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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 12 March 2012
As a huge fan of 'Phantom of the Opera', I went to see 'Love Never Dies' as soon as it opened in London. At the end, I left the theatre feeling more than a little bemused and a tad disappointed. The performances were excellent, (Ramin Karimloo) but the plot seemed to contradict 'Phantom' in several puzzling aspects, and parts of the production, notably the climax, were oddly limp. I do understand that, later, the London production was improved and re-jigged (sadly, I missed my chance to see it), but this Melbourne production is just something else! An absolute knock-out with fantastic, imaginative staging and all the emotion that the London preview production I saw didn't quite deliver. The music is stunning, the leads are powerful and it's one of the most visually exciting pieces I've seen in a long while.

Please bring the Melbourne re-staging to London! In the meantime, I thoroughly recommend this DVD.
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on 13 March 2012
Watched the new DVD of "Love Never Dies" last night. Fantastic production but very different from the concept album that I'm very familiar with and also different from the London production I saw a couple of years ago.

Great casting of The Phantom and Christine, perfect for portraying who they have become in this story but I was none too sure about Meg Giry, supposedly Coney Island's "Ooh La Lah Girl". Raoul and Madame Giry seemed about right and the freaks who serve as narrators of a sort throughout the story were wonderful.

While I was a little disappointed with their take on "Devil Take the Hindmost", in which The Phantom did not seem to be goading Raoul quite enough, I thought their interpretation of "Beneath a Moonless Sky" and "Beauty Underneath" were amazing!

Fabulous sets and costumes really seemed to capture the essence of the story and the subtle updatings of The Phantom's wardrobe made more sense, I thought, than the London production where he seemed to be dressed exactly the same as he was in Paris ten years previously - a very different time and place.

Some interesting changes to the plot cleared up some of the less plausible aspects of the original story and filled in a few plot-holes while only managing to create one new one which I thought was fairly good going. I was interested to see that some of the lyrics remain the same but are now sung by different characters in different contexts whereas others seem completely re-written, retaining only the tune and the basic theme of the originals. There was also much more use of refrains and "samples" from the original "Phantom of the Opera" to which this is a sequel. The London production did this too but with different pieces at different points in the story and to a much lesser extent. In the original, the only repeated tunes are "Little Lotte" and "Twisted Every Way" where Christine reflects on her situation.

Over all, I would give this production a 9/10 with the only things preventing it getting full marks being the casting of Meg which made it harder for me to get involved with her part of the story and The Phantom's lack of relish during "Devil Take the Hindmost". I would definitely recommend this DVD and now I'm off to watch it again!
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on 17 February 2012
This new production of Love Never Dies and its presentation on Bluray HD is brilliant with stunning cinematography. The new production is taut and fluid and the storyline and characters interactions make a lot more sense. The humanity(and frailty)of the characters is developed, particularly the Phantom. The production has strong musical integrity and the Australian cast across the board is brilliant. The DVD/BD is set to inject the production with a new international life.
Seen the London production and twice in Australia, and have the Bluray. Many people have dismissed the original LND production and the subsequent reworked UK version based on what seems to be a fear that somehow the original "Phantom of the Opera" was compromised. This Australian version has not been seen in London - it was redesigned,choreographed and generally reinvigorated in Australia to huge success on the stage. Hopefully people will view this DVD(or better still BD) with an open mind, and that the success this version has already had, will encourage Lloyd-Webber to open it on Broadway and maybe even again in the UK. As far as the DVD goes, I have no doubt this will be considered one of the best filmed versions of a staged production!
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on 14 March 2012
When Andrew Lloyd Webber announced a 'Phantom' sequel, I thought that he was a little cavalier about tinkering with the 'single biggest piece of entertainment in history'. Of course, it was his to tinker with but was it best left alone? Unfortunately, when 'Love Never Dies' hit the London stage, it got mixed reviews and a concerted campaign from 'phans' who thought that 'love should die' didn't help either. I only saw 'Love Never Dies' in preview in London - I didn't see the revised version.

