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I am amazed that many Mac users consider that the current Apple aluminium bodied wireless keyboard is simply the best ever. I do not have a broad experience with the Apple keyboard, but it seems less than smooth to use and lacks the positive feedback that I prefer. It does not employ a numeric keyboard section and requires a dual-key operation to forward delete!

I have been a long-term PC user and an almost as long-term aficionado of Logitech's keyboards, preferring those from its higher-priced rather than less expensive ranges although also having a varied experience with older model Macs of 10-15 years vintage and the far better keyboards then used. Although of a very different nature than some of the Cherry Red, Blue or Brown ranges of contact switch-equipped keyboards offered by some manufacturers (mostly for gamers), Logitech's are simpler, more compact but no less enjoyable to use. They offer a positive feedback that many prefer.

This is a modified version of one of Logitech's newer models and Mac specific. It provides a full numeric keyboard and a clearly separate navigation block plus the otherwise absent Delete key. All the Apple-specific keys are included, but so is the Logitech user experience. You have the best of both worlds without the foibles of one. For those who may use both Macs and PCs, this keyboard could offer a higher degree of layout familiarity than the more disparate arrangements of Apple's keyboard and a standard PC alternative. It is available in two forms, silver to match the current Mac line-up and the more typical black.

Although the Apple keyboard uses standard AA-sized batteries that are fairly easy and inexpensive to buy, this Logitech keyboard uses none but has two large solar panels on board. They will charge its internal battery(ies) sufficiently well to last for several weeks and using either reasonably good natural light or normal room or desk lighting as an alternative. A few hours exposure is more than sufficient, but once fully charged, they will be trickle charged whenever the keyboard is exposed to light. An indicator can provide power level data.

Although slightly more expensive in the black variant than Apple's product, which is not an option unless replaced with a wired or alternate language version, this solar keyboard is a very usable and worthwhile substitute.
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on 25 October 2012
I first bought the Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad but kept getting annoyed with the wire (Apple don't sell any wireless keyboards that have numeric keypads) so returned it and bought the Logitech K750 instead - very impressed with the quality of the Logitech and also delighted that it doesn't need batteries changing - infact, I prefer the design of this keyboard (slight curvature on the keys) better than the Apple keyboard (flat keys).
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on 23 December 2012
I bought a 27 inch imac approx 3 years ago and love it, it still runs as good as the day it was bought (unlike Windows PCs I have previously owned....).

The only downside with the imac is the keyboard and mouse that came with it.

I couldn't get on with the magic mouse at all, probably the worst and least responsive mouse I've ever used...changing it was the one of the wiser decisions I ever made. I bought a Logitech M305 mouse. The improvement in mouse performance was monumental....

I then started to think about replacing my keyboard. Whilst the official Apple keyboard is well made and a trendy looking piece of kit, I hate typing on it !! The action is lousy, it has the same feel to it as typing on an ipad screen !!! It also regularly fails to register the odd letter on the screen despite the key being pressed correctly. I by far prefer typing on my wife's macbook pro which has a lovely action and feel to it, an expensive and luxurious, professional feel. I even prefer typing on the cheap krappy windows keyboards provided for me at work...All Apple users be honest with yourselves do you really think the magic mouse and the official Apple keyboards are worthy of the Apple name and image ???

Whilst the mouse was easy enough to replace, there seems to be few options for keyboard replacement. I think Apple have missed a trick (unusually !!) by not offering an alternative keyboard themselves with a decent 'macbook pro style' typing action.

The best option I could find was this Logitech keyboard.

Fortunately, being the same make as my mouse, I was able to use the unifying usb receiver for both my mouse and keyboard, thus only committing one of my four usb sockets in the interests of being wireless. It was very easy to set up the keyboard and to unify the mouse with it. It was also easy to download the solar power meter but you will probably find you never need it. My keyboard was ready to rock as soon as I unpacked it (the packaging is lovely in its minimalist beauty by the way !!!) and has never let me down despite living in rather a dark room. The solar power is a big selling point and it's unfortunate this technology couldn't be applied to the mouse as well....

The keyboard looks slim, sexy and expensive, however, in all honesty its overall appearance and build quality isn't quite as good or expensive as the official Apple keyboard. It is also slightly flexible and flimsy - but not dreadfully so. All the Apple key functions I have tried work fine on this keyboard (my imac is 10.6 Snow Leopard with latest updates) apart from F3, but I managed to get that to work due to advice on the internet about adjusting the imac keyboard settings. Some reviews tend to suggest that some Apple functions don't work, possibly there are some obscure functions I haven't tried.... Where this keyboard does really score points is in the area I bought it for. Typing action. The action, is lovely, very similar to typing on a macbook pro. Ultimately that is what I want from a keyboard. A keyboard that feels luxurious and enjoyable to type on. Finally I can enjoy my imac to the full. A mouse that it is accurate and responsive and surface friendly. A wonderful keyboard with a beautiful typing action.

Thank you Logitech. Apple how about a decent mouse and keyboard option from yourselves ??????
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on 5 September 2015
Nice item, not quite as solid as the Apple Keyboards however the keys are better spaced for a more natural typing experience and the numeric keypad is a welcome addition. Why the hell Apple removed this feature from their bundled iMac keyboards is beyond me.

Set up was a breeze on my MacBook ProR but wasn't so on the iMac. In the end I had to download the Logitech software to get it to appear.

