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on 5 January 2013
I bought this monitor as an upgrade to my Dell 17" screen, which was absolutely fine if it weren't for the limited screen realty available. Writing a project requires a lot of different windows open, so I needed a product that would provide increases screen size without hampering the resolution or blurring text.This Dell monitor perfectly fits this criterion. The image is as sharp as my 17" screen and runs a 1920 x 1080 resolution compared to the 1280 x 1024. HD video and images are crisp, and being widescreen, fills the screen without letterboxing.

The monitor comes packed with DVI-D and dual-VGA cables (unfortunately I run a 2010 Macbook that requires a Minidisplayport input). The VGA input is sometimes glitchy, with lines flickering on the screen, but this may be a reflection of my cable and not the monitor itself. A USB A-B female adapter cable is provided - this plugs straight into the USB port and allows the monitor to act as a hub. Two of the USB ports are found at the back, along with input cables - this is excellent to hide cluttering cables, such as a printer. A minor issue is the other two USB inputs are found on the left side of the screen - these are easily accessed but are on the wrong side for me to plug in a wireless mouse charger cable.

Unboxing, installation and set-up was exceptionally easy and took 15 minutes. Windows will have to install drivers with the supplied CD to optimise the resolution - Macs, apparently, can simply go to System Preferences to change the resolution to the desired size without need to install anything.

I cannot comment on the longevity of the product, as this review is written a day after installing.
In summary, I highly recommend this product and am willing to take any comments or queries about anything I may have missed.
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on 31 August 2012
At the time of purchase, I paid £183. On the Dell website the very same model was £250 (after a reduction as well!)


-- Professional photographers --

If you're a professional photographer looking for 100% adobe RGB, then this isn't for you. After speaking to some professional photographers, neither is the dell 2410. You'd need a NEC at around £1000. Just because what you see on screen will never look like what you get on print for anything less.

I'm not a professional photographer. I do web design, so if anything a wide gamut display would cause me issues when people without those monitors looked at my designs.

-- IPS Glow --

With an e-IPS unit, you will get what's called IPS glow. This looks like backlight bleed, except it's not. You will see a slight glow on a black screen in the corners. This is inherent in all IPS units. If you want no IPS glow, you'll need a different panel type. (not TN).

My unit has this glow in the bottom right more then the bottom left. But, it's only apparent at a certain angle and on a black screen. If you don't like the idea of seeing this glow whilst sat at a 33 degree angle whilst watching a black screen, then this unit isn't for you.

HOWEVER, if this is the thing that bugs you generally, then don't buy an IPS monitor.

-- AG Coating --

This unit has an AG coating, It works very well to stop glare from lights, windows, etc. But if you look closely it gives flat colours, white mainly, a textured look. But only if you look for it. Again, if this is going to bother you, I'd suggest a unit without this AG coating.

-- I was worried about both --

In a perfect world, I wouldn't have the AG coating, nor would I have the IPS glow. However, they are not that bad, at least not as bad as I thought they would be. For me, it's not an issue. But for others, you might want to look elsewhere.

-- Good points --

The colours are great. I use RGB settings of 92,88,98 and a brightness of 25 and contrast of 75, and I get excellent results. White is really white now, and the blues and greens look amazing compared to my old LCD.

Contrast could be better at certain angles. But miles better than a TN panel. By far.

The stand is superb, and one of the reasons I purchased this unit. You simply wont find a better stand on a unit of this price.

For £180, you get a reasonable quality e-IPS panel, nothing ground shattering, that has great colours, and quite deep blacks.

Just beware of the issues I have highlighted, if you think they are going to be a problem (I did, but they weren't in the end) then look elsewhere.

