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on 8 January 2014
I bought this machine in 2012. Like many others, I was immediately impressed by the powerful performance of this cleaner. Very soon afterwards however, the overheating light would come on and it would cease to work. The heat generated was sufficient to distort the base plastic casing.
We contacted Vax and were advised that we probably weren't cleaning the filters (there are three of them, plus the perforated core of the dust collection drum). What a palaver!! We spent more time cleaning the filters than we did hoovering!! After a couple of months we contacted Vax again and this time we were offered the later P7 model as a replacement. Assuming that some of the bad points of the earlier model had been ironed out, we set about using it. No deal! It was as bad as the original, with the addition of attachments that were so loose that they fell off and bristles that came out.
We struggled on and my wife would only use it on condition that I took over the completely ridiculous amount maintenance it requires at every use if it was to continue to function.
Finally (in January 2014), we had had enough and are now waiting for a refund. I do have to put in a good word for Vax here, as they have not given us a hard time over applying for this after quite a long period. Thank you Vax.
Finally, I do have to suspect that all those reviewers that gave the cleaner 5-star write-ups, did in during their first two weeks of ownership, as the volume of discontents and the nature of their issues with the cleaner, seem to have the same common thread running though them - that is that this cleaner is positively NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE!!!
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on 24 February 2014
Oh my! This really IS my dream-machine! I previously had a 'Henry' which I will not fault in any way as I thought it was a brilliant 'work-horse' that we used for many years.Now, however, I needed something with an higher filtration level against pet hair & dustmite. When I came across this Vax with it's superb filtration, it's wide range of tools, it's high & extremely adjustable power levels, plus it's fantastic price - well I couldn't resist! Vax has always been an extremely reputable brand & was always THE BEST before Dyson arrived on the scene! I neither wanted, aesthetically,a Dyson nor was I prepared to pay that kind of money for a vacuum cleaner. I asked around amongst other users & came up with very mixed views of the Dyson so I carried on & bought this EXCELLENT vacuum cleaner. It is very easy to use, it has an excellent range of tools, it's suction is superb, emptying is easy-peasy & it cleans to an extremely high level.
I would recommend it VERY HIGHLY TO EVERYONE.
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on 17 January 2013
It does sound like a helicopter taking off, but it's quite a gentle sound
The one draw back is that the suction is so good the main filter blocks quite quickly with the amount of dust
If I'm lucky I can do the whole house
After that I have to wash the filter - which is a job I could well do without
And the blockage light seems to come on a lot, but that may be because it has an aversion to long hair, so I am often unblocking it in one place or another
If you wash the filter between uses - I have to say I cannot fault the suction
We had a great Vax in the past and I have struggled to replace it
Just as an update to those poor sods that are doing the ''Project - Which Hoover''
... you can buy another filter for about £15 of the internet, so you can wash one and have one ready to put back in
So if you want to get one of these you might want to factor in the additional £15 for getting a second filter
I find I am less irritable now I have a second filter
I am also now adding a fourth star - for suction
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on 14 March 2013
When I first got this I was really impressed with the compact size and power. It really did hoover well for the first few uses. We live in a 3 up 3 down with no pets and would say we are pretty tidy as a family.

After about 3 uses the 'blockage' light kept coming on. There was no blockage and the only thing that would clear the warning light was to wash the pre motor filter which Vax advise to do 'periodically' and then dry it for 24 hours.

The cleaner would also run really hot and fill the room up with an 'overheating' type smell even when it's being used quite normally. It also quite often just cut out.

We complained to Vax and they sent us a new set of filters to try. The post motor filter has obviously been redesigned. Even with a brand new set of filters it very quickly went back into its routine of blockage warning, overheating and cutting out.

To their credit Vax have replaced it with a PowerPet 7 which has several design changes. That seems to be working better at the moment, but we've only used it a couple of times so far.Vax C89-P6N-P Power 6 Pet Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
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on 4 October 2013
Absolute waste of money. I bought the pet vacuum even though i don't have a pet, thinking it would do a better job. I have had this vaccuum for just over a year, phoned the helpline (utter waste of time) after the first month because it was over heating having been used for 15 minutes. It would knock off and then not come back on for about an hour, I was told to clean it more often (it was empty) because this model needed extra cleaning ha ha. The back of the cleaner would get so hot it felt as if the silicone or whatever was on it would burn your hand off.
I have had a Vax for years and had no trouble, but this model ! Don't waste your money or time.
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on 9 October 2013
This VAX is a monster of a workhorse. Long cable and hose and variable sucking power that will deal with everything imaginable. Loads of accessories and it only cost us £60!!!

