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on 30 October 2006
For anyone who has revered Paul Weller as the supreme musical talent of a generation as I have done this is distinct disappointment. As the Amazon reviewer has pointed out this is PW's first full retrospective.However, it is unfortunate that whoever put this listing together seems to have used the Guiness Book of Hit Singles to decide what tracks should go onto this CD rather than listening to his music.

For the uninformed this might seem a good selection but it misses most of Weller's finest songs. Surely the first full retrospective should have been a celebration of his finest work not his most commercially successful. If I were to pick my favourite Weller top 30 only 10 of this selection would make it in there.

It virtually ignores the Jam's first three years as it does the Weller's first two solo Albums . Where are 'In The City', 'When You're Young', 'Strange Town', 'All Around the World' and 'A- Bomb In Wardour Street' let alone album tracks/ b-sides such as 'Away From The Numbers', 'In The Street Today', 'Art School', 'In The Crowd', 'Little Boy Soldiers', 'Dreams Of Children', Tales From The Riverbank', Butterfly Collector and so on.

I won't bore you with detailing the flaws in the Style Council and later selections but the same is true (Into Tomorrow, Above The Clouds, Kosmos, Shadow of The Sun etc etc all missing).

This should have been a double CD celebrating the greatest UK song writer of the last quarter of the 20th Century. Instead it is a typically shallow example of 21st Century commercialism. That said if you like it and you want more there is plenty of great Weller music out there for you to still discover!
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on 11 July 2017
Big Weller fan , bought this cheap , it really should,nt work, three decades of material from the great man on one disc but it does ,i was introduced to music in 1980 through All Mod Cons it started my love affair with The Jam ,it was a case of buy everything .i bought The Style Council also ,up to 1985s Our Favorite Shop... then like most, lost interest... Eyebrows were raised when Weller solo returned with his debut solo album in 92,,, a return to form , unfortunately there is nothing from it on this comp,,, ,instead it leans heavy on Stanley Road his best and most successful solo album ,,all and all this is a very enjoyable listen, the sound track to my life
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on 8 April 2010
For the first time, Hit Parade brings together the three ages of Weller onto a single CD. Featuring seven tracks by The Jam, six by the Style Council and 10 by Paul as a solo artist, the compilation obviously only scratches the surface of Weller's vast repertoire but is a very good overview or greatest hits set by this major artist.

Obviously virtually all of Paul's biggest hits are present on Hit Parade but are these necessarily his greatest and most significant songs? By and large, they are with particular highlights for me including The Eton Rifles and Town Called Malice by The Jam, the brilliant Shout To The Top by the Style Council and Changingman and Wild Wood from the solo years. Not being one to particularly enjoy looking backwards, I imagine that Paul was especially thrilled that two tracks from his (then) most recent LP As Is Now are also included on Hit Parade. Even more proudly, the tracks in question - the exhilarating From The Floorboards up and Come On / Lets Go - stand up to anything else featured on this compilation.

The only real omissions from Hit Parade for me are singles representing Weller's early punk years (In The City would have been the best choice) and a track from his first solo album such as Into Tomorrow which signified the beginning of his creative rebirth following the downward trajectory of the later Style Council years. Neither song was a particularly big hit though they were highly significant releases and warrant inclusion on that front.

