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on 24 October 2014
Somewhat disappointed with this 3rd novel in the series. The writing and excitement are as good as ever; but feel let down on the content.
The first novel "First Contact" had the makings of a gripping series. Would the Kreelans find the "one" that they're looking for and would it be someone from earth? I was hoping to find that by the end of the 3rd book we would have some inkling. Unfortunately not - so one of the high points of anticipation is a disappointment.
With the anticipation (hope) of a solution for the Kreelans being met by humans not materialising, other aspects of the 3 stories become less acceptable.

The first meeting and early consequences of contact with a vastly superior species is gripping and enjoyable to read (1st novel). After tha,t the many battles and countless deaths (although not written in a too grizzly a manner) become tedious. The way the aliens play at fighting humans by limiting their own abilities to make the battles more even (until it suits them to fight harder) is depressing, were it for real. In fact, if was not for the tantalising hope that the saviour of the Kreelan race might be human, the reality would be that these aliens would have annihilated us very quickly. Who wants to read about the expected demise of the human race, if there is no light at the end of the tunnel?

There are human/human and alien/alien relationships and even human/alien relationships developed in the book(s) that lighten the death and destruction, which are quite heart warming. But overall the sense is that the Kreelans will sooner or later overwhelm human kind - not a pleasant thought to consider and read as entertainment when in reality we're probably quite capable of doing that ourselves.
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on 12 November 2012
This third in the series carries on the story in much the same manner. The humans have decided to make a stand and will fight the kreelans for control of a planet, as a show of strength to the rest of mankind that the Kreelans can be beaten.

We follow the characters we have met in the first couple of books, Sato in control of yet another ship, he really needs to be more careful with them, Steph, Mills, and Valentina caught up in the action on the ground, and General Sparks who sounds like a real old fashioned war monger.

It's another great story, I literally could not put the book down and read it fairly quickly.

So the trilogy completed, and now I have already begun reading the redemption series of books.

Why so absorbing a story, I really think that the author has captured here an enemy that you just want to know more about.

What's the curse that makes the kreelans look for a saviour from a prophecy.
Where does the bloodsong come from, how does it work, where is all that power stored that the empress controls.
Can I beat Tesh Da in a fist fight!!

Not sure if any of the above get answered, but I'm going to have a lot of enjoyment finding out.
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on 20 September 2014
Three stars, because I really enjoyed it, but its format was too similar to the previous book in the series, for which I would give four stars. Sometimes these series of books milk the theme for too long. One becomes tired of wading through the same format, waiting for the denouement. I fear that this is the case here. No big ending, which is always a disappointment. Sorry, but I did enjoy reading them all the same, and consider that as value for money, at today's low prices, they were excellent. Don't think I'm damning with faint praise, because I would buy them again, given that history could repeat itself. A good theme, but In my book, it would have been OK for three in the series at the most, with a conclusive ending in book three.
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on 29 October 2011
In Her Name: Dead Soul is the final book in the second cycle of stories telling of the war between the Human worlds and the Kreelan Empire. After the brutal battles on Keran and Saint Petersburg the battle is joined on a number of fronts but the time has come for the Confederation to fight back and reclaim a world if for no other reason than to give hope to the humans who are now realising this is a fight to the death, failure means the extinction of the human race.
On the agricultural Alger's World the Kreelans have attacked and the human task force comprising of the most powerful warships built engage the enemy while thousands of marines make planet fall to take on the occupying forces. As the long bloody battle commences we are drawn into the experiences of both the young survivors of the initial invasion, the recon units who have landed prior to the attempted liberation and finally the marine contingent. The biggest problem is the Kreelan Priestess Ku'ar-Marekh the last in her line whose soul is fractured and longs to die but will not sacrifice her life and dishonour her Empress and race. Whilst the story of Dead Soul follows the theme of previous books with the battles of the individuals immersed within the vast scale of global and space combat we find some nice touches when dealing with characters both human, alien and in some cases not quite fully one or the other. This all adds huge depth and enjoyment to the story and makes this a fitting end to the current cycle and despite being shorter then the previous stories the ultimate pay off from characters we've followed is most satisfying.
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on 27 May 2014
There are three sets of these books and every single one of them is wonderfully written. Michael R Hicks introduces a great number of characters but every single one of them is memorable and well described. The world of the Kreelans is so real, as is their ethos, and Ichiro and Reza, when you get to them, are wonderful. Within the books there are very strong women as well and Desh-Ka and Esah-Zhurah will grab your heart too, as will Michelle and Jodi. I have read other books of the same ilk but these are the best I've come across. I'm waiting for the next instalment so am re-reading them and find that there is much I missed the first time round, due in no part to the 'I can't put this book down' sensation. I would thoroughly recommend every single book.
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on 3 January 2013
I really loved it! This a very good series and now that I'm well into it it's something I relish.

