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on 6 February 2012
Excellent board. I use this with my gaming rig and play all newest games like bf3, love all the features this board has. The expansion slots are perfectly set up as newer gpu's take up 2 spots and you usaully cant use a x1 slot or something but theres always at least one of each slot type showing even if you have 2 big gpu's. I have an i7 2600k and gtx 570 set up with this board and both run fine, i have overclocked the cpu to 4.5ghz and its so easy with the bios on this board. The look of the board inside the case looks very nice especially the heatsinks. Definitely recommend this board its, i dont see what more you could possibly want!
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on 2 May 2012
Just to be clear, I'm no expert on motherboards - this was my first build.

Came well-packaged
Clear instruction manual
Laden with ports - 10 USB ports (including the module for the additional 2 USB 3.0s), hdmi, VGA etc. etc.
Ivy bridge compatible
Onboard Bluetooth
Quite an attractive board, if that's important to you
All those blue heatsinks ensure it runs cool
Excellent mouse driven graphical bios.
Comes with some useful utilities, e.g. Asus Fan Xpert, which allows you to control fan speed profiles etc.
So far, it has been stable.
Easy, one-click overclocking...

...although t'interweb suggests that this leads to overly-high voltages, so you're better off doing the settings manually
Not cheap, though it may now come down in price with the release of Z77.
Bluetooth has a range of about 1.5 feet, which is really poor. A quick Google shows this is a known issue.
The PCB is a bit flimsy. Careful how hard you push that RAM in...
The port panel thingy that you fit into the back of the case seems to be made of tinfoil
The drivers page on the Asus website was a confusing mess, and one of the most up-to-date drivers refused to install on the board. The one on the bundled disk works fine though.

Overall, it's a decent board, but it's a pity that Asus haven't ironed out the flaws by now
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on 29 December 2011
I've been building systems around MSI, GigaByte, Abit and Asus motherboards for close to 20 years - and this board is the best I've used yet. Great quality components used throughout, excellent cooling and power regulation features included to assist anyone interested in overclocking. The stand-out feature for me is Asus's excellent EFI BIOS implementation - which actually makes the config of the BIOS settings a real point and click pleasure that no longer looks like you're back in the MSDOS era!

Tonnes of SATA connectivity (8 internal, if memory serves me correctly + 1 external eSata) provide a good basis for a very expandable workstation pc - whilst internal Bluetooth also offers some interesting functionality not often seen in mainstream motherboards (works fine with my iPhone 4 and Nokia work phone for handsfree calling and wireless music streaming).

The board seems very stable And ASUS have already released an enhanced BIOS supporting additional CPUs - not bad for such a recent board.
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on 17 August 2012
Hiya Folks,

Just a quick note to those of you purchasing this mobo for use with an Ivy Bridge Processor.

It turns out that some versions of this board (possibly ones that were manufactured earlier) have an older version of the bios that doesn't support Ivy Bridge Processors out of the box. The solution to this is either to use a Sandy Bridge or other supported CPU to install a newer bios version or to flash the bios by usb to a newer version without a CPU installed.

Please let me add that this mobo is fantastic once the correct bios version is installed, I had no problems setting up windows and overclockin and have been running it for a good month or so.

The mobo is packed with useful features and the bios is very simple and easy to use with the mouse user interface.

With the somewhat frustrating issues aside, I'd give this mobo 10/10!!

Hopefully this review will help you guys if you have any probs but lets hope they ship them with newer bios versions from now on lol.

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on 16 April 2012
First I have to say - wow! the first motherboard manual I've seen that is written in 'proper' (correct & clear) English. That was a huge bonus for me as in the past I've ended up not understanding half the things about my motherboards, although I often got a good laugh from reading the manuals. Having said that though, they do love their acronyms and it can be intimidating if you're not up to speed with the latest technobabble.

Featurewise, there's turned out to be more on this mobo than I'll ever use, though more options is always a good thing, especially as I hope to be using it for a long time (it's Ivy Bridge compatible, of course.) One very nice feature is the so-called UEFI BIOS. This just means that the BIOS screens now have a friendly graphical user interface (it's basically like a mini operating system) instead of the old DOS-style screens. It gives you complete control over the mobo and other hardware and it's worth taking the time to explore.

There's far too much to say about this mobo here, but for me it was the most straight forward setup I've experienced and the whole system worked the first time I hit the power switch (many of you will know that feeling of dread as you hover your finger over the power button for the first time.) Hell, I even managed to wire-up all the case connectors correctly.

