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on 8 February 2013
I've had this light for about 3 months now, and I like it.

The beam is very bright indeed, so much so that you may need to be careful to avoid dazzling other road users. If you use it in flash mode, you might get a retina image if you let it catch hold of any reflective road signs. It's so bright that I think it even helps with making you visible from behind because of the beam it throws forward.

The battery lifetime is great (I get around 60 to 70 minutes on full power before the switch starts flashing red to say you should recharge), and the ability to recharge via USB is soooooo convenient.

I have used it in some atrocious weather, and it has not missed a beat.

Now the niggles -

NIGGLE 1: the little rubber plug thing that keeps the weather out of the USB port fell off and got lost after about a week. I don't think there was anything wrong with my particular light, I think it's just a little too flimsy. Annoying when you consider the price. To stop the weather getting in, I have made a weatherproof sleeve out of the finger of a black heavy-duty washing-up glove, works nicely and probably better than the original plug thing anyway.

NIGGLE 2: the screw thread on the handlebar mount has already succumbed to the road salt. Again, annoying when you consider the price. My advice: give all your threads a liberal coating of copper grease when you first attach the mount, assuming you want to get it undone again at some point in the future.

But the light itself is so awesome and the niggles so easily surmounted that I still like it overall, even considering the price.
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on 7 October 2013
This is one sorted piece of kit, compact, hugely functional and is blindingly efficient. I cycle up on the moors and surrounding area all year round and now evenings in total darkness, these lights are incredibly bright and have an hour and a half on the 500 lumen setting. the red circle gives you the 30 minute warning, the lowest setting will give you roughly standard lighting cover and hours of use, however when on a road you need to point the light down a lot and try it on the lowest so you don't blind oncoming traffic. Seriously, if you have this one on the highest setting you are likely to blind the driver and (as I nearly did the first time I used it) end up head on with a swerving landrover who could not see the sides of the single lane track we were on (my bad, sorry). I now only use the full on highest setting to go on the quiet lanes. switching between settings is easy, as is removing and charging. Watch the little usb bung as it looks a bit liable to being broken if your not soft with it. Best thing would be the replaceable battery, well I hope it is as it is a separate item in the box for assembly! Easy to do just pops in and locks. Would like to see a sort of shroud device, retrofitted to reduce the glare of the LED for other road users eye lines, and keep it focussed on the road when you need it. Wont be long before the someone gets lifted for causing a distraction with these lights. Overall top notch in everything. Best lights I have used.
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on 9 August 2012
I wish I'd bought mine at the price currently offered by Amazon. Actually, I wish I'd bought both of mine at that price.

Anyway, on to the useful stuff.

It's not as large and heavy as you'd think - it looks like one of those bar-mounted lights you'd find in Halfords which might get you noticed in traffic, but it's so much more than that. I'd be tempted to say it could be used for offroading, but I have a road bike with 23mm slick tyres so have never taken it offroad!

Weighing in at 144g, it won't weigh you down much and the solid tool-free clamp only takes up about 20mm of bar space. It fits oversized (31.8mm) roadie bars as well as the slimmer MTB ones. The self-contained light unit clips in easily to the mount and stays fixed in place as long as you need it.

On full power it sends 500 lumens of light down the road for about 100 minutes. About 30 mins before the end of its discharge cycle (at the currently selected output level) the solid blue status light surrounding the power switch starts flashing red to warn you of impending darkness. Reducing the output level from 500 lumens down to 380, 240, 120 and 380 (flashing) extends runtime more than you would expect given the numbers, as it appears that the full-bore 500 lumen mode is the least efficient.

According to the specifications, the run times are:

500 lumens 1h40m
380 lumens 2h20m
240 lumens 4h
120 lumens 8h
380 lumens (flash) 4h30m

I have found that 120 lumens is quite satisfactory for unlit roads at moderate pace. The higher-power modes are even better - in the 380 lumens flash mode I have seen reflections from street signs more than 100 metres away. In daylight.

You also get a helmet mount (not compatible with the Scott Fuga, in case you happen to have one), and a mains charger which uses a USB cable, so you can also plug it into your PC to recharge.

One thing to be aware of - despite being an LED it still dissipates a good amount of heat at the higher power levels. The metal heatsink part at the front can get uncomfortably hot if you leave the light running while you are stopped.

Very highly recommended.
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on 22 January 2013
This light was recomended to me by friend for off road mountain bike night rides! Tried it in a local shop at £119... bought it on here for £70! Best light I've ever owned and 500 lumens are more than enough.. it has a great spread on the beam where as my old light only really had a spot beam! Not gonna waffle any more... just go and buy it, a assure you , you will not be dissapointed!
review image review image
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on 2 December 2013
Since I started cycling, I've put up with a pretty rubbish light, so when I came to replace it with something better, I spent a while reading the reviews before picking this one. Having used it now for several months, I would pick the same light if I had to go back and do it again.

