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on 16 January 2015
I couldn't put this down.

I was gripped from the first page all the way to the last page. There are three main characters in this story, all of them connected to an event that happened in Northern Ireland when the British Army was fighting the IRA.

This is not a political story, but a story about how a young soldier who was tortured by the IRA, survived the torture, and was then abandoned by the British Army who were desperate to cover it all up.

The characters are all credible, from the arrogant, nasty, evil, IRA torturer to the soldiers trying to do the right thing but also trying to follow orders and maintain discipline. It is made more gripping because something like this could have happened in Northern Ireland at the height of the Troubles and there are references in the story that make me wonder how close to the truth some of the story is.

This is a great story, gripping, exciting, and with twists.

I 100% enjoyed it.
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on 16 April 2012
The troubles in Northern Ireland are a subject which proves once again within this novel to be a most difficult subject to write about. Whereas mindless violence and unbelievable cruelty may have been a daily reality, to simply dump it in minute detail into a novel as part of a plot, is crass.

Unlike previous reviewers who have rated this novel poorly I did make it through to the end of the book, but without any sense of enjoyment. By the end of the novel I understood why the author wanted to convey the horrific events detailed, as he needed to show the recipient as being damaged by his experience, but even a slightly more skilled writer would have handled this in a more competent manner. There was simply no need for him to have written it in the way he did. We could have learned about the horror of the injuries later in the book, when the soldier is exposed either at the Christmas party or in front of the LDF or even in front of the hotel mirror.

The author's indulgence also includes a completely non relevant pornographic scene, which is also described in detail but is completely superfluous to the plot and perhaps tells us more about the author than it does the story.

Overall the idea of bringing together a set of characters, changed by their experiences and who eventually have a very public showdown was a good and interesting plotline, but the way we get there is clumsy and Tudor's (a main character) own story is contrived and not really explored.

Overall this novel lacks credibility on so many levels. The characters are shallow and stereotyped, their back story is clumsily written often giving us the same scene from each point of view, causing any momentum built to come screeching to a halt. The timeline is all over the place, the dialogue is stilted and predictable. In fact all of the writing skills required to make this novel work are almost nonexistent.

The only worthy thing about this work, is the fact that it seems to support one of the most worthwhile charities that exists, that is Help for Heroes. To what extent it does this is not clear though.

My recommendation would be make a donation directly and find something else to read.
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on 8 December 2011
I thought that every story that could have been written about "the troubles" had been written and that there was little point in going back to that era when the middle east today is offering so much potential military thriller material. So it was therefore, with low expectations that I downloaded this read. I'm delighted to say that I had my expectations surpassed and then some, this is a cracking story and very well written, to boot.

It's the tale of a young and eager new arrival to the intelligence side of the special forces team in Belfast and what follows after he finds himself at the mercy of the local IRA cell due to taking a wrong turn. The story charts the efforts made to bring him back and the fall out over the next 15 years of those fateful few nights.

The wrong turn taken by our operative in the tale is the only wrong turn you'll notice in this book as Keyte has crafted a modern day masterpiece in the style of Gerald Seymour with a touch of early Clancy thrown in, in respect of the level of detail given about the ordnance, weaponry and operational strategies employed during the time. It is immediately obvious that the author has some exposure to the subject in hand as the authenticity of the tale shines through.

This, as far as I can ascertain is Keytes only book so far but I'll certainly be on the lookout for his next offering. Also, I expect that, in time, we'll see the re-emergence of at least one of the characters in this book.