The human characters are impressive and I feel I can identify with their plight. I love Allison and can't wait to see how she developes as the struggle continues. And Valentina, what a woman! Mills is great too and you just feel for his loss in the previous novel. Maybe he won't always be alone.....
The Kreelan's are impressive too but are absolutely inhuman of course but they still somehow retain honour and valour although it's a cold brutal life they have. I'd trade the Bloodsong for a warm embrace any day!

All this against a fantastic science fiction backdrop and this book has got it all for me. I will always be grateful that I got a Kindle as this is how I came across Michael R. Hicks.

Be warned though that the book ends at 84%. The last 16% is sample chapters! This is a small gripe for me whether it's Kindle or paper because I'll read the first chapter when I read the book, you know and I don't really need a taster because the novel itself has got my enthusiasm up!

Can't wait to read the next one.
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on 10 March 2013
I used to be a voracious Sci-Fi reader in my younger days but lost interest in later years as the stories became similar and the quality of newer stuff seemed poor compared to Asimov, Heinlein, Clark, etc. I eventually stopped reading anything but the days newspaper. Recently, having acquired a smart phone with Kindle capability, I tried a few freebie online books just to see what was out there but didn't find anything particularly special. And then I stumbled on the In Her Name books by Michael R Hicks. I read First Contact first, enjoyed it immensely and immediately bought the other two in The Last War trilogy. I devoured them quickly and realised that these books had reignited my voracious appetite for great science fiction and trust me, this is great science fiction! I subsequently devoured the Redemption trilogy which I also enjoyed immensely. I have now purchased the first two books in the First Empress trilogy and can't wait to get stuck in. All of these books are brilliant but be warned, as one of the other reviewers has already said, once you read one you will not be satisfied until you have read them all! Thank You Mr. Hicks for restoring my love of science fiction and enjoyment of a great read.
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on 23 May 2013
The only thing against the series is that the theme has become quite common over the past few years.
I suppose it could be seen as a good thing that the 'future science' is all based on hyper-space, in its various levels.
This series has a strong element of neo-fantasy - the blood sings instantaneously across the galaxy.
But a superb variation on the normal run of 'mankind meets overwhelming forces'.
There is surely a follow-up series there - mankind meets a reformed, peaceful former enemy and they all live happily ever after.
Well, I like a happy ending !
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on 28 January 2013
Whilst I would definitely recommend that you read the first two books in this trilogy, in order, before picking up this one (go on - the 1st one is free on kindle - so what have you got to lose), when you do read this one, you will not be disappointed. Another great alien character as well as some favorite human ones that survived from book two, another cracking good story, where you just can't put the book down once you've started it. The more I read of these books, the more I am impressed. On to the next trilogy.....
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on 30 November 2014
I read the first two books in this 'trilogy' and enjoyed them, then felt obliged to read the third to see where the story led. It is now clear that this is not a trilogy but a never ending series of related books so I feel a tad cheated. Some will say you can't get enough of a good thing but I have now reached the end of the road.

An enjoyable read but three books were enough for me.
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