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on 19 March 2012
I was just about to order the Vax P8 Power Pet vaccum which had received glowing feedback from other users when I noticed there was a newer model advertised the P9 Power Pet vaccum so decided to order the newer model which was around £10 more expensive.
I was extremely impressed by how quickly the new cleaner was delivered to my address in Spain. Upon opening the box I found that the vaccum was very easy to assemble.
So all set up and ready to go!! My previous cylinder cleaner did not pick up long dog hairs very well. I was quite shocked at what the Power Pet 9 got out of the deep pile rugs in my apartment, the amount of dust and dirt in the collection chamber made me realise just how good this machine is. Also no more problem with picking up those long dog hairs, they were easily dealt with by the P9 Power Pet vaccum. The 10 meter power cord is also a great feature as I only need to use two sockets to clean the whole apartment.
From deep in the pile the P9 brought up sewing pins which must have hidden deep in the pile for almost 3 months!!
Being used to a cylinder machine I was a little reluctant to change to an upright cleaner but I found the P9 easy to manoeuvre. Much easier on my back than pulling a cylinder machine around behind you.
Like with feedback on previous Vax Power Pet vaccums the machine might be fairly noisy, but in view of the cleaning performance of this machine then that is something that you are more than happy to put up with.
This is a 5 star machine that I would fully recommend to anyone, especially anyone who has the problem of picking up pet hairs.
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on 28 April 2013
I have had Vax vacuums for the last 15 or so years and have stuck with them as I have found them to be reliable and very good value for money - until I got this one. I would no longer recommend Vax. The main problem is that this vacuum rapidly looses suction. I have 2 toddlers and we have to hoover every day because they are pretty messy! This means that because it looses suction when the main filter clogs up (which happens very quickly) we have to clean it about once a week. That wouldn't be too much of an issue except that you have to wash it and it takes a lot of washing to get it clean. You then have to allow it to dry for 24 hrs before you can use the vacuum again. Not exactly ideal in a busy household where it is often needed more than once a day. And once the filter is full you can't use the vacuum as not only does it loose suction but it drops what it has previous collected onto the carpet when you turn it off, so you get a pile of debris underneath it wherever it was when it stopped.
There are other little niggles too The lead tidy snapped off within a couple of weeks - which wasn't too much of an issue as the position of the lead is really inconvenient anyway, so we just wind it up and hang it over the handle - much faster if not quite so tidy. It is heavy and cumbersome to push. It is very loud. It has to be set on short pile on every carpet type in our house or it doesn't touch the carpet. Some of our carpets are quite thick but it still needs the short setting.
It does have a couple of positives - the edge brushing is very good when the suction is good - non existent as it drops though. When the filter is clean the suction is very good,
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on 19 November 2012
When our old De Stile Dyson packed up again, and rejected the latest attempt to revive it, we had to turn our attention to getting something new.

Many years have passed since we bought our Dyson, and in that time, a lot of other vacuums have come on to the market, many boasting the coveted Cyclone technology originally invented by Dyson, so in these times of austerity, we looked beyond the mighty Dysons (with their equally mighty price tags) for something that would clean the carpets and furniture. It's only a vacuum cleaner after all!

We settled for a Vax in the end.

It's quite a big beast, actually. It's pretty easy to assemble from boxed, and it includes a mini, hand-held cleaner stowed on the unit itself. All in all, it is quite an inspired design. The hand-held cleaner is activated by a mere swapping of a tube, and it is designed to pick up pet hairs with ease. You can also change this for the long tube for getting into corners, which is also stowed on the main vac unit, a bit like a sword in a scabbard.

The good news is, this thing has great suction power. It takes a lot of dirt and dust off the carpets, as you can see from the build-up in the clear plastic dust collector at the front, which is over 4 litres in capacity so it doesn't need emptying so often. When it comes to emptying it, the plastic unit detaches easily, retains the contents and is easily emptied by the flick of a switch at the bottom.

