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on 26 December 2011
I did a LOT of research before purchasing a netbook, and I bought this one over the Acer Aspire One, with the intention of trying it out then selling it and changing if it wasn't quite right. Having used it now for a month, there's no way I'm letting it go.

The main things I needed from a netbook were a) portability; so it had to be extremely compact and lightweight to be easily carried around and b) a decent keyboard for intensive word processing. I work in IT and I'm a writer so I'm a very fast touch typer. I didn't want a small keyboard inhibiting my typing speed.

This version has the 6 cell battery so will last around 10 hours without charge. This is probably the best you'll be able to get from a netbook. I can use it on the train all week and just charge it at the weekend. Perfect.
It's extremely lightweight. It doesn't weigh anymore than a paper notebook, so I just bought a silicone sleeve to protect it from spills and scratches and it goes in my bag without adding too much to the weight.

This was the part I was most worried about. I used someone else's netbook for about 20 minutes a while ago, and almost threw it out the window because I just couldn't type on it. Having a 92% sized keyboard I was worried I'd have to really concentrate on typing or I'd make lots of mistakes. Not so. It's hard to even tell that it's not a full-size keyboard. Samsung have done a very good job on the keyboard. The keyboard may be smaller, but you'd be hard-pushed to notice. I think it's because of good spacing between the keys, so it's almost impossible to hit the wrong ones so my typing speed hasn't suffered at all. It really is just like using a normal laptop.

Operating System:
For those used to Windows it'd probably be perfect. It also comes with the option of using the free version of Microsoft Office which is ad-supported. So if you're a Windows user with simple needs, this will do everything right out of the box. It comes with a recovery disc so if you really needed to you could format and start again (there's no optical disc drive though, so probably best do your own backup on a usb stick).

Being a tinkerer who's only satisfied when I've got my computer just-so, Windows 7 starter was not really enough for me. I set it up to dual boot into it's original Win 7 Starter and Xubunu. No issues with drivers at all. It worked perfectly first time. In fact, after installing touchegg, the trackpad works better than it did by default, it now has mac-style scrolling.

This costs a bit more than the very cheapest netbooks, but then what's the point of a netbook if it's not super-portable with the benefits of being able to work anywhere like you would on a laptop? This, in my opinion is the best there is on the market and it is also in the lower end of the price range so I'm very pleased with my Samsung NC110 and wouldn't swap it for any other netbook.
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on 21 December 2011
Only had this a couple of weeks so don't know about long term performance but from what I have seen it's great.
Battery life is awesome, much better than any other Netbook i've used.
I stuck another 1GB RAM in it and it runs Win7 ultimate perfectly.
The N570 processor is responsive and carries out most windows tasks without complaint.
Not found any problems with it yet.
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on 5 May 2012
I bought this Samsung Netbook to replace a similar sort of small computer made by Asus, which I had bought four years before and had been damaged. I had been very happy with it, and I imagined that this machine, so much more up-to-date, would be a good deal better. In fact, it seems in general to be slower and more prone to crash. The problem may well be that the newer version of Windows which is installed is bigger and slows down these computers, which have a limited memory. The computer certainly isn't bad. It does all the standard things, the keyboard is good for typing and the screen resolution is sharp. The speaker - unlike that of the Asus - is loud enough for one to hear properly. But it can be painfully slow in opening files or web pages, to say nothing of television. Sometimes it seems to become entirely jammed up, and the only thing to do is re-start it. And it is prone to do strange and unpleasant things like lose the letter you have just written on a web-based e-mail site. At £250 it still isn't a bad buy, but I regret that I didn't pay £100 or so more and buy something more sprightly.Samsung NC110 10.1 inch Netbook - Black (Intel Atom N570 1.66GHz, RAM 1GB, HDD 320GB, LAN, WLAN, BT, Webcam, Windows 7 Starter)
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on 8 January 2012
I asked for one of these as an Xmas present after deciding it would be better value than a tablet, and have not been disappointed.

I replaced the RAM with 2GB, a very simple install, just unscrew the cover on the back.

I like a smooth running machine so set the graphics to windows classic settings with high performance options chosen over those that are graphically intensive. I also remove all but essential software.

The keyboard is great, nicely spaced out keys and easy to type on. The screen and sound are also great, for the price. Would recommend for basic tasks, although I wouldnt rely on it as my only machine.
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Great netbook - dare I say it, fantastic for us gals who just want to plug & play. I did ask a geek mate to recommend me one, and this is what he chose. It's light, fits nicely into a small briefcase/bag, and looks stylish. I can see my face in the shiny black cover - sometimes my fingerprints, too, but it gives me an excuse to rub the top cover & make it gleam again!

There was a bit of set up to do, but the system prompts you all the way, so you just keep following steps until it's ready.

One reason my friend rated it was its long battery life - not yet used it to prove it, but I trust his judgement on that one.

Was worried the screen would be too small, as I write a lot & wanted something to make better use of my daily 1.5 hour train commute into London: needn't have worried, as the keyboard is better than my stand alone PC; the screen displays text well and I can see what I'm writing.