Oh and make sure you have another keyboard to use prior to setting this up otherwise you won't be able to log in to your computer!

Lastly the function keys for the forward and back buttons don't work on Spotify (but they DO work on other media apps such as iTunes and VLC) oddly enough the play/pause button works fine on all.

To summarise, this is a fantastic keyboard and generally easy to set up, feels nice to use and of course requires no constant battery changes!

As you can see it looks fantastic with my iMac and MX Master mouse. Highly recommended.
review image
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on 12 September 2013
It's a decent keyboard - but compare it to the K810, and it's not a patch - the keys have a much cheaper feeling action, the board itself is plasticky and flexes a lot, and there's no backlighting! The feet that elevate the back of the keyboard are very flimsy and flex under normal typing pressure - and my keyboard just took its first tumble onto carpeted floor and one snapped off, shearing the plastic fixing completely, so I now can't use the keyboard with the feet up. Compared to the K810 at a similar price, this just isn't as good a keyboard, sadly.
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on 31 August 2013
Does everything I wanted to go with my Mac and cheaper than other places. Love the fact that it's solar powered so don't have to continually change batteries and means I'm also doing my bit for the planet!
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on 20 August 2014
It's not a bad idea, and seems to perform well.
However the keys seems a little too small for the holes within the keyboard, so some a slightly tilted. This doesn't affect typing or the tactile feel of the keys - just looks a bit poor.
The slim plastic feet at the rear of the keyboard look a little weedy, but seem to support the keyboard even with a firm press of the keys.
The keyboard also comes with it's own wireless dongle rather than using bluetooth built into the mac, eating up another USB port from the few Macs come with thease days.
Overall it's pretty pricey for the quality.
Unless you really need a number pad, I'd recommend the K760 (which seems a better build quality, is also solar powered, is much cheaper & uses bluetooth)
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on 15 April 2013
The first thing you'll get when a third party company builds something specifically for Macs is the whining, "it's just not as good as a Mac", "the build quality isn't as good as a Mac" Wah wah wah. Mac uses the same cheap labour and parts everybody else does, go read a book, Mac-made keyboards, in my vast experience of them, have fallen to bits, warped, keys sprung off, suffered complete failure etc, they are not perfect, they just made you think they were. Marketing and flash photography are not superior build ethics. A standard Mac keyboard costs around 13 pence to produce, despite them selling you the fairies-made-it myth.

This keyboard is untouchable, the solar source is the best in the world, the longest lasting, the most light sensitive of ANYTHING else out there. The feel of the keys is soft but professional feeling,you really know you've hit one every time, and the difference in noise has my wife shouting into my office to actually check I'm working whilst I am, in full flow! It is reassuringly well built, with none of the "feels like it will fall apart" issues listed here, and firmly stays where you put it because of the rubber/silicone feet (and my desk is glass!) The layout is just exquisite-those complaining about the size (with the added numeric pad-that Mac seem to think is not needed) must have desks that are to look at- and not actually use (the Mac ethos again), or Hobbit hands-sorry but I'm a writer, I use keyboards for work, rest and play so I know what I'm talking about. A problem with a keyboard for someone like me is apparent, and a deal breaker within one day. This is simply perfect and has exhibited none as yet with continued use over intensive periods.

The unit is fully plug and play, and up and running in around 10 seconds, those complaining about the mini fitting taking up a port- go buy a splitter they're like £1! And if you're running low on spare ports (with at least 7 ports on the average PC!), may I make a bold and boundary-pushing suggestion? Go unplug your Pound-shop USB tea warmer and stop whining. The separate included USB extender is a good idea for those with systems under desks or out of the way, though the actual range is very impressive and sees me regularly changing songs playing on VLC from rooms away! The recycled box is going the same way as Ben-Q and their green campaign, look after the planet yo.

This white version for Macs is fully usable on PC (as I do) despite the online nonsense, but remember the usual "cannot be responsible for" stuff on the box if you do, and remember any Windows and Mac- specific additions will not be present on both. Me, I never used the Windows key in my life, nor do I have a cognitive problem with remembering two things (" and @) are now the other way round (but no doubt causing more bad reviews).

A sidebar: If something doesn't work on a unit, take it back you genius, it's a fault (which happens) and is not relevant to the review so be fair. The same if the unit is bowed, clanks, bits fall off or it arrived sky blue pink or barking in the box. Think people for goodness sake!

Design 10/10 (Very iPhone 3GS-smooth lines and the usual white/silver mix)
Functionality 10/10 (Amazing solar performance, pro feel and response, 0% dropped characters)
Value 10/10 (You'll use this more than your TV so weigh up that cost)

Ignore the Mac café boys and their whining, a genius piece of kit, saving the planet as you type, what could be better?
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on 25 February 2013
I tried a apple wireless keyboard but had problems with the Bluetooth connection. However I also thought it quite small.

This on the other hand is a good size with the added bonus of no batteries. Only had it a while but so fare very impressed. Ignore the poor reviews !
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on 2 March 2014
The quality is fantastic. Very good build quality. Yes it would be nice if it was Bluetooth - but that is really not an issue.

I've rated 4/5 but it's closer to 4.8/5

I've marked it down for:
1: occasional slight delays in transferring from keypad to screen when typing and
2: when you put on caps lock this does not turn on the light on the MacBook Pro. If it did - I'd rate this near 5/5.

Overall I'm very pleased with it.
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