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on 30 October 2015
Arriving relatively late in the game, this low budget but highly energetic slasher flick wears its ghoulish heart on its sleeve and delivers a fun if derivative movie that belies its limited finances with funky performances, inspired camera angles and plenty of the red stuff...

The story is standard slasher fare: The nightcrew of a supermarket are closing down for one final night as they're all unfortunately being laid off. The team led by Jennifer (Elizabeth Cox) along with Linda (Renée Estevez), Bill (Danny Hicks) and Joe (Ted Raimi) are busily calling it a day when Jennifer's ex boyfriend Craig (David Byrnes) arrives out of the blue, having just been released from prison. When he is abruptly ejected from the store, a series of grisly murders begin and all fingers point at him being the dastardly slasher who is cutting more than prices on this fateful night of survival...

Co-funded by an uncredited Charles Band and produced by future Tarantino stalwart Lawrence Bender, 'Intruder' (or by its pre-release and much better title 'Nightcrew: The Final Checkout') is a whole heap of unbridled fun. If you are a fan of the slasher genre, this one both celebrates and deconstructs in equal measure - giving you crazy characters (albeit a little more mature than the usual teens in peril staple), a knowing 'wink wink' screenplay (by 'Evil Dead II' co-scribe Scott Spiegel) and gallons of gore (by the fine folks at KNB) that at one time got this puppy into hot water with the censors. Director Spiegel keeps things moving at a brisk pace and if honest, its the best movie he's directed - even though it looks like it cost a buck ninety five - it has an undeniable young energy that's really infectious.

Synapse Film's 2-disc release gives us a locked Region A Blu-Ray (owch!) along with a Region 1 DVD which sports a great picture with fine audio. Thankfully, its uncut (which is a relief as I've waited for what seems like an eternity to finally catch it sans the censors scissor happy antics) with the wonderfully queasy bandsaw head bisecting scene being displayed in all its gory glory. The package is rounded out with a fun directors commentary and retrospective documentary which ensures this almost forgotten horror is worthy of a definite purchase. For fans of silly horror flicks, this one is a real killer. Recommended.
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on 10 October 2013
this is one of my favourite slasher movies from the late 80s.writer and director scott spiegel does a awesome job with some inventive camera angels and dark humour.all the actors do a good job and theres even cameos from sam raimi and bruce campbell.the special make up effects by K.N.B.are brilliant and there are some stomach churning moments that some might find it hard to watch.this dutch import is the same version as the uk release and is uncut but is not the same as the blu ray version which is the exteneded directors cut with never seen before gore scenes.the dutch release has better picture and sound quality than the uk release.the choice is yours.one more thing the artwork on the dvd cover is a dead give away who the killer is which is what they did with the uk dvd cover.a bit stupid in my view.but the film is for all gore hounds.enjoy
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on 24 August 2016
awsome movie not saw it in yrs looking forward too watching this again .
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on 1 December 2004
Great low budget slasher flick directed by Sam Raimi's friend Scott Spiegel.
After a disasterous video release in the 'bad old days' of heavy handed censorship that was shamelessly savaged by the BBFC, we have had to wait many years. Now we are finally treated to the uncut version, and it was worth the wait!
The effects are suitably hideous (in a good way!), the bandsaw vs head bit is particulaly fun(!), but the things that raise this above the crowd are the interesting camera work and the fun script. The cast were clearly enjoying themselves when they made it, and this shines through.
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Talk about working the graveyard shift down at the old meat market - and I do mean meat market. Prices aren't the only things being slashed at the Walnut Lake Market tonight. Cleanup on aisle 5 - and 7 - and 10 - and, oh hell, the whole darn place is a bloodbath. (Sorry - I thought it would be best if I went ahead and got some of those corny clichéd lines out of my system right here at the start.) You know, there's nothing like a low-budget horror movie that really steps up and delivers the goods - it doesn't happen often, but it definitely happened back in 1989 with the release of Intruder. If you thought The Mist was the first "panic in a supermarket" film ever made, you're really missing out. Intruders, even the edited version (a pox on censors and the studios that give in to them), is a gory classic. Just look at what you get here: lots of blood and gore delivered by some pretty interesting murder implements, a bit of a mystery as to who the killer really is (even though I had no trouble discerning early on just how it would all play out), a fairly hot heroine (Elizabeth Cox) sporting a classic 80s hairstyle, not one but two Raimis among the cast, and even a very funny (albeit borrowed) decapitation story. You'll notice I left the Bruce Campbell cameo out of this list - it's so short and pedestrian that it really isn't worth mentioning (except to point out how disingenuous it is of the studio to market the film as a Bruce Campbell vehicle) - heck, I didn't even notice The Chinned One my first time through.

It's almost closing time at the market when Craig Peterson (David Byrnes - not to be confusing with Talking Heads front man and all-around musical genius David Byrne) shows up wanting to talk to his old girlfriend Jennifer (Elizabeth Cox). He's already miffed over the fact that she never even wrote to him during his recent stay in prison, so it's no surprise that her face-to-face rejection of him results in him causing quite a fracas. Being the super-macho man that he is, Craigie runs off and hides somewhere inside the store. The night doesn't get much better after the night crew finally tracks Craig down and throws him out, as that's when co-owners Danny (Eugene R. Glazer) and Bill (Dan Hicks) announce that they are selling the store. Now, as if their normal post-closing duties aren't enough, the crew also has to start marking down all of the prices in lieu of their impending unemployment. They needn't have bothered working too hard, though, because the vast majority of them are about to be picked off one by one by a bloodthirsty killer. It's almost too easy for the murdering fiend; with everyone spread out all over the store, no one realizes what is going on until it's too late, and the killer has all sorts of implements of death at his disposal - meat hooks, butchers' knives, hydraulic garbage disposals, meat slicers, etc. The special effects aren't always that realistic, but there's plenty of blood and gore for the viewer to enjoy (especially if you have the uncut version of the film). When you get five whole minutes of your bloodiest work edited out by the despicable censers, you know you've done something right.

