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on 1 June 2012
I bought four of these for my company after a colleague bought one on special offer, normally £200-250.

It is hard to be passionate about a piece of office equipment but this printer makes it easy. I love the scan to USB function, we were unable to use the wireless function as we are based on the olympic park so got not modems etc. Lightweight, cheap refills available, easy to use. Love the A3 function and the double sided. Love being able to check the memory stick content on the screen of the printer.

Such fantastic value for money. What else can i say, a dozen non-techie men in the office all managed to use it without looking at the manual.

the only negative I have with this machine is lifting the lid to connect the printer cable, it is awkward, not hard, to close the lid again and not an obvious place to look for the port, but saying that the cable neatly tucks inside and then pops out the side of the machine. This can be removed totally if using wireless. It also does not come with this cable so I hunted the net and bought a load of cheap usb cables.

Have printed thousands of documents and had a couple of jams, it is always the same place, but then it is generally where someone has not inserted the paper properly.

This really is an excellent value for money functional machine. I want to smuggle one home for personal usage!
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on 19 December 2013
I only ever had a few problems with this model: one was the inkjets seems to block up a lot quicker than my old printer. The other issue is that when loading paper it get stuff inside the print as I went through nearly a pack, but after amazon was kind that they sent me a replacement sadly to say that had a fault with loading paper. I even went onto Brother for help to resolve this problem followed everything and still it just kept eating the paper so I sent it back to Amazon for a refund. I liked Brother until it started to have major issues so if your going to get one make sure you find out as much as you can before you buy any MFC printers as most may have little issues, but it is up to the Customers. It was ok but cannot say anything more about sorry.
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on 26 March 2012
First of all, setup is a breeze. With the touchscreen I connected it to our wireless network, then I run the installation package, selected "connect to wireless printer" and it installed everything.
Our boss wanted a fax machine capable of forwarding received faxes to email, and to my delight (and surprise) this MFC can do that. It requires installing a new fax firmware available from Brother's website, so be sure to check that if you use this as a fax machine. I did that and it works flawlessly, except for the fact that it doesn't work with gmail's servers directly, but I used our ISP's server and it sends to gmail so no big deal.
Next I set it up the scan to a network folder. I set up 3 profiles: B&W PDF, Color PDF and Color JPEG. Without a doubt the most used is the scan to B&W PDF, it will produce a single PDF of consecutive scans (or of all the sheets in the ADF).
B&W print quality is good, color printing is good enough - I have no idea if it has photographic quality or not as most things we print are graphs. We're yet to print A3 (my fault, forgot to buy a ream of A3 paper).
Like most network printers, it has a web interface where you can see maintenance info and set up the remote fax and scan to network options. What else... you can install a free app to print directly from iPhone and Android devices, I tried it and was able to print a PDF. Neat.
Apparently it will be able to use replacement inks without fuss, or so I hope. I'll log the running costs of this printer and determine just how economic it is in the long run.
If can say anything bad about the printer, it would be the apparent fragility of the paper tray. Still, I wasn't a Brother fan, but this printer has won me over so far.

UPDATE AFTER 3 MONTHS: A few more cons. the paper tray isn't particularly flimsy, but it is rather long and a hassle to put more paper in. You need to take it out half-way, and unless you have it in the middle of a table it will fall to the ground fairly regularly. Changing between A4 and A3 is more complicated than most office workers are willing to endure, fortunately we hardly use A3. The biggest con has been its inability to pick up some kinds of paper, namely the HP glossy paper that is offered in their XL packs and various label sheets. The Chroma - A3 Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper - Premium Grade 260gsm Resin Coated Gloss (25 Sheet Pack) paper works flawlessly, by the way. Having read some bad reviews on Brother printers lack of photo printing quality, I must say it looked pretty photorealistic to me using that paper.

Bottomline, here's have we found bad in order of noted frequency: flawed paper picking, no separate tray for A3, no A3 scanner and no dual-sided ADF. I'm tempted to give it only 4 stars due to the picking issues but staying clear of certain brands avoids the issue, so I'll let it stand. Still, it has done everything we have required of it and the printing costs (with generic ink) has been very low so I'm still very pleased.
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on 22 October 2012
Initially, it seemed like a great little printer - easy to set up and use. However, after just a very short time, we have discovered many flaws. Particularly the speed of printing and copying! We bought this based on previous experience with Brother and it's turned out to be a big disappointment. The copying is the slowest I have ever come across and the printing (colour) has slowed to painful after a very short time!
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on 28 August 2013
I bought this because it was an air printer as well as an orthodox one. It was well discounted making it very competitive and has been brilliant to use.
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on 29 April 2012
I have had this printer for only a few days but I can already confirm that for the money, one hundred pounds when I bought it, you will not get anything like this elsewhere.

1)The wireless was really easy to set up on my pc and android tablet - using google cloud for the latter.
It was a bit more fiddly to get the scanner working wirelessly on my linux machine, as drivers are not provided in the box, but detailed instructions are available on brother's website.
2)Prints automatic double sided on virtually any kiind of paper - id does slow it down a bit but that is not an issue for me.
3)Prints on A3 and thick photo paper with no problem. Do make sure, however, to select "colour option: vivid" when printing pictures otherwise they might look a bit dull.
4) The touchscreen interface is really easy to use and very responsive in comparison to another printer that I have used in the past.
4) Cloud printing works fine.
5) I used the automatic feader to copy and upscale an A4 page into an A3 and was very please with the quality of the copying.
6) Have not tried FAX functions.

