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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars

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on 25 October 2011
The PSP-E1000 is a new generation model, made AFTER the SLIM versions (v.2000, v.3000). It's a cheaper alternative to both the older and newer models (Go, Vita).

- Plays UMDs (disks), which are cheaper than the downloaded versions from the Playstation Network
- Sound, visual, and processing quality is on par with/greater than v.3000
- Much cheaper than all other models
- Can play games that are downloaded onto a Memory Stick from the PSNetwork.

- No Wifi, therefore no co-op or versus gameplay with other PSP users
- Slightly fatter and heavier than the PSP-3000
- No additional features (as with PSP-Vita)

- Console
- EU Adaptor plug
- Manual

This is great if you just want to play single player games, either from UMD or Memory Stick (not provided). It's as efficient as the SLIM versions without the heavy price tag. I bought this just to make sure that I could continue playing my favourite PSP game Dissidia 012.
I'm also waiting on a new Naruto fighting game coming out next month, which isn't available on PSNetwork yet. So being able to play UMDs is an advantage. I recommend this for those who can't afford to pay the mega prices online.
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on 5 November 2011
Finally my launch day PSP has stopped working at all well, the UMD drive will not stay shut, and has become very temperamental, so I have had an eye on this to replace it.

I could have bought one of the more expensive models, with all the wireless, and other features built in, but I do not use the PSP enough to warrant the higher price, and when I thought about it, I do not use the wireless play at all.

So I have purchased one and I am very pleased with it, the console to me is more practical than the other models in one important way, it has a matte finish, so no finger marks show up, also many of the gaming forums have made a fuss of it only having one speaker, but after a few hours play, I realised that I had not noticed the difference, and the sound is still stereo through headphones.

Finally Sony have made a PSP with a decent D-pad, it is raised much higher, and has a much stiffer feel to it, and is therefore much more precise when playing beat em ups and shooting games, I sailed through some sections of games where previously the hardware had let me down, the four action buttons are designed the same way, the analogue nub is identical, but has one important difference, you can adjust it's range of movement, the shoulder buttons are also much the same.

I do not know if any later models of the PSP have this function, the original did not, but the E1000 has a UMD cache function, which when enabled stops the machine accessing the drive so often, this has meant games like Metal Slug Anthology do not have as many of the annoying pauses in gameplay so often, still not perfect, but better.

When inserting the disc, there is no release button, you just click the back open to insert the disc, and the entire back of the console opens up, this is so the battery can be accessed, which is located next to the drive.

Also gone are the individual buttons for volume control etc, and the screen brightness can only be changed in the system settings, the buttons are replaced with a touch bar under the screen.

The Memory Stick Pro goes in an open slot in the top of the machine, and is the full size one, not the micro that the PSP Go uses, and it is a given that none comes in the box, the pack is pretty basic, just a manual, the machine and an AC adaptor, no strap, no card, this is the budget model after all.

The machine is pretty much back to the size of the original now, but to my eyes has a much better screen, it is sharper, the colours vibrant, the picture is fabulous, again, I could not comment if it is an improvement over later models.

Despite the lack of wireless, games can still be downloaded from the PSN, the easiest way is through a PS3, just plug a USB cable into the top, pay for the game in the store, and then copy it to the PSP, the machine does have to be registered to your PS3 console though.

The other way is through a PC, using the MediaGo application, but I have used this a bit, and it is a pain in the neck, as it is updated so often, that it needs to be re-installed frequently, and it takes a while to do, again, just use a USB cable to connect, with no wireless, a PC is the only way to do a firmware update, or off a UMD game that needs it.

The lack of any kind of wireless mode is going to be an immediate killer for some potential customers, there is no Adhoc mode for local play, and no internet modes at all, so anyone wanting some two player Fifa action will not be interested in this.

Personally I could not care less, I have rarely used it myself so it is no loss, though it does beg the question, why on the box is it described as the Street PSP, when it is such a solo experience?

This is a cheaper way to get into the world of PSP, and the games can be sourced very cheaply on UMD too.

So to sum up, this can be very much recommended to anyone who wants to try the great games the PSP has to offer, but you will be playing alone.
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on 3 January 2012
My daughter has just bought this PSP with her christmas money and was very excited when it finally arrived. Luckily she also bought herself some movies because when she tried to play her game it said she needed a PSP memory stick to play the game properly. Just wanted to warn anyone who has never experienced the PSP before ( we are used to Nintendo DS) to buy a memory card when you purchase the PSP so you don't have any disappointed children. Can't comment on gameplay as she now has to wait for memory card to be delivered but she is really enjoying scooby doo film.
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on 16 November 2011
Absolutely fantastic piece of machinery. Great price. Great quality and very easy to use. Good quality games are usually found cheaply if you know where to look (Amazon prices are a great start).