If you have any questions, I will try and answer as promptly as possible.
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on 26 March 2012
I spent a lot of time considering which monitor to buy to replace an older (but good) LG Flatron.I knew that IPS were supposedly better for photography but up till now were very expensive.I read a lot of reviews both professional and from users and decided to go for this Dell screen.Well I was not disappointed.Straight out of the box (after assembling to included stand), the display was impressive.I fine tuned it a little and am now happy at result.I can see no bleed or deadpixels etc.On looking at my photographs, I realise that the older screen whilst good a while ago was not actually showing my camera's full potential, nor was it doing full justice to my graphics card in my PC.All I can say is that I am completely happy with this product and if you are like me and want to get the right thing then I can say you will not be disappointed.Just make sure your graphics card is up to it and that you feed it a top quality signal.
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on 28 November 2011
Compared to a slightly older DELL IPS monitor of a similar size (but slightly lower resolution) the improvement is very clear when first switched on - the LED backlight is great compared to the flourescent backlight in the old monitor. Overall it seems to do its job brilliantly - would buy another one if I could!
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on 26 February 2012
I bought this last week to connect to my old laptop, I wanted to be able to view films and photos better with a larger screen. For a few weeks I scoured Amazon, reading hundreds of reviews, debating whether to get a Samsung or Dell, or another brand. I was impressed with the reviews on this product, and Dell's website for this item too, so purchased it.
The screen is beautiful, very solidly made, the stand has rubbery points on the bottom of it so doesn't move or shake when I knock my desk. I have seen other Dell screens which look cheap and made of plastic but this is certainly not one of them!
I was blown away by the high quality when watching Youtube videos, bbc iplayer, films and just generally surfing the internet! My photos look different to how they used to, I've seen colours on them which I hadn't noticed were there! It was so simple to set up, I didn't even use the CD that came with it, I think it's a user guide but all I had to do was connect the DVI-hdmi cable (bought separately) and connect the power cable and that was it! Definitely worth the money.
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on 30 January 2012
Dell Ultrasharp U2312HM 23 inch IPS LED Monitor

I also have been looking at 23 and 24 inch monitors for some time.
From professional and user reviews, I narrowed down to two : the ASUS AP238Q and DELL 23 and 24 inch IPS monotors.

I ordered the ASUS. (Paying for delivery.) Taking it out of the box, it really looked the part but...that's about it.
Appearances can and do deceive.

The ASUS had the following faults.

1.Excessive light bleed in three corners and on three sides.
2.HDMI failed to function.
3.Software on CD in RAR format couldn't use the ASUS drivers - I know nothing about RAR files.ASUS's reasons for this
were ridiculous - anti virus.
4.Support from ASUS - dismissive almost to the point of non existence like its HDMI.

I returned the ASUS monitor as faulty, had my payment refunded but had to pay for return of a faulty product.I then
turned to look at the DELL Ultrasharp U2312HM.

After further research on suppliers, specs and prices I went direct to DELL - with free delivery. I ordered on a
Thursday evening it arrived Saturday morning - from BELGIUM via UPS. Superb service, the package could be tracked
all the way.
The DELL Ultrasharp U2312HM went together very easily - very well designed.
When connected and powered up, I was immediately shocked how superior it was to the ASUS AP238Q.

Because I needed a connected speaker system to illiminate my desktop speaker I also bought the DELL Soundbar.
The Soundbar, attaches to the lower edge of the screen and is simplicity itself producing good sound quality.
I do not play games or videos on my PC so I only need good audible signals, a leass cluttered desktop and occasional
audio sampling.

I have a DELL Inspiron 17inch Laptop and know DELL products to be well-designed and well-made.

Comparisons between the DELL U2312HM and the returned ASUS AP238Q ?

The DELL U2312hm wins by a wide margin. The DELL screen deserves the label 'ULTRASHARP' it is easier on the eyes with
higher brighteness levels than the ASUS. Like the ASUS the DELL has the flexibility of height and tilt adjustments, wide
viewing angles and a screen that swivels to the vertical position giving a longer document view but there the similarities end.

The DELL screen setup menu is perfect in my view. Press any button on lower right hand corner and and the full menu is displayed.
Navigate up or down with additional options clearly marked and accessible. All logically laid out and large enough for anyone to
navigate with ease. Why can't other manufacturers design like this?

The ASUS menu is another matter. The difference is remarkable. The ASUS menu is poor, archaic in appearance and difficult to use.

My DELL U2312HM complete with the soundbar cost me £211, from DELL with free delivery. That was marginally lower than the cost of
the ASUS which has no speakers and its non functioning HDMI made the earphone sytem unuseable.
So the DELL was the much better choice, why I ask myself, didn't make it my first and only choice? Still, even at 75 I live and learn.

I read the user reviews on this page and also professional reviews, but I rarely write them. However, such was the difference in
experience on this matter, I hope anyone facing the same decision making process may find this helps inh their decision, as other
readers views, helped me in mine.