Printing Costs: XL compatible cartridges are available from Amazon - set of 4 cartrdges that will print 3000+ pages for £9! The ink is actually cheaper than the paper for this printer. An original set will set you back cerca £70 but unless you buy this printer solely for printing high resolution pictures, in my opinion, are not worth the extra money. You can however get an official black 1280XL for around a tenner, which is probably the best option, if you only need to replace the back cartridge. Printing costs are of under 0.5p per black page.

1) It is BIG. It weights in excess of 12kg and fully set expect it to take around 60cm x 70cm of your precious space.
2) Speed can be an issue for some users. Prints around 12-15 pages of text in draft mode which is usefull for documents on which you only want to scribble on. Increase the quality and it can slow you down to about 8 pages per minute for a standard written document. Most of my print-outs are of only a few pages so it is not an issue for me but if you intend to print 50+ page files multiple times per day you could go for the J6510 instead.

Lastly, as I opened the box I found a voucher for a one year antivirus subscription. Pleasant surprise.
Overall, very satisfied with this printer. If you have the space where to put it and 10ppm is enough for you, then you will struggle to find something more functional and cheap to run in this price range.
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on 13 August 2014
I've bought six printers for myself and my wife over the last four years, all from the same manufacturer who's name shall remain Epson. I've watched their standards drop from best on the market (MX80) to cheap plastic rubbish (all of them). Well I don't mind cheap plastic rubbish if it works and does it's job, but out of these six printers two remain. One was bought only two months ago and the other about two years ago. The one I bought two years ago was a professional photo printer and by far the most expensive: it uses more ink than my car does petrol but is more expensive. (And that one is showing signs of failing now.)

Which is why I decided to change allegiances. I have a Brother label printer which has never failed me in many years of use, so I opted for a Brother.
What a difference! It does everything I ask it to without arguing, putting in a new ink cartridge or cleaning the heads. It works seamlessly by WiFi every time. There are so many options for scanning and copying and of course it's a fax machine as well. I could go on, but I'd only bore you. But I will say that I've been using it for a month or so now and I just forget it's there: I pick up the prints when I need to and that's it. It sits in the corner without saying a word.

It was said that the ink cartridges provided were just a sort of starter pack to get me going. I've been using them at a fairly modest rate for a month and they're still three quarters full. While on the subject of ink, because I thought the starter pack would run out fairly quickly, I bought a set of (original Brother) long lasting cartridges from a well known internet auction site for £60. That is so cheap compared to any other printer companies considering the size of them. (£136 for the photo printer and they're half the size!)

Finally, When started this tome, I mentioned cheap plastic rubbish. Well the Brother is still plastic, but unlike most of the others, it most certainly isn't rubbish, but it was very cheap for what you get!
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on 24 June 2012
Very happy with this printer, quality is very good and with paper cheap here [...] and compatable ink from Amazon here http://www.amazon.co.uk/Silvertrade-MFC-J5910DW-MFC-J6510DW-MFC-J6710DW-MFC-J6910DW/dp/B007E93GTW/ref=sr_1_sc_1?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1340529304&sr=1-1-spell its a printer you will want to use, my colleagues at work have also purchased purley on low running costs.

Some critics may say on very close detail (magnifying glass types) its not 100% perfect but us in the real world look at pictures from a bit of distance i.e. 30 + centimetres and even with my very good eyesight the results are great.
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on 14 January 2013
I bought this machine in May when I my old workhorse Brother Laser breathed its last. My printing needs had changed during the last 3 years so this was my choice of moving forward after much research, plus the fact that I was able to puirchase at 50% off retail price. The machine is used daily for every listed purpose except fax for which I see no future usage. Both my wife and I are in our autumnal years and we have our own iPads which are used daily. My wife also owns an iPhone 4s, all three are 'wifi' linked to the printer so we can print whether we are in the West Wing or the East Wing of our Estate, aka 'lounge' or 'kitchen'. This recent purchase of the same machine was for our son-in-law's Christmas present, he operates his own business and finds it ideal for home home/office usage. The machine is easy to set up and operate and very cheap on the ink usage, once you become reconciled to 'compatible' cartridges, my best current price is £14 for 3 double capacity black cartridges, making this machine a bargain to buy and a bargain to use..
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on 17 August 2013
Hi, would like to input on paper jamming etc. Paper will jam(why is a mystery)for the following reasons :-to much- to little- to tightly held in paper magazine. Try again I found this works well. To limit the noises many seem to suffer from- as it recommends keep the printer switched on at all times (it sleeps like we do) as you know it stirs the ink to reduce head cleaning thus longer printing less costs. To reduce many of the reported problems try using it as a remote device and not loaded onto your computer's brain (two short planks)For inks change them firmly and quickly. I have had many printers over the years with main problem of ink cost, this brother is brill and for the money am delighted.
ps.I do not use the fax facility but experiment with the controls you will have fun. happy printing
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