miles from the Crystal Palace transmitter so I have no problems with d.a.b. reception. To do justice to this system you need to replace the speaker cables (QED do good quality and cheap cables) and secondly put the speakers on dedicated stands and you will have a great little system. The sound is never harsh but smooth and measured. I have used the mp3 on the front with an i-phone for pleasing results. Though you should use a rca cable from the aux 1/2 to the headphone outlet from your mp3 player/smart phone for even greater sonic joy (though you will lose the remote facilty to change tracks). Well recommended.
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on 29 July 2015
I feel I need to let everyone know who intends to buy this unit that it no longer receives internet radio via vtuner and hasn't done since 18/05/15. This I understand is something to do with internal dispute between Sony and vtuner. I purchased one of these about 2 years ago and am very dissappointed that I cannot access this - I am currently making enquiries with Sony. Unless you are in a strong DAB area you will need additional aerial.
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on 22 March 2012
The sound quality from this neat and tidy unit is amazing.It deserves a place in anyone's music arsenal;it's performance will shame many,more expensive, systems.The current icing on the cake is the fact that there are many discounted offers around at the moment @ Amazon.Treat yourselves,YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!
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