Full power will suck in eveything within 6-8 inches away from the head and easily lift a carpet. So imagine the dust this is getting rid of!

We had a Dyson for 30 years which speaks well for the brand and it's still going strong but it's getting tatty so we wanted to try another cleaner and we are so glad we have! It outperforms Dyson in every respect. It is much easier to empty & clean and even though it is far more powerful is quieter even at full whack!

Comes with a 2 year warranty too!

Worth every penny!
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on 11 July 2013
This has been the worst vacuum cleaner I have ever bought! Although I usually read reviews before buying items I unfortunately didn't in this case and bitterly regret it now. Generally the reviews are terrible for this cleaner and I wholeheartedly agree it is absolute rubbish.

Apart from not really working very well and ending up doing most of the vacuuming with the nozzle we have had problem after problem with it. Each time I have contacted Vax they have tried to remedy the situation by sending me spare parts but the bottomline is, it is just a rubbish cleaner. Every time it is used I have had to take the dust canister to bits, wash it, wash the filter and wait for it to dry before the next use. It continually jams and then cuts out resulting in you being unable to continue cleaning. I seem to have spent more time trying to clean it and unjam it than ever using it. Having stumbled through almost a year trying to keep it going it then completely blew up fusing all the electrics. My husband then decided he would try another plug as it seemed to blow up from the plug end but this too fused all the electrics and made no difference. We have contacted Vax who tell us that as he has replaced the plug we have invalidated our warranty and they will not take it back under warranty! They have very kindly offered to repair it out of warranty for £60 but would not dream of taking them up on their offer as I shall be delighted to see the back of it!

Zero for the vacuum cleaner and zero to Vax for their customer service. You have been warned!
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on 24 July 2012
I purchased this item for using at my caravan, as I was unhappy with the performance of my present cleaner. I have three dogs, one of which is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and anyone who owns this breed will tell you the amount of hair that they shed.
Firstly I would like to say how impressed I am with the delivery service. I ordered it after midnight on Saturday and it arrived yesterday (Monday). I have tried the cleaner as I wanted to make sure that it was in working order before I go to my caravan and I could not believe the amount of hair it picked up, considering I had vacuumed the previous day with my other cleaner. I would say that anyone who has pets should consider this one. I also found it easy to use, simple to empty and although I haven't needed to wash the filter yet it seems a lot less hastle than my present cleaner. I am so impressed I am considering purchasing another for home. One thing I cannot comment on is the use when cleaning stairs as I live in a bungalow.
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on 28 April 2013
On opening the box I thought Wow! all these attachments and strong suction are going to really clean the place up, we have 3 kids 2 cats and a dog, so it had its work cut out, unfortunately what it says on the packet and how it performs in practice are two different things.

The dust bin is full in no time, when it is full the filter gets blocked, so consequently its not just a case of emptying the bin when it gets full, you have to spend another half an hour cleaning all the filters.

The attachments are good quality, especially the turbo brushes, but once they have been cleaning for a while your back to clearing them as with the filters.

The filtration system is far too complicated, there are about 4 parts to the dust bin, all in flimsy brittle plastic and expect that further down the line it would just crack and fall apart.

In summation the idea of a vacuum cleaner is that its a reliable time saving device, that cleans you house, this machine does neither, so returning it as its not fit for purpose.
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on 28 December 2012
This would be 5 stars apart from the need to keep cleaning the filters which may say more for my house pets than the cleaner. It arrived in a deceptively small box, and the first thought was "this is not going to be a good buy" but the box is like a Tardis and there is a lot of cleaner and tools in there, it has a tool for everything and a good long hose that allows easy cleaning of the stairs. It has a very powerful suction and at full power lifts my carpets up so keep it turned down when you first switch on or you might loose your cat.
Very good value, and very efficient if you keep an eye on the filters.
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