Good as Hit Parade is, it doesn't really do Paul Weller justice in the way that a two CD set also including further singles as well as key b-sides and album tracks would. Unfortunately Paul hasn't been featured in the excellent Essentials series yet so the best path for those wanting more Weller is a compilation of each of his three main acts. For those just wanting a one-CD overview however, Hit Parade is a very good place to start.
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on 6 November 2006
Having read a recent review slating the choice of tracks chosen for this album, I felt compelled to add my own review. Yes there are a huge number of lesser known songs that could have been included on this cd. Yes it does include the Modfather's most commercial and successful hits but this is exactly what this album is all about. It's a celebration of an artist's catalogue of hits over the past 30 years and what a 30 years this guy has had. Many young people will not have heard most of the earlier stuff, but what a chance to open their ears to some of the best music of an era. The selection of tracks may only rate as 2 star for the most avid Weller fan, but 2 stars for the quality of the music??? Any album that has Down In The Tubestation, Going Underground, Long Hot Summer, You Do Something To Me, From The Floorboards Up....... I could go on and on listing awesome tracks from this album!
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on 5 December 2007
I read recently that Paul Weller regarded his time with The Jam as his creative low point, prefering both his solo material and that of the Style Council. I can't help thinking that this is in some way to further scupper any notion that the original 3 members of The Jam might reunite once and for all, after all, why should he revisit material that he regards as inferior?

However, what this Weller collection which covers some of his most famous material from all three stages of his career proves is that he is a songwriter of immense talent, an almost incomparable musician who offers very good value to his audience and that all of his musical phases are at least worthy and admirable. However, it also proves to me that while some of his solo material is excellent, and some of his Style Council stuff is decent, nothing compares to the raw genius of his Jam stuff, augmented by probably the best bassist and drummer of the era, Paul Weller shows in his Jam persona, at the tender age of 19-24, that he was a fantastic songwriter, singer, guitarist and easily one of the the best lyricist Great Britain has ever produced. While his later career is good, nothing beats his period in The Jam, and it seems that he, or at least his record label, agrees for out of the thousands of images they could have chosen for the cover to show the multitude of images he has presented, they chose him as The Jam's frontman.
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on 13 November 2006
I actually went for the fans 4CD box set version (featuring 65 plus songs spanning Weller's 30 years) rather than this single CD aimed at the mass market. The box which is under £20 on Amazon is a fantastic bargain with superb packaging. Go and buy it. But this also caught my eye as one for the car, a party or to loan. You won't let the box set sit around amongst the beer & fag ends! And unlike the themed 4CD version, this one mixes Weller's catalogue up - Jam, Council & solo nestling nicely alongside each other. I'd say it's not only a handy primer and also a good companion. Sure as one reviewer said there are some better songs not here, but that's not the point. It does what it says on the tin - Hit Parade - chart stuff contained within. For completest's get Direction, Reaction, Creation (in the new 12x12 hardback earbook form) and you'll have hours of fun. Alternatively buy all the CD Albums. Better still dust off the old vinyl and enjoy the crackles. Simply put, if you like the hits buy. If you haven't sampled his music it's a great way in. Hell Down In The Tubestation At Midnight is worth £17 plus postage on it's own. Enjoy.
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on 22 August 2016
I have been a Paul Weller fan for many years since the 1970's when he was in "The Jam". he has changed his style of music over the years and has never disappointed his fans like myself as he is an excellent musician who many have seen as their role model over the years! Well Done Paul long may you make good music for us all to hear!!!!
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on 26 January 2017
What a cracking little album. Full of good tunes, a really great selection of The Jam, Style Council and Paul Weller as a solo artist.
All good songs and as each one came on I found myself taken back and singing along. A good easy to listen to album, and just as it says - Hits.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 2 June 2014
'Hit Parade' is a slimmed down edition of a four disc boxset of the same name. If you are a big fan, you may decide to purchase Hit Parade Box Set instead.

What you have here though is a neat little package of Paul's large body of work. This compilation contains highlights from his solo career (represented by ten tracks), his early work with The Jam (seven) and later The Style Council (six). The result is an impressive collection showcasing a legacy of entertainment and classic songs. It's loaded with his most commercial stuff, so don't expect any deep album cuts or rarities. Whilst it's always nice to listen to such things, sometimes it's just as good to hear the famous hits back-to-back that made his name and that most people will be familiar with - and this 23 song set has plenty of that.

An excellent compilation spanning a musical legend's 30 years in the business.
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on 17 February 2018
time for a few wellar classics with shout to the top favourite style council track
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