Although there is no Wi-Fi in this PSP model, this has not bothered me as I don't play internet games, so if this is you then this is the best choice.

In short: if you're looking for a console for travelling or for some great games and you don't want Wi-Fi, you should definitely get this addded to your basket :)
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on 12 January 2014
Bought these for my teenage sons they were thrilled until they started playing the games and found that they can not save any progress without having a memory stick. I think that sony are being very unfair you would have thought that they would provide one with the console at least to get the kids started, nintendo does with the 3ds systems.
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on 2 June 2012
This was Sony's last gasp of the PSP before the PS Vita was released. The E1000 is heavily stripped down compared to the the other versions of the PSP, functions like internet browsing and WiFi have gone. This doesn't really matter if all you want to play games via UMDs. Depending on whether or not you have a memory card you can connect the E1000 to a PC via USB and access the PlayStation Network and buy games via digital download from the PlayStation store. The same game on a retail UMD are often cheaper though.

The console feels a bit cheap as well. The speaker is only mono and doesn't sound very good, headphones sound great though. Memory cards are slightly pricey too, the Sony memory stick duo pro cards are more expensive than other same size cards with other formats. But at £85 the stripped out features and slightly cheap feel do not seem to matter to much, at this price its also a fair bit cheaper than either the Nintendo DSi or the 3DS. If you prefer the style of games the PSP offers over the Nintendo releases at £85 the PSP E1000 is good value for money, games can be picked up for as little as £5 new. Buying used games is even cheaper.
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on 26 January 2014
The pros

lightweight decent piece of kit and plays psp games well and screen is crisp and clear def better then the old screen its much sharper then the older 2000 models.
decent battery life and the mono speaker is very good quality
buttons and stick are much better and more comfortable and solved the sticking issue of the older 2000 as the stick i found on mine tended to stick to the left.

build quality could be better in terms of the actual shell as while it feels nice it also feels very cheap.
the button bar at the bottom is decent but feels like its going to pop out if you actually push it hard enough.
memory card reader is very picky about cards word to wise when buying an adapter if you get a cheap duo adapter from c memory make sure you buy a couple as the first 1 wouldnt read correctly the second did though.

another con is magic gate if your planning to just use the memory stick for videos and youtube and music all good if your planning on using psn your going to have to fork out for a magic gate certified chip ( there not cheap)
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on 1 January 2012
This is the budget PSP. No luxuries here - what you see is what you get. For the (significantly) cheaper price it's offered for, the PSP e1000 loses a lot of the features of the older models. There's no Wifi, which means no multiplayer gaming and no easy, on-console access to the PSN store. If you do want to purchase from the PSN store you'll need a memory card and USB cable - and even if you don't, you'll need the memory card if you want to save your progress in any game. Both of these omissions are disappointing - a small, placeholder memory card (512mb!) would have improved my customer experience immensely. When admiring the budget price, factor in the extra £10-20 you'll be spending on necessary accessories.

That said, it's a brand new PSP for dirt cheap. The fingerprint attractant shell of old has been replaced with a matte black casing, which is much more attractive. It's chunkier and feels cheaper than other models, but not overwhelmingly so, and the whole construction is pleasingly solid. The buttons feel more responsive and on the whole, it's a more attractive machine than its forbears. Access to PSN is still possible through a PC (though Sony's MediaGo software is clunky at best) and if all you want to do is play games on your own, it's really hard to fault the PSP e1000. Lack of internal memory or even a tiny placeholder memory card is disappointing, as are the hoops you have to jump through to get access to PSN, but it's a great little machine for the price.
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on 19 January 2012
I am not a gamer but l bought this gadget for my cousins in Nigeria. They loved it so much that for all the time l was with them, they never put it down. there was always some one on it playing a game or music. All in all a very good buy.
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on 14 July 2012
Over the years i have seen many PSP games being released that i wanted but i just couldn't bring myself to spending £180 and upwards for the small amount of games that i really wanted. When i had a browse on amazon to see if any good quality second hand PSP consoles had been put on i came across this great little PSP. It gives me everything i require, i dont want to be able to Wifi games with other people, i just want to pick up a game, pop it in and play it at my own discretion and this offers me that for a fraction of the other PSP prices. One thing i would say, unlike other hand held consoles such as the Nintendo DS the games dont save to the cartirdge/game they save to a Memory stick Pro Duo which you can pickup from anywhere like amazon or other retail stores. Some people complain about the fact that this particular handheld has only mono audio, but to be honest for the type and quality of the games that are on psp its more than sufficient. One added thing is the fact ive been able to transfer final fantasy IX from my ps3 onto the pro duo stick with the use of a ps3 controller cable, its very easy to do, just turn on your computer, download "media Go2 from the Sony website and log into your sony account and it will download the whole game to your memory card. I would recommend getting a large pro duo card such as a 16GB as the games will load much faster if you transfer a part or the whole of a game onto the card its self
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