It's not all good though. This thing is heavy! To get the suction power you want, you have to lower the foot to the closest setting to the floor. Unfortunately, that means there is a lot of drag, making the machine difficult to push and heavy to use. After doing a room with a slightly deep-pile carpet, you can really feel you've given yourself a workout in your dominant hand and arm. I'm sure that the onerous task of cleaning should be made as easily as possible. Add to that the design of the handle. It is plastic and does not seem ergonomically designed at all, so after you've been pushing it for a while, you get a sore hand. I am sure that could have been designed a bit better. I would not recommend it for anyone elderly!

All in all, though, we are happy with the Vax. It is as powerful as our original Dyson was, possibly more, and it is excellent value for the price. No question, if you've got the money to get a Dyson, then get a Dyson by all means. If you haven't, this might suit you, especially if you've got strong arms.
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on 10 April 2012
this was to replace our u90 p4p vacuum, 1 that had lasted and performed very well for years. this is a powerful vacuum. though i find it has to be emptied often, the cylinder is large, but i find that both of the filters block very quickly. the hepa filter gets dirty very quickly, and requires washing pretty much each time the cylinder is emptied, which then takes forever and a day to dry. the first time we removed the filter to clean it (the second time we used the vacuum) the top layer of the filter started coming away from the rest of it, it doesnt seem well built well enough to last very long. the cord is good however as its really long, and the hose is really long too. personally i wish i had gone for the u90 p5p.
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on 4 April 2012
This vacuum cleaner is very powerful and sucks up a lot of dirt meaning it needs to be emptied quite frequently. Plus it is heavy for a vacuum cleaner so can be cumbersome to manouvre and not suitable for small rooms.

You need to register the vacuum cleaner online with the manufacturer in order to benefit from the 2 year guarantee.

The drive belt snaps easily if something gets stuck in the brushes. Admittedly this is a safety feature designed to stop the motor burning out. So you have to be careful not to get too close to anything that could jam the brushes. You would do well to stock up on drive belts in advance of this happening. The Vax belts are more expensive than the generic belts widely available on the internet (ebay). But the generic belts haven't got the safety feature of snapping when the brushes get jammed so you run the risk of burning out the motor. Which would be an expensive repair if you haven't got the guarantee plus if you use generic belts not Vax ones then I believe your guarantee would be voided anyway.

As you might be able to tell I wasn't aware about the gurantee issues until it was too late for me to register the vacuum cleaner. It is a very good machine and would buy one again, but I would make sure to register it to qualify for the gurantee.
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on 8 April 2013
Why didn't I follow the advice of the less-than enthusiastic reviewers before I bought this vacuum cleaner?...Well, many years ( at least 12) ago I found a 'Big Bubble'bagless Vax in my local supermarket for less than £40. This would still be going strong but for the lousy replacement parts ( belts) that don't last 5 minutes ( and I mean FIVE minutes!)
So, many people rated the 'Power-9 Pet Bagless Upright vacuum Cleaner' quite highly..the price was good...and I ignored all the people who said it was heavy and clumsy.
Big mistake!
It is heavy... Ok for carpets, but suction on the hose is poor when it's working, but it blocks easily..the filter ( bring back the cone filter!)and dirt-container need constant changing & if you don't re-fit them back together again tightly everything blows apart the next time you turn it on spraying dust evrywhere. It is clumsy and unmanoeuvrable. Using 2 hands on the hose means that the cleaner falls over. Unfortuanately I don't have 3 hands. Also the electric lead is constantly in the way.
I think I may have been generous giving it 2 stars.
Why, oh why, have Vax stopped making the wonderful, lightweight but efficient 'Big Bubble'.
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on 21 August 2012
this vax machine is the worst hoover i have ever purchased the pipes keep falling off whilst hoovering and is so heavy i hate it will never purchase a vax again.
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on 7 January 2013
Received this Vax vacuum cleaner a couple of hours ago by Parcel Force having ordered it from Amazon some three days ago. Item arrived in it's original Vax box in safe condition and took some 15 mins to assemble (You'll need a long Philips screwdriver else end up with scraped knuckles as I did!). Having now cleaned some of the hard and carpeted floors in my bungalow with this cleaner my initial impression is that the cleaner is very heavy in use but most certainly does pick-up the dirt well. It's not a particularly easy upright cleaner to use around the wall edges or around / under furniture etc and it does without fail pick up rugs and mats during it's operation as the height setting rollers are set well rearward of the main brush roller!

