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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I love this software, its logical to use it has lots of useful features and this version was made for Mac's ( a lot of genealogy software is either Windows only or dual purpose meaning that there are lots of compromises).

You can start creating a family tree from scratch by just filling in a few of your parents details or you can import photo's, text or charts that you have made previously on other genealogy software. With TreeSync you can upload and share your family tree, via the internet, wherever you are. You can personalise your chart even more by adding text boxes - ideal if you want to display notes regarding a person in the family tree and you can add generation labels (mother, father, grandmother, grandfather etc.)

In the box you get the software CD, a welcome pack (a booklet full of offers on things like archival storage solutions, subscriptions to "Your Family Tree" magazines, historical maps and so on), and a chunky little book "The Companion Guide to Family Tree Maker" which is over 300 pages full of help, hints and tips for making your own family tree. Add to this the online help via the Learning Centre and Technical Support at familytreemaker.com and you need struggle no more when trying to make your ancestry chart.

In fact the only small complaint that I do have is regarding the '6 month free trial of Ancestry.co.uk premium membership, it's not that there's anything wrong with it but it's one of these where you have to give financial details in order to receive it. The company obviously hopes that you will forget to cancel your account so that they can start lifting monthly subscriptions from your bank account.
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on 13 June 2013
After reading other reviews of this software I was a little tentative with this purchase and had low expectations. The final decision was that I would earn back the cost of the software in the value of the Ancestry subscription. However I have found this software to be great. My family tree syncing with my Ancestry account even when using my Mac, iPhone and the Ancestry website. Great purchase and 110 percent satisfied.
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on 12 April 2012
Buyer beware. This product is riddled with bugs. The tree sync is hopelessly unreliable and the extra functionality the product offers is not worth the extraordinary hassle and frustration caused by the problems when syncing with one's Ancestry tree. My advice? Do everything on Ancestry and forget about this silly programme. Perhaps in a year's time they will have ironed out the problems.
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on 4 August 2012
Having recently moved from a Windows machine to a Macbook I needed some Mac family tree software to continue with my genealogy research. I had previously used a relatively old version of Family Tree maker on a PC so, having read some of the negative reviews of this Mac OSX version, I rather nervously purchased this product. The install went smoothly and then I was asked to register the software. I then encountered the 'cannot connect to the internet' message that has been mentioned in previous reviews. I took the 'register later' option and then was immediately presented with an option to download an update to the product. The update downloaded and installed without problems (over the supposedly unconnected internet!) and after that the product could be registered without issues. Since the update the software has been stable and looks fantastic on a Retina display Macbook. I have imported my previous PC-generated family trees to the product and that has gone well. The only issue being that my links to external media (mostly jpeg files) did not convert automatically. I guess that might be too much to ask with the different file structures between PCs and Macs. I have manually re-linked all of my external media and it did not take too long. I cannot comment on how well the product synchronises with family trees on Ancestry.com as I really just use the software to organise my research on my own Macbook. However, for my purposes, Family Tree Maker for Mac, looks great, has tons of functionality and appears very stable once the product has been updated.
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on 20 September 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
....in the first version, at least for me. Installation was fine, and I started a new tree using this software. I understand others have tried importing with little success, so check other reviews. The Mac version is now as good as the PC version (which it always should have been), and everything is quick and just works. The previous version was buggy and slow in comparison.

This is the Platinum version with the printed manual, which is excellent. I can now recommend this to people as a great way to research their family, and hopefully Ancestry keep this standard up in future releases.
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on 21 July 2013
I have been batting with this product since it's release and so far it has almost killed off my interest in genealogy, it is that bad.
The tree sync does not function consistently on large trees and still creates duplicates and misses changes when it occasionally has "synced". After days on the phone/email with tech support I have all but given up on the application. Might work for a small tree (have tried for test purposes as I work with IT) but simply is not up to the job really. 2013 was meant to bring major bug fixes and free feature updates, yet to see anything of significance.
I will not pay for an upgrade until it is a fully tested product or they take up my beta test offer. Sadly because of the size of my tree even rigorous testing rarely covers issues that can occur at scale with poorly designed databases.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I used to subscribe to ancestory website, but did nit bother renewing as the cost was getting too high for what it was worth.

This software seemed ideal. Not only can you work on our tree off line, but it syncs with your online account and keeps the trees in sync, It installed easily and after a software updates I started it up. I entered my account details and it downloaded the tree to the software ready to go. All seemed great but after some time I see a couple of drawbacks.

The first one is that the software tries to do so much that the interface is cluttered and confusing. It takes a long time to realise what you have to press to get the desired result. The manual is far too thick for me to read (besides a bloke never reads a manual - they are for wimps). I still spend ages trying to do simple tasks. When you search, it opens up your browser for the website rather than searching within the software. It just seems clunky and not smooth and natural. I now just do the website and sync with the software which is saving me a lot of time.

Another gripe is that it has changed some of the dates to the American date system, so a birth of 7 March (07/03) has altered the dates to 3rd July. After changing all the preferences to make sure its right, it is still defaulting to the USA date system. Again, I have to edit via the website, which seems to be correct with the UK site. Is the software syncing with the American preferences and not the UK one?

The software has not crashed for me, perhaps the update right after installing ironed out all the bugs that others have reported. I am running a 5 year old iMac (core 2 duo) running Lion.

The only saving grace is that it comes with 6 months of premium access, otherwise I would not bother. Just do it all via the website.
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on 2 November 2012
I've used the PC version of FTM with success and no problems but FTM for Mac v2 is a truly dreadful piece of software. It's full of bugs and not properly developed. My Mac is constantly freezing and the software simply doesn't work. Synching is the biggest problem. I've written off the £52 & put the DVD in the bin. FTM helpline/customer service weren't that helpful but a brief look at several forums confirms my experience is common.

The supplier Hixxysoft was great. I ordered and it came within 36 hours.
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on 17 May 2013
I found the help of no use at all. Having just bought a MAC I am still learning about the differences between the MAC and my PC. Being unfamiliar with my Mac I was being careful to follow the instructions to the letter. I eventually managed to download my trees from Ancestry.co.uk only after realising that I had to unlink them from the FT software on the PC. I then wanted to add a baptism but could not find how to do it. I looked at the manual and followed the instructions but the pop up menu did not appear as the instructions said it would. Eventually I logged on to Ancestry's site and used the help there. I found out that I had to use one of the Function buttons on my Mac to display the pop up menu. There was nothing in the manual about using functions buttons at all. On several other occasions I have been lost and the help was useless. Although I am a newbie to MACs my husband is not and he also tried and failed by using both the manual and the inbuilt help. I've used Generations, Roots Magic, Reunion, MacTree and several other programs and this is by far the most cumbersome.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I really wanted this to work, I so wanted to get going with my family tree, but I can't install it. I know I can be fairly dense at times when it comes to technical things , but I followed the instructions very carefully lots of times.I left it alone and then tried it again, but no I just can not get it to load, so I am going to give up now. I have still given it 2 stars and this basically because of the concept and I could be messing up the installation. If anyone has any good ideas on how to install then they will be gratefully recieved.
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