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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 25 December 2011
Very good quality of the product, especially considering the cost (comparing to the comparable ones from other manufacturers).
Light is extremely bright. Normally I'm using lowest or the 50% setting. Higher settings are used only on very difficult terrain or just for the fun of them ;).
Amazingly the battery life is quite good when the light is used on the lower end of power scale.
Build is sturdy and quite elegant. Mounts are solid, o-rings and velcro straps are working great.

For now there are only three small problems with the light on everyday use:

1. The buttons on the light (power up/down) are a bit difficult to use when driving, especially when using glove. The o-ring is a bit flexible, which is good, but it makes changing power level a bit tricky.

2. When connected to the battery, the signaling diode on the back of the light is always on. I've not found any measurable impact of this on the battery life, the power of this diode must be minute comparing to the four ones on the front, but it's a bit annoying.

3. The last one is not a problem per se, but something of a feature. The cone of the light is quite wide. It's great when driving because you can clearly see not only what's directly before you, but also what's on the sides. On the road it can blind the incoming traffic, so one must be careful with the power and the level on which the light shines.

Overall it's great product.

As an anecdote... In two weeks I'm using this light I was stopped on two separate occasions by people asking me about the what kind of light I was using. They were amazed by the brightness of it. I was amazed also... on both occasions the light was on its lowest setting ;)
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on 9 December 2011
Awesome light , very bright . I have owned it for 3 weeks and have not felt the need to use more than 50% power . The only criticism is that the velcro stap that you attatch the battery to the frame with has a week plastic D ring on it that you use to double back the velcro strap to attach it . THIS LIGHT IS AS GOOD AS MY OLD HOPE R4 BUT WITHOUT THE COST .
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on 11 January 2012
This has taken cycling to the next level. The brightness from this light is phenominal. As mentioned I dip the light to 30% setting on the road as it would be dazzling to oncoming traffic. Off road I use the 100% but have found the 50% setting more than adequate. It is a wide beam of light that shows up a good 20m ahead and approx 5m wide, I can't believe you would need more.

My only gripe is the battery indicator on the back of the light, mine goes from green >75% to blue >50% in minutes and then to orange >25% within about 20 minutes on the 100% setting. I do appear to get near the advertised ride time out of the battery, but the indicator doesn't seem to indicate the true battery level and should just be used as a guide that the battery is running down.

All in all made a huge difference to me and I can now go back to using the offroad paths to work in the winter.
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on 7 September 2012
As I received the package, it was contained in a smart box which was presentable. It brings 2 O rings, the lamp, manual and battery. I recharged the battery using the charger and it will tell you when its charged - red is charging, green fully charged. I set up the wires at night on my bike and I used a blackburn flea 2.0 LED light (enough to be seen). I set the battery and lamp and tested it with my previous lamp in my backyard. I can tell you that the magicshine light is more or less the same as my halogen back yard flood lamp! It illuminated the backyard at even 50% output. The buttons on the rear has two buttons; up is to increase and the lower one is to decrease. If you press the lower button, it will start with the lowest setting and the up button will light it to its maximum.

I have taken it out for about 1 hour bike commute using mid to high light and the level went from green to blue (green = 75%-100% and blue = 50%-74%). I was very happy using it as it lights up all the signs and reflective material on the road. The light itself has spill on its lateral sides and has a wide angle beam.