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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 4 November 2013
I needed a second monitor next to my 27" to read long documents, so it had to be a monitor that can swivel to portrait mode and also IPS, since for portrait mode the monitor needs an excellent vertical angle range. Several minutes on Amazon.com and this came up as a good match, at a lower price than I had expected. When it arrived and set up next to my (older but expensive) Samsung it impressed me with the image and colors. Ok, it is a bit subjective as some might prefer a warmer setting etc, but I had spend some time calibrating my old monitor to my preferences and with the Dell just by turning down the brightness a bit got me there and possibly better. A year or so ago, this quality would be found only on monitors over 250 quid.
The stand is excellent. I had a swivel mount before and it was wobbly in either landscape or portrait. This one is quite stable. I like the OSD system, it is different than others I've tried - the buttons basically don't say anything, as soon as you press one the OSD tells you what they do instead - but it solves the problem of not being able to see what each button does! Brilliant! And no stupid touch-sensitive buttons (hello Samsung) either!
Oh, did I mention the screen and the bezel are matte? The former essential if you don't want to see reflections (and manages it without really losing sharpness) and the latter if you don't like to see your fingerprints around your screen.
And it even has a USB hub. With ports in two sides (so you have convenient ports in both portrait and landscape mode).
Oh, and for those who complain that it does not have an hdmi, well it has a DisplayPort instead which is increasingly common with modern desktops & laptops (e.g. my ThinkPad). You can still connect an hdmi out via a cheap cable or adapter, so it is really not a problem.
Now that I wrote the review and had to list the positives and could not come up with a negative, I am even more delighted with this purchase. Really, you can go pretty far monitor-wise with just 150 quid these days.
And, if you need to read or edit documents, do yourself a favor, grab this as an extra monitor, rotate it 90 degrees and enjoy!
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on 24 July 2013
Amazon 5 stars Dell 0 stars

If you are reading this, I assume that, like me, your purchasing decision is strongly influenced by customer reviews, sharing the bad experience as well as the good. I read good reviews of this monitor - but they were of a different spec than the monitors now shipping. I also noticed on Amazon UK a 2 star review by R1134 warning of a colour tinting problem with the REV A00 models now shipping (I suggest you check out that review now). I asked Amazon about this; they checked the boxes they were shipping and they told me theirs were REV A00 (do a websearch to find out about the problems with these old models which Dell are now shipping again). I contacted Dell with a pre-purchase question about this, saying I didn't want a REV A00 model with faulty colours. They assured me they were only shipping the latest versions so I bought one from them. What do I receive from Dell? A REV A00 model with strong yellow tint - text on white background looks like tea has been spilled over the paper. Colour in photos is far too inaccurate for any image editing. I've received two of these monitors and, like other customers, BOTH of them have this yellow problem. I have tried them connected to Dell computers and to my new Lenovo.

I have been in protracted correspondence with Dell (for two months) who are well aware of what they refer to as the "yellow tint issue" but they are doing nothing about it and still sending out these defective screens to customers. I tried posting my experience in a review on the Dell website but Dell did not publish it, still claiming on the review page for this model that "100% of customers recommend this". Be aware that the reviews on the Dell website are censored; they don't publish the ones they don't like. The T&C for posting reviews includes this: "Dell reserves the right to remove or to refuse to post any submission for any reason." I have taken this up with several layers of Dell management, pointing out that they are deliberately misleading their customers by claiming this, but they still refuse to post either of the reviews I have submitted. So you are now reading the review that Dell didn't want you to see!

The monitor has a good stand and some people have received versions of this monitor which had good picture and colour but if you order now you will get a REV A00 screen. I don't recommend it unless you are colour blind or love yellow (over everything). After two months of protracted correspondence with Dell, I found them to be evasive, arrogant and eventually threatening. I can't trust them and I think their business practices are very poor. The last four computers I bought were from Dell (and printer, accessories) but I would never buy from them again. This month I bought a new Lenovo laptop from Amazon.
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on 25 December 2012
I bought an acer 24 inch monitor a few weeks ago, had it for about a week and realised how poor the colours on it were, washed out and bland, so I returned it. This Dell monitor on the other hand is incredible, the colours are fantastic, blacks are deep and distinguishable from greys. The look of the monitor is clean and sleek and the stand is fantastic for adjusting into any position you require and contrary to other reviews, my monitor came with the standard 3 pin plug. Been using this monitor to play a few games on, battlefield 3 looks brilliant, the detail is a huge step up from the Acer as its much crisper and more vibrant. Overall I would definitely buy this monitor!
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on 18 October 2012
Firstly I must say this is my first ips monitor, as such my expectations where perhaps a little high

The pros: bright screen
Rediculously fast response time (0.6ms on game mode)
Clear image
Almost perfect colours out of the box (although I actually use the multimedia setting most which over saturated the colours but it looks good)

The cons: too bright for night use really, even with backlight set to 0
Ips glow... It's just there and there's no getting away from it.
Backlight uniformity isn't perfect (brighter bottom right and top right)

Now the boring bit, yes its good for general office work and the occasional film or game but if that's your main reason for buying the monitor don't expect perfect night time viewing.

So overall im happy with the dell u2312hm but it could have been so much better with a aw filter to banish the ips glow.
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