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VINE VOICEon 21 January 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Vax C89-P6-B is a fairly rugged little vacuum cleaner with reasonable tough construction. The metallic plastic finish doesn't cry out quality, but there are a number of features that make this model worthy of consideration.

The flex and hose combine to give this model a reach of almost 10 meters, so this little Vax is superbly versatile and can stretch between smaller rooms and up stairways with ease. The waste canister is generously proportioned and should cope with a typical home without needing to be emptied before you've finished a cleaning circuit. The accessories are functional and clip onto the hose so that it's harder for them to go missing. The main suction head is weighty enough that it will glide across most floors and has a fairly good suction along edges, however, the crevice tool is essential to get right into those tight corners. The variable suction is a nice simple dial control, and in terms of power, this Vax is no slouch, but you may find that pet hairs are a little more challenging than you'd like.

My main criticisms are fairly minor, the width of the unit around the large wheels can sometimes cause problems when you're pulling it around as it can get stuck around furniture corners. The hose lacks internal reinforcement and can kink if you're not careful. Also, the flex retraction feels very weak, and the plug often sags down rather than tuck neatly into it's little receptacle.

Overall, this a powerful little machine that should cope with most typical domestic demands.
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on 16 January 2013
If you need a vacum that will show blockage lights on every use, has a filter than gets clogged with the most minute amount of dust and has a thermostat that keeps switching it off then this is the product for you. Not a single vacuuming session has EVER been completed without needing to unblock something or clean a filter etc. Its a disaster.
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on 6 January 2013
Initial performance was good, suction excellent. This was the 2nd vax hoover of this model and a friend had the same disappointing experience with hers: at first the blockage will come on. It is fiddly to take apart the filters and anything bigger than a small grain of sand will block it. After a while it will become impossible to clear the blockages even if you try and the hoover will stop working. Ours lasted less than 6 months. You have been warned!
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on 15 May 2012
All great reviews of this product are so right! This arrived 2 days earlier than expected! Thanks to Amazon, great service!

Within half an hour I started giving my whole flat a good vacuum! I have 3 cats (2 long haired) and a long haired little doggy who has been shedding all week. I was a little disappointed to see there are less attachments than the other model, but it certainly didn't matter, I used the upholstery tool on the blanket on the sofa that my little best friend sleeps on (I wasn't expecting it to be as good as using a turbo tool) But WOW that blanket looks cleaner from pet hair than it has ever been! I have hoovered everything today! As my old one (a much more expensive panasonic) sucks! and not the good hoover kind of sucks! It has suction still but picks up less than 50% of pet hair! Next I used the upholstery tool on the cat post and got stuck! lol, it was so powerful that when I had almost finished making the whole post look cleaner and brighter and EVERY hair completely gone, it suctioned on so hard that it moved the cat post forward 8 inches as I tried to pull away! lol Just for the record my cat post is HUGE, it is over 4ft high and over 3 ft wide, and the suction moved the cat post, :) Bear in mind the suction can be turned up and down, My dog used to like having his back hoovered, however I dare not do that now! I don't really fancy having a hairless cavalier king charles spaniel! hahaha!

I have never seen my entire flat look so clean in a couple of years! Because of the sheer power, it sucks any dirt, hair debris up from skirting boards and corners so well and so easily, it even got the annoying dirt that STICKS in the corners of the kitchen that end up being pushed around with a mop because my last hoover couldn't handle it! I now have a good spotless hair free floor ready to mop and no more getting down on my hands and knees breaking my back trying to get all the little bits and pieces up...

This hoover looks GREAT, like some little space robot being that escaped fron NASA! I love the look of it, the actual hose is SO long! The rodded part where attachments go on is expandable and makes it superlong, the power cord for some reason says not too extend past the yellow tape, which doesn't seem overly long but although I am only in a medium sized flat I could reach all rooms fully without having to unplug! When I fist switched this little beast on the noise seemed strange, unlike other hoovers I have owned it takes a split second as you hear it power up and the cylinder braces tighter, it sounds like some mini NASA supersonic rocket when it comes on, and for the first time I happily go armed with crevice tools from room to room while the powerful beast sucks my flat entirely clean! (be careful It suctioned onto my sleeve as as I fought for my life I hit my wrist on the table! ouch!)


I always preferred upright vacuum cleaners as these type usually hurt my back but I have to say because of the very long hose, this was no problem.

And as I finish this review at 7pm at night I already find myself thinking "What else can I hoover now?" If you have pets and are looking for a hoover you MUST buy this! If you don't, you'll regret it!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First and foremost I was surprised, and pleased, with how light and transportable this Vacuum was : it is easily moved, and does not require strength or anything more than an average amount of effort. However, the real draw is the versatility of the device - multiple suction strengths and methods that cleanly and simply suck dirt, dust, and detritus off without really thinking about it. My son (aged 2), also loves it. He loves to help. And, in terms of noise, this is a quiet and efficient amchine with a wide pipe, large storage cylinder, and little in the way of blockages, hair-wrapped around the key fan, or other problems. All things considered, if you need a vacuum cleaner this is an affordable, powerful, useful tool that will deliver the results you want at a price you can afford.
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VINE VOICEon 22 January 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Dyson may well have invented the bagless system, but Vax seems to have taken the technology to heart and created a fairly comprehensive range of vacuum cleaners.

This C89-P6-B model is a handy sized bagless cleaner which can be carried around larger houses or stored in small spaces in space-free homes. The look of the machine is farily sleek with the orange and silver working well. The plastic on the main unit can seem a little 'cheap' looking though, but it does keep the weight down.