One word of caution, when you connect the battery to the lamp, don't look straight at the lamp as it will flash once!
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on 1 January 2012
I spent a lot of time looking at various bike lights before settling for this one. I couldn't decide how much money to spend toying with a £50.00 limit, this light inc delivery was just under £90. It got a good review in a mountain bike magazine re performance (against much dearer lights on test) and value which influenced my decision. Delivery was swift and it was easy to charge and then assemble on the bike. It has 4 settings 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% brightness for differing conditions. The switch to turn it on/adjust the percentage also shows when it needs charging - operating on a traffic light system (green fully charged, amber and red). Very pleased with it so far, have not ventured out on a proper night ride yet but am confident it is up for the job.
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on 12 October 2013
I am concerned about the time the charge lasts. I ride the bike in pitch black narrow pitted lanes, so bought the lamp primarily to be able to see well ahead, rather than for visibility of me by car drivers. I have had the light for only about 10 days now and am considering whether to return it, as although the light is fantastic, the charger starts running down, from green, to blue then to orange very quickly. It is supposed to last for 2 hours on full beam, but it manages about 5 minutes before going to blue, indicating it is loosing charge. We have tested it indoors and it is much better, so perhaps it is to do with temperature - which means it is maybe not fit for purpose, as one buys a bike light for winter dark riding. I will try it again a couple of times, before deciding whether to return it.
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on 1 November 2012
Excelkent value for money. Well made & a absolute bargin in comparison to equal output lights that are far more expensive (hope V4 etc). Used for road & mountain bike. Very easy to fit/charge etc. recommend helmet for mountain bike use.
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on 6 October 2012
I'll make this short and simple - I never write reviews, but I've just been out on the bike to test out the new lights and couldn't help but report back at my delight, they are incredible, it is simply the best money I have ever spent on the bike (at £89 - 6th October 2012).

I wanted a light that I could train on at night, something where I could do 25mph down a pitch black country lane and it would light it up like a car - this light does just that, and what's more it does it on virtually the lowest setting!

I live in a village, one that hasn't yet invested in street lights, and one surrounded by narrow dark country lanes with often poor surfaces to navigate. I turned the light off and could not see my hand in front of my face (I am neither blind or wear glasses for clarity), I turn the light on and zoomed along in complete confidence that I could see everything with clarity. It has good spread to the side so everything is clear aswell as excellent distance.

Easy to setup, easy to charge, and I even like the light on the back which tells you approximately how much charge is left. I just hope the charge can live up to manufactures statements, and based on other reviews I've read it will.

For what's it worth, everyone I know who rides a bike will be getting one of these for Christmas.
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on 1 December 2012
I never used to do much cycling in the dark, but have moved somewhere that cycling is easier than driving. I previously had a lower-end Cateye light with a fairly weak beam. It was fine for being seen, but not for seeing, and about a mile of my cycle route is on unlit farm roads, which is pretty scary when you can only dimly see a couple of metres ahead.

A colleague had a Hope R1 which is a great light, but the 240 lumens output didn't seem bright enough for my needs, and the R4 was much more than I wanted to spend. I searched on Amazon and decided the reviews for the Magicshine were so good it was worth taking the risk. I'm very glad I did! It's easy to charge up and fit, and the mounting rings seem sturdy enough. The beam is pretty focused and exceptionally bright. I can see clearly for a good 20 metres or more on the unlit roads (more in the parts where there are high hedges on both sides as it focuses the light more), and I no longer have to slow down or hit unexpected potholes.

At first I thought the battery life didn't match what was quoted, but it turns out I was confused as to how the light settings work. I assumed that when I switched it on the default would be the lowest setting (300 lumens), but actually it is full power (1600 lumens) so I was unwittingly riding in traffic with the light at full power and dazzling drivers! Oops. Now that I have realised this, the battery life is better, though it does drop in cold temperatures. Having a separate battery pack with leads is a bit of an inconvenience compared to an integral unit, but for the savings over lights with similar output it is totally worth it.

I would highly recommend this light to any serious winter cyclists who need their lights to see and not just to be seen.
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on 6 October 2012
Brilliant light!! Great delivery - arrived undamaged, well packaged, two days ahead of due date. Good quality product especially the machined alloy lamp unit. Definitely doesn't need more than 50% on dark country lanes and 75-100% is enough for me off-road.

As with previous reviewers I have a few concerns about the longevity of the lamp 'o'-ring and the plastic 'D' ring for the battery cover but working fine for now.

There is one BIG PROBLEM- my light came with a separate mains lead for the charging unit that is fitted with a molded three pin mains plug but in fact it is a dangerous copy and should not be used. The plastic molding is too small leaving your fingers close to the live pin when you plug it in. Also there doesn't appear to be enough room inside the plug for a fuse. It won't meet UK safety standards (BS1363).

Luckily I had a spare lead from an old tape recorder in the loft otherwise I would have changed the plug.
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