I can only compare this unit with my faithful 6 year old Dyson DC14 given that I do generally 'hoover' through my home most days and conclude that the Vax likely cleans as well, if not better, given it's extremely powerful motor but it's a lot more difficult to handle and maneuver. Stowing the long length power cable is fiddly. A constantly rotating brush bar when using the hand tools is not a good design feature either - there are Warning Notices about this on the machine! Notwithstanding, the cost of this vacuum cleaner is less than half the cost of replacing my old Dyson with a new one and will only be used as a spare machine regardless or for those rare days when I'm decorating etc. I don't think I could live with it in daily use and can only award it a three star rating!
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on 16 July 2012
Vax U89P9P 2300 Watts Power 9 Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner.
What a cleaner this is, Power at a Good price.

Recently tried this for a few weeks and was rather impressed. This is a very smart upright hoover which would look good in any property.
Made by a large well known company Vax. This hoover has so much power and good points "But" it also has some bad points.
Good Points :: Solid build and very attractive look about it. Easy to asemble only needs a posi screwdriver for a couple of screws everything else just clicks together. Length of power cable is great you can plug in one socket and do the whole upstairs or downstairs without haveing to find another socket. Length of hose I can reach from bottom to top of my stairs without haveing to carry the hoover with me. Pet brush turbo tool is great for getting up all those pesky cat and dog hairs , I have 10 cats and 4 dogs and believe me this hoover picks them up. The heaight adjuster from thick carpet to low carpet to hard floor is easy to adjust at the front just make sure the hoover is in a upright position when changeing heights. Storage of the tools is easy with a bracket on the front for the turbo tool and the crevice pipe is fixed to the side. Easy to empty at the touch of a button the dust holder comes away from the front with a easy carry handle on top just carry to a bin press the button and it empties without getting your hands dirty.
Bad Points.:: Very heavy if you are frail this is to heavy for you. On and off button to close to the button where you release the hoover to start vacuuming everytime i go to start hoovering i catch the power button and switch it off,. No edge to edge brushes only suction. Pet brush gets hot as it cant cope with the suction power for long periods and can melt the internal roller. Crevice tool has vents in it so does not give the full suction unless you cover with hand, but is good for curtains.
Overall this is a realy good hoover, what i would advise is buying a flexi crevice tool as i have they make this hoover so much better.
If you want powerful suction then this hoover is for you. The good points outweigh the bad points and would recomend this hoover to all pet lovers.
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on 3 February 2013
I don't usually write reviews but feel this deserves the effort.

The Vax is a good vacuum cleaner however it is very very loud! I would say excessively Loud! Vax really should think about supplying ear defenders with this product because you will be damaging your hearing if you use this without them!

It cleans well and is powerful and the attachments all seem good at what they are designed to do, however the air-stream powered small brush head suffers when the HEPA filter or top of the inner vetical tube become even slightly clogged. Ours struggles particularly as my wife's hair is reasonably long and when it is ingested by the vacuum it wraps around the top of the internal tube and then traps the fluff and dust creating a micro filter of its own. We rarely manage to fill the collection chamber before having to unclog it.
Be very careful of the brush(beater bar) setting and how you position it when doing staircases as it is easy to rock the Vax further onto the brushes and burn the carpet pile which you won't notice until you come back down to turn it off. We have taken to lying ours down to do the staircases and although the hose is very long it is also very tightly sprung so it is quite an effort to stretch it out.

The price is good but it obviously has some flaws but overall it works fine and we have had it for 6 months now. I don't think we would have another one as it is a bit heavy and cumbersome to carry round the house and it is way too loud! You might think I was joking but it is worth going to see one in a shop and hearing it. I don't have sensitive ears and have a job working in a loud noisy environment but even I think it is excessive.

Take care of your ears!

Hope this has helped.
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