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on 1 December 2012
I didn't buy a Garmin via Amazon, but just wanted to write a review to say how annoying the Garmin is, and I would avoid getting any Garmin product if possible.
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on 3 July 2013
This little satnav is not a bad buy. My fiance has a Tom Tom but with all the hassle of updating maps etc. that I have experienced I read customer reviews of the Garmin Satnavs and decided to order this. I needed up to date maps and also a machine which features western Europe as we were touring. On first using the machine its a little frustrating as the functions work a bit different to the Tom Toms which I was used to using. I have two computers - one in the office running Windows XP and a laptop running Vista. Once I ad opened the box I wanted to get the machine up to date and to look at what extras I could add from the Garmin website. Well.... all I can say is do not even try if running XP. I had to leave the machine and PC on and connected all night to wait for updates to be identified and downloaded and almost when it was all done I then get the message that the machine does not have sufficient memory to install the updates. What is absolutely necessary is that you must purchase a micro SD card to use this machine properly and to enable you to install the updates. So I ordered a 4GB mini SD card and after sometime trying to work out the correct way to insert it (no info regarding this in the manual which sucks) I then re-tried the updating...I used the laptop this time installed with Vista... a breeze - very quick to download and update. What I suggest is that you connect a machine running Vista or 7 or connect with a Mac - avoid XP at all costs! So far we have been on few long trips but with some strange detours thrown in courtesy of the machine. Why it decided to take us on some of these unexpected routes is un be known to me but it did not seem to take any longer....probably because we had selected the shortest route among the options available. The in built voices are OK but not as loud as the Tom Tom (so turn the music down!). It takes a little time to learn how to use this machine but slowly it is becoming easier. Overall - 7 out of 10...
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on 23 June 2012
I thought long and hard before buying this product and finally chose it due to the bad reviews on Tomtoms. It was a mistake as it is clumsy, awkward and difficult to understand which leads to frustration too. You can't simply go to a city centre, (you could with my old Tomtom), but have to know the exact post code or address (doh!). On the plus side you do finally reach your destination albeit by a circuitous route. Of course you've had to telephone to find the post code or look hard on line first to find a street name or exact position. It also means you can't suddenly decide to go to visit another town without knowing exactly what bit. It does fit snugly and safely to the dash board and the route is clearly displayed. However the pronunciation of place names is dire. You would never know where you were going without reading the name of the road or place. I can only think it has been done by someone who has no idea of British place names ... what an insult! Invest your money in something better.
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on 20 July 2012
Having survived this long without a satnav finally thought with an impending European drive to get one. After lots of research decided firstly that we did not need lifetime maps, looking on my bookshelf it became apparent that I did not have any current road maps all were at least 10 years old so why pay a premium for lifetime maps so I didn't and secondly we did need a device that enabled routes to be saved and it also needed to find satelite connection quick and reliably. This product measures up very well price wise to what else is available with the added bonus of being Garmin's second generation mapping software which has other capabilities that would cost a lot more in a different unit, like multiple routes.
As we had a long journey through France, Belgium and into Germany and had done it once before we knew the route we wanted to take so using Garmin's Basecamp software mapped it out first on the PC and then easily transferred it to the satnav. This is a feature I particularly like, the ability to route plan and transfer. Another fab tool is that when the device is connected to your PC you can send Google points of interest direct to it from the Google map.
In order to comply with new French requirements I connected the device and after completing a full backup removed the sample speed camera points of interest files.
Using it, signal found fast and strong on every use, screen clear and easy to view and the voice was OK. Plenty options to setup the device to what you prefer. Can navigate by many different means including just saying a town name if nothing further is known. I pre-created a series of locations, the apartment, a shop, the event address etc. which made navigating whilst away very fast, could quickly say from where I was to go to a preset address. The only glitch was operator error, when selecting a previously created route to follow and the destination point is chosen best make sure it is the final destination point, otherwise the device thinks you only want to go so far and then starts telling you to turn round (correctly).
You can download a full instruction manual from the Garmin website.
As to the ability of route generation compared to other satnavs I have not comparison.
For what we needed it worked very well with out fault and pleased with the purchase and price paid.
In addition we used it with this vent mount, another good buy and have also fitted a matt screen protector.
Easy Fit Vehicle Air Vent Mount Base for Garmin Nuvi GPS
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on 5 June 2012
I bought the Garmin this year to replace an ancient sat nav from a rival manufacturer.
I had no complaints about its route selection.

If left to its own devices the Garmin will favour suburbs and inner city roads, in spite of the fact that I have chosen the Faster Time option.

The routes plotted by the Garmin nearly always deliver longer journey times than can be obtained by using its trip planner. Using the trip planner requires great care when selecting waypoints on roads with dual carriageways.