It's easy to fit, and the quick release works well whilst also holding the light much more securely than previous ones I've tried. I love the fact that it's rechargeable, and the fact that you do so by simply connecting it to a computer USB port is a huge bonus. The cable end is a pretty universal type, so you can also recharge it using, say, the cable that came with your camera, or some phones. That means that I can simply plug it in at work or at home and not worry about where I keep the cable. One of the things that worried me was how I'd know when it was running low, but that's no problem either. The blue indicator light on top turns red when charge is running low, and you can simply switch to one on the lower power settings to extend life sufficiently to get you home.

And now to the most important thing - how powerful is it? My regular route to and from work takes me through some woods which are totally unlit. In winter, it's almost literally pitch black, and I used to have to ride at a snail's pace as my old light struggled to cope. Not any more. This thing is amazing. I can clearly see the path ahead, and whilst I can't go quite as fast as I would in daylight, this light will easily show me any bumps and obstacles in plenty of time to take avoiding action. I'm confident that when I'm on the road, other road users will not be able to miss me.

In short, it's an excellent light, great value for money and I'd heartily recommend it.
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on 22 January 2013
This light isn't cheap but it's worth the spend.
On full power it's bright enough to light the road ahead even when there's no streetlights. And there's certainly no danger of you not being seen!
Full power lasts up to a couple of hours on a full charge. However the flashing functions on full power last longer and there's also two dimmer settings that are still better than most other lights.
Highly recommended.
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on 5 November 2013
I wanted as powerful a light as possible that did not require a separate battery pack and wire and all the inconvenience and waterproof issues that go with that. This light has proven itself on unlit country roads since the end of summer time. The full power beam is excellent giving a pretty broad spread and punching a good distance ahead. Now that it has rained quite a few times it has also proven waterproof. Mainly it is bright enough to cope with that issue of intermittent on-coming headlights which drown your own bike's light's path before your eyes descend again into darkness after the car has passed. Now the road ahead is still visible even in those situations. I'm a lot more confident at speed with this light and have a better sense that any hazard on the road will be seen in time. I only spend 9 miles in darkness the rest lit by street lights so I get two trips home at night with varying full and part power. before needing a re-charge.
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on 2 May 2014
As a commuter cyclist my biggest concern is not being seen. I have previously used Catseye products which have been good, but the battery powered ones were never overly bright, and of course batteries needed replacing every now and then. This changes everything.

The light is seriously bright. Seriously bright. The instructions recommend careful palcing of the light so to avoid dazzling other road users, and you can see why. You wouldnt want to look at this directly for sake of eyesight.

As mentioned before, there is a small rubber flap that conceals a mini USB charging point, USB to mini USB lead supplied, but no 3 pin adapter is supplied, so you will need one if you will not plug into your machine. the lead is also not that long. Probably about 60cm, but old Blackberry/mobile charger leads should work just fine. There is a blue LED below the power button that flashes blue when charging. The supplied battery slides in at one end and you can screw the cap shut using a large coin, like a 2 pence or similar.

Hit the button on and you have different levels of brightness plus a flashing option, convenient to save power. The unit is solid, feels like a weighty, quality product. The mounting clip feels a little less solid. It is tightened by the quick released style lever, like you might find on your wheel or saddle, only its made of plastic. Does the job, but feels a little fragile. No problems in use though.

My only criticism is the battery connection. Occasionally the light wont turn on, a gentle tap fixes it, but I can only assume there is a small connection issue somewhere. I daresay if I took the battery out and refitted it would be fine.

Never had a problem with longevity of battery to date, but have kept it well charged.

Would recommend to anyone as a complement, if not replacement of lowerpowered battery lighting.
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on 5 December 2015
When I bought my bike in the spring I bought what I thought was an expensive pair of lights at £47. But no, now the clocks have gone back, my ride home down a completely unlit cycle path is way too dangerous as the front light was nowhere near up to the job.

I was recommended Moon on a cycle forum and I snapped this up when it dropped to £51 (ex display me thinks but hey...). This is REALLY bright. I've had cars flashing me (idiots - they'd rather not see cyclists?) and it nicely illuminates my unlit stretches. I generally don't have it on the brightest settings apart from the completely dark sections. The flashing mode is great and it is very easy to control and adjust while riding.

I've not given it 5 stars for 3 reasons. The handlebar mounting is fixed and the light unit slides on. I can't work out why but getting it to slide on is a real bother, it's really hard to line up. Also, the spec states 'up to 2 hours' battery life on full power. Hmm, well make that one hour! (so technically true I guess). I can understand why computer / phone battery life is often over-stated as it depends on use but with a light that draws constant power? Additionally, while it's great it charges via USB, why the heck not micro USB which is now ubiquitous on phones, tablets etc? It uses the larger small USB socket so I have to have two different cables on my work desk, one for Android phone and one for this.

All in all I'm pleased and I would recommend it. I wasn't sure I'd be able to cycle to work and back in the dark months but this allows me to so that's great for so many reasons.

As stated, I paid £51. I have to say that feels about right. I see it's usually north of £70 and I'm really not sure it's worth that.
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on 6 January 2014
The light provided enough brightness but soon developed a fault whereby it stopped working, although indicated full charge. Amazon replaced the unit, but then the replacement developed the same fault. Have returned the item (again) and am waiting for a promised refund. Will not buy this brand again.
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