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on 23 November 2016
Great watch, have owned it for almost a year now and despite some minor tech glitches (solved by switching it off and on again) it's been very reliable through three half marathons, two 10k's and one 5k, plus all the training for these and multiple bike rides. Have also used it with the speed and cadence sensor both on he turbo trainer and out on the road and love the data I get back. Usually doesn't take long to find the satellites and connect but I find it's best to stay in an open area (no overhanging trees or close tall buildings) while you wait and warm up and stretch a bit while I'm waiting. All in all very happy.
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on 15 May 2015
I used to have the Garmin 310XT which I've now given to my girlfriend. I bought this when it was on sale and was about 40 quid more than the 310. Firstly, it looks better than the 310 in that horrible orange colour, but that's subjective I guess. It's still a hefty size on your wrist though. Day to day use it's actually not really any different to the 310xt apart from in swimming mode but I doubt many people will use it for the complete range of multisports. It has the same chip for picking up GPS as the 310 and it's actually slower than my old 310 which is surprising. I tend to leave it on the windowsill while I get changed. The worst thing is the accompanying HR strap. If you do your research you'll see many people complaining about Garmin's so called 'premium' soft strap. Both mine and my girlfriends' have been giving us trouble especially on runs. A solution is to buy the cheap Polar strap which the Garmin HRM will mount to and use that instead.

Overall though it's not a bad product but not really better than the 310xt and the strap is pretty rubbish.
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on 19 June 2015
I have only had this one day and I am suffering information overload. There is so much to this watch in most cases too much. It is going to take a while to find my way around the menu's.

Now I orders two of the 210 that when faulty and returned them. I then ordered the 310 but now sure it it was the watch or the very flaky Garmin s/ware but that went back and I ordered this.

I would have given 5 stars but the first upload the watch switch off but worked ok on switching it back on. This is where the 310 failed as it corrupted the s/wear on the computer three time in one week.

I do have a 110 that i have had for 2 1/2 years and the only Trouble I have had with that is the strap breaking.

Setting up the 910 is a matter of what you do for exercising as it covers running, cycling, swimming and others. It can be set up to use indoors.

You can define up to 5 times four data screens for each sport but you won't need that many.

Mine came with an extender strap which lets it go around your arm.

The only down side is the
Garmin s/wear, Connection to the sever is screwed if my computer gets busy (I have a gig machine), like updates or backup going on in the background.
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on 17 January 2015
The best [and probably most expensive] gadget that I have ever bought. I apprehensively upgraded from a 310xt expecting a smaller display - but it is the same size. Item is less bulky and looks more like a professional product.

See dcrainmaker for an accurate review: id agree with everything he says about it.

I have less issues compared to the 310xt with GPS dropping out, the battery lasts far longer (enough to complete an ironman and then some). Works with all my existing ANT sensors.
The HR strap is really comfy too, and even has a small loop that you can put headphone cable through without it interfering with the heart rate signal.

There's always negatives with anything, but these are mine:
The pool swim tracking isn't that accurate - but maybe its my poor form that is the cause.
Buttons are a smidge smaller than the 310xt, making it hard to change things on the fly when cycling with gloves.

Thoroughly recommended piece of kit for anybody doing multisport.
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on 29 November 2015
I have had this for a year now as I bought it on Black Friday 2014.
It has proved very reliable, and very accurate.
What I find especially helpful is the very large display, which you can personalise as you wish with different run metrics, such as distance, pace, time, etc. As I now need reading glasses for close up work, it was important that I got a big display otherwise it would be no use to me whilst running.
The virtual pacer is really useful for regulating your pace.
Uploads to Garmin connect are quick and easy, and this in turn links to Strava & My fitness pal, so everything is updated seamlessly.
The heart rate monitor works well, but I am not keen on chest strap so now use a wrist strap instead.
I love this watch.
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on 31 August 2015
Great GPS watch. Can be used on bike, swimming, running and walking. You can get detailed stats, and pair with apps and other devices. However, they are prone to faults and this one had to be replaced for a 'used' replacement from Garmin after it crashed after about 4 months use. If you check the various blogs and help boards you will find this is common. It is quite unacceptable that Garmin do not replace the device new for new; and it is a very expensive price to pay should the replacement then fail too. For that reason it does not get 5 stars.
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on 8 February 2016
A cracking watch. To date I have only tried it running and cycling and it has given me roughly the same distances as my phone (which I used before) over the same routes.

The strap is comfortable and doesn't impede lycra tops (if that's what your into).

GPS can take a while to get a fix. I usually leave it on a bench outside while I stretch as I think being stationary helps with finding satellites (it may not but feels like it does).

The battery life is also very good, have had it a few weeks now with regular use and havent had any issues yet! For a more through review of the features of this watch go to dcrainmaker.
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on 30 July 2015
It seems to do everything I want it to. I use it daily as a bike computer and paired it easily with an older Garmin heart rate monitor I already had. In the pool it accurately measures number of strokes and time plus a load more data that I don't use. With 4 sport options (run, bike, swim and other) it allows me to seamlessly swap between activities. It also allows you to choose what is displayed on each page (with a number of pages per sport)with between 1 and 4 fields per page. It isn't a watch in the traditional sense but I have selected the first page of "other" sport with one field with "time of day" on it so I don't have to wear 2 watches to the gym; I have also selected one of the fields on page 2 of run, bike and swim with "time of day" on it. The battery seems to last the 50 hours Garmin quotes and it recharges very quickly. I have had no issues uploading via Garmin Express using the ANT+ USB stick.
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on 11 October 2014
Having a 305 previously, the swim metrics for the pool were a great bonus, I have a swimovate poolmate watch that I used with the 305, but that was manual data transfer only.
The 910 uplaods it all to GarminConnect, and uploads the Run/Bike workouts to Garmin Training Center.
For some reason the swim workouts don't transfer, and you need to export them from Garmin Connect then import to training center,
Would be nice if you could use heart rate with the swim settings, now you can get wrist mounted optical HRMs that would transmit far enough in water (on the same wrist)
Doesn't appear the 920 has that function either though.
Battery life is about 10 hours, so you couldn't log a whole Iron man (not that I could do the run anyway!)
If you only do cycling, then an Edge would be a better choice, the mapping of the Edge 1000 looks great if you travel with your bike!
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on 3 August 2016
Perfect for tracking training and triathlons.
Easy to use, full of features, and plenty of outage videos to help. Quickly syncs to my HRM and bike sensors and provides huge amounts of data for me to pour over after i've got back from an event.
Multis poet mode makes things easy, you can pre program it with the event and if yo want translations to be included so perfect for duathlon, swim run or triathlons. Missing some of the features of the newer models, but I can't justify the expense of an upgrade!
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