The Melbourne production is, however, extremely good. The leap from the London preview version to this one is big. A lot of the improvements may have ended up later in London, but the issues with the original book have been skilfully tackled. The premise for getting Christine to sing in America; the musical and theatrical links to 'Phantom of the Opera; the ending. All of these are so much better in this production.

I always thought that Andrew Lloyd Webber's score for this production contains some of his finest work. It was such a shame that he was let down by the creative team in London. I am sure that if the Melbourne production had been the one that originally opened in London - it would still be running now to packed houses. If Charles Hart had been hired to write the lyrics from 'Day 1' and the production team, who are undoubtedly 'Wizards of Oz' had also been on board, this show would be packing them in on Broadway too by now.
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on 25 February 2012
I've made the mistake and read lots of reviews before watching this Dvd which led to spending a lot of time comparing: Phantom of the Opera-vs-Love Never Dies, England-vs-Australia, Ramin-vs-Ben, Sierra-vs-Anna. What a waste of time! As soon as you watch this Dvd without prejudice you'll be swept of your feet by this show, you'll be transported into a new, colourful, magical world and you'll be moved to tears as the story unfolds with stunning music and breathtaking songs! If that's what you want, just buy, watch and enjoy!!!!
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on 14 March 2012
I had seen the West End show and loved it and thought it would be a hard act to follow. However this Melbourne production exceeded all my expectations. I was worried that the cast would have an Aussie accent, but that is not the case and the whole cast are just superb. The sets are very different from the London show and are vast and amazing. At the end you really do feel like you have been to the Theatre, and the Blu Ray quality is first class.
If you liked Phantom, then treat yourself to this sumptious sequel. Thank you Andrew Lloyd Webber for making this available.
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on 5 February 2012
It seems that New Zealand/Australia has the privilege of being the first countries to view the new release of this stunning show.Released early February!!!
I can assure you that the production is stunning..what a visual feast and the Australian (Melbourne)cast are outstanding.Having only listened to the CD, the music and the storyline make so much more sense.I was somewhat sceptical of the music when I first heard it on CD but now having visual connections to the music, I am now totally besotted in the music.This bluray release is of stunning quality and kept me entranced all the way through.For some reason I got more emotionally involved with this sequel and nearly shed tears at the end. Now all I have to do is get over to Melbourne and try and see it live.For the rest of the world....get ready for a stunning and gorgeous show.
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on 20 October 2011
I saw this show in London and i have to say it was brilliant!! such a shame the show was canceled in london because i thought it was so much better then some reviews made it out to be so don't believe all you read .But the new Australian cast and production looks amazing and since its the one which will be on the DVD it will be worth the buy .
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on 16 March 2012
Our eagerly awaited Blu-ray disc of Love Never Dies arrived yesterday. Having seen both the origional and revised London productions we were really excited to see what the Australian Production had delivered. We were big fans of the London Shows and the strong cast performances but this production is far superior, the quality of the set design, the costumes and of course the outstanding performances of the cast and musicians. They interpret the story line with such strong feeling you cannot fail to be moved by this adaptation. The close up camera work really brings you into the characters and the whole experience is that much more believable.

With the London shows the beginng scene in both versions were the weakest part (slightly better in the revised production) and the costumer design of the three side kicks of Dr Y were for my part not in keeping with the period. This version addresses all those issues. Thank you Australia for taking hold of this master piece and bringing it to life once again. Lets hope it comes back to London and becomes the massive hit is so clearly deserves to be.
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on 10 March 2012
This is not just a recording of a theatrical production but a cinematic presentation; this is how theatrical productions should be brought to the screen. It is only at the end when the cast take their ovation that you are reminded that this was recorded in a theatre before a live audience. Compare this with the original theatrical audio presentation and realise how subtle the differences between a good show and a great show are. This reworked presentation of the original show deserves to be brought back to the West End. Oh and well done Amazon for delivering two days ahead of the release date.
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