The Garmin will often choose a more tortuous route than is necessary which results in increased journey time.

The destination selection is a wrestling match in all but the most simple of cases, a request for an address as a target destination, for instance, will elicit cities in the USA as well as those in the UK.I have a version with UK and western European maps !

All of the routes that I currently travel using the Garmin are those programmed by myself using the trip planner and not by using its algorithms for start to destination selections. Exhaustive comparisons have shown that my routes are quicker over a range of start times throughout the day. For the most part the routes that I have forced on the Garmin are chosen because they are simpler, quicker and involve fewer manoeuvres. They can be longer but never by more than 10%. I bought a sat nav because I do not like planning routes, so resent having to do so now.

I want a sat-nav that plots efficient routes with the minimum of intervention, this is not it.
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on 18 September 2016
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on 29 July 2013
Does what it should do. The promised and free update of maps never worked. Always was getting an error message (until I got fed up and gave up) and was unable to compete the download which (isn't it interesting??) was not the case when I tried to purchase some additional maps. That was the biggest disappointment. Otherwise the device is OK. Bit small for my eyes playing up recently. You may need an extension holder to get this thing closer to your eyes particularly when the windshiled is far away from you. The voiceover is appalling, honestly. I have selected something that was allegedly British English and the way the lady pronounces names of streets and roads in the UK is just hilarious. Imagine what happened when we went to Lisbon the other day! It is still OK when she gives you directions and when to take a turn. It is very simple and not even near to the business (non professional) sat nav installed in the BMW I am driving, but it works and got me out of trouble on few occasions. The real life pictures (junctions at motorways) would be most likely OK if I could see them (I am getting old!!). It is good to have as an additional and mobile sat nav when you go somewhere abroad and hire a car. The prices they offer you for their devices almost equal the price of this Nuvi! Overall worth for the money, but someone should get this updates sorted out! There were missing bits and pieces of new roads in Lisbon and its vicinity.
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on 5 December 2012
I bought this in January. Updated it online easily at the time. Used it on a European trip in June. It was immediately clear that it was hopelessly out of date. Road junctions and alterations that had been completed years before were ignored. On a trip to Dover from Scotland there were at least 3 serious errors where it was not updated. I had to turn off the satnav ( No option to silence warnings ) because of continual beepings, warning of long finished road works that had speed cameras. This went on for miles where average speed cameras were used. I used to have a Tom Tom. You could control warnings. That is not available in this Garmin. The first time I needed to use the find a petrol station it was in Belgium - It worked fine. Next time, a couple of days ago in Yorkshire, it took us round the houses to a long closed station. The next station on the list was Tesco. 1 mile away. Great. You are now at your destination ! Nothing to be seen. A local taxi driver directed up to the Tesco - one mile down the road. I could go on. There have been many occasions where it has let me down by being out of date or simply not knowing where it was in a locality. I'm putting the sod on Ebay..
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on 10 July 2013
Like many, I bought this to replace an older sat nav (TomTom 520)that had outdated maps & found it cheaper to replace the whole unit rather than stump up for the ridiculously high priced map software offered by TomTom.

I really liked my 520, so the 2445 had a lot to live up to. Thankfully I liked its fast processing and easy to use menu system. The suction mount is better/stronger than the equivalent TomTom unit's and the safety camera warning is more accurate - it doesn't give useless warnings for cameras positioned on the other side of the dual carriageway for example.

I didn't like that its not as clear to see the route as the TomTom (poor colour choices for road/background) and the POI's don't appear to be as comprehensive or intuitive to select.

I've had no problems loading destinations or routes and the unit has updated its maps twice now free of charge (did the full Western Europe 2014.10 upload in around 2 hrs last night using Garmin Express). Its easy to use, gives good directions and I haven't had any routing issues such as it trying to take me through city centres as opposed to the "best" way that other reviewers have commented on. All in all, its been well worth the small sum paid and I'm very happy with my purchase.
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on 25 August 2012
Bought this to replace a 5 year old Navman that was getting unreliable. I work as an HGV driver and use it for work every day. Works fine with postcodes. If you need to put a town or village and street in it can be very frustrating. Sometimes it wants the village and others the nearest town. If you put the wrong one in won't find the address. My previous sat nav was much more forgiving in this respect. Doesn't have the option to go to the centre of a town or street. Old one would also go to a junction in a street and remembered places you had stopped as destinations to navigate to. The screen dims drastically without power to the point where it is unusable. Others have commented on the rather strange pronunciation - I find it quite amusing! Didn't come with a mains cable but the one from old sat nav fits.
On the positive side? It finds where it is much quicker than my old one - almost instantly. The windscreen mount is more reliable.
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