Read it and see if you can figure out who!
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on 9 May 2012
This book had me hooked from the very first page. I wondered whether this was going to be my sort of book, a military adventure, but yes, it was. It touched upon recent modern history and contemporary events off the mainland of Britain in that troubled province of Northern Ireland.
It looks at the way British troops who specialised in undercover work carried out there mission. It looks at the two sides of the political terror of the IRA and the Loyalists.
It had my sympathy for the 'hostage' taken by the IRA after getting lost in Belfast not long in the province and nervous. His life is ruined for good although rescued by his unit on a tense mission to beat the clock. The brutal way the Army treats it's rejects and how they are left to make sense of what has happened to them and left to try and rebuild a life. The book has many brutal scenes in it which brings home just what life must have been like for many during the troubles, when for the majority of us we just saw snatches and headlines on the TV news and newspapers which made it seem so near but so far away. The book is a riveting read and I note that the author has donated any royalties from this Kindle edition to go towards the Heroes charity.
I recommend this book highly. Fact and fiction are cleverly intertwined throughout.
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on 17 February 2014
A page turner with a cracking plot going at a great pace, believable characters and enough twists to keep me engrossed until the end. Will definitely keep an eye out for any more books written by this author.

Be aware it is dark and pulling no punches like the troubles themselves I guess; the first part of the book is brutal, but is not gratuitous and violent for violent sake but vital in taking the story to what follows.

Some kindle books are poorly edited with poor grammar, spelling etc and I noticed some early 1 star reviews complaining about the proof reading/editing with regards this book, but it must have been tidied up and re-edited since then because there were no problems at all with the version I downloaded a couple of days ago.

Really well written and an excellent read.
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on 30 December 2011
This is my first Kindle book, I am not sure why I downloaded this book, but I am glad I did.
I think I would never have chosen this kind of actual book to read and it's made me realise that I really want to widen my choice of reading. I found it hard to put down and in some parts there are some discrepancies, however the story is gripping and for my first Kindle book I was really pleased to read something different. It's about the Irish problems and their fight, where we see all sides and recognise the violence that was rife for their cause. The story follows a British soldier who goes through hell and tries to come to terms with what has happened to him. Along with some history of the IRA and their assualt on what they considered their cause there is a story of human beings involved with politics. All these things are unfamiliar to me and not something I would normally read, however I really enjoyed my experience of reading my first Kindle book and look forward to reading all sorts of material.
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on 14 December 2011
Was a little aprehensive when purchasing this book as this type of storyline subject matter has become a little cliched and very often poorly written.
This offering most certainly does not fall into that category and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The thing that struck me most was that it was in fact a very realistic and believable storyline and it is quite obvious that the author writes with a first hand knowledge of the "troubles" It reminds me of Harry's Game by gerald seymour, (which went onto be made into a very succesful drama production), which I think is great testament to the quality of the work of this author,especially as it is his debut novel.
I would strongly recommend this book and will look out for any further work by this author.
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on 27 January 2012
I enjoy good thriller books and this was no exception. Downloaded for free as it had some reasonable reviews and I must say that I was not disappointed on the whole. The first part contained a lot of background detail relating to the (then) Northern Ireland situation but the story rolled along nicely. I did "flag" a couple of times wanting it to move a bit quicker but stuck with it and very glad I did. The story was really well constructed and the writer clearly had considerable knowledge of the covert goings-on at the time. The characters were well described and did allow you to get engrossed in their lives and feelings. The second part of the story unfolded really well and read this in a couple of hours. Well worth reading if you enjoy thrillers.
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on 30 November 2013
I feel awful that I downloaded this book for free because this thrilling book is also being used to support the charity Help for Heroes.
And the author really does highlight the mental and physical abuse some soldiers have to live with. Keyte shows a knowledge and understanding of the troubles and the impact of terrorism that must be based on first hand experience. Saying that the book is not judgemental and does not take political sides it just explores the human side of the conflict.
An excellent, thought provoking book- a must read.
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on 20 February 2013
I know some shy away from stories written about the "Troubles" as they'd rather forget about those dark days of our history but they are part of our history, like it or not.

Compromised tells the tale of a British soldier, in the wrong place at the wrong time at the height of the troubles, his abduction and the after effects of it on not only him but on those around him.

The most frightening part of this story is the fact that you know the likes could have and more than likely DID happen on more than one occasion.

Be prepared to get engrossed in the story line and really feel for the characters as it draws you in and makes you feel part of it.

Derek Keyte's next novel can't come soon enough for me.
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