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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 20 June 2013
When this arrived I thought it was a good product. Having filled it with nuts, (& it takes a lot as it is large) my husband hung it up for me where we previously had an 'ordinary' plastic feeder. The birds do not like it. I know they take a while to get used to things but the pair of Jays which used to feed regularly 3 times a day won't go near it & many of the little birds avoid it. A pair of squirrels which used to come regularly have avoided us too. Whether it is because the cover is very shiny or they don't like the shape, who knows!! I will be leaving it up for a while longer and will report back after a month.

Decided to report back after a week. Squirrel cannot get on it, Jay doesn't like it neither do the Bullfinches but the Great Spotted Woodpeckers & all the Tits love it so it was worth getting it just for them. It has taken a week for half of the peanuts to be eaten & that was a lot so I will say it was a good investment after all.
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on 20 November 2012
This is a very good looking peanut feeder. It holds a lot of peanuts, and the birds like it. The smaller ones like to perch in the hole, while medium birds sit on the outside. Larger birds don't like it very much, they mainly eat what the smaller birds drop to the ground. I think it could have been made easier to open, you have to unscrew the "silver" lid to open it. But, a smarter solution would undoubtedly cost more.
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on 20 January 2013
This has been hanging in my garden for two weeks now to trial it. It's excellent! Looks very smart and the birds love it. It's good that all the peanuts can be eaten and don't get stuck in the base like other feeders.
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on 20 June 2013
The squirrels shooed off the birds, and did acrobatics to get to the peanuts. One even hung upside down by his tail. But if they managed to get to the hole, they were home-free, and perched there munching for ages. After ey had knocked it off the branch, I took a closer look - the squirrels had broken off some of th wire and made bigger holes in the mesh, to make it easier to get the peanuts out! Obviously the Chapelwood peanuts have some strength-enhancing substance, as the squirrels now have the strength of a small Incredible Hulk. Not sure if I will refill this thing, as I am afraid they will break into the house when it runs out again.
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on 22 May 2013
Unfortunately we had to return one of the best looking bird feeder on the market! First, the holes are slightly too big so the peanuts keep falling off every time a bird lands on the feeder. Second and most importantly, this feeder IS NOT squirrel proof (contrary to what one of the reviewers stated), at least not tough enough for our local squirrels. After only 2 weeks, they had managed to chew the soft metal and make a hole, making this beautiful feeder totally useless. A real shame! We went back to the more traditional terracotta feeder - also from Chapelwood. By far the most sturdy, completely all weather proof, perfect sized holes, and our most determined squirrels can't do much about it and get bored easily - as a testimony we have had this one for nearly 10 years and it is as good as new!
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on 13 May 2013
This is the most popular feeder for the birds in my garden, plenty of room for allsorts of birds- chaffinches, gold finch,green finch,sparrows, blue tits, coal tits and great tits and occasionally siskins are feeding from it. Also a cheeky blackbird managed to sit in the middle of the doughnut and eat! I would say upto 10 birds can feed on it at one time perhaps more if it is constantly full.
The wood pecker hasnt tried it yet..
The doughnut is easy to fill up (i use a jug), easy to replace the lid. (replacing the screw in part to the lid maybe difficult if you have arthiritis in your hands). It is an attractive and good quality feeder and the birds prefer it to the normal shaped bird feeders. It holds a large amount of peanuts as well.
I did think that the chain and hook looked a little flimsy but actually its fine and sturdy, it hasnt blown off the tree branch and it is very windy at the moment! It does spin around a little in the wind but birds dont seem bothered.
Its so good that im buying the fatball doughnut feeder as well.
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on 11 February 2015
This is fantastic.
For years we tried to get the birds to eat from a vertical peanut feeder. A few came none stayed. The nuts invariably went mouldy and were wasted. Not now. The birds love this feeder. It revolves in the wind meaning watching the birds is more rewarding too. Worth every penny
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on 5 August 2013
Fed up with the rusting old feeder I chose this stainless steel one. We wondered if the shiny top would put the birds off but within one hour they were feeding normally. I say normally but the previous feeder which had a squirrel proof outer grid was not that popular and I had to throw rotting peanuts away at times. The difference is spectacular now with up to 10 blue tits feeding at once. It is used by the robin, all manner of tits, greenfinches and goldfinches, chaffinches, sparrows and yesterday we had a lesser spotted woodpecker on it for many minutes! Great product.
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on 30 January 2013
I think that these bird feeders are really attractive. So much so that I have three hanging in a row - suet ball, peanut and seed. They are easy to fill and clean and appear pretty robust but, the biggest plus point of all, is the fact that the squirrels havent touched them!
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on 26 October 2014
The birds do not like it. I think its the shiny metal cap. It holds a lot of nuts, so if the birds do not use it the nuts tend to go mouldy and you have to replace them quite often. I don't bother anymore and its become a hanging ornament.
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