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on 11 January 2012
If you want your MP3 player to take photographs, play video clips and have a touchscreen, then this isn't the player for you. If, however you want a small (two would fit on a credit card) and light MP3 player that plays MP3's and lots of them for under a tenner, then this is the one for you. Admittedly, the player is pretty basic (for example you can't fast forward through a track, just skip to the next one, so it's no good for listening to the Archers Omnibus...) , but if you accept that it's a no frills player, then this is great value for money.

Cheap. Light. Small. Convenient belt clip. Lots of memory for the money.

Poor earphones. No "fast forward" or "rewind" just next track or previous track. No real menu structure, just plays tracks in order or at random. Screen small. but clear.
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on 1 March 2012
The MP3 player I received wouldn't let me copy files on to it, well, the files would start to copy but then stop half way every time I tried. To make sure it wasn't my computer I tried it with a couple of my friends' MP3 players and I had no problems. So I e-mailed the company who quickly replied suggesting I try formatting the MP3 player on a different setting and make sure that all files I try to transfer are in MP3 format. Having tried all this the MP3 still wouldn't allow files to be transferred so I e-mailed the company again. They e-mailed back and said I could return the item and they would send a replacement. When I asked how I would be compensated for the postage and packaging I would have to pay to return it I was sent an e-mail saying sorry we don't pay for shipping. So basically their company policy is 'we make a mistake, you can pay for it'.
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on 22 January 2012
After reading other reviews, with people sending this product back because it didn't offer simple functionality, I wanted to write a review to offer some advice. I found it to be a great little product if you have some basic computer knowledge.

For example, after downloading my tunes to it, it kept coming up with "file error". After checking, it turns out that this product does not support Windows Media Audio (.wma) files. So after finding some free online conversion software (I used 'Switch Sound File Converter'), and converting those files to .mp3's, it worked just fine. Note to self: change the settings in the 'Rip' options of Windows Media player to 'Save As MP3'!

The other issue was a lack of decent instructions (the instruction sheet that comes with it is quite funny!), but after tinkering with it, you soon get a feel for which button does what. For example, when the player is not playing and you press the 'M' (for menu) button, it brings up yr folder browsing option (so you can check what folders you have, and the files -or songs- in them), and whether you wish to delete any folders or files. During play, pressing the 'M' button gives you your equaliser, repeat, replay options, gap time between songs and playback options, like 'random' (shuffle). Using the right and left buttons go down the menu, and pressing 'M' chooses an option.

The headphones are very basic and do crackle when you manipulate the cord near to the jack input, but for the price, buying a new pair or using some from another player, is fine. As for battery life, I think it depends on how loud you have it and how many songs you play. It takes me to the bus stop, into town, and back, so is just perfect!
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I had resisted getting an MP3 player until now. Having several items that I could listen to on my computer, but not my CD player, at last I ordered this. Sometimes something comes along which is amazingly good value, and this is one of them. I hadn't know what I was missing - good sound for cathedral choir music, is matched by clear voice reproduction, for practicing French, or listening to an audio book. I would recommend this both for value, and quality.
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on 9 April 2012
Firstly for the price this product is good value for money, but if you want an MP3 player that is robust, long lasting and well built, go for something in a higher price bracket. The screen on the unit I got was slightly faulty but readable. The USB connection going into the unit is very loose making charging a bit hit and miss. The battery life is short, perhaps 1.5 hrs continuous play, but the recharge time is also short. This makes it ideal for day to day use but no good for long journeys. Finally the earphones that come with the player are useless, but then for the price that is to be expected. It gets three stars for the price.
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on 14 January 2012
There have been some mixed reviews for this product. Let me dispell this. Yes, the screen's small, but it's completely functional and you can see the titles of all the media you've loaded up. Unlike the other reviewer further down the page, I found that there actually is the option to play music by folder, you just have to press the 'play music by folder' function. But hey, who cares about taking the time to do that when there's a review to write ... As for error messages and battery life: mine plays all .mp3 files and .wmv files just fine, and I've never had a problem. I've only charged it once, and so far I've got a good 2 hours play at least without dropping a battery bar. If you're looking for an iPod, buy an iPod. If you're looking for a small, inexpensive 4gb MP3 player, buy this.
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on 8 March 2012
Rather than paying for a new Ipod shuffle I thought I'd save money and purchase this far cheaper alternative. I have however ended up wasting the money I paid for this! The headphones are quiet and broke after one use, the player itself only held its charge for 40 minutes maximum and it took a couple pf presses on the buttons to change tracks and the volume etc. I wouldnt recommend this product to anyone.
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on 26 April 2012
I've got 2x of these. One for me at the gym and my 8 year old has one for some 'tunes' in his room. They are cheap and you are getting what you pay for. The menu system can be tedious to navigate if you want to change albums, the battery life isn't great - but the sounds is good, the graphic equaliser makes a differnce and its tiny!

We managed to bend two pins in the USB charger socket and so I'm going to buy another one - bit annoying as there was nothing else wrong with it but the pins wont line up again so no way to charge it. The USB cable that came with one of them was too big for the socket - I had another space USB that fitted so no major issue for me personally but you may get caught out.

The clip is good but it's hinged under the controls - so when you clip it on t-shirt sleeve (gym, remember) you end up changing tracks.

For £8.50 inc postage - and 4gbs - happy to buy another one and will try and be more careful with the usb port.
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on 29 August 2013
I had one of these already. Light, good spring clip, easy to use. Great for using when running.
Wanted a second one so that i could always have one charged and ready for go.
Sadly this one arrived faulty.
The display was in Chinese lettering.
The off switch did not seem to work.
So I returned it and was given a full refund.
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on 9 May 2013
This is for the black LCD screen version - it seems the reviews cover all the product options.

I bought this so that I could listen to music albums whilst out and about. In a very basic way it does this, but...

The description says that you can easily sync with Windows Media Player. This is not entirely true. Yes, Media Player does recognise it and does copy MP3s to it. But when you come to play them back it says that there are no files. After a bit of experimenting (there are no useful instructions supplied) I discovered this is because Media Player puts the tracks in folders for each album, as you would expect. However, the player will only play tracks in the root folder. Once you have got it to play a track you can then select a folder, but you have to have at least one track in the root folder.

Once you have managed to work out how to access the menu system (not at all user-friendly) you can select which folder to play, but this is impractical for general use. The reviewer who insultingly accuses another reviewer of not bothering to look for the "play by folder" option is obviously using a different device, as despite extensive trawling of the menus I have been unable to find such an option.

So if you like listening to individual tracks in the order they appear on the device, then it's good value for money. If you want anything more than that you are going to be very disappointed.
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