Some may not care for first-time director Scott Speigel's Raimi-inspired use of wacky camera angles here and there, but you have to admire his success at creating a slasher film uniquely his own - Intruder is in no way a by-the-numbers slasher. Having worked with Sam Raimi as well as Bruce Campbell (both of whom he had known since high school) on the first two Evil Dead films, Speigel knew what he was doing in the director's chair, and it couldn't have hurt to have Sam Raimi right there on hand as one of the actors. Inserting humor into a slasher is always an iffy proposition, but Spiegel gets it pretty close to right here. I would also have to give him my vote for most creative use of a decapitated head in a movie (which really should be an Oscar category, if you ask me).

Even if you figure out what is really going on inside this ill-fated supermarket long before the end credits begin to roll, the conclusion still satisfies with a nice little final twist. That is one of many reasons why Intruder is a true classic of the genre.
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on 19 February 2006
I love slasher/zombie/violent films and Intruder is high up on the list of great slashers!
The first thing youll notice when you see the case is the great cast of actors they have written on the front, but most of the actors stated dont have large parts (they have put on Bruce Campbell but he wasnt on screen for more than 5 minuets!) or they arent that good anyway!
The story to this film is aleright! Its a change having the killings taking place in a shopping centre and there is a good twist at the end!
If you are one of those people who like this type of film then youll probably be wanting some good, bloody, creative death scenes! This film does not dissapoint! The death scenes in Intruder are some of the best! There is even a scene where a man gets his fore head cut off by a saw used to cut chickens in two! Plus many, many more including the best stabbing scene a film has ever had! EVER... The killer simply uses a big (and i mean huge, one of the biggest kitchen knives ive ever seen!) knife and stabs a guy in the chest, then the blood starts to spray everywhere, beating even 'Kill Bill' staqndards!
Another thing that makes the death scenes in Intruder so good is that you get good close-ups of the wound bleeding and the bone crunching!
A great thing this fiolm has too is there is some exelent camera work! Three are lots of strange camera views (like the camera looking through a glass or turning like it was attached to a door handle ect ect).
Overall this should be a treat for any slasher fan! (this film is a slight bit out-dated but it still okay by todays standards!)
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The basic story..Those working the night shift in a supermarket are about to be stalked and picked off one by one by a sadistic killer.
Yes we are in good old slasher territory here and the late 80's in general was a lesser time for it, but "Intruder" is an awesome slasher film. Director Scott Spiegel has put together a fantastic and stylish horror that contains many impressive point of view shots that show great talent and imagination. The cover boasts of the presence of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell but their parts are irrelevant having no overall effect on the quality of the film. After a fairly slow but still enjoyable start the killings begin and the gore on offer is great with many enjoyable bloody deaths.
Unfortunately the picture quality of this UK version isn't that good and it's in full screen. Extras include an interview and some trailers for other horrors.
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on 13 February 2015
Uncut Directors Cut restoration of a cult slasher.

Audio Commentary with director Scott Spiegel and producer Lawrence Bender.
"Making Of Intruder" documentary (HD, 38:24)
"The Slashing Of The Intruder" featurette (HD, 3:27)
Extended murder sequences from the original workprint (SD, 10:26)
Outtakes from the Night Crew short film (SD, 6:50)
Cast Audition Footage (SD, 11:04)
Theatrical Trailer (HD, 1:19)
Alternate Trailer under the title Night Crew: The Final Checkout (SD, 1:19)
Still Gallery (HD, 4:20)

(info copied from rewind dvdcompare.net)
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on 12 May 2011
Intruder is one of the last decent old school 80's slashers, coming from a time when the genre had pretty much exhausted itself and blowing most competition out of the water. Though the plot is as simple as they come and the location appears unpromising, Intruder is in most respects an ace slasher and in my opinion one of the very finest. The direction from Scott Spiegel is a large part of the quality, for he employs a variety of camera angles and some cool coloured lighting to give the film a stylish feel uncommon in these sort of films. This ultra gory slasher which was written and directed by Scott Spiegel, co-writer of "Evil Dead 2", is set entirely in a local supermarket. In the opening sequence, the ex-boyfriend of one of the checkout girls Jennifer (Elizabeth Cox), shows up at closing starts a fight and is kicked out. One by one, members of the crew are then stalked and brutally murdered. Even though it's pretty much a textbook slasher flick with all of the usual cliched characters, it makes up for it with fun camera shots, interesting and gory kills (death by buzz saw, anyone?), and a sense of humor. We are also treated to both Sam and Ted Raimi on screen as well as a cameo by Bruce Campbell as a cop. If you are a fan of 80's slasher flicks, it's definitely worth a look as it's one of my favorites.
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on 14 December 2012
this was one of my favorite comedy/horrors of the 90s.the uk vhs release was butchered by the bbfc and not only that who ever designed the cover for the release must of been drunk to put the picture of the killer on the front is a dead giveaway.but fortunately a rejuvenated bbfc released a uncut dvd version of this film and what a treat.this film has everything you need in a good horror/comedy.a great cast with cameos from sam raimi and bruce campbell.and some brilliant special make up effects from KNB.for me dan hicks who plays bill steals the show with some great acting.the film itself is very witty and sharp and the death scenes are very bloody and explicit.and writer and director scott spiegel gives us some inventive camera shots.as for this AWE scandanavian release its the same as the blu ray version.its the full directors cut with extended gore scenes not seen in any other version.overall horror/comedy at its best
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