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on 23 October 2014
I bought this from a local store instead of Amazon because it was slightly cheaper, and I didn't have to wait. But I used amazon for reviews so I thought I would contribute back.

Firstly, I should point out I own multiple wireless headsets, bluetooth, infrared, and radio based as this ones. Some cheap some expensive. All of them however relied on some sort of digital circuitry. Even the RF ones had a digital tuner inside that automatically tuned the headset to the channel selected on the base ( ie, lidl's headset, some Thomson models etc). This model doesn't. This model seems to be 100% analogue. There's a cheap 3 way switch on the station that changes the transmitting channel. And a wheel tuner on the headset ( same as in your very old FM radio that did manual tuning without using a digital screen to write the FM channel). All three channels you choose on the base are within the range of course of the headset.

1. Because of the apparent analogue nature of the hardware there's no noticeable lag, and I believe this is one reason sennheiser went with an analogue design. In this respect they kick Bluetooth and any other form of digital transmission in the butt. It's simply perfect, no lag. ( lag is the delay between the time sound leaves your device and reaches your ear).
2. Very little background noise. Compared to all headsets I ever used the only kind that are better than this are bluetooth, that have no background noise. But suffer the most from lag thus useless for watching movies or video. They are a huge improvement over other RF (non bluetooth) headsets such as the lidl brand, and thomson. I was impressed by how little the background noise was...
3. Charging dock. I don't get the review comments, probably people who didn't own other rechargeable headsets before. This is by far the best charging base I have EVER used. I practically throw on the speakers and they land and start charging. Excellent!. All other brands I ever used either required I plug a usb port in, or were frigidly.
4. Utilizes regular NiMh rechargeable batteries. This means that when rechargeable batteries get old they can get cheaply replaced and if I forget to place them on the charger and they run out of juice, I can just replace spend batteries with charged ones and keep going. I have to say that the 20 pound lidl headset I owned beat this by including a build in rechargeable as well as AAA batteries and either one would work.
Edit: 5. I should had mentioned that this headset has huge range, 2x more than thomson, or lidl brands based on rf technologies, and at least 5-6 times more than bluetooth.

1. The cups. These are on ear not over the ear. Why? Where's the logic in that sennheiser, Get me a couple of over the ear pads please and I'll pay extra for them. They get uncomfortable when used for over 1-2 hours ( I watch primarily movies ).
2. Hassle to tune. I wish they had figured out a better way of tuning the headset. Here's a suggestion if you buy this. Play something on just the right speaker ( change the balance on your computer or tv) then tune the speaker so you hear it the loudest with minimum background noise but only from the right speaker. Then change balance to send both sides. If it works you have tunned correctly and are getting stereo sound. I found that the settings with the least background noise were not in stereo and resulted in lower volume but clearer sound, but if you want stereo follow these directions and you'll get it.
3. Volume and tune dials are too close as others have mentioned, you get used to looking for the top one, but I still think that sennheiser needs to work more on this, eliminate the need to tune somehow.
4. Not as good a construction I would expect for the price. If you sit on this you will break them, even if you are a small person or child. Make sure you don't leave them sitting on the couch.
5. I've owned them for several weeks now, I used the batteries that came with them. I haven't noticed any indication that the batteries are full. Charging led is always on and red when headset on the base. Have the batteries never charged because I use them every night? Or is there no indication of complete charge? Didn't find any information on this in any document included in the box.
6. The biggest surprise to me was how poor the bass and treble was. Multiple reviews mention excellent sound but I find that the sound is excellent for watching movies, ( voice, everyday sounds). but bass and treble especially when listening to rock, metal etc music is very poor. For music thus I switch to my Samsung Bluetooth headset
7. If no audio comes out of your device. After a few minutes the transmitter automatically switches off, and your hear very loud hissing sound. I forgot about this and had the speakers on while movie was paused and it was too loud, I can see people getting injured by getting surprised from the sudden loud noise... Come on Sennheiser, remove the automatic off. Only switch it off when I place the headset on the base. How much energy do you think you are saving? And at the cost of your customer's discomfort, potential ear damage, and potential cause for accident from getting startled from the loud noise.

In conclusion, great headset, by far my favorite ever for watching movies ( ie no lag, minimal background noise) but if you are getting this for listening only to audio and don't care about the synchronization with video then get a Bluetooth headset like the HS3000 that provides EXCELLENT sound and still allows you to use whatever wired headphone you prefer.
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on 5 April 2017
The headphone works OK, but the design is flawed, and very annoying in its flaws. The biggest flaw is with the automatic switch off - if you have quiet period in the sound, then it switches off, which gives you quite a bit of a shock as all you get is very loud white noise. This is quite a bit of a problem when you watch a film (or listen to music) with long periods of quietness, and it entirely ruins the experience. Be aware of this problem.
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on 15 September 2017
We used to have an older model which lasted 10+ years, and decided to replace with this one. Very happy so far, very easy setup and i like how it neatly recharges when the headphones are on the stand. The charging light remains on even when the batteries are fully charged, but you get about 18 hours use from a charge which is plenty. Very little 'hiss' and we've set it up in a room full of other electrical devices, so it's performing well. Would highly recommend.
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on 5 June 2017
These headphones work very well and I am satisfied with the performance! Only small criticism is that the ear pads are a bit hard and can get quite uncomfortable after wearing for a couple of hours! Think they could have added a bit softer padding!
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on 2 June 2017
Bought these as I'm losing some frequency definition and turning up the sound bar didn't help. These make such a difference and highlight sounds I didn't know were there! Only issue is that after a couple of hours when worn over glasses they make my ears a little sore.
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on 27 May 2017
Excellent...I am hard of hearing and with this I don't need to have the volume up loud at night, I can hear every single word and the neighbours must be happy.
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on 14 August 2017
Very slight buzzing and headset doesn't grip the head very well (e.g.if you bend over they can slide off). But good quality sound apart from that.
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on 22 August 2017
These Headphones are wicked. Fantastic Purchase. I bought these to use at night, so the TV would not upset the neighbours. I am able to walk around the house upstairs and downstairs without loosing reception. Excellent quality.
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on 13 August 2017
Happy with these, they set up straight away with very little tuning, and sound very reasonable
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on 6 August 2017
excellent product, I can move around the house and still hear the TV programme very clearly
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