Glad I made the change - look out for my next book on my Samsung netbook!
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on 18 March 2012
I was deciding to buy a small laptop or tablet for travelling shortly before the IPad 3 was due to arrive. Like many of my friends who've bought IPads it's easy to fall for the seductive but expensive Apple product. Including £9.00 for 2 GB of memory the Samsung NC110 is less than half the price of the most expensive IPad on Amazon and is surely a bargain by comparison. It works like a computer, it is a computer and with the easily installed 2GB of memory it's fast enough for me and does everything I need it to. It weighs just half a kilo more than the IPad so is equally as transportable. I'll be surprised if the battery doesn't last for the whole of a week's holiday I'm taking in May. It's a no brainer.
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on 27 May 2012
Some of the reviews for this notebook are a little mixed and there are complaints about the speed of it. I don't know how it performs with 1gb because I immediately upgraded to 2gb (buy the memory on here for £10), which took only a minute or two. It's worth noting that Asus are also easy to upgrade having the same memory cover with one screw, but Acer are a pain as you have to remove the keyboard.
It's absolutely true, this is not as fast as my laptop. But then, I have a 6gb laptop so this is bound to be slower! But frankly, I didn't buy this for fast gaming and the like. I bought it for the reason notebooks were that I can keep in contact and do a bit of work on the move. I've just come back from the first test, a week in the South of France, staying at a hotel with free Wi-Fi. I've been using Skype, general internet browsing, Facebook etc, a little Word/Excel and uploading photos from my camera. Of course it's not as whizzy as a laptop at home, but if you want that then I suggest you take your laptop and don't bother buying a notebook!
I chose this one because of the reviews around the web, the Which? assessment and what I thought of it compared to Asus and Acer when I 'played' with them in my local PC store. Overall I'm really pleased with this and it does exactly what I wanted. It's small, neat and lightweight. I also bought a Trust notebook bag on Amazon to protect it when travelling and together with the additional memory spent £250 in all.
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on 5 January 2012
Had an NC10 for the last couple of years but it succumbed to the infamous white screen of death which afflicted that model. The NC110 is noticeably slimmer and quite a lot faster thanks to its dual core Atom N570 processor. It does need a RAM upgrade to 2GB to do the processor justice.
The keyboard has the isolated keys which are even better than the old NC10's already excellent keyboard (I'm a writer so the keyboard is important to me).
In all other aspects the NC110 improves on its predecessor in small increments (better keyboard, brighter and sharper screen, even longer battery life).
One big improvement is the speakers. They are nice and loud, enough to listen to anything you like over moderate background noise. It's very nice to find such loud speakers on a netbook as many of them are pretty feeble.
So well done Samsung. Five stars for this one and I can heartily recommend buying it.
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on 17 April 2012
I spent some time reading reviews of netbooks before choosing this Samsung which I'm very pleased with. Admittedly my requirements are very limited so I apologise if this review is not helpful to you. My main requirement was for a decent portable word processor and I think it's ideal for this purpose.
It's small and light and very easy to carry around. The keyboard is a little fiddly, being smaller than my laptop's keyboard which I'm used to, but I find it's fine for typing for long periods.
The long battery life makes this netbook extremely convenient, freeing you up to work anywhere without being plugged into the mains and because the screen is diffuse you can work inside or outside without much bother from bright sunlight and reflections on your screen.
It seems fine for basic Internet and e-mails etc but you'll have to look to other reviewers to find out how well it copes with more demanding tasks and anyway you may be considering an inexpensive laptop rather than a netbook if you want very good all-round performance on a budget.
This netbook came with only 1GB RAM but you can double it at the point of purchase on Amazon for very little extra cost and its very easy to swap it over (there's a little compartment on the back of the netbook for this purpose).
So, if you want a small, portable, lightweight computer with a non-reflective screen and good battery for writing and/or studying you might like to consider the Samsung NC110. Unfortunately it is supplied only with Starter versions of Windows 7 and Office which can be annoying so I award 4 stars rather than 5.
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on 13 May 2012
I wanted a small device that I could use whilst travelling to access the internet and do things like transfer and upload photos I had taken on a digital camera. I thought that either a tablet device or a netbook would be suitable for these kinds of things. I looked at various tablets, including the popular ones such as the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, and a number of netbooks. The tablets were okay with browsing the internet but doing things like transferring photos from a digital camera was not so straightforward. The tablets lacked a 'proper' keyboard and, being touch devices, some models did not have the full internet functionality of a PC or Mac. Also, the tablets were more expensive, in some cases considerably more expensive, than netbooks with similar specifications. I looked at netbooks and chose the NC110 because it had a good mix of compactness, reasonable specification, reasonable price and favourable reviews.

Having used it, my view is that it is an excellent product. It does the things I need it for very well. If I travel somewhere, I can stick it into a bag and use it when necessary to browse the internet quickly and to upload photos. It does not weigh much and the battery life is good.

The 1GB RAM it comes with is pretty good, but I upgraded the RAM to 2GB. This is easy enough to do by purchasing a 2GB RAM card and swapping it for the 1GB RAM card at the bottom of the machine, although you will need a very small Philips type screwdriver to undo the screw on the RAM cover. With 2GB RAM, the netbook is a bit speedier, although you may find that the 1GB the machine comes with is fine.

Overall, this is a very good product and I would recommend it.
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