The front unit comes off with a single click very easily to dispose of waste, while the waste compartment itself is fairly large for such a small device and lets you store plenty of dirt and dust without worrying about emptying it every half hour. The main handle is attached to the waste unit, as it is on many other makes of vacuum cleaner, but this worries me somewhat as there is only a single clip to hold this to the main, heavier, base and over time I could see it becoming detatched, not something you want to happen while lugging the device up the stairs.

Button-wise, there is a standard large power button one side and a cord retract the other, which seems to work well enough. A large dial in the centre of these allows you to easily control the power. This is the function I'm most impressed with. Having wooden floors, rugs and stair carpets that are seperate and attached with glue, I always worry about the strength of suction. The Vax can range from very light to really strong suction. I've detailed these below, though being a dial, any amount between these can be achieved.

Light (dial turned all the way down; picking up stones, dirt and dust without tearing carpets up
Medium (dial half way or less); fairly powerful to pick up dirt and hairs etc but not enough to lift rugs. Useful if, like me, you find rugs often coming up with the suction.
Heavy (dial fully up); Full power picks up pretty much anything, very useful for pet hairs and heavy dirt.

There are accessories for hard to reach areas, very useful, several brushes and a storage holder that attaches to the vacuum cleaner itself allowing you to hold all brushes bar the main long one. The metal pole that attaches to the Vax is extendable via a nice, easy to use clicking system and extends a fair distance, making it easy to reach further or, in contrast, store when folded down.

Aside from the handle issue, the Vax C89-P6-B is a great little vacuum cleaner with a lot of power for the size. Certainly well worth the small cost.
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on 12 May 2013
Please don't waste your money on this lightweight piece of plastic. It feels cheap and constantly gets blocked (something which rarely happened with my ancient hand me down vacuum). After only 7 months of use the tiny plastic clips which hold the nozzle on have broken off and I can't change the accessories as I now have to tape it together. I usually have to unpick any dirt and hair that gets trapped in the bristles (again never happened with old vacuum) and feed them into the nozzle as the suction isn't good enough to pull it up even after cleaning the filter. I always trusted VAX as a brand but wont bother again int he future. Really disappointed.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 January 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Vax are perhaps most famous for their Wet and Dry, originally industrial, vacuum cleaners. This little beauty is a more conventional cylinder vacuum, of the type popularised by another famous company. Sadly you won't be using this on spills.

It's a very thoughtful piece of design. The dial-type power control is something I haven't seen before and is simplicity to use. At the highest settings you get an impressive amount of suction.

Overall the machine is lightweight, has a good length of lead and the generous dust container is a piece of cake to empty.

Highly recommended.
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on 9 May 2013
I bought this vacuum cleaner 2 months ago and right from the first use , found it extremely fragile. After the second use itself some of the exterior parts have come off. But the main problem i face is it emits dust from the if you are hoovering ,in less than a minute, your entire room will be smelling of dust and those allergic to dust will suffer quite a bit. A very bad product and dont ever buy this.
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on 29 February 2012
This is a great little vacuum cleaner and at the £70 ballpark represents good value for money in my book. The Power 6 unit is small and neat, easy to store in even the tiniest of flats. The accessories stack reasonably neatly together to save more space.
Other reviews have mixed feelings on the suction of this vacuum cleaner, which may well be because it has the ability to vary the suction! Quite why you would do this, I'm not sure. 99% of the time I would ramp it up to full suction to get the best cleaning results. And it has great suction! I'm not from the world of Dysons, but based on the suction of this vacuum cleaner I don't envy Dyson users when they cost about three times the price. Perhaps the lower power settings are a nice feature if you have a noise-sensitive pet or child. On the lowest setting it's about as noisy (and perhaps as powerful) as a battery-powered vacuum cleaner - fine for small spills that can't wait to be vacuumed up, but I wouldn't use it for my weekly clean.
Where the Vax may feel a little bit lacking is on the accessories. It's clear that 90% of your money has gone on the base unit. But that's the important part of a vacuum cleaner, so that's fine by me! Sure, the accessories feel a little plasticy, and it would be nice if the hose locked in place rather than push-to-fit, but this is acceptable in my book and they're more than fit for purpose. Besides, all they really do is point the suction in the right direction, is it worth paying extra for top notch accessories?
I was concerned whether the basic accessories pack supplied with this Power 6 was sufficient or whether it would be worth getting the more expensive models with more attachments. Well, for cleaning general dirt in a small house this is more than fit for the job. The standard tools (big head for most stuff, round dusting top, thin head for stairs etc, and narrow bit for getting in cracks) are fine for me. I'm not sure what I would do with extra accessories so I'm glad I didn't spend an extra £30 or so. The extending metal wand was a bit of a boon after being used to other wands that are either "short" or "long" - it's great to be able to extend it to the exact length you want.
All in all, a good little vacuum cleaner and for a flat or small house I see little reason to by anything else.

EDIT after 6 months we've noticed the filters clog as others report. You need to wash the filters to keep the vacuum working properly. Thankfully for our light usage it's about 4 times a year that we need to wash the filters, but that's 4 times too many in my book - it's not a fun job and they take ages to dry so your vacuum is out of action for a couple of days.

Rating reduced from 4 to 3 stars, it's enough of a headache to make me advise shopping around despite the good points of the vax.

EDIT 2: After about 8 months the hose had to be held together with duct tape because it snapped. Sure, we could have treated it more gently. And sure, you can probably get the part replaced under the warranty. But I really can't be bothered with that. I originally liked the Vax because it was good value for money, but after a year it seems we got what we paid for. I would consider paying extra next time.
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