A couple of things to note. I'm not sure if it's because of the mobo or the CPU (Core i5 2500k) but 1600 MHz RAM is clocked at 1333 MHz by default. This is easily overriden (plenty of queries about it on the Internet) but isn't really necessary, especially for a gaming or other setup with a discrete graphics card. I'm only mentioning it because it could freak you out if you think you have the wrong RAM, or it's faulty. Secondly, don't rush in to blindly use the Virtu software that comes bundled with the package, as I almost did. Chances are you don't need it (make sure you fully understand what it does/doesn't do) and it has very mixed reviews.

The price? On the expensive side overall I suppose, but I think it's a very good price for what you get. Bear in mind that you can buy 2 of these for the price of a high-end grpahics card and have a lot of money left over. At the initial prices I'm seeing for custom GTX 680s, you could buy 3 of these motherboards!

Overall a very good product and I can't fault it for my needs.
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on 5 August 2012
I've never had any problems with motherboards, and this is the first one I've purchased for the purpose of building my own computer.

I've had it for 6 months now, and never encountered any issues with it (Experienced a couple of BSODs, and screen tearing, but only due to excessivly overclocking of my graphics cards).There's not much I can say about it other than the fact it has been very reliable, but there are a few noteworthy points:

High compatibility, and features to aid compatibility - All my seperately purchased parts worked flawlessly, and I didn't have to use the button that solves boot failures with some RAM modules
Easy to overclock the CPU and RAM with the supplied auto-tune program
User friendly BIOS was easy to update - Flashed it with a USB drive within a matter of minutes.

Bios update didn't work when I'd attempted it through windows. Appears to be a server connection issue.
Overexaggerates the benefits of the PCI 3.0 - You'd have to look into the specs of PCI 3.0 a fair bit to see that you won't get the 3.0 speeds unless you have a 22nm CPU
One of the clip on heatsinks was loose, and the second peg was rolling around in the bag. Could only be due to an assembly error, but as it was just thermal pads betewwn the sink and the components, I decided any damage caused by it being lose would be tolerable enough not to warrant returning it (Seems other buyers have had similar problems).

Overall, for the features it claims to have, it's a pretty decent price, although I could have done just as well with a £100 model (Bought this at £150)
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on 26 March 2012
ace motherboard for building ur own gaming system but plz note that this will not fit in all ATX size cases, the size of this board is 305m x 250m i had to order new case for it to fit in due to size not being down as form : ATX and amusing it will fit
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on 9 March 2012
I installed this board along with a i7 2600k and 16G of corsair ram into my case and fitted my Radeon HD6870 graphics card. Booted fine and installed win 7 64bit.

My surround sound speakers were connected and I could hear feint sounds coming from them. Kind of like a low electronic chattering from a quiet modem. Open a program like firefox and move the window around the screen and it squeaked. Scroll the window contents and it sounded like a wet finger across glass! sound was from speakers and front headphone socket.

I checked all drivers were up to date and updated the bios all to no effect. Searching google was difficult because of the vague search terms but I did find some results and no cure was obvious. I returned the board to Amazon for replacement and as expected they were good as gold getting me a replacement in a couple of days.

Of course the replacement did the same thing :(

I removed the graphics card and used the onboard video - no interference sounds. I dug out an old Nvidea 8800 card and that made noises from the speakers but much quieter.

Solution was more old hardware. I dug out an old soundcard and used that instead of the onboard sound - perfect sound with no noises. having searched google some more I found others that had resorted to the same solution and noticed most of them had radeon cards. The other thing that was said to cause sound issues was an old version of the USB 3 driver but that was not my problem.

power supply is a good one and it plus the graphics card were used before this upgrade with an asus P5k board with no issues to onboard sound.

posting this in case it helps someone else with the same problem, not complaining.

I've never had a problem with Asus before so I'd buy again in future.

5 stars to Amazon 4 to Asus.
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on 23 September 2013
What can I say, it looks a thing of beauty; I love the metallic blue heatsinks.

But most importantly it works as advertised and its pretty fast. Great configuration / setup options, especially with the UEFI bios.
Super overclockable and good build quality, which I;ve come to expect from Asus.

Buy one.
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on 16 September 2013
I was building a new gaming PC from scratch and on a budget, so I was more interested in the SLI/Crossfire options the board had, rather than the latest tech, which does not really have much of a performance advantage. It was cheaper to buy this board with an Ivy i5-3570K than go with a Haswell board and CPU. A Haswell or Ivy board for the same price would not have had SLI or Crossfire and this board supports the Ivy chip out of the box and is also PCIE 3.0 ready. It was delivered quickly and it worked with no problems. It is easy to overclock too, which is the point of getting a K chip. The only thing I would mark down is the I/O plate, which is very flimsy, but is actually ok once installed and if you use an air cooler get low profile RAM or Corsair XMS3 otherwise it could get in the way depending on the design.
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